Israel Now Requiring Visitors To Apply For A Permit Before Flying To Israel: Airbnb, Dorms, And Hotels Not Valid For Home Quarantine

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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The state of Israel is now requiring foreigners flying to Israel to submit this form to their local Israeli consulate 5 days before their flight to Israel.

You can find your local Israeli consulate here.

You will have to identify where you will be going into home quarantine for 2 weeks after arrival. You will also need to travel to the home in a private car, and not in a taxi or shared ride.

Israel is also clarifying that they will not allow Airbnbs, dorms, hotels, or hostels to count for home quarantine. Only foreigners with a private home available will be able to fly to Israel.

Home quarantine information can be found here.

You can find a roundup of airlines cancelling flights to/from Israel here.

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And yet ELAL will not cancel tickets without a cancellation fee.


I know. Waiting for them to cancel flights already so there will be no fee for change…

Not elal

Penny wise, pound foolish.


How do I cancel an El Al flight for pesach?

Dr Moose

Does a Yeshiva Dirah count as a private home or is it a dorm?

yeshiva buchir

private home


I have heard that yeshivah Dirah is not valid.


How do I get air Canada to let me cancel and return my UR points. Their flights are still going April 5th.


I’m flying out tomorrow night – do you think they will let me on the plane without submitting this form to the consulate? I have a private house to quarantine?


Please let us know how your entry and quarantine goes!


How come Aerflot is not cancelling my ticket?


I’m to go to Israel on April 1 for Pesach. For how long will this be in effect as I’m not sure now if I should cancel my flight from New York


Where have you been all week (and before that too) when this has been repeatedly discussed? You should definitely prepare for an alternate reality, one that does not include Pesach in Israel.


Thanks, will do


do you submit it online? or you have to go in person to the embassy?


Does this apply to families who live there on a student visa?


Considering moving up my Pesach trip so I can be out of quarantine before Yom Tov. Has anyone submitted one of these requests? Are they being approved? I don’t mind being in quarantine and I have a signed statement from my hosts saying that I have a location to quarantine.


Does anyone know if Airbnb is still not valid for the 14 days home quarantine for someone arriving from US?