[Readers Getting Passports In As Few As 2 Days] The New US Online Passport Renewal System Is Incredible: I Already Have My New Passport Just A Week After Renewal!

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Update: Readers are reporting that after getting invited to apply, they are receiving expedited passports in as few as 2 days and regular passports within 1 week. Talk about a game-changer!

Alas, online passport renewal is only available for those 16 or older.

You can request an invitation to apply online here. Turnaround time for an invite appears to be between 1-3 weeks.

Originally posted on 3/7:

I previously wrote about the US rolling out online passport renewal and my experience renewing my passport online.

You can request to apply to renew online by filling out this form.

I applied to renew my passport on Friday, 2/25. It was already in the mail by Friday, 3/4 and I received it today!

That’s despite selecting standard 8-11 week processing and standard 3-5 day shipping.

The renewal cost was $130 all-in, easily payable via any credit card. It’s truly a game changer for renewing passports, here’s hoping that they can find a way to make renewing kids’ passports this easy!

It’s always strange getting a new passport, a clean sheet. Because I never mailed in my old one, it doesn’t have the holes in it like other cancelled passports. It has a wonderful collection of stamps from places like the Falkland Islands, Antarctica, the Maldives, Palau, Majuro, Kosrae, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Tromsø, Oslo, Toulouse, Amsterdam, Paris, Ushuaia, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cancun, Johannesburg, the Bahamas, and many more places from the past 9 years of travel around the world, all made possible with airline miles and hotel points. It’s chock full of amazing memories, but now it’s time to make some new ones!

Have you renewed your passport online yet?

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Same – easy quick process!!! For once, a gov program that works!!


The problem is there is no such a concept as “renewing” passports for kids. It’s technically a new passport.


Don’t forget to update your Global Entry with your new passport number


Thanks for this reminder!! got new passport and forgot about this


came into JFK a few weeks ago, there was no need to scan my passport at the kiosk, it recognized my face within a second

Not Dan

i requested but have not been added to the list..what does the email confirmation that you can now apply look like?


Does it work for kids too?


Kids passports can never be renewed this way, since it requires consent of both parents, which not always live together. And moreso, can be used easily for kidnapping a child over country lines.

So thank God this is not available for kids. And hopefully it won’t be.


Still waiting for the passport I applied for to lock in on the $110 price in November.

Dan\'s the man

I also applied in the end of December right before the increased the rates and I got mine back 4 weeks later. You should call. Or just call your congressman’s office and have them open an inquiry on your behalf.


Be a good citizen. Get boosted 5x.


After filling out the form it said it can take several weeks for it to become available. How long did this take you and how will I know when it’s available?

Dr Moose

Are you still able to use your old passport during the renewal process? When do you need to stop using it by?


Applied 2/27 late at night. Status shows printed


Still waiting for the invite


Hi Dan,

Did you confirm if the old passport can still be used while the new one is being processed?


the Dept of State using Google Docs??? looks a bit sketchy to me but it may actually be authentic.


Let’s let Google have even more info, if that’s possible.


Wow, it took me almost 9 months to renew mine…this is amazing


I hope the allow passport cards soon. I don’t want to go to the DMV for an enhanced license for domestic travel soon, would prefer to get a passport card through this.

Dan\'s the man

You don’t need I get and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets delayed again. Also u can use your global entry card if you have one.


I made appt Wednesday night for appointment in Toms River, N.J. DMV, and was able to get an appointment for the next day!
Had very nice experience, and got real Id. Though I do have to wait for it to be mailed.


Received today!


Applied last Tuesday, paid for expedited, it was reviewed Wednesday, mailed Friday and I received it today. Worst part was getting them to accept my photo. Thanks for the link!


How soon after filling out the google doc did you get the link to apply ?


How does it handle passport photos?


How soon after completing the my travel gov step did people get the next step


What is your federal agency or office? * What did you guys choose for this question


There is an option all the way on the bottom says something like “not affiliated with a govt agency” I didn’t see it at first either .


