On The “Value Proposition” Of Spending A Million Starpoints For The Experience Of A Lifetime

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Yesterday I wrote about some of the background that led to my bidding 1,060,500 Starpoints to throw out a ceremonial first pitch before game 7 of the World Series.





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Some people on the internet took offense that I would spend “$10,000” or “$25,000” on the experience.

Here are my thoughts.

I earned these points by doing things like opening hundreds of credit cards over the years and taking advantage of offers that come and go, like buying hundreds of thousands of dollar coins from the US mint that I promptly deposited back into my account while banking the Starpoints.

I don’t sell my points. That’s against the terms of the programs and it’s risky.

Despite traveling in first class many times per year, I accumulate points at a faster rate than I can burn them. Even after this bid and spending 7 figures of miles annually, I still have 7 figures of Starpoints and 8 figures of total miles. And we still have 9 Fairmont accounts that come with a lifetime of free suites, massages, and scotch that I got for free thanks to DansDeals readers taking advantage of that deal. (Thank you!) What I’m trying to say is that I won’t have to stay home because of this bid.

So if the points mostly cost my time to earn, how do you assign a value to what you spend?


Sure, I could have stayed at the S. Regis NY or Bal Harbour for a month with the points. (Boring!) But it’s there that I’d determine value and that I’d rather spend $159 instead of 30-35K Starpoints.

But on a once-in-a-lifetime experience like stealing 2nd base or throwing out a first pitch in game 7 of the World Series?

I don’t see that as a value based decision.

Others were aghast that I spend so much on this but didn’t spend more on the Antarctica cruise bid. The difference is that the Antarctica cruise can be purchased with money, and I think that getting there is only going to get more mainstream over time. As it had a fixed value as the auction got pricier, the value proposition evaporated. It may be a once in a lifetime experience as well, but tens of thousands of people visit Antarctica annually. I do still hope to go there, but there was nothing time sensitive about Antarctica. And besides, the cruise line was not very accommodating anyway.

There have only been 38 Game 7s in history. How many people have thrown out a first pitch at Game 7 of the World Series? How many of those people threw it out while watching their favorite team playing at home?

I’d venture to say that’s a very, very low number. Probably in the single digits and way less than the hundreds of thousands or possibly millions of people who have stepped foot on Antarctica. Fans just aren’t given opportunities like that, it goes to former players and celebrities who may not even care about the team.

And with Starwood going away, their MLB partnership or the Moments auctions may go away as well.

The auction also generated a nice amount of press about DansDeals, which was a nice bonus.

And what better way is there to spend your 8th anniversary than on the field of the 7th game of the fall classic?

At any rate, the experience also came with 2 seats just 2 rows behind the Cubs dugout. I was sitting next to die-hard fans who had ponied up north of $10,000 per ticket! In the row in front of us was the Ricketts family and Rahm Emanuel.

Thanks to Indians season ticket holder and all-around nice guy, Chaim Goldstein, I was able to get seats upstairs to all the home World Series games at face value. I would never value those seats at the $20,000 it would have cost to get them on Stubhub. But sitting so close to the field for an amazing roller coaster of a game is a completely different experience than sitting upstairs.

Besides for my wife and me, I was also able to bring JJ and my grandfather onto the field and they didn’t even need tickets, they got to stay in the ballpark for the rest of the game!

As I was bidding higher I did 2nd guess myself at times, but somehow it felt like divine providence. This was the place where G-d put me with the ability to earn all of these miles in Cleveland. And now there was an auction that could only be paid for in Starpoints for an experience as a lifelong Indians fan that I’d cherish forever.

It wasn’t a question of how could I justify going for it. It was a question of how could I justify not going for it.

To be continued…

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Amazing Dan!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to spend your points/miles.


Well done! Mazel tov!!!


Well said Dan. I couldn’t agree more.


Did anyone video the first pitch? Can you please post it?

