Israel Will Remain Closed To Most Foreign Nationals Through At Least November 15th

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Update: Israel has updated their NOTAM (notice to airmen) extending restrictions on most foreign nationals through at least November 15th.

Foreigners with first degree relatives can still apply for special permission to enter the country, though entry from most countries, including the US, requires a mandatory quarantine.

Vaccinated foreigners can purchase group travel from select tour organizers in order to enter Israel.

Originally posted on 6/30:

Israel has updated their NOTAM (notice to airmen) laying out their restrictions that apply from now through at least July 26th. All foreign nationals need special permission to enter and all passengers must have a negative COVID-19 PCR, unless they were at their destination for under 72 hours:

A line item has also been added that Israeli citizens and residents must present a health form stating that you won’t travel to a high risk countries such as Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia and South Africa. Israelis face a 5,000 shekel fine if they go there without special permission.

Israel had hoped to open on July 1st, but that was pushed off due to the growth of COVID cases thanks to the Delta variant entering the country.

Israel is open for vaccinated organized tour groups with special permission to enter and for people who apply for special permission to enter for other reasons, such as having first degree relatives in Israel.

Israel has continued the extension on the ability to waive the PCR requirement for outbound flights if you have an Israeli certificate of recovery or vaccination. Destinations like the US still require a COVID test, but will accept telehealth antigen test results.

Israel closed their borders to most foreign nationals back on 3/18/20 and they have extended the ban since then.

When will Israel reopen their borders to vaccinated Americans?

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When will Israel reopen their borders to non-vaccinated Americans?

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Are new incoming students being given exemptions to this?


If Flying Delta — you can use their preferred telehealth antigen brand…they finally got with the program (I prefer to use the one the airline recommends so you don’t have an issue at check in)


On another note,
Can family relatives still request entry permits for family members without Israeli citizenship at the Misrad Hapnim in israel in person?


Any suggestions on where to find organized tour groups that will assist with entry?


You will have to be with the group during the entire trip


Is it possible to make your own group?

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

Almost impossible to make a group. There are only a few slots and they are snapped up with protektzia

Moshe Tvzi

Are the yeshivas and seminaries making some kind of arrangement as the students are scheduled to fly to Israel beginning the week of August 15th? Vaccinated of course!


Guess not opening till Moshaich comes 😉


So later today? 🙂


Any chance Delta will fully refund my July tickets (booked through Amex)?


i just had united give back money for my tickets on my 2nd try


How did you get the refund? I have 8 tickets on United for end of July and would love to get refunded instead of getting vouchers


It’s all about being lucky and getting a slow agent

Judy Frankel

Should I buy an airline ticket to Israel for august 2 ( need to be there for my nieces wedding), or should I wait to hear when the restrictions will be lifted ? Does anyone know which airlines will give refunds? Thanks in advance for advice


Heard something about that even if you get permission to come to Israel, if anyone on your flight tests positive for Delta variation of Covid, you must be quarantined two weeks.

Thanks for the deal

DAN PLEASE HELP – I booked 5 tixx on Priceline with AA on 01/25 for 06/23 and was ultimately unable to travel because my two youngest are 10 and 7 and can’t be vaccinated. I tried canceling on Priceline on 06/22 but was notified that it had to be done on I then tried there but was told that it had to be done over the phone. As you’re probably aware, I couldn’t get through on the phone and was unable to change the date so we lost $531×5. I called Chase but they won’t dispute the charge. What should I do???


Oy, hatzlacha Rabba!

Lots of exceptions

Business travel is happening. And most of the folks don’t have any relatives in Israel. Especially the ones who aren’t Jewish. Money talks.


Who does your money talk to?


The only available business class savor award ticket available on United, EWR-TLV, for the next 12 months is this Friday night. Guess were gonna be back to ‘smoking hot’ deal days when they do release a seat or 2


If my mom is an Israeli citizen and I will be traveling with her will I be permitted to enter Israel? Thank you Dan!


Has anyone been successful getting money back when tickets were booked thru Priceline


Getting money back for what reason? Did the airline cancel your flight?


