110 Direct Flights From NYC That Can Be Booked With British Airways Avios

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Update: This chart has been updated with the routes that will be affected by the upcoming devaluation on 02/02 for flights that touch North America.

4.5K/7.5K means if you book before 02/02 (for travel anytime into the future) the rate is 4.5K, but if you book on or after 02/02 the rate will be 7.5K.

Note that you can transfer British Airways Avios into Iberia Avios where some routes will be cheaper. Transfers from AMEX into Iberia this month are at a 1:1 ratio (The 1:1.25 glitch is dead).


Originally posted on 08/12/13.
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-Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About British Airways Avios: Tips, Tricks, And Advice You Need To Know To Maximize Your Avios

Rates in the following charts are currently only accurate for travel in coach:
-Click to view Direct Avios Flights From Montreal, Toronto, Denver, Detroit, Pittsburgh, S. Francisco, And 6 Ohio Airports
-Click to view 94 Direct Avios Flights From Baltimore/Washington DC
-Click to view 29 Direct Avios Flights From Boston
-Click to view 126 Direct Avios Flights From Chicago
-Click to view 196 Direct Avios Flights From Dallas
-Click to view 12 Direct Avios Flights From Johannesburg
-Click to view 77 Direct Avios Flights From Los Angeles
-Click to view 77 Direct Avios Flights From Miami
-Click to view 102 Direct Avios Flights From NYC
-Click to view 123 Direct Avios Flights From Philadelphia
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Did you know that there are 110 places you can fly direct to from NYC with your BA Avios?

British Airways Avios can’t be beat for short-haul nonstop flights thanks to ultra-low award rates, no expedite/close-in fees, and dirt cheap award cancellations.  Below are all of the direct flights from NYC that can be booked with Avios.

Be sure to read this post for everything you NEED to know about the BA program and how to best search for BA award availability with tips like always booking one-way awards.  If you have a question it’s probably already been answered there!

1. Rates in the chart are for one-way flights. Generally speaking it’s a good idea to book BA flights as one-ways to give you maximum flexibility.

2. Rates are always given in Avios.  There is always a 25% bonus for transferring increments of 20K Starwood Starpoints into Avios.  That just means that if a route requires 25K Avios for example you will only need 20K Starpoints.

3. Routes that are displayed in bold are subject to fuel surcharges, which can vary from $25 (JFK-Vancouver on Cathay Pacific) to several hundred dollars each way.

4. There are no fuel surcharges for flights on: Aer Lingus, Air Berlin, Alaska, LAN, and TAM. There are also no fuel surcharges for American flights within the western hemisphere, for JAL flights within Japan, and for Qantas flights within or from Australia. Fuel surcharges for intra-Europe flights are also typically quite low. Fuel surcharges for travel on Cathay Pacific aren’t too bad while fuel surcharges to fly on British Airways border on the criminal.
You can also save on the fuel surcharges imposed on Iberia flights by transferring British Airways Avios into Iberia Avios.

5. In the charts below I’ve only included direct flights as BA charges Avios for each flight segment. 

For example Tel Aviv isn’t on the chart as BA does not have any partners that fly nonstop from NYC to Tel Aviv.  Though you can always fly to Tel Aviv via Berlin or Dusseldorf for 20K for the overseas segment and 10K for the Berlin/Dusseldorf/Munich-Tel Aviv segment with no fuel surcharges. It can help to search for NYC-Berlin or Dusseldorf and Berlin or Dusseldorf-Tel Aviv separately.

Maui isn’t on the chart as no airlines fly nonstop from NYC-Maui.  Though you can always fly to Maui from Los Angeles, S. Diego, or Seattle, for 12.5K for the NYC-west coast segment and 12.5K for the West coast-Maui segment with no fuel surcharges. Plus you can stopover in the connecting city for as long or short as you want.

6. BA.com does not display availability for all airlines! If you want to book travel on airlines like Alaska, Aer Lingus, and LAN you’ll need to pick up the phone and call BA! You can search Alaska award availability on AA.com before calling BA to book it. You can search Aer Lingus availability on United.com before calling BA to book it.

Note that you should also search AA.com for flights as BA.com doesn’t display all options. See this post for more info on that and for how to book saver award flights found on AA.com with BA Avios.

7. In rare cases connecting flights can be cheaper than nonstop flights when using Avios and I’ve noted that in the chart.

8. Cities in the chart may only have seasonal nonstop service.

9. A dash means that class of service isn’t offered on that route.

10. While the Qantas flight from JFK to Sydney stops in Los Angeles it is considered a direct flight by BA as the flight number remains the same. Therefore they do charge Avios as if it is just 1 flight segment.

American Express is a DansDeals.com advertiser.

Want to pickup Avios? You’re in luck as you can transfer points from all over the place to BA.

-You can also earn Avios directly with the Chase British Airways Visa Signature cardwhich is offering up to 100K Avios currently!

-American Express Membership Rewards points can be earned from credit cards like The Amex EveryDay Preferred Card or The Amex EveryDay Card.

The Preferred card awards 1.5 points per dollar everywhere, 3 points per dollar on Uber and gas, and 4.5 points per dollar on groceries if you make 30 transactions per month.

The EveryDay card awards 1.2 points per dollar everywhere and 2.4 points per dollar on Uber and groceries if you make 20 transactions per month.

You can also earn Membership Rewards points from consumer cards like the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express, and from business cards like the AMEX Business Gold Rewards Charge Card or The Business Platinum Card. 

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express has no annual fee and a limited time increased signup bonus. It earns a generous 1.3 points per dollar everywhere, but you’ll need any of the membership rewards cards listed above to transfer points from that card into airline miles.

