Turkish Airlines’ INSANELY Generous Star Alliance Awards Can Now Be Booked Over The Phone, But You’ll Need Luck On Your Side

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Turkish Airlines has a ridiculously generous Star Alliance award chart.

Here is the North America version of the chart with one-way award pricing:

Between the US and:EconomyBusinessFirst
US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and USVIWas 7.5K
Now 10K
Was 12.5K
Now 15K
North AmericaWas 10K
Now 30K
Was 15K
Now 40K
Western Europe (2)Was 30K
Now 55K
Was 45K
Now 90K
Was 67.5K
Now 135K
Eastern Europe (1)Was 30K
Now 50K
Was 45K
Now 85K
Was 67.5K
Now 130K
TurkeyWas 30K
Now 40K
Was 45K
Now 65K
Was 67.5K
Now 100K
Middle EastWas 32K
Now 58K
Was 47K
Now 93K
Was 68.5K
Now 140K
North Africa Was 30K
Now 60K
Was 49K
Now 105K
Was 73K
Now 160K
Central Africa Was 30K
Now 65K
Was 49K
Now 125K
Was 73K
Now 190K
Southern AfricaWas 45K
Now 75K
Was 67.5K
Now 140K
Was 100K
Now 210K
Central Asia Was 34K
Now 60K
Was 52.5K
Now 100K
Was 77K
Now 150K
Far EastWas 45K
Now 75K
Was 67.5K
Now 130K
Was 100K
Now 195K
South America and OceaniaWas 52.5K
Now 90K
Was 75K
Now 140K
Was 115K
Now 210K

As part of the Star Alliance, Turkish can book award travel on airlines like United and Air Canada.

That’s right, for just 7,500 miles in coach or just 12,500 miles in business class, you can fly one-way from anywhere in the US on any domestic flight, even to Alaska and Hawaii!

A flights to Hawaii for 7.5K miles? A lie-flat business class seat from Newark to Los Angeles for just 12.5K miles?

It sounds too good to be true.

You can even fly between the US and Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, or Netherlands Antilles for just 10K in coach or 15K in business class!

You can’t book these awards online. Until now you have had to go into a Turkish Airlines office or had to email them to book, but now you can book awards over the phone at 800-874-8875. 

I searched for saver award space on United.com. Once upon a time Continental business class space to Hawaii, such as Newark-Honolulu, was plentiful:


But that was 2012 and this is 2019 and Continental and business class saver awards to Hawaii only exist in our memories or for those with a PhD in mileage redemption:


I opened a Turkish Airlines mileage account online (Hint: Your password must be exactly 6 numbers or else it will give an error) and then called Turkish Airlines to see if they were able to book the saver awards that I saw on United.com.

Alas, they were not able to find any nonstop flights from Chicago, Houston, Newark, or Washington DC to Hawaii. Others have had success booking these nonstop flights, but even after multiple HUCAs I did not have any luck.

But they were able to find nonstop flight and connections to Hawaii via Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and it priced out at just 7.5K miles+$5.60 each way!

They were also able to price out a business class award from Newark to LA for 12.5K miles and a business class award from Newark to Tel Aviv for 47K miles with no fuel surcharges!

Fuel surcharges will apply with most other airlines besides United, though at these rates it may be worth paying them.

As you can see from this chart, you can transfer points to Turkish Airlines from Citibank at a 1:1 ratio from from Marriott at a 60K:25K ratio. Transfers from Citi take a day, while Marriott transfers can take slightly longer.

Miles expire after 36 months and won’t be extended with activity. But you should never transfer miles unless you’re ready to book an award.

Turkish allows you to hold an award for 3 days, which will allow you to transfer in miles after the award is on hold.

Just to test that out I held an award from Newark to Honolulu via San Francisco (as they didn’t see availability on the nonstop flight to Honolulu) and I was given 72 hours to ticket it for 7.5K miles+$5.60.

You can get a free stopover on Star Alliance awards with round-trips that cost at least 60K Turkish miles in coach or 90K Turkish miles in business.

Another nice perk is that changes or cancellations cost just $25!

Marriott cards with transferable points to Turkish Airlines include:

Citi cards with transferable points to Turkish Airlines include:

  • Citi Premier® Card offering 60,000 points for a limited time for spending $4,000 in 3 months, 3 points per dollar on travel and gas, and 2 points per dollar on dining and entertainment. $95 annual fee.
  • Citi Prestige offering 50,000 points for spending $4,000 in 3 months, 5 points per dollar on airfare and dining, and 3 points per dollar on hotels. $495 annual fee.
  • The Citi Rewards+® Card offering 15,000 points for spending $1,000 in 3 months. This card can’t transfer points on its own, but can transfer points if you have one of the Citi cards above. This card automatically rounds up rewards earned on every purchase to the nearest 10 points, meaning you earn 10 points on a $0.50 Amazon balance reload. Earn 2 points on $6K in annual spending at supermarkets, 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, and a 10% points rebate when you redeem points, up to a 10K points rebate per year. If you also have a Citi Premier® Card Card you can transfer points into miles or get a 25% added value for paid airfare, plus get a 10% points rebate on transferred or redeemed miles. No annual fee.