Are there any companies or organizations that assist in filing out and filing forms for obtaining permission to visit 1st degree relatives? We are seniors and want to visit children/grandchildren in August and are not that computer savvy.


If your children are Israeli have them assist you with the forms and apply in misrad hapnim for you. There are two organizations whose websites have quite a bit of info and have found them helpful. Chaim v’chessed and Yad L’olim from dov lipmann which points to under COVID travel for info


@dan, I am an USA citizen, have first degree relatives in Israel.
I want to fly to Israel July 26th.

I took the first vaccine today, and the second one is scheduled for July 22nd.

Is there a requirement of when you were vaccinated?
Do I need to apply for permission, and if yes, where do I do that?
Do I have to quarantine in Israel?


Israel doesn’t recognize ANY shots given outside the country. There were too many instances of forged documents, and so anyone who does not have the Israeli-issued certificate of having had the shots IN ISRAEL is considered as if they never had them.
Anyone who does not have the document issued by Israel of having received the shots locally must quarantine for 14 (or 10, depending on the circumstances) days upon arrival. IF they take a serology test in Israel that proves they do have Covid antibodies, either from shots or from having had the disease, their quarantine is lifted.

M oved

We are supposed to travel in August 1 for my fathers Yortzite. What’s possibility we’re getting there?????? 2nd year, already missed 1 st year due to covid.

May moshiach come quickly

I’m with you brother.
My Father ZT”l first yortzeit is coming up after Succos. The way things are looking now, it doesn’t seem like my Mother and I will be able to be there for the hakamas matzieva. We have no close relatives there. It will have to be done by the monument company without a minyan. So sad and painful. We couldn’t go for the kvurah either.


Hi, I’m so sorry to hear, if things don’t workroom out, you can probably get a minyan to do it for you. I’m sure 10 yeshiva guys would do it for a little compensation and if the bais Hachaim is not too far…


Many yeahovas would send a minyan for pay and transportation. We did exactly that


I just cancelled my Israel travel plans for August, writing off this year in Israel sadly.

Stephanie Mashiach

Hi Dan, if I have a first degree relative in Israel and my husband and I are vaccinated however my kids are not, can we still have entry knowing my kids will quarantine or we will be denied?


Israel doesn’t recognize ANY shots given outside the country. There were too many instances of forged documents, and so anyone who does not have the Israeli-issued certificate of having had the shots IN ISRAEL is considered as if they never had them.
Anyone who does not have the document issued by Israel of having received the shots locally must quarantine for 14 (or 10, depending on the circumstances) days upon arrival. IF they take a serology test in Israel that proves they do have Covid antibodies, either from shots or from having had the disease, their quarantine is lifted.


I have a trip booked to Israel for the beginning of August. I plan on going for my honeymoon. If Israel is not open by then, I wanted to plan an alternative trip somewhere in Europe. When I booked another flight for the same dates but different destination, United cancels my alternative trip flight. Does anyone know a work-around?


If i have a brother there in yeshiva is that considered as a sibling there?


If he’s an Israeli citizen, you’re good to go. If he’s on a student or tourist visa, don’t hold your breath.


I have tickets to Spain and then on to TLV in late September. Six weeks ago, I thought I might actually go (my first int’l leisure trip since the pandemic began). Now I think the odds look grim. Is there any realistic hope at this point?


I was denied entry today.
I have a sister in Israel, I have applied to the consulate & to the interior ministry with all the docs proven & they still denied it.
What bothers me is that the flights are not empty or cheap & the Israeli citizens fly around the world including the USA, but us, law abiding American citizens are denied entry!
As if the virus knows boundaries or citizenship.


Oh wow. Did they give a reason?


Not really getting the comparison to be honest. One ate their own citizens so they have to let them back where as American citizens are not their citizens and therefore have no obligation to them.


Mike, there is a difference between letting their own citizens back in and letting their own citizens out. Those who are out should be allowed back in but don’t let others leave!


Just saw your message. For reason rejected look at box on last page of the application form they sent with rejection eMail. New online application has one new form for person providing isolation to sign and it is a required form.