-The Starwood Consumer AMEX and the Starwood Business AMEX awards 25K signup points with no fee for the first year. 20K Starpoints can transfer into 25K Avios with the permanent 25% transfer bonus. Transfers can take a few days.

-Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred instantly at a 1:1 ratio into BA Avios from the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Ink Plus credit cards.
Cards like Chase Freedom and Ink Business Cash® Credit Card can’t directly transfer points into miles, you’ll have to transfer those points to a Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus that belongs to an additional user before you can transfer those points to British Airways.

View the complete 110 route chart after the jump:

Flights From EWR:

Hong KongCathay Pacific35K105K-
LondonBritish Airways20K (13K on BA off-peak flights)60K (50K on BA off-peak flights)80K (68K on BA off-peak flights)
Paris/ORYOpen Skies20K (13K on BA off-peak flights)60K (50K on BA off-peak flights)-

Flights from JFK:

AmmanRoyal Jordanian30K90K-
BerlinAir Berlin20K60K-
Birmingham, UKAmerican20K60K-
Buenos AiresAmerican25K75K100K
DublinAmerican, Aer Lingus20K (17K via Boston)60K (42K via Boston)-
DusseldorfAir Berlin20K60K-
Hong KongCathay Pacific35K105K140K
Las VegasAmerican12.5K50K-
London/LCYBritish Airways-60K (50K on BA off-peak flights)-
London/LHRAmerican, British Airways
20K (13K on BA off-peak flights)60K (50K on BA off-peak flights)80K (68K on BA off-peak flights)
Los AngelesAmerican12.5K37.5K50K
MadridAmerican, Iberia20K60K-
Norfolk, VAAmerican4.5K/7.5K--
Paris/CDGOpen Skies20K (13K on BA off-peak flights)60K (50K on BA off-peak flights)-
Paris/ORYAmerican, Open Skies20K (13K on BA off-peak flights)60K (50K on BA off-peak flights)-
Port Au Prince, HaitiAmerican10K20K-
Punta Cana, DRAmerican10K20K-
Rio de JaneiroAmerican, TAM25K75K-
S. DiegoAmerican12.5K50K-
S. FranciscoAmerican12.5K37.5K50K
S. Jose, Costa RicaAmerican12.5K37.5K-
S. Juan, PRAmerican10K20K-
S. KittsAmerican10K20K-
S. MaartenAmerican10K20K-
S. ThomasAmerican10K20K-
Sao Paulo/GRUAmerican, TAM25K75K100K
ShannonAer Lingus20K (17K via Boston)60K (42K via Boston)-
TorontoAmerican, TAM4.5K/7.5K9K/15K-
Vail American10K40K-
VancouverCathay Pacific12.5K37.5K50K

Flights From LGA:

Charlottesville, VAAmerican4.5K/7.5K--
Fayetteville, ARAmerican7.5K--
Greensboro, NCAmerican4.5K/7.5K--
Kansas CityAmerican7.5K30K-
Norfolk, VAAmerican4.5K/7.5K--
Orlando American7.5K30K-
Philadelphia American4.5K/7.5K18K/30K-
Pittsburgh American4.5K/7.5K18K/30K-
Roanoke, VAAmerican4.5K/7.5K--
S. LouisAmerican7.5K30K-
Washington DC/DCAAmerican4.5K/7.5K18K/30K-
West Palm BeachAmerican7.5K30K-
Wilmington, NCAmerican4.5K/7.5K--

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AA flies JFK-FLL?
Also worth noting that AA dosent have direct JFK-Vail only during peak winter months.


Other than LGA and JFK are their any other avios American Airlines that fly to Toronto that’s close to NY? Maybe Atlantic city? Or maybe to buffalo?


Thanks this is very helpful. LGA-CHI is 7,500 not 4,500.


Seems like FLL should be seasonal service but I can’t find it so I’ve deleted it.
A few of the cities listed are seasonal only.

Nope, Chicago would be the closest city with service to Toronto or Buffalo.

Of course, thanks for the correction.


regarding qf jfk-syd is it worth it?
whats their fuel surcharge?


is there a link to search availability


JFK-FLL will start again on November 21, the last time I checked


I fly direct Newark to Miami in March & there were multiple flights to chose from. Since then I’ve looked dozens of times, nothing. They had once or twice a connecting flight that was close to ten hours (insane) I even called them, nothing. Something has happened from with BA from NY-NJ to Fl not Miami, they are not so giving any more.


title says u can go direct with avios to israel, I dont see how.
can you please enlighten me?


VERY useful tx. Can u highlight the routes that have ba “fuel surcharges”?


Thanks, great info.
Maybe now you can give us a chart with all hacks using Avios?.


Dan thanks for the great work u do is there a Business version of the BA chase card?


what about from cleveland to EY?

Dani Klein

Haven’t used my BA points yet, so I need advice: if I wanted to book one flight with points and one flight with credit card, can I book them simultaneously? Thanks.


Awesome thanks. S.louis?? now I know a little more about your backround 🙂


These charts are awesome! Can you please add a PHL chart for the 08701 guys?


AA has not flown JFK-SJC since 2005, alas.

PBI service was just announced.

availibilty ?

Is it the same availability as a saver award on AA?

Eddie A

Thanks Dan! I was actually going to ask aout using Avios points but you beat me to it. Do we book these trips going on BA’s website or should we look for availability first on the traveling website?

Also, aren’t ElAl part of one world? So you couldn’t fly with ElAl using avios?


No flights to DEN?