No Need

Dan, you don’t have to justify your decision. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and if I were you, I would do it again if the opportunity came along.



You worked hard to get these points and you earned it! For how u have helped others, people should be thrilled for you. Good job! Now run for president 🙂


Dan, you don’t have to justify your decision – you’re right, some things aren’t about money.
What you DO have to do is post some pictures!


The one thing about this that doesn’t sit well with me is the fact that you have been made to feel like you need to justify your decision.
You don’t need to justify it to anyone.
The decision didnt’ affect anyone else, and frankly, they have no say.
Your points, your call!



You don’t owe anyone an explanation of how you use your points. That is indeed the beauty of points, they are there to use however one chooses. You live life once and each opportunity is subjective to that person. Congrats on making it happen and hope the press/attention brings you back more than you spent.


Great story and happy for you. Sorry they didnt win


All of us with less Starpoints like to judge those with more. It’s mere jealousy. Good for you, Dan – don’t listen to the naysayers.

Joe G

No doubt – it most definitely is worth it.


Kol Hakavod. I would have spent 2 Million miles if i had them. Its aonce in a lifetime oppurtunity. Im glad you enjoyed it.


You tell them Dan! Good for you. Really happy for you. Sorry they lost. I did not care about either team, but watched the game rooting for the Indians just because of you!


Where can we see a video of the frist pitch?

Rabbi Issamar

I’m not a sports guy, and I know you didn’t do it for that reason, but I love the marketing and PR elements of your getting exposure for dansdeals because of this bid.



Dan- Any way to see pics or video of you throwing out the first pitch?


Stupid use of points.


Good for you, Dan! I totally agree with you and as frugal as I am, I would have done the same thing!

Tony C

No question, it was worth every point. You dont need to justify it to anyone. IF they question it, they just dont get it. Live, enjoy life. This opportunity will NOT come again.


Well written!


Mazel Tov. Who are we to say how you should spend your points. The memory will last far longer than the points.

Now if only I could figure out how to get the same number of points …


Well said and fully agree!


Dan, No need to justify any of this…you earned them…you got to take your grandfather on the field…throw out a first pitch and experience one of the most amazing games in World Series History.

More Power To You…forget the Naysays!!!!


Unbelievable!!! What a chance of a lifetime experience and kiddush Hashem loved seeing your tzitzis hanging out from your jersey Happy Anniversary too!Can you please post video of it or link?


You’ve earned it Dan… And G-d willing you’ll make a lot more off the added PR of having “dansdeals” on the Jumbotron


Awesome opportunity, especially for a die-hard Indians fan on his home turf in the biggest game of the year! Glad you were able to make it happen. Only sorry the Tribe couldn’t put the cherry on top for you.


Smart choice, mile are ment to be spent.


Make so much sense
Absolutely the right thing to do with miles
Selling is always risky


Bottom line:Only a DIE-HARD sports fan would do this and ONLY other diehard sports fans will understand. I’m thrilled that you had this opportunity and was happy to be along for the ride 🙂


I agree with Dan. At the end of the day, it’s about having experiences that are meaningful to you- not the way other people value the experience.


I believe this may be why Cleveland lost. G-D was upset at you for spending so many points… The curse of the Dan… who knows how long it may last!


You have no reason to ‘explain’ yourself, you earned it…. it meant something special to YOU and you need answer to no one else.YOU are lucky to have had this once in a lifetime opportunity and from what I can gather from your posts… it was worth every single mile. Very glad you had the chance to live a dream that as you made very clear, VERY few fans would EVER get the chance to experience… and certainly once in a lifetime!


You should have titled this post:”THE DECISION” a-la LeBron….:)


Unfortunately it did not make it on TV to see a frum Yid throw out the first pitch at Game 7 of the World Series. My wife and boys were waiting for them to show you. So if u get a video of it you need to post it so everyone can see the kiddush Hashem made.