Hi, we purchased around 10 Elal tickets via a travel agency (with insurance) to Israel for succos, can I cancel and get a cash refund? Or are they going to give me gehenom if I try?


Has anyone had success getting money back from American Airlines when booking through Chase points? I am scheduled to travel August 1 but I don’t leave it meets requirements for entry into Israel


The airlines should give ‘GEFILTE’ tickets: Guaranteed Entry For Israel-Limitless Ticket Extension. It’s a totally open-ended ticket for whenever they’re finally ready. No fees at all.


Unfortunately, I was supposed to go to Israel in August and now, like most, can’t. What I still don’t understand is why can’t vaccinated Americans go to? It seems like Israel has no problem allowing Israelis to travel back and forth as many times as they want.


Israel doesn’t recognize ANY shots given outside the country. There were too many instances of forged documents, and so anyone who does not have the Israeli-issued certificate of having had the shots IN ISRAEL is considered as if they never had them.


Israel is for sure not
Opening up till after succos. Why do u wrote aug 23. There is not a chance before oct 10.


Students do not have to be vaccinated to get entry. They get entry through their institution – most seminary girls have not been vaccinated as many doctors have said under 20 should not get vaccinated. And although boys going are usually 20 n up girls are not and were not vaccinated. But israel is letting them in through their respected seminaries. The same applies to all colleges and universities- Israeli and Arabs.


Israel doesn’t recognize ANY shots given outside the country. There were too many instances of forged documents, and so anyone who does not have the Israeli-issued certificate of having had the shots IN ISRAEL is considered as if they never had them.
Anyone who does not have the document issued by Israel of having received the shots locally must quarantine for 14 (or 10, depending on the circumstances) days upon arrival. IF they take a serology test in Israel that proves they do have Covid antibodies, either from shots or from having had the disease, their quarantine is lifted.


Not sure where you are getting this from. Most doctors would tell the girls to get the shot (only extremely rare issues with males and all fertility issues are complete BS) and most students going to Israel will be vaccinated. Schools don’t want to have to deal with the quarantining like they did last year when no vaccines existed. All the summer programs that got in through the group allowance required vaccination.


Does anyone know the timing involved in the red countries? If a US student visa holder went to Mexico in June, would he be able to enter Israel in August?

Boruch k

14 days before arriving israel must be on green country
Up to 12 hours can make stop in red country

joseph schwartz

Hi Dan,

Would you know if a Hacnuses Sefer Torah is a good enough reason to get permission and if yes can you recommend a reliable agent who can arrange a tour group?


I just got denied. Even though I am vaccinated, have a ticket, and first degree permanent resident. No explanation given.


Israel doesn’t recognize ANY shots given outside the country. There were too many instances of forged documents, and so anyone who does not have the Israeli-issued certificate of having had the shots IN ISRAEL is considered as if they never had them.
No distinction is made between people who were vaccinated outside the country, and those who were not.
That doesn’t explain why you were rejected, but be aware that your vaccination means nothing when it comes to being granted entry.

Jim Leberger

What about having the Excelsior Pass (for us New Yokas)? Do you think that would give a bit more credence to the credibility of the vaccination?


have a son living in Israel..wife and I are both US citizens and live in states…scheduled to fly to Israel this Sunday -8/1/21 and return 8/22/21…do u think we could fly out this Sunday


what do u think…US vax citizens with son living in Israel scheduled to fly from newark (UA)
to Israel..this Sunday Aug.1 chances of getting out??


If you got an ishur/entry permit, yes.


Has anyone obtained a permit to enter Israel based on a first-degree relative, who is only a permanent resident? If so then what document(s)/ID(s) did you use to prove the permanent residence status?


Dan- My daughter and her family (husband and five children aged 14,12,8,6, and 1 year old) want to fly to Israel to visit a First Degree Relative citizen of Israel (Sister).
All are vaccinated except the younger children aged 8, 6, and 1.
I understand that the 6 year old and 1 year old need NOT be vaccinated.
So, the only issue is the 8 year old not being vaccinated.
Will they be allowed to enter as a family?
Will they need to quarantine?
Or, will they be denied entry for all?


quarantine, for sure yes

leonard m fuld

Where do i find the form to complete: “Obligation to comply with all Israeli authority’s COVID-19 limitations and instructions*” required on the online form


Is it just me, or is anyone else extremely disappointed with Israel’s ongoing COVID policy? Keeping non-Israeli Jews out at all costs for over a year. Israel is supposed to be the one destination on the planet that will accept and protect Jews. It’s also now harder than ever to make Aliyah. They have thrown the Right of Return out the window; its a big shame.