Any chance you could give more info on fees associated with some of the flights? Some of the flights such as the flights to London and Paris carry a ton of fees which make them not as valuable and a poor use of Avios points in a lot of situations.
Thanks Dan


When I try to book JFK to Berlin with BA avios I get a surcharge. Am I doing something wrong?
The itinerary was on Air Berlin…


I’ve tried to look for flights JFK-Miami but it shows up “no direct flights”. How should I search for it?


Dan thanks allot for all that you do
Is there a business version for BA chase?


hi dan,
im trying to find flights to israel via berlin or any other airport around there and the final price is 100K points plus $1-2,000 dollars. please help.
my cell is 3475434066.


I don’t think there are business class tickets from LGA to STL, only first class and its 22.5k for first.


Is it better to build up miles with AA or BA when flying oneworld airlines back and forth from TLV?


Any direct flight from PHL?


Didn’t you post in a few places that Boston to Dublin is 12.5k? Did they go up?


need Denver-Newark. I have Avios. Can i use them for a direct flight?

yitz g

So you mean to say, with the 105k points i just got with amex business gold, i can fly to cancun TEN TIMES?? AWESOME!

BTW are these one way or round trip fares?


Does ba let members at the same address transfer avios between accounts ? ( husband wife )

sam the man

please note that toronto fees r 54.00 not the usual 2.50 because international


There will be a fuel surcharge on that route as stated in the knowledgebase rules.
If you want to know what it would be you’d have to search for a flight to see, that’s far beyond the attempt of this post.

Please read the knowledgebase.

Seems like it was pulled.

Please read the knowledgebase for search tips. That’s simply untrue.

The title says what????

It’s pretty straightforward, the fuel surcharge rule is posted in the knowledgebase.
Also not all fuel surcharges are created equal, so I’m not sure how valuable that information even is without searching.

There is not.

This chart is just for direct flights from NYC.
Cleveland to Israel using Avios will involve a least 2 connections, not exactly ideal. Better off with Chase/United miles.

@Dani Klein:

Lol. Do I hide it?

PHL is not a hub so the only nonstop flight will be to other hubs.
Namely Chicago, Dallas, and Miami for AA and London for BA.
PHL-Miami has fantastic award availability, so it can even make sense for people who normally fly from NYC for peak travel dates.

Lol, gotta tell that to the AA.com route mapper folks 😀

Thanks for the updates, LGA-PBI is a great route addition even though it’s only seasonal.

@availibilty ?:
Identical, though you must toggle it to nonstop only on aa.com to view the calendar that would be applicable to BA unless you’re willing to pay for 2 legs/2 separate tickets.

@Eddie A:
Please read the knowledgebase.
El Al is not a OneWorld member, they are a non-alliance partner of American’s and not a BA partner.

Not that I saw.

Please read the knowledgebase.

What date?
Are you sure it’s not small government fees and taxes?

Please read the knowledgebase.


Please read the knowledgebase.

This article may also be helpful:

I decided to categorize fake first class flights as business class but listed the triple rates when BA does that.
6 of one, half dozen of the other.

AA gives you access to El Al availability.
BA gives you access to far lower rates via Air Berlin.

See response earlier in this reply.

Did you read the title of this post?
Nothing has changed for Boston.

No. You would have to fly via Chicago or Dallas.

@yitz g:
One-way as the post says.

Sort of, it’s called a household account but I don’t advise doing that.

@sam the man:
Yes, international flights have government imposed fees.


are these prices for one way or RT ?


Didn’t BA consider AS F as F? they charge 3x the points for Y.


These are one way, Dan wrote is clearly.


That’s why I wrote Seattle is 37.5K.

People just don’t want to read.


How much does AAdvantage charge for the JFK-YVR flight on first class?


I tried ny to London it says ” up to 826 pounds taxes ,fees ” etc. how is that possible ? That’s more then a round trip would cost ?


2 quick q’s;
1. Why don’t you recomend joining husband and wife in a household acct?
2. If I would do that would I be able to book my 2 year old son using that actt (even though its only myself and my wife that are officially part of the acct)?


Are those prices each way or round trip


@ Yoknee

Wow. Just Wow.


Where did my comment about S. louis to correct the biz. class, go to?

DZ the Telzer

2 things,
1) it doesn’t seem like you can fly Cle-JFK, I tried a bunch of days and there are only flights available to/from LGA, using BA points.
2) I was suppose to go to Celeveland this past weekend, and AA cancelled the flight that I booked with BA miles, is there any compensation I can get, or BA will just say it’s nothing todo with them.


Hey Dan, JFK-CLE? Throws it over to LGA. Have you done it??


anyone know where the best place to sell my avios points are? (best bang for the points 🙂 ).






Are you allowed to use your points for family even if the pointholder isn’t flying with them?


You have to select flights to get the actual charge.
But generally it’s not worth using Avios to fly coach to London.

Household accounts can only book travel for people registered to the household. Why limit yourself to that?
Regular accounts can book travel for anyone, though if you abuse that they can close your account.

It was already asked and answered, see comment 26 and my response.

@DZ the Telzer:
I’ve flown it many times.
There’s just 1 flight a day and it sells out often. If it’s sold out it won’t display.

But a quick search for CLE-JFK shows it’s available on 08/13, 08/14, and 08/16 for example.





That chart has the same rate for business and first (25K one way). Doesn’t make sense. Or is this what they mean by “premium”?


Yup, 3 class first is what they call premium there.


Do these include direct flights or are they non-stop flights only? If the former, be aware than many routes are one-way only.


