Hotel Chains Begin To Loosen Mask Requirements If You’re Vaccinated

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In light of the CDC’s announcement that vaccinated people don’t need to wear masks anymore, stores like Best Buy, CVS, Costco, Home Depot, Macys, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and more have now dropped mask requirement for people who are fully vaccinated, where allowed by local law.

The federal mask mandate on public transportation remains in effect through 9/13, though it can be modified at any time.

Several hotel chains are allowing vaccinated people to ditch the masks, where allowed by local law:

  • Hyatt: “At all Hyatt hotels in the U.S., guests who are unvaccinated are required to wear face masks or coverings in hotel indoor public areas, as well as outdoors where social distancing is not feasible (with some limited exceptions). Hyatt colleagues at U.S. hotels are required to wear face masks or coverings indoors, and fully vaccinated colleagues working outdoors, who are not in close contact with others, are not required to wear face coverings. All hotels are required to follow state and local requirements, if stricter than what is recommended by the CDC. Guests are encouraged to contact their hotel directly to learn more about specific safety mandates and travel restrictions that may be in place at their hotel. Guests with questions regarding their reservations or upcoming stay may contact a Hyatt Global Contact Center. In all other countries across the Americas region, all guests are still required to wear face masks or coverings in hotel indoor public areas and when moving around in outdoor areas (with some limited exceptions). For more details and specific requirements, guests may visit our COVID-19 Travel Updates page, contact their hotel directly, or visit the hotel website. Hyatt colleagues are required to wear face masks or coverings, as well as additional personal protective equipment based on job specifications. From front desk associates to housekeeping, spa therapists and kitchen staff, colleagues are trained on the importance of wearing protective gear and are taking additional safety precautions for guests and each other.
  • IHG: “After careful review and in accordance with the new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance released last week and American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) Safe Stay guidelines and recommendations, guests who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear face coverings while on property. We continue to encourage hotel guests who are not vaccinated (or yet fully vaccinated) to wear face coverings while indoors and outdoors where social distancing is not possible. We will continue to evaluate our protocols to keep guests and hotel colleagues safe, in line with CDC and AHLA recommendations.”
  • Marriott:At our U.S. hotels, guests who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear face coverings or follow social distancing, unless mandated by a local jurisdiction or state.”

But not all chains are ready to ditch the mask quite yet:

  • Accor: “All guests and visitors will be required to wear face coverings over the nose and mouth in all indoor public spaces throughout Accor properties in North & Central America. Masks will be provided by the hotels for guests who do not have one.”
  • Hilton: “We are requiring face coverings in all indoor public areas of all our hotels throughout the U.S., the Caribbean and Latin America, for guests and Team Members. Additionally, we continue to encourage the use of face coverings at our hotels throughout the rest of the world. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you. As guidelines begin to be relaxed around the world, our hotels will ask guests and visitors to practice social distancing and wear face coverings only where it makes sense to do so, including in indoor public areas and in jurisdictions where it remains required. We will continue to evolve our approach, always led by a focus on hospitality and the well-being of our guests and Team Members.”
  • Wyndham: “U.S. and Canada hotels require that guests and all other individuals entering the hotel wear a mask or face covering when in indoor public areas (including the lobby, elevators, guestroom hallways, meeting and event spaces, restaurant, bar, and fitness center) and additionally as required by applicable law. Guests are required to provide their own mask or face covering. Some guests may be exempt from this mandate, including, but not limited to, guests with medical conditions, guests consuming food or beverages in restaurants, guests smoking in designated smoking areas, guests engaged in vigorous physical exercise or using indoor swimming facilities, and children under the age of 2. “
Will these new rules make you more or less likely to travel?

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When will you need to show proof that you are vaccinated?

Most likely

Probably never.


How do they know if you are actually vaccinated?


If only these places could actually verify who’s vaccinated and who’s not.


Could we verify and ask you to divulge any other part of your medical history and current health status? So HIIPA Laws are a pick and choose according to you? I wanna know who has HIV; Mono; Hepatitis; Herpes ect…Ha!


You’re exactly the kind of commenter that needs to be quiet on matters like this. It’s HIPAA, it has no applicability here. and even when HIPAA does apply, it doesn’t prevent self-disclosure in response to a question.

concerned citizen

since when can a private business deny access based on your medical history>?


Why wouldn’t HIPAA apply to this situation?


Ya you’d wanna know if someone was walking around with a deadly disease passed by breathing as opposed to everything you just mentioned


Why? If you’re vaxxed then why do you care?

concerned citizen

exactly, if you had a chance to take the vax then you shouldnt care, in fact its none of your business. for the immune compromise they can wear n95 masks if still worried. for kids, well kids can mask up or stay home, or alt rely on the fact that based on the data theyll be just fine!

Someone is still afraid

A deadly disease?

concerned citizen

think 1% transmission by asymptamatic people, most infections were not done in public settings like supermarkets or planes. during the surge in ny last year lots of people were not wearing masks, didnt even become mandated till the hight in mid april. and on planes wasnt mndated till later prob mid may.


Hipaa prevents a medical professional from releasing medical information without your permission. It doesn’t stop schools and business from making employees guests students from releasing there vaccination status

concerned citizen

whats the diff…i mean what do you care, if you are vaxed you are protected period, if not why did you take the vax?


Except stupid states like NJ that seemingly will never drop the mask mandate.


They will



Albert Schmool

How will they know who is vaccinated and who isn’t?


By looking at who is wearing a mask and who isn’t.

Margy Brull

in other words, whoever vaxxed will be wearing a mask. and those that didnt will be unmasked


Is time to move on. Thanks

concerned citizen

+100000000000000 join another cause!


No real way to know who is vaccinated… if they figure it out it will be the unmasking of the unmasked…


Amazing news. Why wouldn’t they at least ask to see your card as proof?


The card isn’t the same across the board. If I come into a NYC establishment with a PA card that they don’t recognize, they have no way of confirming it’s real.

It’s also not government issue, which means that it’s not illegal to create a fake one.

concerned citizen

is cdc not a gov agency>? i mean i know its a charity thats funded by a laundry list of companys incl. cnn and microsoft


The CDC hasn’t released a standardized vaccination record card


They can’t legally ask you if you have been vaccinated. It falls under the category of your personal health record.


There’s no specific law that says you or any business can’t ask about someone’s medical information. Doctors and others who have your info can’t release it without permission (part of HIPAA guidelines) but there are no general laws that you can’t be asked. You may not be required by law to give it out, but you can usually be denied services because you don’t comply .
Many times businesses don’t want to ask for medical info because they could be sued if used improperly. Example if they ask about a disability and them fire you because of it. Asking about it isn’t illegal. Firing you based on a disability likely violates several laws.

concerned citizen

4th amendment and title 3of the us civil rights act


Dan, the Jewish nation needs Jewish influencers to get the truth about the situation in Israel!
Please please please make a post about it and get the truth out!!


Absolutely crazy to loosen mask mandates before those 15 and under can be fully vaccinated. And don’t tell me that their chance of serious diseases less, so they can just deal with it. What if we were to ask older folks who only have a few years left to live to withdrawal from society and just deal with it so everyone else can get on with life without you?? Wouldn’t that be much more convenient for everyone?

Absolutely crazy

It is indeed absolutely crazy that this will be a seasonal vaccine. And y’all thought it was one shot (okay, two shots) and done.

concerned citizen

kids can rely on the fact that the flu is worse for them and if thats not enough and your still scared then have them wear the kn95 masks. but its time to move on with life.