Bobby H

You made the right decision under your circumstances. What an experience and no telling how much in free publicity you got from it. I saw you were on tmz and many other places. Way to go Dan! I also enjoyed your article on the softball tournament at wrigley. I was on the white team that played you.

Mikel T.

Congrats Dan. Sorry your team couldn’t win as well for the perfect experience. Was wondering about your comments to invite Charlie Sheen to throw the pitch. Were you seriously gonna give it up to him?

Not a MLB fan

There will always be people complaining and criticizing. Ignore the noise and don’t let anything take away from that experience that was once in many lifetimes.


I’m glad to see you obviously enjoyed the experience, but in my opinion paying for an experience which makes you feel like a celebrity is just pretending.. If you told me that you got to throw the first pitch by being “hooked up to someone who knows someone”, that would be cool. Paying for an experience like that totally takes away from the “coolness” of it which makes it not worth the money. Then again that’s just my opinion. Either way glad you enjoyed.


Can you post a video of you throwing out the first pitch?


Just echoing the others… good for you, and that is an amazing experience. There is no need to justify it to anyone.


Good for you Dan! The Haters are just jealous!
You also got the bonus to be part of one of the most amazing sport championship games of all time. Will go down in the history books!
I’m sure it was a no brainer in hindsight.


Where can we watch how it went?


love the write up! it was worth it just for this write up! very cool that you where able to bring in 2 more ppl for free!! so 4 tickets for 16k not bad!!!


I watched it on 55 inch HD for free (I’ll post a selfie). Alot of the facebook generation pay astronomical prices for sporting events just to inflate their own self importance. How many “fans” at game 7 didn’t post selfies making it clear they were there and you were not?

VIdeo Plz

Hi Dan,

We need to see a video of the pitch please!


Dan, no need to defend your actions, but in any event, your logic, as usual, superbly answers the “critics”. Your experience was much deserved and I hope you enjoyed it! Your attitude is awesome. Keep it up!

Mark S

Congratulations Dan. You truly got the bargain of a lifetime. What an experience. Well done!


@No Need:

Lol. That negates the “once-in-a-lifetime”.


Dan, don’t let anyone tell you how to spend your time, money, or miles! You give us deals that are once in a lifetime, and sometimes things that can change our lives (osthat $50 RT to Vancouver was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken). You go Dan!

Knaper Chuchem

I’d love to see a video of that throw? Was it a strike?

Y n

Also a 30 second commercial is upwards of 500k so at a valuation of 2 cents per mile your cost was $20000 that’s quite a good value!




So….you still have miles in the 8 figured and you travel as much as you want. You also don’t sell points. Given that the likelihood of another game seven is slim, how do you feel about booking me some first class travel??


Cost of throwing out the first pitch in game 7 of a world series-1 million starwood points
40 million people watching you with your Tzizzis out-PRICELESS


You can watch Dan’s pitch on youtube..I searched under dansdeals world series pitch and 2 clips came up..really fun to watch!


The great thing about this hobby is that we ourselves get to place the value on our experiences, whether that’s coach, business, first class or doing an event like this. The game was absolutely bonkers crazy to watch on tv. I felt like Francona made some mistakes keeping Kluber, Miller and Shaw all in too long. This an experience you’ll carry with you forever. By the way, did you throw a strike???


With all that said were you really going to give it away to Charlie Sheen? That’s the part I need to hear about!




@LUCHO FRIEDMAN: I dont think 40 million people go to see it. It was not shown on TV and the it had a 25 share in the ratings which is a lot less then 40 million.



All I can say is YOLO.

Most of us are jealous that we didn’t throw out the 1st pitch of a game seven of our favorite team in our own hometown. (Although mine wouldn’t have been Cleveland)

Keep up the good work


You can always get points,chances are very slim you will get that opportunity again.


it is definitely your right to use them how you want but can you imagine how much you can do if you decided to use these miles to help sick kids “make a wish” or maybe to go to a rav that is involved with shalom bayis cases and offer to sponsor couple vacations, etc. so many ideas if we think about it.