The only “direct” flight I included is JFK-(LAX)-SYD which does operate in both directions.
All others are nonstop.


so strange. I read the knowledgebase, I searched BA with Avios, I even called them, nothing to Florida this week from Newark, JFK, LaGuardia, Philly…. wish I knew your secret, it does not go…


Thanks Dan. What would you suggest is my best option flying coach non-stop to London ?


Anyone who actually read the knowledgebase would know how to search for BA awards properly. And how to book them properly.

I’m in a generous mood so I’ll do the work for you. Here is the calendar of nonstop availability.



Enjoy your trip.

American or United miles.

DZ the Telzer

I was suppose to go to Celeveland this past weekend, and AA cancelled the flight that I booked with BA miles, is there any compensation I can get, or BA will just say it’s nothing todo with them.


@DZ the Telzer:
Call or write to them.
Posting here won’t get you much…


Thanks Dan. I really appreciate it


No problem.
Note that with American miles you will pay a fuel surcharge to fly on BA but you won’t pay a fuel surcharge to fly on anyone else.

With United miles you’ll never pay a fuel surcharge.


What about using avios to fly american, would i still have those huge surcharges ? also could I get to London nonstop with 20,000 united miles ?


The chart above shows American in bold going to London, meaning it is subject to fuel surcharges when using Avios.

United charges 30K to London in coach and 50K in business.


Still less than what BA charges. So why use Avios when you can use AAdvantage miles?


AAdvantage miles are much harder to get (AMEX MR and Chase UR don’t transfer to AAdvantage) and have a higher “street value” than Avios.

Bear in mind that AAdvantage also has a $75 close-in fee if booked within 21 days and a $150 cancel fee.
Though fewer miles and no fuel surcharge for travel on Cathay does make it a very good use of AA miles.


Hi Dan. As a rule of thumb, could we use AA.com award chart to search for flight using Avios? and if it show available on AA.com does that automatically mean BA should have it available as well?


Sure, just remember to toggle it to nonstop flights only and be sure you’re only looking at the MileSAAver award level.

The AA.com month-long calendar makes it all a piece of cake.


Thank you for being in a such a generous mood 🙂
however I see American has it, the flights are there, etc.. however when it comes to using Avios & calling BA they are not honoring these flights…


Again, if you would just read knowledgabse you would know that it matches up exactly with the nonstop MileSAAver flights on AA.com.

Hence why I was just able to pull this up, just like my AA.com screenshot showed you earlier.


@my08701, @Dan,

i have the same problem. Trying to search NYC-Miami on Aug 23. BA and AA don’t match.


you rock!! I have looked a dozen times. I don’t see a return flight, but that would be too greedy to ask…


PHL-MIA on the 28th is available.

sy guy

On a related note, I have a companion ticket from the Chase BA card and I checked to see if I could reduce the x-London surcharges by booking a NYC-ORLY open skies flight with the companion ticket. You can, but BA will still hit you with 1k+ per person fees if you fly business/first, same as if you transited London en route, so no advantage unless you are trying to get to Europe faster and Paris is your only destination. Considering that the First Class experience is probably nicer on BA that Open Skies, I think its a wash. I see the value in this certificate, but you do need to think hard about how to maximize it.


@Dan, thanks a lot. It’s strange that when i searched around noon time, nothing was available.


I was wondering if there is any “science” to when, or if, award travel opens up? I am looking for flights from New York to Orlando in January and there is nothing really available. Is there a time that things start to open up or is everything taken?



I have been trying to book avios reward flights for the past 2 years and was unable to do it. Found it the most horrible wesbite to use.
Anyway, I have a lot of Avios points to use and unable to find any reward flights from JFK-PUJ in January (preferably during the MLK holiday) or February (President’s day) for 7 nights. Was not able to find. Any ideas on how to book?


@sy guy:
You’re right, BA First will be a better value though if you just want to go to Paris the nonstop is attractive. Though the Cabanas in LHR First are supposed to be nice.

5th freedom flights like SIN-SYD have the lowest fuel surcharges.

Sometimes you just need to try again.

Just keep checking daily, these things are always changing.

JFK-PUJ service is summer only, sorry!


want to go from Chicago/ORD to TLV using Avios miles is there a way to get the 30,000 miles that u spoke about from NY/Berlin/TLV??????


what is the best deal to Israel Chanukah time using Avios miles Chicago/TLV?


how do i get business class seats to israel for succhos.


TY, great post! Searching for the JFK-Dublin via Boston. Couldn’t find the biz class for 29.5K during Oct. What dates did you use?


Chicago has flights to Israel for just $640. Not worth using Avios.
But yes, Air Berlin serves Chicago.

You and 10,000 others want to know…
I got it by having United miles and diligently searching and booking. But peak travel times are always tough.

The knowledgebase really is a must-read. And if you did you’d know that Aer Lingus flights can only be booked by calling them up…


Are the BA rates RT?


@Dan: but the companion ticket requires departure from the US. that is why there will never be any good use for it.


Here’s how to check your city on the American website http://www.aa.com

Click here and look for your departure city. Look for ‘non-stop’ flights. This is the cheapest when using Avios. http://www.trvlink.com/download/aa/AAschedules.pdf

For example: PHL/ORD is 677 miles
For example: PHL/MIA is 1016
PHL/DFW is 1301

Non-stops cost less Avios.
All you have to do now is refer to the BA award chart to see how many points you need for your flight.

Eddie A

@dan: if I use AA mileage to fly to Milan non-stop on American there are relatively low taxes and fuel surcharges.
Now, if I use Avios to fly to Milan non-stop on American there will be high fuel surcharges and taxes? Just wanted to make sure


@Dan – when it says we need to spend $2000 in first 3 months on a credit card, is that from date approved or date card is activated?