Will this work if my passport is already expired by years?


The link won’t open on my phone. Is it for computer only?


Is it worth it to get the passport card as well, or waste of money? will that delay it?


It won’t delay it.

For US citizens with multiple foreign-born US children, it can make sense to get the passport cards as additional evidence of US citizenship in the event the US parents want to make sure that each child has a run of supporting documentation that evidences the parent’s/parent’s chain of US citizenship and related system pointers to underlying applications. Just in case the government ever tries to undermine their claim on US citizenship by birth abroad to one or more US citizen parents.


I applied for a first passport for my son. It was in my hands 2 weeks later. I didn’t pay for rush service.


First passport ? It clearly says you can inly renew an existing passport?


Applied for a passport expedited on February 9 and still didn’t get it!


can i renew my passport online if i am 19 years old ? My last passport was issued when i was 14.




Sadly No.
Or at least not yet.

Thinking Jew


Thinking Jew

Sorry about that, you should be able to. Minors cannot apply online as they need parental consent.

Jack Out of the Box

Why is it important to them that the applicant be a US resident. Is it just about the mailing address limitation, or something more?

Chaim F

Both my previous and current passports have stamps from the US and Canada. Hope to fly to Israel for Pesach and visit some countries in the Caribbean


Ahhh, anyway to renew and keep my Israel student visa?


Will this work if you need to update your name due to marriage?


Does this method work if my expired passport is lost? (I do have a photo it however)


You need to take the picture by a passport picture place or can snap from phone?


If travelling from Israel to US in 6 weeks will it be a problem to renew my passport? Will i be able to fly back with my “old” passport? Do the numbers change?
Thank you.


To all the people commenting they didn’t get the email yet, They are slowly sending emails first come first serve . So no worries just wait patiently…


How long does it usually take to get the email?


What about changing my last name? Can I do that online too? (I have my marriage license).




the website says current passport will be INVALIDATED once you submit an online application so if you need to travel i suggest dont take chances and to pay for the expedited service fees


I have a little over a half year left on my passport. I want to travel to Canada next month.
Will applying now here invalidate my old passport?
Meaning if new passport doesn’t arrive in time can I still use my old one?


I got mine in a week without paying to expedite


what app did you use for passport pictures?


the goverment using a google questionare for something of this magnitude is funny to me


This is not funny at all. Google Cloud actually has FedRAMP high certification. Meaning they are certified at the highest level to store data for the federal government.

Dr Moose

After creating the account, how long did it take for them to get back to you that allowed you to apply for the actual passport?


im 26 and my passport was issued in march 2013 will i be able to be part of this renewal?


I clicked on the link and only an application requesting my contact info was requested but nothing requesting, Renewal Passport Info or request for new digital photo, etc.
They said they would get back to me in several weeks.
Am i on the correct link for Renewal??


I filled out the application and did everything but they didn’t send me an email yet to apply online. So what’s the next step so I can submit the online application


I created a mytravelgov account but says you will need to wait several weeks before you can renew online.


Did you receive the new look passport or the same old look.


Can someone PLEASE let me know how long aftere you make a mytravel account did you receive an invite to actually apply for renewal? I don’t see this mentioned anywhere and need to know ASAP- thanks!


im wondering the same


Me too


One month


March 11 I applied for my travel account, today March 31, I got the email to renew online


I need a passport for Lag Baomer can I trust the program


I opened my Travelgov account March 8th and I have received now the email that I can log in and renew my passport.


I applied this Thursday night and received it today 2 days later.


Did you do regular or expedited? Thanks



Doritte ron-kaner

Received the invite to renew mine and my application keeps getting rejected my current passport expired in December 2021 anyone else have this happen with the online application?

Doritte ron-kaner

I received the online passport renewal application but after filling it out I get a message back saying I’m not eligible to renew on line. Passport expired 12/21 well within the 5 years..anyone else have same issue? Workarounds?


I signed up on 3/11 and got an email a few days ago saying I could renew online. Filled out the form last night and submitted it. Very easy process other than getting the photo cropped right. Hoping this is significantly faster than the new passport applications we are still waiting on for other family members.


