The Four Seasons NYC Will Give Free Rooms To NYC Healthcare Workers!

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The NY Post is reporting that the Four Seasons NYC will give free rooms to NYC healthcare workers!

The hotel, like many, is closed due to COVID-19 until 4/15. But healthcare workers can call the hotel at 212-758-5700 to book a free room.

Four Seasons owner and beanie baby creator Ty Warner said “Many of those working in New York City have to travel long distances to and from their homes after putting in 18-hour days. They need a place close to work where they can rest and regenerate. I heard Governor Cuomo’s call to action during one of his press conferences, and there was no other option for us but do whatever we could to help.”


Front line responders can also get free Starbucks Coffee and a free rental car from Hertz. If you know of other companies offering freebies to our front line responders, please post a comment.

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Moocher mooch

Come on dan deals readers. Now everyone will be a first responder so they can get a free room.


not everyone has a ”kruma kup” like you


Halevei, that more people sign up to become first-responders!!!


Beginning Monday March 30, Krispy Kreme is giving a free dozen donuts to healthcare workers at their drive thru’s with ID


Any hotels in providence, ri offering this for healthcare workers? Need an alternative living arrangement asap.


JetBlue is now offering free flights to NY for health care workers.


These workers are contracting Corona faster than anyone else out there. All they need is a couple of confirmed cases in this hotel and they shut it down and need a massive disinfecting bc Corona can live on surfaces up to 17 days.


17 days??? Source? Most CDC is saying is max 3 days…


Check cdc regarding their findings on the princess cruise. 17 days they said. It’s online


hey guys. really now? this is not a joke. i have some very close friends that are frum (religious jews) with entire families and are front line doctors and nurses risking their lives to save thousands of others. please give them the proper respect and support.


Does this count as a booking that will earn rewards? It should, right?


Can we be compassionate regarding this matter. First, Four seasons doesn’t have a points program. Second, is the first thing that comes to your mind, how can I profit off of this? They are starting something in NYC that may be a trend, that other hotels may follow suit.
This isn’t a case that we should take advantage of. This is for the healthcare workers, and that’s it. Presbyterian is the leading hospital for corona and Is just a few blocks away from there. These ppl are going into a building full of contagious ppl, in order to save lives. Good job four seasons!!


In my travel nurse groups, nurses are posting that they’re not actually able to book rooms at this hotel in NYC when trying to find accomodations for their crisis assignments.

If anyone rents out AirBnBs or other such accomodations in NYC, consider renting them out at reasonable rates to travel nurses right now. The hospitals are bringing in thousands of nurses who need a place to stay to help take care of the folks in NYC.


This is BS just called them and inquired about this and the gentleman was very sarcastic and rude. And even laughed. Im an EMT and my mother has a list of health problems just called because i wanted to be away from them being that im contantly exposed to the virus. The guy said that he is not offering any rooms at this time and gave me an email, when i mentioned the article he cut me off and said he cannot answer any more of my questions and hung up.


I’m an RN that called, was given an email that lead to an automatic reply saying that health care workers could not reserve rooms, called the number back and was told no one could help me. Seems like a PR stunt that no one is actually following through on.


Come on. The Four Seasons is not giving free rooms to ANYONE. This is a PR Stunt and they should be ASHAMED of themselves!!! DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR. An entire luxury hotel, closed due to the virus, yet they can’t follow through to help health care workers who are risking their lives everyday. Someone who knows someone in Cuomo’s office or at the NY Post should publicity shame this greedy corporation. Makes me sick.