1,060,500 points for פתיחה לנעילה


To me you threw the first ball on the best world series game 7 ever. No money can buy that. Congrats!


Brilliant!! Experiences not things! I bid 230,000 starpoints to sing the national anthem for the same reason and I have a fraction of your stash.


I’m very confused. Every website I go to says Jim Thine threw out the first pitch…….


I’m curious who you were bidding against…who out there can match you over 1M?

I wish

I wish they would auction חתן תורה in my shul for SPG.

The real value

I think being able to puke on Rham Emanuel is where the real value is. Priceless.


Come on Dan, I was hardly aghast. Exaggeration for purposes of illustration? Everyone was rooting for you living your dream, but that doesn’t mean we can understand it nor do you probably care if we do!


First world problems


Dan, you have a wicked breaking ball! Unhittable! 😉



How do you know Dan doesn’t do that already?! Just because someone is a billionaire doesn’t mean he has to give all his money to tzedakah or other good causes. He is entitled to enjoy it as well. Take your comments elsewhere!


As a big cubs fan, and the wife of a lifetime, diehard, bleed-Cubbies fan- all I can say is, my husband would have given his right arm for the opportunity!It is something that you will NEVER forget! Good for you!


I think that the only thing you could be disappointed about (as an Indians fan) was the outcome of the game.


Not even a question. Awesome decision… you deserve it!


I’m glad you were able to do it! People can say what they want but I think it was a great deal!


The best bang for your advertising buck ever! Brilliant!!!!!


It’s nobodies business to pass judgement on how you redeem your points. your commentary on how you think is much more interesting than reactions to backseat-drivers pundits and naysayers. They are probably driven by envy anyway.

In that vain, do YOU feel any differently about the value-proposition after the fact, based on how you pitched and/or the fact that the Cubs won?


Wow, nice work Dan. Great marketing tool for your blog too – a win win!


Did you ask Rahm if he wants to put on tefillin?
(even though it was night)


Total waste of points – looking at the way the Cubs were going through pitchers, they probably would’ve let you pitch in the real game for free 😉 . On a serious note, keep in mind that it’s not just a personal experience you bought, but it’s an experience for the whole Dan’s Deals family, who are all still on a high from your pitch. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.


Dan, great job, in spite of bouncing the ball to the catcher. I probably wouldn’t have done much better.
An opportunity of a lifetime and something you will remember for the rest of your life. It was great that you had your grandfather with you to cherish the moment.
“Go Dan” – WELL DONE.


Based on you recent spend, has anyone recommended changing your last name to Milyon?


well said. haters gonna gate.


Haters gonna hate. Ignore them. Kol Hakavod. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

dan come on

do me a favor Mr eleff dont make this into a whole yiddishkeit thing “divine providence” as you called it in your post or the way you came out last night to throw the first pitch with your whole levush tzitzes out and looking all orthodox humbly accepting the ball and making this like your being mekayeim some special tafkid that god gave you for this world a blatt gemara or the chessed that you do by helping people with ways to make more money or your nice guy nature and pleasantness that you exude when you interact with people at seminars excercising patience for example is far more for hashem then throwing out the first pitch you accomplished nothing with that in terms of tiddishkeit and schar and mekayeim mitzvas dont CORRUPT YOURSELF WITH THE MINDSET THAT YOU DID other things you do yes not this particular one sorry just your whole approach to this event last night your body language indication the way you looked when accepting the ball to throw out in the game and the way you sounded on the past few posts regarding that first pitch made it sound like you were taking this as serious as a fear of heaven and very pious jew approaches yom kippur ridiculous! and dumb. and theres nothing gr8 about mentioning that you are a fifth generation clevelander just maked you sound like a bigger dork which doesnt seem appropriate name for someone who is as sophisticated and up to date as you. adn dont rationalize it with the chabad mehalech that all things with the middle klipah can be elevated to holiness thats not what the tanya or the rebbe ramash meant in any of his talks in other words start learning if you need some sipuk in yiddishkeit


@dan come on: Hi, did someone ask for your opinion? Then go away!

