Master List Of The Best Ways To Book El Al Award Flights Between NYC And Tel Aviv!

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Earlier today, I wrote about Alaska Airlines’ newly lowered award pricing for travel on El Al to Israel.

How does that compare to other booking options?

Here’s a comparison chart for flights between NYC and Tel Aviv on El Al:

Mileage programEconomyPremium EconomyBusinessBooking methodMileage transfer optionsAward Fees
Alaska35K one-way
70K round-trip
45K one-way
90K round-trip
70K one-way
140K round-trip
OnlineMarriott 60K:25K Booking fee: $12.50 each way
Change fee: $0
Cancel fee: $0
Delta86K one-way
96K round-trip
145K one-way
188K round-trip
320K one-way
410K round-trip
OnlineAMEX 1:1 instantly
Marriott 60K:20K
Booking fee: $0
Change fee: $0
Cancel fee: $0
El AlWinter:
40K one-way
80K round-trip

32K one-way Executive
64K round-trip Executive

60K one-way
120K round-trip

48K one-way Executive
96K round-trip Executive
82.5K one-way
165K round-trip

66K one-way Executive
132K round-trip Executive

108.5K one-way
217K round-trip

86.8K one-way Executive
173.6K round-trip Executive
150K one-way
300K round-trip

120K one-way Executive
240K round-trip Executive
OnlineNoneBooking fee: $31
Change fee: $0
Cancel fee: $150
Etihad67K one-way
134K round-trip
74K one-way
148K round-trip
120K one-way
240K round-trip
PhoneAMEX, Capital One, or Citi 1:1 instantly.
Marriott 60K:25K
Booking fee: $14-$24 each way
Change fee: $27
Cancel fee: 25% >21 days, 50% 8-21 days, 75% 1-7 days before departure.
Qantas37.8K one-way
75.6K round-trip
70.8K one-way
141.6K round-trip
90K one-way
180K round-trip
OnlineAMEX, Capital One, or Citi 1:1 instantly.
Marriott 60K:25K
Booking fee: $25
Change fee: 5,000 points
Cancel fee: 6,000 points


Here are some more details on those booking options:

Alaska clocks in at just 35K miles in coach, 45K in premium, and 70K in business, each way:


Ending soon, you can get 70,000 bonus miles plus Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare™ ($99 fare plus taxes and fees from $23) by spending $3,000 or more in purchases within 90 days of opening the Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card. You can read more here.

Sadly, due to El Al’s new partnership with Delta, the Alaska partnership will end on 7/31, so you’ll want to take advantage of booking awards by that date.


Delta charges a whopping 86K Skypesos in coach, 145K in premium, and 320K in business, each way:


However, it’s worth noting that the Delta price drops significantly if you book a round-trip. That price will be 96K in coach, 188K in premium, and 410K in business round-trip:


Qantas charges 37.8K points in coach, 70.8K in premium, and 90K in business, each way.

However, they block most El Al availability and only had 1 flight available from Newark, versus the 4 NYC flights that Alaska and Delta can book:


Etihad can book El Al flights between NYC and Tel Aviv for 67K miles in coach, 74K in premium, or 120K in business, each way.

However, you have to call Etihad to book this at 877-690-0767. Availability should mirror what Alaska and Delta can book.


If you want to book directly with El Al, the price will vary based on whether you want to fly in the summer or winter season, and based on whether you have status. Discounted rates are available to all FlyCard members in Israel, or Executive members abroad, but it’s a lot more challenging to earn those discounts if you’re not an Israeli. To become an Executive member you need to live abroad and earn Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Top Platinum status. Alternatively, you need to earn 2,000 Diamonds within 12 consecutive months or earn 5,000 Matmid points from non-Israeli cards within 12 consecutive months.

For winter travel as a status member, it would cost 32K points in coach, 66K in premium, or 120K in business, each way. The rates go up from there, as can be seen in the chart above.


In the future, expect to be able to use miles from programs like ANA, Flying Blue, Virgin Atlantic, and more to book El Al flights.

Of course, you can always use points from banks like AMEX, Chase, Citi, and Capital One to book paid travel on El Al.

Currently, there’s even a workaround to use AMEX points and get the 35% points rebate offered by the AMEX Business Platinum Card for travel on El Al in any class of service.

How do you book travel on El Al?

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Interesting that on my Alaska Account only shows elal Economy & Business not Premium, but whenever I booked economy for 35k prior it was always ticketed in Premium Economy

Not sure what to make of this and feel bad elal will be splitting off from Alaska in July


What happens if we transfer from Marriott to Alaska, then book ELAL with Alaska points and then cancel ELAL ticket after July 31 for any reason, even if Alaska refunds points, are we stuck with Alaska p0ints with no ability to ever use these points again with ELAL?


Keep in mind that although Alaska’s agreement with El Al ends July 31, you can book flights further out. If you cancel, you’ll get a refund, but if you want to change your flight, good luck.


I know people find transferring points to the airlines to be better. But chase portal (when having a chase reserve card and points) is 80k points round trip for the summer. Wouldn’t this make more sense? Am I missing something?


Would be nice if there was decent availability. Seems to be sparse.


In the future, expect to be able to use miles from programs like ANA, Flying Blue, Virgin Atlantic to book El Al flights.

Can please explain? What information you have? That your saying that?


I have gotten Etihad this past year for 50,000 points one way to TLV & a one way back.,


What’s the best way from Amex platinum points into Alaska? Can we book through and travel and get the 35% back?


“To become an Executive member you need to live abroad and earn Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Top Platinum status.”
You will always earn executive status before you reach another level because to reach silver you need 300o diamonds or 2000 and 4 flight segments.


Just booked 1 way on LY TLV-JFK was charged 70.31$, why? (chart says 14-24)


Booked via Etihad


I thought you would include United in this nyc-tlv post?


If i book an elal ticket with Alaska points before 7/31 and I want to change the date after 7/31 for the Elal ticket, will I be able to do so or I’ll have to cancel the ticket or change airlines?


which citi cards allow me to transfer to Quantas?


Would love if dan can post on how to book with points for dummies i have chase points but dont know how to use them the best way to book so i usually just sell them and use the money to pay for my tickets. This post is for ppl that know how to use and transfer already didnt feel like it helped me gain more knowledge


Why don’t you book the tickets through Chase travel?


I’m looking to open a credit card that transfers to EL AL Matmid points/miles.
Are there any partners? Or are there other airlines miles that transfer to El Al? We are looking for Sept. 2024 travel via Newark. Only want to fly El Al. Any help would be appreciated. Preferably a business card.