I was invited and uploaded all the documents but I am still waiting for any updates at all and it hasn’t even said “in process “ it’s still in received status and it’s been a week now. Has anyone else got the same problem that was applied ?


I renewed via mail and received the updated, passport with more security features. There is a cool laminated page with an additional picture of myself.

Two weeks later, my wife was able to renew online. Her new passport came within two weeks but was the old version without all of the upgraded security features.

Go figure?


These should be issued at birth.


Got the link and applied to renew over a month ago, been processing ever since


Can you renew it if you are overseas for nine months and passport expiring in October, or before returning to the states, or is it still the best to go to the USA consulate of the country you are staying in to get them to process it for you, I think probably a three week turnaround unless the consulates can also get them processed more quickly now. Please reply.


If the US embassy/consulate is in a city with non-stop flights to the US, I would expect it most commonly is 10 business days or less from in-person submission of application to the passport being back at the mission and available for pick-up.


The website claims no selfies allowed. Did anyone try a selfie photo, that worked?


They work. Just have to get it done in a way that meets the photo requirements and doesn’t make it so obvious that it is a selfie.


did you get their new passport? they call it next generation passprt


It can be the older version or it can be the next generation passport version with the polycarbonate biodata page with a passport alphanumeric number starting with a letter.


How do you renew a passport that expired more than 5 years ago


Can someone who is 18 whose passport is expiring. Get a new passport online

Pesach Matza Maror

Way too fast, great for us. And for terrorists


Quick and easy process. Used s22 ultra reg camera portrait mode for photo.


I received the invite and applied for passport renewal on March 25th. I received an email the same day that they were “reviewing” my application, but I’ve heard nothing since. When I log in to check status, it says “Status Unavailable”. Anyone have a similar experience? Any advice?


have you received any updates?


None. Still shows as “Status Unavailable’


Which website says unavailable? For me, https://passportstatus.state.gov says “Application Status: Not Available.” I emailed in to ask, and apparently that’s expected behavior. That website is only for mail-in application status.

If you renew online, the website you should use to check your status is the same website you used to submit the renewal (http://mytravel.state.gov). That should show “Received,” and (per other comments on this thread) may be stuck in Received for a month or longer before your application is processed.


Mine has shown “In process” status since 4/7 on the mytravel.state website. Was hoping for one of the quicker turn arounds. Getting a little worried about getting it in time for Memorial Day trip. I did send them an email asking if I could still use my old passport and they responded that it is invalidated as soon as you submit the online application.


That’s ahead of me. Mine shows “Received” since 4/9 and has not yet moved to the “In process” status.

One advantage of online (vs mail-in) renewals is that you can seemingly upgrade to faster processing at any point, even after you’ve already submitted and paid. If you log in and click on your application number, there’s an option to “Upgrade Processing or Delivery Options” with the ability to upgrade both processing method (to expedited) and delivery method (to express delivery).


Can I renew online if the new passport has a name change ?


Can you still enter a country, most likely Switzerland, with less than 3 months until usa passport expiration, with the intention of renewing at the consulate in Zurich, as I did 10 years ago. Is there any rule that says there must be a certain amount of time until expiration within which you can enter?

H. M.

Hi, im trying to upload the photo, then is says “accept and continue” i hit that but it comes up internal server error. did anyone have this?


Applied online. Did not pay extra for expedited. Website showed “received 3/27”. Status was updated to “printing” last week. Received in mail today 4/25. Thanks Dan!


I went thru the renewal online process and it was very simple. I chose standard 8-11 week processing and standard 3-5 day shipping. The renewal cost was $130 all-in.

15 days later and my passport status is still “Received”. Anyone have experience of typically how long until it is shipped out?


I’m in the same boat as you. Based on the data points in this thread and what I’ve heard from friends, it seems like there’s a chance you get lucky and it’s mailed out within a week or so of your application, otherwise expect it to take at least a month (and potentially the full 8-11 week window you were promised).