R these prices for one way!?


Hi Dan first of all thank you ! Second am I signing up on avios website or on one world by BA to start getting points ?
If anyone’ else can answer me please since Dan probably gets a million questions a day thank you all and a good year !


is this for round trips? how would i book a round trip using avios + cash?


Does anyone know, if I book a flight using Ba miles flying on aa to Toronto. Do I get the free checked in bag, if I have the citi aa card? Do I just have to show the card? Do I have to pay for the ticket (taxes & fees) on the card?


If all i got is a chase freedom card can i change those points to avios? and if so, how i do so?

Mistake LGA-CLT

but I read the entire article/post as well as the knowledge base and comments and seems like you made a mistake (I hope I am Wrong)
I can’t seem to find a SINGLE flight from LGA-CLT for the 4500k miles you mentioned. Cheapest I can Find is for 12.5k


is there a way to fly kids to toronto without passports? its annoying that aa doesnt fly to buffalo.


This is not exacly en-pointe but I am trying to get my family of 5 from NYC to Israel this summer. I have about 450k Ultimate rewards points collected to date (still working on more via new card sign-ups). What would be my best use of the points to reach my goal? Don’t mind stop overs if it translates to big savings. Thanks!


DAN.. jfk-hkg is 35k coach 70k buniness


is it possible i can’t find any mileage saver awards for JFK- Rio de Janiero for June 2014?


@Dan: Hi Dan. Sorry to bother you can you please help me. What is the best method to book a roundtrip flight from BWI/EWR/JFK/LGA/IAD to London using Amex points?
Thanks in Advance


Hi Dan

Avid fan and have got some really great deals over the years , thank u ! BA Avios says that the 50,000 promo chase miles can take 4-6 weeks to show up on Avos. I have heard it can be sooner, what has your experience been ? I need them soon !


how can I book one of these flights and find out more information on the dates that are available?

rachel a

I have been searching for hours please help: does an american airline flight booked NY to toronto on British airway reward miles get a cancellation fee>?

secondly i booked the ticket as two separate one way tickets…so on the reutrn trip there was a 50$ taxes or some fee–so if I get that 40$ cacellation fee, does it apply just to the second leg of the trip, but not hte first leg of the trip, since there were no taxes on the first leg of the trip?

will i end up paying 40$ or 80$ in cancellation fees for both one way tickets?

thank you


Hi Dan,

Do you have a good deal for friday MAY 23rd to New Orleans returning on red eye late on the 26th to NYC??????
With Amarica?


Thanks dan have used this chart many times, a pity more flights haven’t been added for us airway.
was looking forward to this updated chart for a while.
thanks alot


Your welcome, thanks for the feedback!


Hey dan! Can you please include in the NYC charts flights from phl now that you can soon start using avios on us air and there are tons of flights with us air from phl.


I’ll make a separate PHL chart soon 😀


will it be poàssible to have a chart from PHL it is a malor hub for USAIR and therefore the flights available should be quiet numerous. Thanks again for all the TIRHA


Can’t wait! For us lakewooders phl is much more convienet than JFK & LGA.


Have two questions how do i search for availabilty ? And is it easier to find flight then united?


1. Read the post and click where it says in bold “If you have a question it’s probably already been answered there!”
2. Depends on the route, that’s a very vague question.


Thanks! Legendary.
It’s “the jury is still OUT.” 🙂

crazy tools

can’t wait for the PHL chart. Thanks Dan.


Dan, thanks for the list. Very helpful. I have a few questions tho- can my husband and I open two British airways credit cards so we have double the miles to purchase tickets to Israel but still be able to sit together? Also can miles cover an infant who will be on our lap or we have to pay for that? PLEASE let me know


Is there a similar list for CLT???


Looking for a pHl chart!!! That would be. Awesome!


Dtw chart? Please!


Cathay now flies ewr-hkg you can add that as well


is there no ewr to toronto??


any idea when AA will begin nonstop service between JFK to DAY.


@mazal: Seating has nothing to do with how you go about purchasing your tickets. You can select your seats online. As per infant, you may want to purschase an infant ticket from the airline as it may be a better value. YMMV.


Thanks Dan!
Add me to the list of ppl waiting for the PHL list.


@Dan thank you so much! Any suggestions for use on companion pass on BA or is that pretty worthless


yes phl would be great!


With US Airways there should be a lot of new destinations……Dan is this correct?


Would it pay to drive down to phl for a phl-tlv route?
What would the cost be on that route?



Are the miles needed per flight set, or do you need more miles per flight around heavy travel dates eg. thanks giving?


Not yet.

DTW doesn’t have many OneWorld flights. Direct flights will just be to other hubs.

Indeed they do, thanks for the reminder!

Read the post update.

BA pass is pretty close to worthless unless you’re ready to pony up the $$$$ to fly first.

For PHL? Of course.

It’s in the post.

It’s set but there can be nothing available for peak dates.


Don’t know the exact date off the top of my head, but I think that AA is getting rid of the EWR-LAX route


Heh, today’s the last day!


@srulky- thanks. But does anyone know about If we can each open a credit card or all miles must be purchased from one card? Dan?

Dan's the Man

Dan, why wouldn’t there be a fuel surchage on the PHL – TLV route? Wouldn’t it be considered an American Air flight outside the Western Hemisphere? Wouldn’t it be the same as flying AA from the US to Europe which has a huge fuel surchage? Assuming I’m wrong when will the fuel surcharge or lack thereof be announced? Not until 3/31? Is this route first bookable on 3/31?

