[I Just Applied Online To Renew My Passport!] Finally! Passports Will Soon Be Renewable Online!

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Update, 3/8/23: Unfortunately, this program has been paused.

Update, 3/7/22: I got my new passport in just one week!

Update, 2/27/22: I applied on Friday to renew my passport online after being invited to do so! I used a passport photo app, though it took a few tries to get a picture that the application website accepted. The trick was getting a bright white background and not smiling too much. 😀

The renewal cost was $130, payable via credit card.

The application says you can’t have international travel plans within the next 3 weeks, though I didn’t notice anything saying that I can’t use my current passport for international travel.

Your passport has to be expiring within the next 12 months to renew online and only adults can renew their passport online. If your old passport has expired, it has to have expired within the past 5 years for you to renew online.

I opted for routine service and shipping (8-11 weeks), figuring that I can use my existing passport if travel needs arise in that time period. Expedited service (5-7 weeks) was offered for $60 and express return shipping (1-2 business days instead of 3-5 business days) was offered for $18.32.

Overall, the online process is excellent! I’ll update this post when my passport arrives.

You can request to apply online by filling out this form.

Update, 12/23/21: I filled out this form as friends and family of government employees or contractors with an expiring passport for early access to the online passport renewal program. A day later I was emailed a link from the US State Department to create an account, with the caveat that it will be “several weeks” before online renewal is available.

It says that initially, online renewal will be available for those who have a passport expiring within 1 year.

It confirms that:

  • You will get to keep your old passport. That solves a huge pain point where you weren’t able to travel internationally while your passport application is processed!
  • You won’t need to mail in anything, photos will be uploaded online.
  • They will still offer standard and expedited services.
  • Online renewal will only be available for renewing passports for people 16 or older. Children still need to apply in person at a library, post office, or passport office.
  • You must live and have a physical address in the US to apply for online renewal. 
  • Online renewal is only available for passport books, not passport cards.
  • Online renewal is only available if you are not changing any personal information on your passport.

Don’t forget that passport rates are set to climb on Monday, so if you want to lock in lower rates, you’ll need to do it by mail or in person.

Originally posted on 12/14/21:

Yesterday, President Biden signed an “Executive Order on Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Delivery to Rebuild Trust in Government.”

The fact sheet breaks down the highlights, one of which should delight just about everyone.

“Americans will be able to renew their passports securely online, saving time from having to wait and the effort and cost required to print, go to a post office, and use a paper check. This new online process will be done with safety and security.”

That’s huge. And hopefully with online processing the process will be sped up as well, as passport processing times have become ridiculous.

Online passport applications will begin on a limited basis this month before dramatically expanding in the coming months.

In other good news, the Executive Order also promises that tax filers will be able to schedule call-backs from the IRS. If you have ever needed to call the IRS, you know what a pain that can be.

Several other time savers are included in the Executive Order.

Forbes reports that USA.gov will be the one-stop shop for federal services online.

Always good to see the government trying to get more efficient!

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And soon you won’t even need to leave your house for anything….

Wonder if they will offer emergency passports as well. Could be a game changer and make life easier on a lot of people.

But, yes this is cool.

Thanks for posting


They can probably offer emergency renewals, unlikely a first-time passport can be online, though they can do Zoom…

The heart wants what it wants

My kids passports expire the end of this month, do you think they’ll still have a chance at online renewal?


Kids passports can never be renewed. You have to make a new one. Only those that are issued with a 10 year expiration can be renewed.

Dan\'s the Man

Kids passports need to be done in person with both parents (or one parent and notorized form from the other parent) and the kid present so for sure won’t be available online.


Current turn around time is 4 weeks with expedited service. Just received my daughter’s. Applied Nov 12, mailed Dec 8th

The heart wants what it wants

Also, would their new photos just get uploaded? Or is this for adults only?


As of now applications for people under the age of 16 are treated like a new applicant, not a renewal. I don’t know if that’ll change now…


Wasn’t it possible to renew online until now ?
If I’m not mistaken I have renewed my passport in the past online, by mailing in the old one .


Probably not needing to mail in the old one…


There was renewal by mail, not online.

Passport Acceptance Agent

You can complete the application online and it generates a PDF with a 3-D barcode. You then have to print, sign, and mail the paper application. The new option will be to just submit it online.


The only thing online is the form filler, then you print and mail it.


I renewed mines last year via mail, didn’t have to physically go down,
Is it the mailing that will be eliminated and replaced by online application?

Post office

Until now you were required to go to the post office? UPS or any other registered shipping wasn’t an option?
Not sure what will happen now please explain


I think the point was that you had to go to a brick and mortar facility and deal with brick and mortar humans 🙂
When this takes effect, people will be able to submit an application and pay online, without needing any physical paperwork and printing pictures, etc.