Ugh you

He’s entitled to his opinion, and a lot of ppl agree with him. Dan’s format is a blog that others can comment on. You only want to see the comments that make you feel good?

come on dan

@Ugh: did soemone ask you to give an opnion on your opionion?? thats what comment sections are far ugh i have avalid point and anybody else with brains would agree doesnt mena im not tremendously greatful to Mr. eleff for all the good he has done he just need to hear this point acc. to my opinion and thats what ccomment sections are for

thanks for the mussar

@come on dan: Nice of you to take time from your special learning to share your rant. A great sipuk indeed.


Good for you!!! You earned those points it’s up to you how they’re spent!! Anyone who criticized you should shut up they have no right to make you feel guilty or bad. You don’t need to justify anything Dan. Just savor the amazing experience for the rest of your life.

Who Am I To Judge

True lifetime moment and glad Dan was able to take advantage of it. There was things one can do with the fortune and we will ultimately be responsible for those actions.

Dan has given tremendous help and forum via this blog. What he does with his fortunes is between him and G*D . I’m glad to be along for the ride.

That was an amazing game last night and I’m a total Tigers/Giant without a horse in this one. To be a physical part of a favorite team, Game 7, WS??? 1,000,000 can be small potatoes in many peoples’ eyes.


You deserved it boss / bro / guru!! Your hard earned hard worked points and you get to do what you want. Thanks to you many of us are able to live / take our dream trips and vacations.


@dan come on:
Perhaps your foolish words don’t warrant a response, but what exactly do you know about “the chabad mehalech”, “tanya” or what “the rebbe ramash meant in any of his talks”, other than how to judge it?


As a non Jew all this disagreement at the end of comments is way over my head.

Congrats Dan, I love that you did this. As a Cubs fan my whole life I am super happy, yet feel your pain. They both deserved a win after so many years. At least you have another championship team that Chicago will not have for a very long time. If I had your points, I would have done this in a heartbeat. When you are old, the points won’t matter but the memory of a lifetime will. As they say in Chicago, there is always next year….



Comment 92

103 is clearly a troll trying to rile ppl up but comment 92 is 100% right. Do whatever you want with your miles, but call it what it is. We all”take advantage” like Dan said of loop holes that enables us to scam companies out of their reward programs, simple as that


@Mike: maybe because you dont have a million extra points lying around????? dan STILL has tens of millions of points and this is a small dent in the big picture… this is his life and passion… you just cant appreciate it…


@dan come on:
Divine providence is that leaf blown off a tree is for a reason and can have a profound effect on the world.

Chabad philosophy is about publicizing Judaism and being openly proud of it. Hence the large menorahs, etc. If one more Jew will wear tzitzes or a yarmulka then not only did I accomplish something physically, but it will have a spiritual affect as well.

Anything that isn’t forbidden can be elevated to holiness. That’s my take on Judaism, though you can live otherwise if you choose.

And for the record, the reason why I don’t know how to play ball is because I was the dork who stayed inside during recess learning more gemara.

Positivity and negativity are both contagious. It would be a shame to go through life with a negative outlook on everything.



I always find this line of logic to be amazing.

Do you know what I give to charity that you’re commenting on it?

Do you go over to everyone driving a fancy car and tell them that they should really drive a more affordable car and give more to charity without knowing what they donate?


Cost of throwing out the first pitch in game 7 of a world series-1 million starwood points
40 million people watching you with your Tzizis out-PRICELESS


My question is – Whoe was the second place bidder?? We all know dan and that he works with points, but who was the other guy willing to spend over 1M points and what does he do?


Experience of a lifetime with your grandpa and family being there counts more than 10K. Some people spend that much and more on family Pesach hotels and most don’t question them. Your points, you earned it


anyone who has anything bad to say is dumb! dan is a class act! he has saved and made me so much money and miles! i owe him so much!
dan, hashem should bless you with ALL good things! and….. an experience to top this one!!!!