Buenos Naches

Dan, thanks for your work on this – can’t wait to see your post near the end of the month to include PHX, CLT, and all the other US hubs. You do have a staff of 50 to delegate this to, right?


No idea what you’re asking.

@Dan’s the Man:
No, it’s a USAir flight, not an American flight (yet).
We’ll know on 03/31 what the story is when it’s bookable through BA.

@Buenos Naches:
Heh, I wish…


attempting to find either united or AB

One way

(stop ok, berlin, duseldorf, yyz, )

4/27 sun or late sat nite, nothing. Am I doing anything wrong?


Prices going up?

NYC-MIA was 4,500, now will be 7,500?

can it be booked now on low rate for 11 months from now? availability exists now?


@Dan @DanFan:
PHL is not a hub so the only nonstop flight will be to other hubs.
Namely Chicago, Dallas, and Miami for AA and London for BA.
PHL-Miami has fantastic award availability, so it can even make sense for people who normally fly from NYC for peak travel dates.
USAirways has a flight from PHL to Toronto. Because AA does’nt fly from EWR, only JFK and LGA, this will be a great option for New Jerseyians.


@AA: NYC-MIA was never 4500. It was always 7500 and still is.


Dan, I have lufthansa hon circle..what airlines or statuses would match it?



i live in lakewood and my family lives in LA. we can fly from ewr lga or jfk. i have starwood points, which airline do you think is the best to transfer it to? we fly in every pesach and sukos

from the D

can u please make a chart for DTW?


JFK – DUS is showing me 30K for August on AA.com. Is that a seasonal thing (they hike it up in the summer?) or is it supposed to be 20K like you posted?


It’s staggering that you would ignore the 60% of your audience, who all live in boston.


no phl post yet?


can anyone answer this? im looking to book jfk-lax business class on american, i would need to transfer points into miles, is there any benifit in transfering to avios rather then american itself being that they both charge 50k round trip?

little dan

Hi Dan,
BIG FAN!is there any way to get free baggage on AA when u book with BA if ur not a member with AA.


@little dan: if u have a american airlines citi credit card uand u pay the $10 fee. or whatever your booking fee is with that crdit card u get 1 free bag and 1 free bag i belive for up to 4 companions flying on same reservation. also priority boarding and priority security clearence at alot of TSA checkpoints



Apparently BA upped their charges on abios trips. one way nyc-yyz is now 4500points + $20,used to be $2.50. RT is $88, used to be 50-something


on the final booking page the fees went down to 2.50 just booked lol


Hi Dan , we want to travel from NYC – São Paulo , what’s the best way/ airline you suggest with points? 2 tix economy. Thanks again.


What is the best way to get from NYC to CLE? looking at may/june and there is nothing available using avios. This used to be such an easy flight to book. Any suggestions?


I am trying to book some of these flights on the BA website with avios and I’m not getting the points results that you have listed. please advise.
thank you.

Marco Polo

NYC-SJO is pricing as 30K RT not 25K.


@Marco Polo:
05/04-05/07 is 25K for me.

Marco Polo

I see a 25K option but that has $30 more in taxes.


@Marco Polo:
Click through to the next page and the taxes go down.

Marco Polo

Showing now with the $80 in taxes.

Showed differnt results on the same search earlier (i have witnesses 🙂 )



@Marco Polo:
Click on the $80 option and continue to the next page and it drops to 40.


Does BA open more seats as flight gets closer, as other mileage programs do? Or is what you see… what you get. thanks.


Trying to book JFK to LHR in BIZ on BA site, it’s 80K Avios (as mentioned here) but it’s over $1,000 in taxes!!!! What’s going on here? Is this normal? What am I doing wrong?


Dan how can i use my Avios for domestic flights


Hi, how can i book a flight from jfk to gru ?
Do i make regular reservation on AA.COM ?


Can I use English Avios ,for American flights

My Avios are from British Airways

Or can I have international Avios?


If I sign up for BA credit card and transfer many points from Starwoods and Chase, what are the chances that you think I can wing a few tickets this summer in July to Israel? Am I too late? I’m just scared to transfer the miles and then there won’t be availability. Also, when calling BA, they say next year there’s no flight from NY-Berlin – TLV on Air Berlin. They say now it’s going to be the extra stop: from NY – Dussendorf – Berlin- Israel. Could that be true?


these mileage prices (lga-mia), 7500 points, is that based on the 40% points transfer discount?


No, that’s the full rate.


how do i skip the fuel surcharge if i book true British airways on american airline flight from jfk to Paris


Btw just wanted to let u know that the lga to augusta GA does not exsit anymore.

What happened?

What happened to Savannah, GA?


Are the points on the chart for 1 way or 2 way

What happened?

No direct flights… Ok.. All stop in CLT


Read the post.


@What happened?:
Nothing nonstop.

Read the post.


Any specific updates to old chart you can call out?


Several additions (LGA-CLE, JFK-VCP, etc) and several subtractions (LGA-AGS, JFK-PUJ, etc)

For now you can still see the old chart here:


Very helpful chart. One edit – American no longer flies from JFK to Tokyo.


Indeed, thanks.


How long do I have to spend the 2k?


3 months.


Does each family member need their own avios # or can I transfer points to one account and book multiple family members from those points


You can book multiple family members from one account.


Hi Dan,
Thanks for all of your deal$.
just curious-how much $ can I get if I sell the 50,000 avios?


Hopefully s/o can answer quick (I’m on phone)
Rep wants to charge $20 taxes to CLE.. Isn’t it $2.5


Probably about $600.
Though you can get $6,000 worth of flights by using it yourself…

LGA-CLE is $5.60 each way.
Why not book online?


