You Can Now Book Royal Air Maroc Awards On, But Should You?

Imlil Valley, near Marrakesh, Morocco. Photo: ponash123
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Royal Air Maroc recently joined the OneWorld alliance and you can now book award tickets on

Morocco has been on my bucket list since reading this DDF Trip Report, so I’m pretty tempted by this offer, especially as Marriott continues to devalue their points. You can find the DDF Master Thread on Morocco here.

From North America, you can fly from JFK, Boston, Miami, Montreal, or Washington DC to Casablanca.

Their 787-8 has business class in a 2-2-2 configuration, while their 787-9, which can be found on the JFK flights, has business class in a reverse herringbone 1-2-1 direct aisle access configuration.

Using the hack that I wrote about here to access the legacy calendar, you can see that award space is wide open:

American considers Morocco to be part of Europe, so you’ll need just 22.5K miles to fly there in coach or 57.5K miles in business class.

There are no fuel surcharges, so you’ll pay just 57.5K miles+$5.60 in tax from JFK to Casablanca:


The same rate would apply to other cities in Morocco, such as Marrakesh or Fez.


Flights to the Canary Islands would be the same rate, and you can spend a few hours touring Casablanca:


Or fly to Europe for the same rate:


You can find a full list of their destinations on Wikipedia.

The traditional way of booking Royal Air Maroc flights was with Etihad miles:

However Etihad started charging per segment, making only the nonstop flight to Casablanca a good deal.

Etihad also collects fuel surcharges, so a one-way business class flight is just 44K miles, but they’ll tack on another $170 in fuel surcharges.

That makes it a toss-up between using AA or Etihad miles for a nonstop flight on Royal Air Maroc, but AA miles a no-brainer for a connecting flight.

However, the nice thing about Etihad miles though is that you can transfer points from AMEX, Barclays, Capital One, Citi, or Marriott.

Only Marriott transfers to American, so you’ll otherwise need a card like the Citi AAdvantage Mastercard.

But either way, you’ll definitely want to start your search for award space on

Will you redeem miles to fly on Royal Air Maroc?

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You can also book Royal Air Maroc with avios but there will be fuel surcharge.


What’s the Avios cost?


20750 avios and 135 in tax and surcharge for economy
62k avios plus 185.68 for business
This is from ba website


Looks like American or Etihad miles are better in all cases, which is probably why Dan didn’t mention it.


American for coach is 30k when i search. Dan found 22.5 for next year. Not sure if it has to do with having the AA citi card


Its 30K in the peak times & 22.5k off peak times like in the winter. Does not have to do whether or not if you have their co-branded card like citi or barclays.


Morocco is the only Arab country where one can safely visit a 1500 year old Jewish community. It’s definitely on my to-do list.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Morocco is in lockdown over the virus?

Issac Jones

Anybody got info on Algiers plan on going in the summer


Dan – Between Summer 2018 and Summer 2019, my wife and I visited Morocco three times – Summer 2018 was a Spain and Morocco two week trip, we liked Morocco so much that we planned Summer 2019 as Portugal and Morocco to visit places we missed. We then squeezed in Morocco for Pesach 2019 in between, as we decided late that we wanted to go away, and thought we could visit some highlights with our kids, who had never visited… Hence three trips in 12 months. It is an absolute must to visit – so much rich Jewish history, so many kivrei tzadikim, so many fascinating cultural and historical sites, and an overall “other worldly” experience. Kosher food is available in several parts of the country (most plentiful in Casablanca, but don’t spend much time there). And on Kosher food, it’s the only pace in the world where you can sit down to a meal of baby lamb chops for $8… Kosher restaurants in Casablanca, main courses range from 50 Dirham to 80 Dirham…whole meal, including salads and bread to start, is around $10 per person, and that’s if you want to stick with the high end of the menu…


thank you

Dan fan

Wow thx for posting! Went to Morocco once and had an amazing time (parents are from there) yes definitely economical but there are things to be aware about as is with all Arab countries.


Question for ya: can you guys eat halal? Muslims can eat kosher…but does it work for Jews the same way? I dont know much about kosher laws…


Could this be a cheap way to get to Israel?


AA charges 70K in J to middle east


I’ve been looking at this possibility as well. They don’t fly to TLV so AMM or IST is as close as you can get. I’m still looking at using AA miles to CMN and then tag on a cash or other award seat to TLV. At the dates I’ve looked at there aren’t any nonstops between CMN and TLV so you’d have to stop over in IST, FCO, CDG or elsewhere. There are some tickets in the $250 range for that part though so it might work. BA might has some Avios deals as well. At the end of the day you’ll still be for the 70k’ish range that AA charges anyway.

Plan-it Israel

@dan got back from there this Feb right before borders started shutting. From all the countries I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot) it’s worth a return trip. Reach out to me for a free customized trip. Looking forward.


Hey, how do we reach out to you to get the free customized trip?


its also just a short ferry trip to Gibraltar a must see if you havent been


now that AA flies to Israel, any thoughts on the best way to use miles to fly to Israel via Morocco with a stop over for a few days?