Been There


Watching the video of you throwing out the first pitch made me feel proud to be a Yid. I finally understand what my grandmother meant when she used the word ‘kvelling’.
I would recommend brushing up on your pitching though. World Series 2017 will be here faster than you think!!
Dan-I’m proud to be a part of YOUR tribe!


How can you be a die-hard baseball fan and not know how to throw a ball? 10+ ft in front of the mound and still bounced it there. I would be so f’in embarassed.

dov r

Dan your the best. And i hope and i know you had the best experience of your life. As you said the 2 tickets you got were worth much more then the points you used.


@Been There:
What about when you watch someone come home after a long day of work and he goes to the Beis midrash to learn? Does that make you proud to be a Jew? Throwing out the first pitch at the world series is an exciting experience, but I don’t know if that’s


@Anonymous: Yes! That too! When Yidden are pleasant, and act pleasantly, it warms my heart to be part of our nation.


I’d love to know that as well.
My guess is a Cubs fan.


@Been There:
I think I’ll let someone else have a turn next year 🙂

It’s too bad I didn’t have more than a few hours of lead time. With a few more days I’d have it.

Did you read this post yet?

Why is that a contradiction?
There can be more than 1 way to show that you’re proud to be a Jew.


just wondering-did you ever consider offering your Zeidy to throw ut the pitch?

Igor Krembolinsky

Dan – I am happy for you, even though I never followed sports (even growing up in LA!). For you the points are worthless if you are earning them faster than you can burn them.

Keep making a Kiddush Hashem in your way, like you always try to stay out of trouble etc. Much Siyata DiShmaya!

Chaia Fruit

I had a neighbor who always said I spent too much money on cleaning help each week. She was a very organized woman who simply enjoyed keeping her house a certain way and was good at it. I personally enjoy a clean house but don’t have the time or patience for it so I hire more help. When she said I spent too much on cleaning help, i would say, you spend too much on shoes. No one can tell anyone how to spend their money. Sof Pasuk…..Dan, I am very happy for you. Keep up the great work and advice for all of us. Good Shabbos.


Sooo cool! SPG moments are so neat!


@dan come on: 1. Get a life! 2. f you meant any of what you said you’d know nothing about thw world series, first pitch nuances etc. Millions of people saw Tzitzis!!!! Yarmulka. Think. Think. Reconsider. Do Teshuva!

Enjoy dan

Happy for dan but not quite sure why this is turning into a kiddush hashem. Old time yidden will tell you to keep your tzitzis in to keep from jealousy and ayin hara from the goyim (40 million of them). It’s simply dan doing something he enjoys which is 100% entitled to him, but no need to turn it Jewish. Sports and money are today’s avodah Zara so elevating that by doing it with tzitzis on is nothing to boast about. If you just say you did it, and enjoyed it, so great and no comments from me other than I’m happy you fulfilled a dream that you’ll cherish forever. If someone rents a $100,000 car and drives it down the streets with his tzitzis hanging out the door it’s not going to make a kiddush hashem more than the jealousy it could arouse . So just enjoy your moment, but keep it separate from your religious moments and advertise your blog but not Judaism through money and baseball. All the best


My $.02…had it been “the” first pitch, maybe it would have been worth it. Can’t blame you for using the miles given balances. But the tickets/exposure/etc. were an added kicker. The experience alone is tough to justify at that price. We all do things that others think are crazy. Variety is the spice of life. I do find it surprising that you are such a huge fan but obviously never played the game, or even played catch in the backyard for that matter. Sure you had a blast.


