Israel And Morocco Will Establish Full Diplomatic Relations, Opening An Excellent New Flight Route To The Holy Land!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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President Trump announced that Israel and Morocco have agreed to establish full diplomatic relations!

This comes after historic agreements with Bahrain, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates, which also established relations with Israel, and Saudi Arabia granted the right for flights going to/from Israel to overfly their airspace.


The US in turn recognized Morocco’s control over the disputed Western Sahara:


Morocco will also grant flights to/from Israel to overfly their airspace.

As we have seen with Bahrain and the UAE, I’d presume that we will soon have direct flights between Casablanca and Tel Aviv on airlines like Royal Air Maroc, El Al, Arkia, and Israir.

Currently, a flight between Tel Aviv and Casablanca means a 10+ hour ordeal via Europe. A nonstop flight will take less than 6 hours.

Morocco has been on my bucket list since reading this DDF Trip Report. You can find the DDF Master Thread on Morocco here.

This will open up a great way to fly between the US and Israel!

A flight from JFK to Casablanca takes less than 7 hours, making it a much more practical connection point than Dubai or Abu Dhabi, which are 13 hour flights.

There are bargains to fly on Royal Air Maroc using AA or Etihad miles.

When they offer nonstop flights to Tel Aviv you’ll be able to fly from North America via Casablanca, where you can stopover and explore or just get on a connecting flight to Israel. With excellent award space in coach and business class, this could be an incredible way to use American or other OneWorld partner miles to fly to Israel!

Have you been to Morocco? Will you fly to Israel via Morocco?

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Not sure where you get your numbers from

I’ve been to Morocco and we flew From TLV via Europe and total flight time was under 7 hours

A Different Dave

From to TLV to CMN, the absolute shortest time I’m finding is 8 hrs, 30 minutes on Alitalia (connecting in FCO for 90 minutes). Is it possible for it to be shorter flying through Madrid or Lisbon?


Most probably meant to say total time in the AIR was less than 7 hours, Which could make sense


How did chff beat me on the HT? Does he have auto-forward of all trump’s tweets to Dan? 🙂

A Different Dave

The fun and games of wonderful diplomatic opportunities will end soon if Biden takes office in January. We can expect stagnant relations, as we have seen for decades under both Democrats and Republicans. A real shame


Direct flight, hopefully from Marrakech would be great, just need a direct from the US to Marrakech, as it would be the best possible few day stopover to Israel.

A Different Dave

Why not Casablanca?


Will be faster then connecting in many EU countries? I think so

reb yid

Morocco is a place of real cultural value in and of itself, like Israel’s other supposed new friend, Sudan. Bahrain and UAE are as culturally significant as Las Vegas.


love the vibes


Went to Morocco with a kosher tour group a few years back, while the entire country is an amazing experience, nothing comes close to Marrakech. I would certainly spend a few days there with the family on the way to TLV


We took a ferry from Gibraltar to Tangier for a day in 2017. A guide that we had arranged for in Gibraltar showed us around all the Jewish sites. There is a 4 storey restaurant in the Shuk that is a house formerly owned by Jews. The owner allows families to eat their own food inside and buy beverages from him. No one paid any attention to our family of 10 although we were visibly Jewish.


Was in morocco for 3 weeks this past summer, basically covered it from top too bottom, it’s the nicest place I’ve been to.
I’m just afraid once the Israelis show up they’ll ruin the vibe


Hey Dan!
Your posts have helped me tremendously in the past!
I am confused about how to continue with my credit cards though.
I have now five credit cards, and I would like to ask you what I should keep and what not.
I have chase sapphire reserve. marriot rewards. ihg. United explorer mileage plus. and Hilton honors american express.
I live in Israel, and during Covid I don’t travel. Israel hotels do not respect points during this time, as far as I know. In normal times, I would fly a few times a year TLV-NY/NJ and back. I feel like I am paying for these credit cards for anniversary nights, but have not gone anywhere in a year and I am not sure if my anniversary nights are being saved for after Covid.
Also, if I cancel my cards, do I get to keep points I did not use? for how long?

Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

Something diplomatically admirable tarnished by the US president (unilaterally in the US government, did Congress even know?) selling out the long-suffering people of Western Sahara, and issue he probably didn’t even care to learn about. A different price should have been found, one not egregiously morally compromised. We are sadly so far from the spirit and honor expressed in the letter of gratitude from George Washington to the Sultan of Morocco on display in Tangiers.