Emirates Airlines Opening Kosher Arabia Catering Facilities At Dubai Airport!

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Emirates announced that they are opening a kosher catering facility in conjunction with Ross Kriel’s CCL Holdings.

The facility will be under OU supervision and will supply kosher food for flights, hotels, and events throughout the United Arab Emirates.

A memo recently went around asking hotels in Abu Dhabi to have kosher facilities. My understanding is that the Emirates kitchen will supply those hotels with double sealed kosher meals and the hotels will warm them up:



Emirates will handle all food production, while Ross Kriel’s CCL Holdings will arrange for the certification and supervision, including support for menu development and kosher food procurement.

Ross Kriel is the husband of Elli, who operates UAE based Elli’s Kosher Kitchen.

Elli’s Kosher Kitchen currently does not serve any chicken or meat and their dairy dishes are cholov stam.

Based on a tip, I reached out to Elli’s for comment on the new joint venture last week, but have yet to hear back on what the plans are for meat or for cholov yisroel dishes in the new joint venture.

The OU recently flew to the UAE to kasher and supervise Elli’s Kosher Kitchen for the Israeli delegation at the S. Regis Abu Dhabi, however that hashgocha was only applicable for the event. The long-term plan is for Elli’s Kosher Kitchen to be under the OU as well and I’ve reached out for comment on how the kosher kitchen will operate with the launch of the Emirates joint venture and what the roles would be for each kitchen.

Having world class kosher food onboard Shower Class is the stuff that dreams are made of.

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Back in 2017 I flew Emirates Shower Class to the Maldives via Dubai and stopped over for a couple days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai and Abu Dhabi make for a great stopover for a few days! I had no problem bringing in my own kosher food, but it would be pretty cool to be able to order kosher food directly from the hotel.

Here’s hoping that Emirates will be able to make some of the best kosher meals in the sky!

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Bit off topic any idea where Qatar gets there kosher meals from I am booked with them in couple months