Passport Acceptance Agent

Passport renewals are mailed to a PO box, so UPS is not an option…


Will US citizens living abroad be able to renew online as well?


I also want to know the answer to one!

Dan\'s the Man

You can always renew online and use a relative US address and have them mail you the passports. Will prob still be faster and easier than booking an appointment at the embassy, etc


Wow!!!! Finally!!

judah bregman

Dont know why Trump hamelech didn’t do this


Let’s be honest. They’re not doing this for the betterment of society. If they had that in mind inflation border security crime would all be addressed. Trump was taking care of all the other stuff so I’d rather send in my passport by mail than pay 350 a gallon of gas….

Not Yossi

He was busy trying to overthrow the government of the United States. I will pay $3.50 for gas instead of having a traitor and dictator at the helm. Wake up chumpy.


Seriously what reality are you living in?


Please stay home

Jack out of the Box

He would have in about February 2021. Can’t fix everything in 1 term.


Now if we could vote online… throw in open primaries and no gerrymandering and can have a pretty sweet democracy


NO! Ask any person that actually knows computers, online voting would be a terrible idea.


“Knows computers” it can be easily verified with blockchain and live video verification


How does blockchain help? It’s essentially a database that everyone can see.

Voting needs to be Anonymous but Secure. These are fundamentally opposing principals in computers. Voting with computers is essentially the same as telling someone your vote and them assuring you that it’s been counted. If you think you can trust that then bully for you.

It’s a lot harder to changed millions of paper ballots then it would be to hack an online election.



First off some news for you: the paper ballots get scanned and sent electronically to be counted the paper copy is just a back up in case. 2: no one would “see” your vote there’s only be live confirmation that you are indeed the one voting and matched to your ID 3: blockchain would increase trust in the system and remove the capability of hacking as is the nature of decentralized systems.

The only reason this is not put them play is because the status quo of people not voting benefits the two party system and they have no use of getting people to vote.


1: Yes that’s already a terrible idea but at least we have some sort of audit trail

2: Lot of assumptions being glossed over on doing that securely…

3: Blockchain is great. This is not the use case for it. You still need to build some sort of system around it, and any part of that can be tampered with that makes your magic hash worthless.


How can I get a call-back from IRS, I have been trying to reach someone for months about a lost tax credit payment


From my experience, call at 7am eastern time, the minute they open and you can speak with someone much quicker


I called the irs @8 am and waited 3 minutes before I was able to talk to someone


My passport expires within months, can I fly to Mexico? I tried getting emergency renewal but there was no appointment availability in the tristate area

Jim S

Not sure where you live and if this works outside of NY state. But I did the below in the summer and got my passport in 9 days.


I tried this twice and didn’t get a response.


Try rushmypassport.com They can expedite renewals in 1-2 weeks.


How soon? Just got a new passport in less than 3 weeks door to door with overnight priority mail and expedited handling. Nowhere close to the 12-16 weeks it was taking over the summer.

Passport Acceptance Agent

If your question is if you can fly to Mexico with just a few months of validity on the passport, the answer is yes. While some countries require you to have 3 or 6 months validity on your passport, Mexico does not require that.
If you plan to fly after the passport expires you can just mail your renewal application. Be sure to add the expedite and overnight return fees and include your travel date on the application. Send it using USPS Express Mail. You should be good if you have at least a month.


UK allowed this for few years already – took pic myself on iphone and renewed online from the US

Dan\'s the Man

through epassportphotow.com I’ve been taking free passport photos for years. It’s crazy how much people spend on passport photos. Actually they weren’t free. I think I paid 11 cents for the photo at my local supermarket!

Uk reader

I live in London-UK, renewed 2 of our passports beginning of Nov by mail to the embassy received the new ones just under 3 weeks, my friend had his back in 1 week


It’s definitely about time, and I’m very pro.
But my trust in the government would be stronger if they’d also take interest in securing our borders and strengthening our economy. And not put their own citizens at risk in risky situations.
Just my thoughts.


Only for renewals? What about brand new ones, for kids or adults?

Scratching my head

Why don’t they allow applicants to smile for their passport picture?


Is that a fact?

Passport Acceptance Agent

You are allowed to smile on your passport photo in the USA. I believe Canada does not allow.

My opinion

I guess the next thing that will happen is voting online, since we can already vote by mail. Will it increase fraudulently voting?who cares!


The good news is most computer scientists believe online voting is a terrible idea.

The bad news is the government doesn’t often ask experts in the field what they think.

And they raised the price from $60 to $80

Inflation at its truest. Government caused.


“sped up as well”


anyone know the irs number, i tried calling them for a lost check and was having trouble gettign thru toa representive

Be Smart. Be Safe.

