Hertz: Free Rentals Cars For NYC Healthcare Workers!

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Hertz: Free Rentals Cars For NYC Healthcare Workers

Hertz is offering NYC healthcare workers a free rental car, up to 1 month! Just follow the instructions via the link above to get your free car rental.

With plummeting rental car demand, this is a great way to give back and get some great PR at very little cost!

  • “Rental length is up to one month from date of pick-up and is valid until April 30.
  • Applicable car classes include economy, compact, mid-size and full-size cars and compact, small and regular SUVs.
  • Driver must present valid medical ID and driver’s license at reservation pick-up.
  • Driver responsible for re-fueling, tolls, and any incurred damage.”

Front line responders can also get free Starbucks Coffee. If you know of other companies offering freebies to our front line responders, please post a comment.

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Are EMTs considered healthcare workers?

carlos polanco

Yes. Ur still called to work now and u are essential


is there tax to be paid? is it completely free?


What’s a medical ID?


Problem is you can’t get cc insurance coverage if it’s free, so you’ll have to pay $12 a day for coverage.


Add a small cheap add-on to the rental?


Maybe add a car seat in the reservation which is like $2 a Day and then use cc on the reservation


Will the credit card protect?


You can use your regular auto insurance to cover the rental….

Good Vibes

Prepay for the Fuel.
That may make you eligible for CC protection.
Not a crazy expense.

Good Vibes

You can prepay for the fuel.
That’s a reasonable rate.
That should make it eligible for CC insurance.

Sam Gross
Ed Travel

Good luck finding parking in NYC 😉

Hatzalah Member

Is Hatzalah Included? Doesnt seem to work for me


@Dan it states you must have an email address with medical domain. I don’t think hatzolah has that.

doctor resident

I am a resident physician. Parking has become an issue. I live in manhattan and commute to work in NJ. Does anyone know of any way i can find a parking spot on the cheap?

Mike G.

Appreciate the good gesture, but how safe would it be to entice healthcare providers (who might or might have the virus) to rent vehicle which if when returned and are not clean properly would help spread the virus? I have seen Hertz “clean” cars and it is not that thorough. This is like saying, all health care provider flies for free right now.


in JFK airport Hertz said that they sanitize each car for 12hrs before renting them out


Mike, I doubt that it was Dan’s decision to create this generous Hertz policy for healthcare workers. I believe Dan is merely reporting events and happenings. Perhaps take it up with Hertz if you have concerns?


Only NYC or nationally?

Maxine Vassers

Secondary driver?


Anyone know if this is eligible for healthcare providers in NYS? Or specifically for NYC only!?


Look at the bottom of the page in the link. It says which locations.


Thanks Dan worked perfectly!!

EMT is allowed as Healthcare worker so Yes it would work for Hatzalah members if your over 25 you may be lucky for luxury cars like a Range Rover but limited to decision of Manager, she had claimed due to the fact you will be going on calls she didn’t want to provide luxurious cars as it can get ruined,

For those asking in regards to Healthcare domains it is not needed, worked perfectly with out one.

They require your Medical ID, Driver License, Credit Card.

Your rental may even be fully free including Tax depending on the car category.

Enjoy and yes you definitely should take advantage of this promotion because after all it’s a clean car for Passover so why not.

Post style cars you have successfully drove out with.


For president’s circle, can we choose any car?


Is nursing home administrators eligible?


So Hertz dropped the pick up locations to ONLY the 3 airports.
I called to confirm that they have cars for this promotion as LGA ran out but JFK still had some left.
I am an EMT for FDNY.
When I arrived this morning at 9am, I was told the promotion is ONLY for Doctors and Nurses and was told to call corporate if I have a problem as no manager was on staff.
I called corporate and they said the same thing.
Only for nurses and doctors.. even though it said healthcare workers.


I was told the same thing at Hetz Newark location. WTF EMT-P aren’t healthcare providers. We probably intubate more patients that these MD- who aren’t even using this promotion.


I’m a noise, but have a car. I will let someone else use it.


Im a admission coordinator would my ID works


My wife is a technologist and was denied along with other peer because she wasn’t a nurse or doctor but yet comes into contact regularly with covid19 positive samples. This offer is fraudulent.


How do you book this? need a special code?