12 Nonstop Flights From Johannesburg That Can Be Booked With British Airways Avios

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-Chase British Airways Visa: Earn 50,000 Avios for spending $2,000, that’s enough for 11 one-way flights! Until 12/31/14 this card’s annual fee is waived for the first year.
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A special international edition of the Avios Route Roundup in honor of today’s fare glitch on Etihad 😀
Dirt cheap flights to Joburg are still available as of the time of this posting!

Feel free to use this post to comment on the best trip ideas and tips for people flying to Joburg. More info can also be found on DDF.

British Airways Avios can’t be beat for short-haul nonstop flights thanks to ultra-low award rates, no expedite/close-in fees, and dirt cheap award cancellations.

Be sure to read the British Airways knowledgebase and the 22 Things To Keep In Mind When Using Avios for everything you NEED to know about the BA program and how to best search for BA award availability with tips like always booking one-way awards. If you have a question it’s probably already been answered there!

1. Rates in the chart are for one-way flights.

2. Rates are always given in Avios. Currently there is a 40% bonus for transferring AMEX MR points into Avios and there is always a 25% bonus for transferring increments of 20K Starwood Starpoints into Avios. That just means that if a route requires 25K Avios for example you will only need 20K Starpoints and if a route requires 35K Avios for example you will only need 25K AMEX MR points with the current promotion.

3. There are fuel surcharges on all flights from Johannesburg. Therefore I’ve included the total fees owed on each one-way flight.

4. In the charts below I’ve only included nonstop flights as BA charges Avios for each flight segment.

5. A dash means that class of service isn’t offered on that route.

American Express is a DansDeals.com advertiser.

Want to pickup Avios? You’re in luck as you can transfer points from all over the place to BA.

-The Chase British Airways Visa Signature offers 50,000 Avios for spending $2K. Until 12/31/14 the $95 annual fee is waived for the first year as well. This card earns 1.25 Avios per dollar spent. You also get 10% off British Airways flights and can earn a companion pass that is good for a free companion on a coach, business, or first class award ticket if you spend $30K in a calendar year.

-The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express awards 25K signup points with the $95 annual fee waived or the first year. 20K Starpoints can transfer into 25K Avios with the permanent 25% transfer bonus.

-American Express Membership Rewards points can be earned from cards like The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express and The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express.

Those cards both offer a year of Amazon Prime for a limited time only. The Everyday Preferred card earns more points per dollar for everyday purchases than any other card in its class. The Everyday card is the only no annual fee card that allos points transfers into airline miles.

You can also earn Membership Rewards points from cards like the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express.

AMEX MR points normally transfer instantly 1:1 to Avios but until 01/31/15 you’ll get 1,400 Avios for every 1K AMEX MR points transferred to British Airways.

-Chase Ultimate Rewards points are earned from consumer cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Chase Freedom. They can also be earned on business cards like the Chase Ink Plus or Ink Business Cash® Credit Card. These points also can transfer instantly 1:1 to Avios.

One way rates from Johannesburg:

Cape Town, SABritish Airways7.5K+$4415K+$50-
Doha, QatarQatar20K+$15440K+$180-
Durban, SABritish Airways4.5K+$449K+$50-
Harare, ZimbabweBritish Airways4.5K+$449K+$50-
Hong KongCathay Pacific35K+$13070K+$130-
Livingstone, ZambiaBritish Airways4.5K+$449K+$50-
LondonBritish Airways25K+$20750K+$34275K+$342
MauritiusBritish Airways10K+$4420K+$50-
Port Elizabeth, SABritish Airways4.5K+$449K+$50-
Victoria FallsBritish Airways4.5K+$449K+$50-
Windhoek, NamibiaBritish Airways7.5K+$4415K+$50-

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@dan can I please get your advice: I recently moved to the U.S. From Canada and so I’ve only had a U.S. credit card for about a month. I really want to lock in this offer before it expires but i assume if they base it off my us credit history i wouldn’t be approved. Should I try to explain my situation is to them and see if they’d accept me? I know they wouldn’t be able to pull my CA credit report, but still…


Dan, Please do one of those for South America.


Link to the cheap flights deal redirects to this post.


What are the options to Israel?


What dates are still available and from which booking site?


dan anything direct from NY TO JOHAN? ITS A BRUTAL FLIGHT AS IS and a killer with a stopover


the vic falls for 4.5k is a steal, been there done that and highly recommended


the JNB-MRU Mauritius flight – with BA is only operated weekly on Shabbos…


How about flights from AUH? THNX


@Eli agreed. Avios flights from AUH would be extremely helpful.


Go to the wikipedia page for AUH, look at all the oneworld/BA partners in the chart of destinations, find a destination that interests you, go to gcmap.com and put in the 2 airport codes to find the distance. Its not that hard people


Where are you finding all of this availability out of Johann?
I searched for Johann to London in February and there is nothing in Business Class


Hi, is there any way to get my avios back if BA doesn’t want to give then to me??
My flight is in one week.


@Mike and that’s what I did. But it’s just easy to do that for JNB, yet it’s nice to have the chart anyway.