Not shown availability for tonight/tom


There is no availability from JFK-CLE this week and LGA-CLE doesn’t start until 03/30/15.

But you’d know that if you read the knowledgbase and saw how to search on AA.com for BA flights 😉

No idea what the rep is selling you. Definitely won’t be 4.5K Avios.


She just said more like what you said after i questioned exact amount


Now she changed her mind… So to be clear she found First class tickets through USAirways and said its 4500 avios each +about $19 for round trip

This is from PHL


Email me the confirmation when all is said and done…


will do


Is BA/USAirways makpid on 2.5 year old – do i need proof


did you forget JFK-SAN via Alaska airlines


I’m not aware of any Alaska Airlines flights from JFK.

You’re probably looking at an American codeshare.


Dan what’s the best way using avios for nyc to tlv?


am I missing something I just went and checked and lga to mia is 15,000 not 7,500 as per chart above?



Read the post. Specifically note #1.


I just got the Ink card back in Oct and Explorer card back in Sept, can I still get this card? Can I apply for this card along with the IHG card using diff browser at the same time?


No reason why not. Just be prepared to Recon.

Dans Fan

Hi Dan I Believe NYC to PBI (West Palm Beach) might also be seasonal only correct me if I’m wrong


@Dans Fan:
Read the post. Specifically note #8.

Dand Fan

correct I saw #8 but I wasn’t sure what the dates for their seasonal service is


@Dand Fan:
That’s way beyond the scope of these posts.
Point is that the route exists, it’s your job to find dates.


Any chance you could do one of these for Las Vegas?


any of them fly to Turks and Cacos?


If I had a BA card in the past and cancelled it,
Would I be able to sign up again and get the
50,000 miles? Thanks




When did you last get the bonus?


On the British Airways site, they are saying that the fee will be waived until 3/31/2015.


how can i fly to israel with air berlin using avios through germany in june 2015? on ba site i only get ba, aa or iberia flights that have high fuel charges.


Is there anything to Milwaukee?


What is the cost of a round trip ticket from JFK-ORLANDO, Florida on 02/02/15-02/04/15 for two.

Please advise.

Thank you.

dan you wrote

to @Tim that it doesn’t pay flying to London with avios, well unless if I’m mistakin I searched for reward flight to London and it cots 20,000 avios, same price as any oversea flight, I’m therefor wondering why Dan wrote to TLV via berlin and not through london


@dan you wrote because london has crazy high fuel surcharges


Can I use my American airlines points directly or do I have to transfer the points to Avios


please help, how do I book a nyc-miami ticket using avios online. BW website doesn’t book that route, please explain,somebody


@Mark: Philadelphia


For some reason EWR-HKG on CX is pricing at 70000 Avios + $ 103. Your post is few months old, but did it really change that much?


Rates in the post are one-way.


I keep trying to reserve flights JFK-YUL and they are always booked! How long in advance do we need to book to get a seat?


@dan what is the western hemisphere?


How would i look for TAM availability? would it show up aa.com?


No, but it is on BA.com


Why is it that some routes charge double for business versus coach while others charge triple for instance Rome?


With the new chart it can be anywhere from double to quadruple.

Short haul international is double.
Long haul international is triple
Domestic on 2 class planes is quadruple.


I have also noticed much less availability. Searching for Lan flights from SCL to EZE. Do these show on BA? Have searched numerous dates, find nothing. Thanks!


dan, i found 4 seats on nikki (vie) using aa.com, but ba site only had 2 on exact flight. i booked both and 2 more did not show up. on the phone it was same story, only 2 avail n then there were none (after i took em). how is this possible?

Michael N.

I am new to Avios (I have an old BA account though.) I am trying to make my 1st transfer of Starwoods points (30,000) to BA Executive Club. The dropdown on Starwoods site is saying that it’s a 1:1 ratio. I thought that it is 1:1.25. Thanks.


@Michael N.:
It’s 20K:25K as you get a 5K bonus for transfers made in increments of 20K Starpoints.

Michael N.

Thanks. Did it! The confirming email says: Please allow up to four weeks for the transfer to be completed. How long has it actually been taking? Thanks.


A few days. Let us know when it posts for you.


CMIIW but AA doesn’t fly direct to MEM from the NY area (LGA listed above). Only DL from LGA and UA from EWR.


Read the post update.


I guess I was right for now but:
AA adds LGA-MEM 2x daily beginning November 5 2015:


Erm, still haven’t the post update, have you?


If I transfer points from Chase (and/or Amex) to BA, can I then transfer those same BA points (along with other ones) to Iberia for a trip to Israel. And, if I would make sure Iberia has availability before making those transfers,can’t they disappear by then?


@Dan: LOL. It’s a fast day. Gimme some slack. Posted that b4 I saw your comment. But thanks for the info! Was wondering why the updated BA post. Now we just have to wait for AA to open up that route for some saver awards….assuming BA booking isn’t dead already 😉

Oh what a shame

JAX was a good hidden city option for cheaper tickets NYC-MIA, I guess if they fly directly to JAX, an NYC-JAX via MIA might no longer be available as an inexpensive way to fly NYC-MIA.


Hi Dan,
If Air Berlin operated by Royal Jordanian they will charge fuel surcharges or no?

Jason Smith

The seasonal service to West Palm Beach was December 18, 2014 – March 28, 2015. As of now, American does not have any flights scheduled during this time period to West Palm Beach for the coming year.


Is it still worthwhile to open a redcard account?