Post a comment about which awards you book and what works or doesn’t work for you!

HT: Nick

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Well now this sweet spot is going to die too…


Funny that South America is lumped together with Australia

Jack out of the Box

Southern half of the globe.


Any opportunities here for flights from Miami to Israel?


What credit cards will allow a transfer to Miles & Smiles and what are their rates?


It’s in the post.


Turkish only charges 47k points to Tlv?


it used to be that air canada and united were nearly mirror image on award availability,now their availability is completely different. is turkish’s award availability a mirror of united’s award availability? this q is for you dan.


If I have ANA miles, can I transfer those to Turkish?


got it, thank you


Any idea where Central America fits into this chart? Thanks


Which date did you find business ewr to lax? Haven’t seen it in ages


What is the cancellation and change the policy?


What is there email adress to book ?


i did a trial run today and put on hold ewr – hnl rt for 15k, took 5 minute to do


what about surcharges on other star alliance partners ?


Thanks Dan. Do they fly a nonstop from NYC to Greece ? Do I just check the United site , and whatever is available there on points I should call Turkish to try and book it?


Best way to become SA gold?


Can I transfer amex points into Marriott and then transfer them into Turkish?


So Dan, If my understanding of what you’re saying is correct. If I see availability on United and then transfer Marriott points to turkish, it’s very possible that Turkish will not see that availability. And then I’d be stuck with my unusable (at least for this trip) Turkish miles.

eric setton

No Newark option on their search


last i checked, they only allow you to book for eligible family members.. is this the same? especially now that it is over the phone?

thanks Dan!


Does Turkish charge big taxes on J flights to TLV with Star Alliance partners?


Can I transfer amex points to Marriott eventhow I dont have card and than transfer to turkish?


Enriching yourself via clicks while killing every deal in sight. I can already hear your entitled readers squawking in their nasaly voice at the Turkish agents what they are owed. You are a parasite.

Liam K. Nuj

What a coincidence! While I was on the phone with Turkish Airlines, squawking away in my nasaly voice, I could swear I heard you on the line with another agent, squawking away in your redneck twang.
(Nice that you have no compunction following Dan’s Deals & then kv*tch about it. So who’s the real parasite?)


LOL, most of us have seen this on many other blogs a while ago now. Davka Dan waited pretty long on this one.

Traveler 718

Does Turkish charge close-in redemption fees on United bookings like United does? Also, would these bookings still include 24-hour risk-free cancellation if made 7+ days before departure?


mary: i feel sorry for selfish people like you.


couldn’t find any business class tickets from Chicago – OGG/LIH in Jan 2020 even with stopovers. Am i doing something wrong?


yes nonstop both ways


POIDH (Photo Or It Didn’t Happen)


Thanks! Is this new or only the fact u can book by phone? Is there a reason bloggers have woke up to this over the past month?


The phone part.

Esti A

Does united allow for extra stop on award tickets? This way can visit 2 islands

Esti A

Are economy tickets that good of a deal if transferring from Marriott?
It doesn’t seem so since I would have to convert 120,000 Bonvoy for 50,000 Turkish to buy 3 RT tickets from USA to Hawaii.


120000 Bonvoy miles for 3 rt tickets to Hawaii is an absolute steal of a deal. Plus you’d have 5k Turkish miles left over


Remember, that 120000 Marriott points is really only 40000 SPG points. 40000 points for 3 round-trip trip to Hawaii is unbelievable


What are Turkish stopover rules for Star Alliance awards?


You are correct. Last succos I flew Business class through Istanbul to Israel for 45k. But I secured the ticket by physically walking into a Turkish Airlines office in downtown Boston because it wasn’t showing up online and the people on the phone couldn’t fond availability.


Can I credit miles I flew on LOT Airlines (Star Alliance) To Turkish Airlines? If yes, how about if flight was taken 2 months ago in June?


The award space that show up on United do not show up when I call Turkish. Anyone have a solution for this?


Read the post


Thanks. I was asking if anyone had more success maybe via email


Would it be possible to book ewr-tlv through Turkish if there are saver seats available? I can’t tell from the post if ewr is a problem only for Hawaii trips or always


dont contribute to erdogans economy!


is the ”INSANELY Generous Star Alliance Awards” also available from tlv to ewr?


Hi. I know I’m missing something. But after reading Dan’s post and then doing a deep dive on Turkish Airlines website and Miles&Smiles Awards page – the awards listed for a Star Alliance ticket are way higher than the above chart. ie North America to South America is 105.000. Even an upgrade on a paid ticket in this route is 75.000. Is there a direct link to a Turkish Airlines page/chart that mirrors the above numbers?

Please no snarky comments – I have read everything and clicked on the links. I could use some guidance understanding where/how to find the saver fares listed above. Thank you!


i did it a few times before i asked not fully understanding the post. i also tried looking up this route but was coming up a bit costly. so i just want to know if this INSANELY Generous Star Alliance Awards is also from tlv to ewr/jfk or not? Thanks


Tried booking NYC – LAX thursday, LAX – HNL Sunday, HNL – NYC following Thursday.
22.5k miles was the price. shouldnt there be a free stopover and only 15k total? Dan can you please clarify?


so when looking on united.com for tickets to Hawaii, which flights can i get for 7.5k Turkish? the lowest i aam finding is 22.5 for economy and 45k for business.