@Tzvi: you mean you want to cancel a flight booked with avios and your flight is in a week? Just cancel it online, you will get ALL your avios back and just loos the taxes or $55, which ever is less


dan – is there anyone that can help me with putting together a last min award? i’d be willing to pay – cud you help me?


dan I need to get 25 $250 visa or amex gift cards whats the best deal out there?


@t: no

Jerry Mandel

Yossi-Simon malls and outlets only let you buy $1,000 per day but lowest fees. Try for $500 debit cards. Do not get gift cards unless they can be converted into debit cards. Get VISA or MC-never AMEX. 25 X $250 ($6,250)is such an odd number. Why?


@Jerry Mandel:
need it for holyday gifts any way of getting a deal like staples had a wile back (spend $300 and get a $20 gift card)?


The British Airways website lists that the $0 annual fee is if you apply by 31 March, 2015. Is that an error?


anyone flying to Johannesburg from JFK on the 28th of Jan. 2015?

i need a favor please


This info is really useful. Thanks!
I had a hard time finding availability on most of the local trips. Are all of these bookable online or is it worth calling for better availability?


do i need a ba card to be able to transfer points from amex, or a ba account is also good?


@Dan – the info is not correct on fees for Victoria Falls nor Livingston…
A one way flight is showing $150ish in fees… round trip $302 coach, $322 business…. Why so dang high?! Cash flights are similar…??


Cape Town also is showing $190 round trip in fees on Avios from Jburg…. Is there a glitch on Avios in favor of them right now to gouge all of us mistake fare hunters?? If not, your chart above is off.



Keep in mind the Visa fee for each side of the falls at Zimbabwe and Zambia, for US citizens.



+1, Zimbabwe airafrica has tickets for $89 all in. Better deal than 4,500 and all the taxes.


Search on AA.com for nonstop award saver flights, plugin those dates into BA.com.

BA account is fine.

If you transfer 1 Avios from AMEX, Chase, or Starwood then you’ll pay the lower fees for the next 12 months after the transfer.


I wonder if your readers realize what a brutal flight it is to JNB in economy flying 3 days and 2 overnites.


Would you please elaborate on your response to @David. I, too, am trying to book Joburg-Cape Town and I am seeing $220 – $440 in fees. Thanks.


Not sure what flight you saw that required that.

Seems straightforward to me.
You need to have earned at least 1 BA Avios in the past 12 months to get these rates.


Thank you, Dan. I didn’t know there was a rule requiring recent mileage accrual to access cheaper rates.


I just transferred from Amex and it worked.


But it only brought the taxes down from $400 to $200.


$200 would make sense if you’re flying round-trip with 2 people…


The flights leave e.g. Sunday and get to JNB on Tuesday. Thats where I get 3 days and 2 overnites. I believe the only direct flights are SAA and Delta. Would you do it in economy even at these prices? Rather use your miles and fly in business.


Not everyone has miles like that to burn.


Thanks Dan.
For those of us who don’t do a lot of travelling, which credit card do you recommend as the best for cash back? (Preferably without an annual fee)


Six days flying getting to and back from JNB — bad idea even if its almost free . You still have to pay for hotel, food, activities, car rental, Barebones will cost you $1000’s and requires a lot of planning even more if youre kosher. I dont think most people realize how complex this is to do. How about a side trip to Vic Falls and Bots and definitely Cape Town.


Oh awesome, thanks Dan! First I’d ever heard of earning 1 BA Avios to pay lower taxes! Even more motivation to transfer MR out.


@Anon From the 1st of December 2014, a new uni-visa system was implemented at Zambian/Zimbabwean borders and will mean that visitors to both countries will require only one visa. The 30-day uni-visa, is available at Livingstone and Lusaka airports and the border posts at Victoria Falls and Kazungula, Zambia, and will cost $50.



There are definitely ways to explore South Africa on a shoestring budget.
There are backpackers hostels, such as the Brown Sugar Backpackers
for budget accommodations. And if one is not renting a car, there is a
backpackers bus (BazBus http://www.bazbus.com) that runs between
the hostels in the countries, and the attractions. Plus, the hostels offer
various activities such as visiting the Safaris and Victoria Falls at budget prices.



I agree that you can travel SA on a budget as you can most countries. My point is that I dont think most of Dans readers realize the complexity and expense of this trip even if the air tickets are almost free. The bazbus you mentioned is only within SA. The Kruger tour is still $150/day with staying in a 2 man tent and without kosher food.


As someone else mentioned above, Dan is wrong that the first year no-annual fee offer is ending this week. Just go on the BA website and the card offer there is good til at least 3/31 of next year. Sorry, I know that doesn’t get people to hurry and rush out a linked app but it’s always nice for people to have all the up-to-date information.


It’s not wrong, they just updated the end date from 12/31 to 3/31:


Approved for Visa! Thanks Dan and enjoy!


If anyone got the south Africa deal for Pesach and wants to brainstorm itinerary ideas contact me at ahuvam@aol.com


What is the best way to get from israel to Johannesburg with miles