How do you know you’re bidding against someone who actually has the points? Are the bidders all pre-qualified?


my 2 cents for what its worth

what a waste, when you could have donated the points or sold them and given the money to tzedoka and had dividends for all of time instead of 5 minutes of fame
a sad state of the times we live in when peoples priorities are so messed up even spg addressed this point on the waste
on their level when they said this could have purchased the st regis for a month



Hi Dan,
i’m sorry you took offense to what i said. I wasn’t implying I know what you or anyone else gives to charity and you are right that the same can be said about anyone who drives a fancy car. I was saying that value is always a question of trade offs and as I said, only you have the right (and obligation) to decide for yourself. but the point is still a valid one that this luxury (as well as any other), is a choice to not use our resources to help others, even if we do so much to help them already. We are all human and each one of us has their own definition of a need that someone else may call a luxury but it is always worth asking ourselves, what is worth more to us at this point? Maybe you needed this and it will help propel you into being an even better person and help even more people. That is your call, but to not ask the question is a strike in my view.




There’s no doubt that it must have been quite the experience to throw the first pitch. I do not think that the question is tzedaka i.e. how Dan should have used his points. I hear that concern a little bit… maybe… well not really, but I definitely wouldn’t look for the answer on an online forum. I’m not so certain that points would count towards maaser at all, but now I’m tempted to ask a shaila!
I doubt it though, and I definitely wouldn’t be mivazeh Dan in public for it.

Anyway, I think the bigger question is to go to a sporting event in the first place. The Gemora in Avodah Zara 16a is pretty clear that building and all the more so going to stadiums is problematic because of the latzanus involved. I do not prefer to get into the finer details in an online forum, but I think that people should ask shailos before engaging in something like this. It is not so simple to say that since one more Jew will wear a Kippah and Tzitzis that it’s fine. I don’t have taanos on you Dan, provided that you ask shailos to prominent poskim before engaging in an activity like this.



Been There

The comments to this post took an intriguing twist.
We all check Dan’s Deals website for the latest deals, credit card offers, and sometimes benefit from the glitches. This is a service that is greatly appreciated.
Dan also allows his gregarious personality spill over to the blog posts, when he writes about his travels, his restaurant experiences, and his sports opinions. It adds personality and warmth to the group.
Sharing personal insights and feelings on a public forum puts the writer in an exposed and vulnerable position, because he is now at the ‘mercy’ of others’ opinions and ideas as well.
Dan handles the criticism with humor and good cheer. But I am curious – why are there so many negative opinions? If you want to comment positively- great! Positivity breeds positivity, and certainly compliments are always appreciated by all humans. But if you don’t agree with what was written, then why is it important to criticize? You don’t have to like it; you don’t have to do the same; you can even unsubscribe.
Dan is a great writer and passionate about his life choices and situations. He should not have to be subject to such fierce criticism and judgmental advice, specifically when it is all done anonymously. I do not know him personally – at all – I just belong to the same Nation as he does.

And as I mentioned the anonymity piece, I will sign my name.

N. Levitin Lkwd NJ

Gut Shabbos!


@Been There:
I’ve developed a relatively thick skin.

Especially when it comes to ridiculous anonymous comments like it should have gone to charity without the person knowing what I do give to charity. Or that points don’t count as maiser and aren’t subject to maiser. Or that I don’t use my points for other people.

There are a handful of moments in life that I look back on and just grin from ear to ear and this is one of them. How can you place a value on that, especially when it was done with points?

But thanks for taking the time to comment, it’s appreciated. Have a good Shabbos!


Dan….forget the haters…and well give you a free pass for the girley looking throw….next year will need some more pop…drop me a line when you are in NY happy to go to the backyard and rip a few in there!

Savor the experience with your grandfather

Shabbat Shalom


Great story! Congratulations. Curious if you practiced at home before the pitch, or what you did to prepare for it?

Still Not Ashamed?

Still not ashamed of wearing that incredibly racist hat? As a Jew, I am shocked you are not sensitive to something like that.


Dan – great job. fully agree that using points for things you cannot buy is the best approach.
Just curious, how did you get two extra people into the stadium without tickets? Where did they sit during the game?