Submitted mine on 4/17. Its now May 4th and the status is still received. I applied for expedited processing and shipping. I wonder when will this get processed. I was expecting 2 weeks. Im traveling on June 14th and I am worried.


don’t worry you should get on time.
I applied without expediting on 4/11 and status is also received.


It finally changed to In Process yesterday May 10. Thats 24 days. I have a feeling it will take another month to change to printing and thats gonna screw up my vacation. Im really worried.


And I just received it! 25 days total. Thanks Dan!


Thanks Dan! What a easy process! from when I submitted the form (to be able to apply online) to getting the email ” You Can Renew Your U.S. Passport Online Now” was under 12 hours!! Took picture with my webcam. Submitted and says received

Aay B.

Renewed both my wife and I online. Everything went smooth. Submitted on 4/07 (non expedited), couple of days later it already had status as “in process”.. problem is it’s still “in process” and I’ll need these passports end of this month.
Getting nervous here..


Says in process or received? usually says received once you finish application.

Aay B.

I don’t remember if it ever said “received” over the past 4 weeks it shows “in process” in both applications.
Is “received” better than “in process”?


I applied for mine on April 25th got and email 10:30AM received and 11:30AM In process and in process since then


I’m starting to regret trying this system. Started in mid March for a trip in early June. Got the official invite and applied in early April. More than a month later, my application is still “in process.” I’m now down to 24 days before my trip. I guess the gov’t couldn’t keep this running efficiently. Do they have a help desk? Otherwise, what do I do now?

Aay B.

Same situation here.. wife and I

Yanky W

Have your local Congressman /Rep office reach out to the DOS they have a form they could submit on your behalf. this usually gets things moving.

Yanky W

Update based on my personal experience.
So apparently this beta US Passport renewal system has been extremely overwhelmed with renewal requests and it now takes a MINIMUM of 5-6 weeks if you don’t choose the expedited option.
3/25/22 Applied thru the dans deals “Google forms” website Link
3/26/22 Received email from Passport Modernization and Innovation @ PPTOPR@state.gov, requesting to register a MyTravel.Gov account user account email was Titled: Next Steps for Renewing Your Passport Online.
3/26/22 Registered with a brand new user account at: MyTravel.Gov |
3/31/22 Received email from Passport Modernization and Innovation PPTOPR@state.gov titled “You Can Renew Your U.S. Passport Online Now”
“We are excited to announce the launch of our online passport renewal service! We thank you for your patience as we test our system, and invite you to submit your application now. How to Renew Online After you log-in to your MyTravel.Gov account (https://mytravel.state.gov), you should see an option to “Renew Now.” Access MyTravel.Gov using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Complete your application on a desktop or laptop. ”
4/1/22 Applied online at MyTravel.Gov and uploaded my Selfie Passport picture using an android passport app (free one)
4/1/22 received email from: donotreply@state.gov titled : Your Passport Application Status – Received.
“Dear xxxx xxxx,
We’ve received your Passport Application Number** xxxxxx and will begin reviewing it shortly. To access your account, please visit Application Link. Sincerely, MyTravel.Gov Support.
5/5/22 received email from: donotreply@state.gov titled : Your Passport Application Status – In Process.
“Dear xxxx xxxx,
Your Passport Application Number** xxxxxx is now being reviewed by a U.S. Department of State employee. To access your account, please visit Application Link. Sincerely, MyTravelGov Support.
its been now 5 weeks from application and they still haven’t finished processing the online passport renewal application.


Hi I started the renewal process for 2 passports separately, even payed for expedited service and i’m still waiting for an answer after 16 days, status as of gov website is
”in process” . I need to travel in 2 weeks I thought i’ll get it in a few days as mentioned in post.

if you have any idea how to streamline this process please help.


I submitted online request today (expedited). The application process asks you to confirm that you aren’t traveling in next 5 weeks (we happen to be traveling in 5 1/2 weeks). It also asks you for dates of your next international trip. Hopefully they are using this information to prioritize. Despite that, the stated turnaround is 5-8 weeks.

