Israel Will Allow Student Visa Holders To Fly Nonstop From The US To Israel Without Needing An Entry Permit

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel remains closed to most foreign nationals, but is slowly opening back up again.

According to Chaim V’Chessed, starting tomorrow, student visa holders will be able to fly on nonstop flights from the US to Israel without needing to apply for and receive an entry permit.

They will have to present a negative COVID-19 at checkin and take another COVID-19 test upon arrival in Israel. They will also be subject to a 10-14 day quarantine in Israel, though if they have a green passport or if they test positive for COVID-19 antibodies in Israel they can have their quarantine cancelled.

It appears that this only applies to student visa holders. Their family members would still need to apply for permission to enter.

It’s worth noting that the current NOTAM only exempts Israeli citizens and permanent residents from needing to supply an entry permit, but hopefully that will be updated for tomorrow so that airlines know that students no longer need an entry permit.

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just checked their website

Additionally, just last Thursday, we reported the Israeli authorities had suddenly begun demanding entry permits from toshavei keva (permanent residents of Israel). Will these passengers now be permitted to fly without permits? This would certainly be reasonable, but it is as yet unclear.


It was easier for a Jew to enter Eretz Yisroel under the British Mandate or even the Turks, than it is currently under the Israeli Government!
‘להיות עם חופשי בארצנו’ my foot..


Hmmm…those detained in Cyprus internment camps might have thought otherwise.
Get over yourself.


I’m not sure if that’s historically accurate. Wasn’t there ships that were turned back during the Holocaust?


A LOT of ships are turned back now too!

Pass me the aspirin please

I’m getting whiplash from following Israel’s rules on entry into their country. It seems to change every 5 minutes. One minute everyone is welcome without any restrictions. Then, based on how they liked their breakfast that morning, they completely lock down their country to foreigners. Then they reopen it for 24 hours before relocking it down.


Definitely whiplash but it’s not the case that “one minute everyone is welcome without any restrictions”. Not since March of 2020 at least when my trip was cancelled. Students have been on and off but not everyone is a student. Those of us who aren’t Israeli citizens can’t complain if a country decides to protect its citizens, even if its inconvenient or unfair seeming to the rest of us. Israel will be there. We’ll go when we can.


Israel was only allowed by the UN to become a country since it was a country for the Jewish people.
Israel law requires to allow every Jew into the country by law, but there is a loophole in that law, that in times that its a national threat to the citizens of Israel they dont have to be allowed in.
Israel is currently using that loophole to claim that fully vaccinated jews are a threat to their countries citizen!


I agree that as soon as there’s a legitimate way to verify that someone has been fully vaccinated, they should allow those peopke in. Same with antibodies for recovered covid patients.
But considering how many people lie and forge documents and even brag about it, and that the US doesn’t have a national system to verify, it will be very hard to do.


How long does it take to get a student visa?


Are you a student?


How do I get a student visa


Are you a student?

Wise guy

I’m not sure.

Jack dryven

How can I become a student? What’s the rules to be called a student?


Umm…it starts with being a student in an Israeli institution located in Israel.
Pretty much a factual question.
The rest is documentation.

Orrin d

Is Turkish Airlines flying to Israel again?


Any news on the NOTAM?


Student visas also allowed now from UK


Ministry of Interior recommending students from UK to use ElAl for the time being, as the others are not necessarily yet up to date.

Major issue

Still major issue for students who gave birth in US and don’t have a visa yet for the the new infant

Eileen Greenspun

A warning to those who have sent documents to the consulate in New York — DON’T email to check if you’re approved. I did, and was notified that those who send emails go to the end of the list. So now I have to wait still longer to hear if I can leave the day after Shavuot! Oy!


I have just arrived to Israel with A student visa without a permit!


Do you have to quarantine? and did you have to get health insurance?