Which points do you think I should use for short international flights, like tlv-zrh BA or United?


tried multiple times calling the NY and Singapore office to book flights from ORD to YYZ. AAdvantage is showing available milessaver both ways and they say, they cant book it. cant even see anything available in their software. i’m at a loss. is there any instruction i can give the rep on the phone?


is there any way i can combine two accounts different names and/or addresses


i wanna apply for a ba card and after an amex card should i do it the same day same and time or should i do it 2 consecutive days


Are there any good options using Avios from TLV?


Great chart Dan. Thanks a lot. Would be great to add the award booking fees to the chart.


are the rates posted one way or round trip JUST KIDDING lol

Thanks for everything Dan


The chart shows different amounts of avios for econ/bus/first. However, when searching on BA.com there are only avios quotes for econ or first. How do you view business class availability?

New York

What would be the cheapest from NYC to HI ? Also is it possible a stop over in LA for two days at no extra cost?

Cle rocks

Dan, can you make a chart with direct flights from CLE?


You can do family pooling, but why exactly do you want to?

Doesn’t matter.

TLV to/from DUS, MUC, TXL, VIE all are fuel surcharge free.

Routes with fuel surcharges are in bold, the numbers change too frequently.

They sell most domestic business as first class, hence the huge premium.

@New York:
It would be 12.5K for NYC-LAX and 12.5K for LAX-HNL each way.
Can stopover as long as you want by booking it as 2 tickets.

@Cle rocks:
There is one, click on the link in this post.


American Airline does not have direct flight between LGA and CVG (Cincinnati). People can fly to Dayton.


LGA-CVG nonstop service begins 01/05/16.


there is no option to fly to puerto rico with Avios?


It’s in the chart.


I can’t seem to find JFK – AUS on BA.com. Thoughts?

a European

Dear Dan thanks for everything you do!

Please consider taking off the city Dusseldorf (as a stop over to TLV)because unfortunately they are stopping to fly




there are no flights from lga to Akron canton direct



@a European:
Shame, looks like just a few weeks left 🙁

Please read the post update.


if there is a flight on American- is it worth to book on AA points or BA avios?


Dan: I’ve used Avios for many AA domestic bookings in the past, but over the last few weeks every time I search BA for flights the only availability that shows is for 1st class on AA. Literally every flight, and I search over several departure days. (Mostly flights from the NYC area to the MIA area, but others as well). Do you know why that is? Might AA have reduced the seats they open up?


If I “stock up” by booking flights before the devaluation, can I later change the reservation to a flight at a different date/time (same origin/destination)?


FYI – seems to DTW/NYC coach flights are very rarely available. Just my experience. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.


I assume I have to book before then but can have the booking for a future date (post deval)?

Want to lock in a few before it is too late…


Looking for AA Direct LGA to FLL OR MIA
Any Thur 9 pm for the next 2.5 months or Fri am
return any sun nite or mon 1/18 nite
any best way to look for such rewards seats for DIRECT, other than clicking each and every date?

AA q2

if i book now LGA-ORD for july, would i get 4.5k rate?
if need to change date later for sooner, what would be the cost, and which airline would do it for me? BA or AA?


Lately, I have experienced same as what Tzvi wrote earlier today in post 262. Very challenging to find any economy seats on AA flights through BA. Only First Class seats at 30k points.
Do you think they have greatly recurred availability?

thank you.


Are you searching AA.com?

@AA q2:
$55 change fee to do that.

Joey Antar

Hi Dan,

I am trying to book a flight from NYC-Cancun (CUN) and i have been searching BA.com for flights for first week in August and only first class is available. I am flexible on days and even would consider a stop but nothing at all is coming up available and even the first class have very limited flights.

I tried seeing if AA Savermiles flight from AA but the agent on the phone from BA said its not possible and if the flight isn’t on BA.com then it cant be booked.

can you help?


@Joey Antar:
Answer is in this post:

If AA.com has a saver award flight you should call the BA Singapore call center.


If you can lock in the 4.5k price now for BA flights, wouldn’t it be worth it to book a bunch of flights for random days in the future and just pay the $5 taxes to switch to the day you want to fly after the devaluation? saving you on the point difference.


Please read comment 269.


always wanted to go to New Orleans..I didnt see avios , NY-N.O…any suggestions?


@DAN, yes, I do search AA.com
shows saver, but cant search award by TIME of the day, or by direct only.

what am i missing?

$55 change fee for a domestic date change? worthwhile? doesnt NYC- MIA remain same 7500 avios?

any special short haul for UA miles? nyc-mia


You can search by nonstop, read this post:

As this post shows, it does remain 7.5K.
UA short-haul is under 700 miles only, so nothing for NYC-MIA.


@ Dan
There isn’t any flights from NY to Atlanta thru avios?


Sorry just saw thru LGA


I don’t think results page has now non stop only


@Dan: I’m referring only to searches on BA.com. I’ve searched AA, but was not aware that I could use Avios for award travel identified on AA.com. Is it the case that I can identify award travel on AA.com and then call BA for booking? If not, can you please link me to a post explaining?


Hmmm, it just occurred to me to read the post… Looks like you may have already provided a link. Sorry about that. Thanks.


I’m currently looking at booking EWR-MIAMI in march and it lists it at 7.5K… Should it be 4.5 if i book now??



No, read the chart.


Can’t seem to find a fligh from nyc to las! On the 23 and comin back the 26 shows no flights.!


i have read through all your blogs, i have avios and spg points, i still cannot seem to find a way to avoid the crazy surcharges when travelling from NYC are to London, unfortunately all your more explanatory notes are for travel to israel not london.
if you can please post the best way to book award travel to london.
thank you


Thanks! Finally a chart with destinations. It is impossible to get this from BA