Ya know, these citizens are working from the kitchen table. Bring a cup of Solimo coffee and a Dunkin Donut – you will get through faster.


Soon they may even make their sites work on browsers other than Explorer


Looks like you can already complete the forum on line


I’m assuming this will only be for people actually renewing passports using Form DS-82? Meaning, only people who currently can do it all by mail without appearing in person at an acceptance facility will be able to use the online procedure, and those such as anyone under 16 and anyone applying for their first passport (who use DS-11) will still need to go in-person to an acceptance facility?


Regarding the IRS callback, this is already been happening for years by some kind of folks in India…
Seriously though, these scams might now become more believable and it would be a good idea to warn your readers of that


When you let illegals waltz over the border and then VOTE in NYC — does it really matter what kind of safety protocols you have over passports?

Dan\'s the Man

IRS call backs sound great but knowing the gov’t I’m sure scammers will have a field “calling people back”…. Hope they come with a way to verify security.

Bobby Tables

You should also let people know that passport fees are going up by $20 on December 27th.

David R

This morning, IRS gave me the option to receive a call back rather than wait on hold, but I did not get the option to schedule that call for a particular time.


does this apply to minors (those under 18) as well?


As jossi said, there is an ulterior motive for this…probably capture more of your online communications!


The microchip from the vaccine doesn’t do that already?:)


passport prices set to increase as well by $20


what about new passports for newborn- can i do it online?


What if ur child just turned 16 can he still renew on line


Have the same question


Currently, 16 year olds can renew by mail if their last passport was issued when they were 16+. Since that is downright impossible, likely the online one won’t work for them either.


By the time I need a new passport, they may not be using paper books anymore.


When will expiry date change to birthday so you have a full year time to renew your passport without losing anything???


The problem with Google Forms is that you don’t know who created them and who gets the information. Anyone can create an identical form and collect valuable information.


One of the boxes you have to check before being able to renew online is this…
Doesn’t that mean you can’t fly with the old passport?

I am not traveling internationally in the next 3 weeks from the date I renew online. Note: processing times for the online renewal service will be the same as those for renewal by mail. We will offer both routine (currently 8-11 weeks) and expedited service (currently 5-7 weeks).


It will be hard to know if the pictures you upload will be acceptable as take it by yourself.


I’ve been taking passport pictures by myself for years, nothing to do with online vs mail renewal. Just use an app called passport booth (I’m sure there are plenty others), it converts the picture into a 6×4 so you can print it for 29 cents instead of the ripoff 12 dollars for a 2×2. Plus, I have found it far easier to take baby passport pictures from my own home where I can try as long as I need, than with someone at CVS/library who won’t accept it if the baby is moving…

If you still want to pay for passport photos, you will still be able to. They can just send a digital one that you can upload.

Jack out of the Box

The State Department website actually has a tool to assist with preparing your own passport picture.




I managed to get an appointment for tomorrow for my baby. However I’m flying in a month will I need his birth certificate or is it fine to do the passport? (In case the documents don’t come back in time..)


Renewing for children who are now over 16? Or were over 16 for original passport?


Same question!!


Is it still called a renewal if your adult passport is now expired?


I wish I had seen this post two hours ago, before I sent my passport in the mail…. But also, since when does the government use Google Forms? Does this not seem sketchy to anyone?


Thank you!


You submitted your information through a Google Docs link?


Called Rockland county clerk got appt 4 tomorrow, they said the fees will be 110 for passport fee and 35 processing fee, is this everywhere or the clerks office charged a processing fee?


If I am a DD member, and therefore a friend of Dan, who is a friend/family of govt employee or contractor, am I then also considered a “friends and family of government employees or contractors”?


I tried renewing thru the new online portal and after paying the fee i got an email saying i now have to make an in person application !

Jack out of the Box

Can an expired passport be renewed online?


They are stating that you cant apply if you are travelling in the next three weeks,
Why is that if you don’t have to turn in the old one anyway, as stated below:

You will get to keep your old passport. That solves a huge pain point where you weren’t able to travel internationally while your passport application is processed!


any updates if this available for the general public yet?

Than you sir

Any updates here?


Are there any updates when this will be available for the general public?


I applied on Friday 2/25


Just logged in to check my status and it says printed


I applied on Friday, and BH I got an update that it’s being reviewed. IyH the estimated times are conservative and take much quicker 🙂


Did my passport by mail in December (it’s my first Passport as I just became American, so I couldn’t do it online), and I had the passport in hand in 3.5 weeks, with routine service.


When will this be open to the Public? Any way I can sign up now?


I have been doing this successfully with my British passport. I have also managed to obtain a British passport for my children all online.


@Dan, I got tixx to go to Israel for Pesach, leaving on 04/09. My kids passports expire on 09/09, 5 months later. What do you recommend we do?