I will update the comments here once passport is received.


I applied for a new passport 2 weeks ago and the system still says in process.
is there something I can do to speed up the process?


follow up to what I wrote on May 12,
I emailed the dept. of state passport division and told them y=that I have travel plans for in 2 weeks they asked for proof of itenirary and expedited the process for me.


What’s the email you asked for your passport to be expedited? I’m going through the same issue and my flight is in15 days.


This is not working it has an auto reply


This email that you used sends you an auto reply with a few basic links and they say that “This is the only reply you will receive to your email.”


Hi so sorry, the right email is:


Thank you
This is what they replied to me.
Greetings and thanks for your support and patience in testing our new online passport renewal system.

One criteria to participate in the Online Passport Renewal Pilot as asked during preregistration, is that the participant is to have no imminent international travel plans within 5 weeks as we cannot guarantee specific issue dates since we’re working to develop and test the system. We’re showing that you submitted your application on April 29 for expedite processing. The process time for expedite service is 5 – 7 weeks in the order of when customers applied. Your application is currently into the 2nd week of processing. Your May 30 travel date puts your application outside the established processing time. Processing sooner than our established times for expedite service would constitute a life or death emergency and/or require going through the paper or in-person process. If your travel falls into such scenarios, please advise and provide proof of urgent travel.

You may continue to check your MyTravelGov account for your application status.

Online Passport Renewal Team

U.S. Department of State

Not to helpful. Did you have better luck?


I guess I had better luck, maybe try emailing again later so you’ll get to a different rep. that might be more helpful.

I emailed them on on the 15th and received my passport on the 18th!


I got the same reply. I reached out to my local congressman’s office and they notified me a few days later that they shipped.


Any word if I can use my old passport while my new one is shipping? Got notification that passport was shipped today but flying to Canada Sunday and don’t think I’ll get the new one before then.

Aay B.

What did you end up doing? Did you use your old expired passport flying to Canada?


my timeline standard not expedited, submitted application / received April 11, in process 5/23 am, shipped 5/23 pm


Another data point.

Applied – 4/11
In Process – 4/11
Shipped (and in transit) – 5/23

Selected standard service and got an expanded passport book. Took 6 weeks, so under the estimated timeframe from when I applied.


Here’s my timeline from A-Z. I selected standard processing and shipping.
2/27 – Completed Google Form
2/28 – Received confirmation from state.gov
3/24 – Received Invitation from state.gov to renew online
4/10 – Submitted application and received confirmation
4/11 – Application updated to “In Process”
5/23 – Received shipping confirmation, ETA 5/26


Not true. I sent my passport application Apr 8 and still no passport as of today.

expedited passport

Thanks for this reminder!! got new passport and forgot about this


My status is not available since I applied in March. I called the passport agency they claim it is not possible to get a renewel without sending back your old passport so its a 3rd party that I applied with and there is nobody to talk to. Did anyone have this issue? I got messages to send a new picture and I did but still no answer for my status.


I applied for my renewal online with expedited service including July travel plans (5+ weeks) on 5/31. It changed to “in process” after 2.5 hours. We’ll see if it was worth spending the extra $60. Will report back when I get my passport.


Any update?? Mine still says “received” after 5 weeks! I applied a couple days before you, expedited as well.. still no passport and no one seems to be help me.

Dan and JJ Fan

I just received my passport renewal; paid for the expedited service and it processed in precisely 3 weeks, with next day delivery.


BH i received my Passport today i applied 0n 4/25 regular not rushed and regular mail as well


Applied 5/4th standard, shows in process the same day, but no updates since then.


Is it possible to get a new passport with a name change due to marriage, with this online process?


My wife and I applied on May 16th, standard shipping. She received an email yesterday saying hers has shipped. Mine still shows in process.


