Wide Open Standard Award Availability At The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

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The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem has become increasingly more difficult to book using Hilton points for the 95K points/night standard room.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, award space is wide open right now for stays through November. But many European airlines are now resuming service to Israel and tourism numbers are expected to continue to recover.

If you have a Hilton credit card or elite status you get the 5th night free on all award redemptions. You can get Silver status for free here.

That means a 5 night stay will set you back 380K points, or 76K points per night. You can buy Hilton points on sale for 0.5 cents each, so that would cost $380 per night.

You can transfer points from AMEX to Hilton instants at a 1 to 2 ratio, so 1 night will set you back 47.5K AMEX points and 5 nights will cost 190K AMEX points (38K points/night) for Hilton elites and cardholders.

This will work with AMEX cards that earn Membership Rewards points, including:

You can also transfer Chase, Capital One, or Citi points to Virgin Atlantic instantly at a 1:1 ratio from Virgin Atlantic to Hilton at a 1:1.5 ratio, but that transfer takes 2-4 weeks to complete.


Note that minimum stay requirements are in play for some months.

Click on Hilton.com’s “My dates are flexible” or “Shop by price” for the dates and search for points as the special rate to find points availability for the year. Note that many Hilton hotels require minimum stays for points bookings, so you can set the flexible calendar for 1 night or other various lengths of stays to find the most availability. I wrote about those tricks here.


In March, you won’t find any availability for 1-3 nights, but search 4 or 5 nights and it’s wide open.

1 night:


5 nights:


On the other hand in August, it’s wide open for 1 night or 5 nights at a time.

1 night:

5 nights:


The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is one of the finest hotels in Israel. The hotel has finally opened their pool and spa, and it’s stunning:




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Breakfast is free on points stays if you have Gold or Diamond status, which you can get just by having a Hilton credit card.

With a breakfast like this, you may not even be hungry for dinner…


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Will you book any stays at the Waldorf Jerusalem with this deal?

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24 Comments On "Wide Open Standard Award Availability At The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem"

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Does the pool have separate hours?


Just go swimming with your eyes closed


can you use a hilton free night? and what is cancellation policy for a free night? do you get it back if you have to cancel?


Yea for 95k rate. Right now is up to day of reservation I believe and yes points go back automatically


If using a free night, can i bring 2 kids and pay extra when I get there? what is the cost?


Any of this is new?
It’s been open since the beginning of the war


1. I see the 95k rate as long as I choose up to 2 guests. When I add my baby (under 1), it jumps to 285k.
If I book for 2 guests for 95k, will they give me issues if I bring my baby?

2. I see there’s a 17% VAT. I’m confused as to who is exempt and who isn’t. If I have an Israeli and American Passport, which should I check in with to avoid the VAT?

3. I’m currently Hilton silver, and haven’t yet used my Amex benefit to upgrade to gold.
If I book the reservation now as a silver member and get upgraded to gold later, will I get gold member benefits?


1. No issue
2. If you pay with points there is no VAT on room rate, even if you have Israeli citizenship
3. You just need to be Gold at time of check in to get benefits


You sure about the Israeli citizenship?


If you have ask Israeli passport, you pay VAT no matter what passport you use.


Under 3 shouldn’t be an issue.
If you have 3 month visiting visa (the blue ticket they give you at the airport, then you’re tax exempt.
Add the Amex benefit to gold, it takes literally a min. and updates in your account right away.


Did the hechsher on hotel become reliable? I remember @dan having an issue with them!


Seems like its only for single beds


Is it possible to search the Hilton calendar by a month at a time or n points the same way that you did in the above example?


1 parent & 3 kids . Ages 22, 17 & 10. Can I book 1 room? What’s the least expensive way for us to stay at the Waldorf.


Can you bring an additional child (or teenager or 2) to a king room? And just not use the breakfast for more than 2 people? Or can you get breakfast for them also?


Wish there was a deal for the citadel where the hechsher is up to chareidi standards


Thanks for your response Dan. If I bring an extra child or teen in a king room – double checking- I can bring 3rd person and they can get included free breakfast? Also, how does it work with Shabbos – do you also get the breakfast? Thanks again!


Is there a way to use Free Night Certificate if you can only book them one night at a time?