No, you’re not the only one. This policy of keeping non Israeli Jews out for a full year and a half (and who knows if not longer Gd forbid) is an absolute disgrace.


Its political and has little or nothing to do with the virus. The NYT even noted how they were the king of COVID in the beginning and now are a disaster.


The situation there is bad so you think they should allow more people in? I’m disappointed too but I literally can’t complain. I’m not a citizen there.


Not saying I disagree, but if you haven’t noticed, the only times the New york Times has anything good to say about israel is if they want to bash the haredim


Pretty sure you can still make Aliya.


it is just you and those that think of themselves only. Israel owes you very little, they owe more to their citizens. They are trying to keep sick people out. Even at the worst times here were documented stories of visitors WITH COVID running around town.
Israel owes you access to holy places and nothing more.
You mention accepting Jews but you do not mention Aliya, just a visit!


Thinking about making a flotilla.
Hit me up if you want in.


If in going to yeshiva in Israel, is getting the covid vaccine a must?? Is there any way to not have to get the vaccine?


Positive and negative tests.
Possibly a letter of recovery from a doctor (was accepted, talk of this changing soon)


Is it worth it to make a ticket for December if unvaccinated? Have positive pcr from Israel…


Any update if this NOTAM was extended?

Stam a guy

Where can we find a list of “select tour organizers”?


I keep seeing plenty of Americans going to Israel without any relatives in the country and they are roaming freely without any quarantine. Anyone else seeing this?? Anyone have any clues on how they they are pulling this off??


My wife and I were allowed to enter Israel last June based upon the fact that our son lives there. We would like to visit again for Chanukah. Do you know, or have you heard any anecdotal evidence, as to whether Israel is allowing foreign citizens with first-degree relatives in Israel to make a second visit?

Orrin d

We’re here a second time now. We were here in May, also.
The application process is awful, though. I got 3 rejections this time and required assistance from Yad L’olim (bless them!).

We’re tired of the application processes…. Had multiple rejections in March and April, also….. so we’re working with NBN on aliya-citizenship.
I’m thinking that Covid will continue to mutate, and postpone Israel’s opening to foreigners. They seem to be doing well without tourists.


The second vote is quite depressing


Yes, I got the second vote correct…if most who voted are correct. But lets toss out denial and face the truth.


Any info on the tour groups? Hwo can we get into it


I hate having to pay real estate tax and maintenance on my apartment (in excess of 25k) and not be able to go there! At least forgive the real estate tax! lol


Actually, they prefer the apartment be used on a steady basis. Empty apartments are a drain. The empty apartments are part of why rents are high. The utility companies have to run sufficient wiring, transformers and capacity assuming every unit is used but get negligible revenue from vacant units so they can’t cover their costs.


Unfortunately, according to the Israelis, if your 2nd vaccine was more than 6 months ago and you didn’t get the booster, you are considered unvaccinated. This is so frustrating! I got my vaccine in February. Now I’m not considered vaxxed.

Sir burn masks

Do they actually enforce these insane quarantines? They literally put you on a bus to a government facility or what?


We have a son living in israel and a daughter in seminary. We are fully vaccinated. We applied for an ishur and we were denied for no apparent reason. Is there a way we can appeal? Also our son lives there (married) but he’s not Israeli could that be the reason? Thanks


Need to have first degree Israeli citizen – living there is not enough!