5/11 applied online
5/11 email received that it’s in-process
6/21 email received that it has been printed
6/24 received it in the mail today

regular processing, didn’t pay for expedited


Additional datapoint:

6/09 applied online
6/10 email received that it’s in-process
6/24 email received that it has been shipped
6/27 received it in the mail

regular processing, didn’t pay for expedited


Wow that’s insane I applied on 5/29 expedited and my application is still “received” i am starting to lose my mind, need my passport before July 10 for travel, I have tried contacting anyone that will listen and still have no movement. Really starting to get angry with this new system!


I agree. My mother applied on 06/08 expedited and her application is also still “received” and she is really starting to stress as well as she has upcoming travel in the middle of July. It amazes me that these are not being processed in the order they are received.


I finally contacted every senator and congressman in my area and they had to physically call the passport center to get it processed…even still that took about a week to get things moving. My passport finally went to in process and shipped on 7/5, and I do NOT think it would have budged if I did not have all these people on my side working to get it processed. All in all I would not be recommending this service to anyone in the future until there is more visibility like the existing mail in process. Just my 2 cents


Thank you. I reached out to the email address after 4 weeks with my mother’s application still showing as received, and they emailed back that she should have received an email as well as a system generated message back on June 15 that she needed to upload a new picture as the original picture was not acceptable. However, this message was not received until yesterday and only after having them escalate it. Now that I uploaded a new picture through the messaging system it says in-process but I am not sure that they truly received the new picture and/or that it meets their requirements since the last one passed all of the passport tool requirements and was then subsequently rejected.


Has anyone tried renewing a passport that isn’t expiring within one year? Mine expires in a few years but I’d still like to renew it. Any shot it’ll work?


As far as I understood, this new trial system closed on Jun 30. I would assume when it is up and running permanently that would be allowed. This system requires you to put in current passport information and will reject the submittal if it doesn’t meet the parameters.


Approved for online use in April. Applied and paid on June 22. As of 7/10 it is still “Received”. Current passport valid until Jan 2023.


Maybe things are easing up, though I paid for expedited processing and shipping but:
7/1 – Submitted applications for my wife and I. Received confirmations for both.
7/1 – I received “In Process” notice about an hour later.
7/12 – She finally receives “In Process” notice
7/14 – She then receives Shipping confirmation
7/15 – She receives her passport…
7/15 – I finally receive Shipping confirmation, and
Expected to have in hand tomorrow.
System may be weird and unpredictable but definitely better than standing in line at the Passport Office


Any updates on how long it’s actually taking to receive a passport with online renewal? Have people still been getting it within a week??

Passport to LOVE

I just got mine in exactly one week after submitting my application. I did not choose expedited processing or expedited shipping. So awesome.


UPDATE: I applied on 7/19, passport shipped on 7/28, arrived 7/30. No expedited anything.


There’s now a pilot program for the first 25,000 eligible applicants. No need to be invited so no Google Form to fill out.


My wife just applied this morning and she was accepted.


August 12 Update
We have reached our goal of accepting 25,000 applications during this first phase of the pilot program. Thank you for volunteering and testing our system. We are temporarily closing down the online renewal service to new customers and will reopen it again in September. We will post updates on this page in the coming weeks about our plans for September.


Alive again


Update: October 26, 2022
We temporarily closed our online renewal service to new customers on Wednesday, October 26 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Thank you for volunteering and testing our system during this pilot program.

If you activated your MyTravelGov account before 3 p.m. Eastern Time on October 26, you can still submit and manage your application.


Anyone recently applied, please update how long it took to get a new passport ?


Online passport renewal no longer available as of March 8th, 2023 https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/have-passport/renew-online.html


3 MONTHS AND NO LUCK and no passport!
Hi, my friend and I applied to renew our passports January 1st 2023.
It’s now March 14th, and I’ve been checking the status non stop and all it says is “not available.”
My friend is traveling to AUSTRALIA in 2.5 weeks and still NO PASSPORT or update with no one to talk to. Everyday she calls, being transferred from person to person with each person on a 2 hour wait at its best.
Any suggestions? Thank you


Renewing online has been paused. You can now only renew by mail. You should update this post.


they stopped it