Avi Grunwald

What’s the link? You don’t need to mail in your old passport?


What if my kid turned 16 now and needs to
Renew for adult passport
The previous one was child one
How do we renew it for him


Which app did you use for the passport photo? Any tips to using it?


Can my relative living abroad have it delivered to my house? Or do they ask for residency? also, will their current passport be valid until the expiration date or will it be closed out once the new one is sent?


1. why passport app cant you jjust take a picture with phone?
2. adults only? meaning you have be 18 or over at time of application renewal?


Push comes to shove- would you travel internationally within the next 3 weeks?


It states on the online application that your passport will be invalidated as soon as submission!


No biggie for me; mine exploded a year ago

Reb yid

This will be a major boon to my identity theft and human trafficking businesses.

Jack out of the Box

What is the intent of this question “I live in the United States (either state or territory). You cannot be stationed at an overseas post in a foreign country or have an APO/FPO address.”?

Is it just that they won’t ship a passport outside the US or is it deeper than that?

I am outside the US and the easiest way for me to renew my recently expired passport would be online. I would use a relative’s US mailing address and have them forward it to me. That would still be simplest.


Interesting that you could use a credit card to pay the fee, I just applied at the post office in July and I had to use a debit card because it was a money order


Dan, which app did you use for the passport photo?


how much is the renewal fee when its not done online?


It says in the link when you register that once you apply online your current passport will be invalidated- so that means you wouldn’t be able to travel with it in the meantime


Dan this is what I copied off the online renewal last line I put in **

I am submitting this application to renew my U.S. passport book from my own account on my own behalf.
My international travel plans are more than 3 weeks in the future, or I do not have any international travel plans at this time.
I have my most recent U.S. passport book in my possession.
Please do NOT apply for a U.S. passport card using this online service. There is an update pending.
My most recent U.S. passport book is not damaged or mutilated.
My U.S. passport book is/was valid for ten years.
My most recent U.S. passport book was issued over nine years ago but less than fifteen years ago.
I use the same name and gender as on my recent U.S. passport book.
I understand that my renewed U.S. passport book will show the same information as my recent U.S. passport book.
I can use a credit/debit card OR my bank’s routing number/account number to pay for online renewal.
U.S. passport book fees information
I live in the U.S.
I can upload a 2″ x 2″ photo taken within the last 6 months. Learn More
*****I understand that upon submission of this online renewal application, the U.S. passport book that I am replacing will be invalidated.****


If I want to change my address can I still do it online?


There is a question about what federal agency or office you work for? Was that on yours, Dan? If so, how did you answer?


I thought everyone knows Dan is CIA. How else does he get so many amazing deals?


“though I didn’t notice anything saying that I can’t use my current passport for international travel.”

The email I received says otherwise:

“Right after you submit your application, we will invalidate your most recent passport, and you cannot use it for international travel.”


How long after they emailed you in reply to your filling in the google doc were you able to apply for the renewal? I see that Dan applied late February but filled out the google form and got a reply in December.


1 month


I have actual printed passport photos. Did anyone try scanning it? Did it work?


What’s the best app to use for the photo? Also, how long between creation of the mygov account and the go to apply? Thanks so cool to be trying this out!


Got an email a month ago that it’s in process.
When I check the status online it says not available.
Can reach anyone by phone. Any ideas?

how to renew passport

Kids passports can never be renewed. You have to make a new one. Only those that are issued with a 10 year expiration can be renewed.


Just adding data point:
I was able to participate in the August pilot program, getting in the last day it was available for the month!

8/11 – Created mytravelgov account. Option to renew was not available in my new account but FAQs said it could take 24hrs.
8/12 – option to renew popped up in the account and I submitted my application. Website was glitchy but it went through. Within the hour, my application changed from “received” to “processing”.

Today, 8/30/22, it is still processing. It looks like that couple day-week passports are no longer a thing but the process was still preferable to mailing things. My passport was expired since April (yikes) and i was happy to pay with a cc! I will update once I get updates.


Any suggestions on how to get a good picture.
1. Problem with get a professional picture in store they don’t have option to put on USB drive.
2. I spoke to rep and they stated you can not scan the photo as it wont be eligible

Any app suggestions. I have tried one but it was not accepted when i uploaded.. Would love to hear how you got yours uploaded and accepted.



3 MONTHS AND NO LUCK and no passport!
Hi, my friend and I applied to renew our passports January 1st 2023.
It’s now March 14th, and I’ve been checking the status non stop and all it says is “not available.”
My friend is traveling to AUSTRALIA in 2.5 weeks and still NO PASSPORT or update with no one to talk to. Everyday she calls, being transferred from person to person with each person on a 2 hour wait at its best.
Any suggestions? Thank you


any update on when online passport renewal will be available?