Will have to try this

Nick Reyes

Thanks for the hat tip and link to Frequent Miler, Dan!


Thank you Nick! I really love the content that you guys put out. Especially this 40k challenge.


Dan – I’m a bit of a Newbe – if I’m sitting on a lot of united and marriot points is there a scenario where I would be better off using with my united points? As in when does booking directly with united offer an advantage?


What is the YQ like on Turkish metal to TLV?


1 year ago it was around $265, however not sure which direction

Dante Benedetti

kosher bc meals on turkish? a cheap, low-quality, meal in a plastic box, from a mediocre “caterer” in LA. that’s for the kosher traveler. for the non-kosher traveler, beautiful meals, nicely served. flight attendants were very nice; ground personnel were under the impression that turkish passengers were there to serve them; they could not have been less helpful.


dan what’s the price for if i find availability for Turkish itself from nyc to tlv do they add fuel charges to there own flights? tnx!


want to visit 2 islands, but cant book turkish doing so. cheapest/best way for OGG-LIH (or reverse)?


aka interisland fights — options?


seems to me that the good “deal” really applies for travel from the USA to anywhere else in north america excl Caribbean islands.


You can get a free stopover on Star Alliance awards with round-trips that cost at least 60K Turkish miles in coach or 90K Turkish miles in business.” really even if i go from ny to paris onto tlv and then tlv back to stopping in rome and then back to ny?

Esti A

Worth spending 120k Marriott points (currently have) or 50k Citi (open a premier card for SUP) to book tickets?


do u get a 5k bonus for transferring 60k from marriott?


I called the number in the post. They told me I need to call United directly. I signed up for a Miles and Smile account. Their website has a button to book using Star Alliance miles. It took me to another page. I filled in all my info but would not proceed to book anything once I specified dates. I called Turkish airlines using my Miles and Smiles account number and was still told I needed to contact United directly. Nothing in the post seems to work for me and I tried.


I’m new to the mileage game and would really appreciate an experts input: I have 120K Amex Bonvoy (marriott) points. How many miles would that translate into once transferred to Turkish Airlines?


Dan, does it make sense that they said over the phone $700 taxes ewr to TLV one way biz class on Swiss? I just called them and that’s what the agent said. Thanks


I found an award flight on united and called Turkish but they couldn’t find it. Do I need to huca?


Same. i found United “Saver Award” flight, and Turkish couldn’t find it. Maybe as posited here //bit.ly/2YzrXpB that Turkish reps only see what’s visible when *not* logged in as a United card holder. It’s especially telling that the quoted flights i found on United specifically say “Exclusively available to you as a MileagePlus Chase Cardmember”.

Anyone have luck getting one of these booked through Turkish?


Turkish Airlines always passes on Fuel Surcharges. I think this is pretty important to know


Dan-I tried to sign up for an account and used 6 numbers as posted and I keep getting an error? Any idea?

My mann

Using mobile? Try computer.


Just called Turkish to try to book a first class ticket on Lufthansa. They said they can only book economy or business. True or huca?

Turkish plane

What about booking on Turkish for Turkish flight. Costs more ?

Plumber Mike

How can I transfer Amex to book a Turkish award ticket?


I’ve been playing HUCA with Turkish Airlines and they all insisted that I can only use Star Alliance awards if I go in person to the airport??? They said they can only book Turkish flights over the phone, but not Star Alliance. Advice please. Thanks


You can now search on Turkish website for award tickets on United.
There are many dates that have business class saver awards available to TLV in the winter (in fact, so many, that it is no longer worthy of a Dan’s “super hot – 3 seats available on United business….”)
If you log in to your Turkish account and search for flights, it will not show you United flights. However, if after you log in, you click on your name (top right), and select ‘miles transactions’ from drop down menu, then click on ‘book now’ for Star Alliance award ticket, you will be able to see United direct flights from EWR to TLV (business class eats only 47k!!!). Their site is EXTREMELY buggy, and very slow. If you need to go back, your session will probably freeze and you will need to log out and log back in… So it is definitely worth going on United’s site without logging in and searching for the exact dates and flights that you want, before checking Turkish’s website.
I did not actually book online, so I don’t know if it works, I booked a few tickets over the phone. It does take over 20 minutes to book it, and you might need a HUCA when they tell you they don’t see flights from New York (u gotta specify Newark)…
But 94k for RT in business, direct on United is an unbelievable deal.
Oh, and it took 48 hours to transfer citi TYP into Turkish


A friend just booked an award ticket on Turkish website (EWR-TLV on United in business for 47k). One ticket at a time


Transferred 180k Bonvoy points to Turkish (about a week ago), and only got 60k. Did not get the bonus 15k. Who do I speak to, Bonvoy or Turkish?


Thanks Dan! Just booked 9 tickets for my family to eretz for succos through chase sapphire reserve just 650000 points!