If my mother is an Israeli citizen but does not live in Israel would I be allowed to apply for permission to travel to Israel WITH her on the same flight? If yes, does anyone have a link to apply for permission? Thank you

Orrin d

I’m not sure if your Mom actually has to live in Israel, as long as she has the TZ.
You apply ( if American) via the link at the website for the nearest consulate. One question asks your reason for applying to visit. In the drop down menu are several options. Chose the ‘I’m visiting a first degree relative ‘ option. You’ll need a place to quarantine, pending the tests. Apply 4 weeks before flight and include copy of you airline ticket under ‘miscellaneous.’ ( the current online application doesn’t have a specific question regarding airline ticket, and causes a lot of unnecessary rejections.)

I could be wrong….. I’ve filled out so many applications…. And they keep changing.

Both of you will need to do the Ministry of Health application with in 24 hours of flight, pcr within 72 hours.

Good luck! Safe travels!


My husband is Israeli but living here. Can we (my kids and I) be ‘visiting my husband’ even though he’s traveling with us?

Israel Epstein

If I have the J&J (one-shot) vaccine, can I still take the serelogical and PCR tests at the airport and get out of bidud in just a few days (meaning NOT have to wait a whole seven days)?

Thanks Dan!

Yes, I went in with the j&j, took the pcr and serlogical tests at the airport, and was cleared by the misrad habriut in under 24 hrs out of bidud.


News reports in Israel that the country will hopefully open Nov 1st to tourist who vaccinated within the last 6 months or got a Booster.


Any news?


What’s the latest for USA? November 1 or November 21?


Any news?


In other news, sky is still blue.


Uh, what happened to November 1?

Yes, I know. Same old, same old…

Feel like a fool for grabbing those cheap Business Class tickets for December back in May, and believing that they were really reopening August 1…


I’ve had people ask me about the Birthright trips that college kids take during the “Christmas” school break. Are those going to occur? And, if they do go, is being “fully vaccinated” by USA standards (no booster) good enough?

Personally, I’ve been planning on visiting Israel for almost 2 years now. I just postponed my October trip to June (the later the better, I figure). I’m hoping a “simple” vaccination would be enough.


The memorandum had to be updated because it expired today. And without any word from the healthy ministry, the obvious move was to push it back a month, but the coronavirus cabinet is meeting this week to remove many restrictions. The Nov 1 date could still happen.


Does this mean I shouldn’t change my November 2 ticket and my November 3rd hotel yet Correct?


You should cancel based on how soon before the date you can cancel and get your money back


There’s hopefully news just posted by dov Lipman that Nov 1 will apply to all. But this is not yet official


Are there any exceptions to this? If not, will my airline give me a refund if I can’t enter Israel?

I booked with my Amex Platinum. It’s a JetBlue flight operated by American Airlines

Can\'t tell you how many exceptions they\'ve made

All you need is connections

steven mandel

plan to fly to Israel in January on United for Hakamos Matsevah – 2 of my sons live in Israel – what do I need to do to get into the country?

orrin d

Here’s a nice list from the Atlanta, GA, Israel Consulate.
The application is now totally on line….needing a lot of attachments…..and BEWARE!…the application does not specifically request a copy of your airline ticket…but it must be added in the ‘miscellaneous’ attachment area.


I have an Israeli passport and live in US. I am vaccinated, will take the booster this week, and I have antibodies. I need to be in Israel in November for my father’s yahrzeit, but I’m worried that I’ll have to quarantine for at least a week. Nobody can give me a clear answer. Any help?


With an Israel passport and three vaccine shots, you should be ok!


Thanks, MayaG, but reading on the official Ministry of health web site that you need a green pass still worries me


The green pass is not directly related to being allowed to enter Israel. It permits you to enter certain places like restaurants and museums.
But in any case, the standard for full vaccination is 3 shots. I just realized that you said thst you were vaccinated in the US but I think you still should be able to avoid or be released early from bidud. You may have to do a serological test at the airport but you may be released right after those results are available, usually in less than an hour.
I hope it works out for you!


Thanks, your reply is encouraging


and they don’t officially recognize the US vaccination, even Pfizer

Jacob Schwartz

any contact info for the “select tour guides”?

Jacob Schwartz

correction: any contact info for the “select tour organizers” ?


Does the travel ban include visiting children learning there for the year?


keep us safe. you are correct. not a problem.


Can some please clarify if a sibling in law qualifies as a first degree relative?