Share Your Hertz Elite Status With A Friend!

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Hertz is allowing President’s Circle and Five Star members to share their current elite status with a friend.

You need to first sign into your Hertz account in order to share status.

You can share status with one friend and your friend will receive the same status that you have.

The gifted status will be valid from 1/31/21-1/31/22.

Hertz previously announced that status that was set to expire on 1/31/21 will be extended through 1/31/22.

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42 Comments On "Share Your Hertz Elite Status With A Friend!"

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So if I’m booking a car for the beginning of January this won’t help me at all?


Can the friend also share


Getting error




Make sure you’re logged in before trying to gift.

Jeffrey Ruttner

Please message me if you want to gift me. TIA

ddf member

are you by any chance a Hyatt Globalist member as well. I have an upcoming reservation an can really use the Hyatt status


I am pm


How do I message you?

Jeffrey Ruttner

not sure, is there a way to private message me? if so I can give you my email. i’m on whatsapp (jeffrey ruttner)

Chaim G

When does this promotion end?


Wow, nice!

So we have hotels giving free to give away and now car rentals, now it’s the airlines turn to offer this..

ddf member

Willing to share Hertz Presidents circle in exchange for Hyatt Globalist status send me a PM


Willing to share as well,

Presidents circle in exchange for Hyatt Globalist status send me a PM

Sruly S

i have presidents circle and its giving me an error message when trying to share. Any reason for that?


Make sure you’re logged in.


Same here.


getting an error.


This is just a guess, but would it be giving an error to all that got PC via status match and not through earning? – fyi I’ve had pc for years via a status match and it never expired ‍♂️

a yid

i’m getting an error !
We could not verify your Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account.
This offer is only available to active Hertz Five Star® and President’s Circle® members.

If this was an accident on our part, please refer to the original link provided in your email.)

a yid

Just singed in to my account and tried again and it did work !
Thanks !


isnt this useless with national ee link active and status match


Status match doesn’t always get approved.


Hyatt is allowing globalists so gift status?


Does it also work with Platinum status?


Still waiting for DDF to allow gifting status


They do. You must not have reached that level yet.


can u do it for me? I can give hertz pc and alaska mvp in return…


I would be interested. What’s your username on DDF?


must the gift be given today or do i have the whole year?


can anyone share presidents circle with me?? Would really appreciate it


Works for me thank you very much


Share with me as well please.
Thanks in advance,


Can someone please also share with me PC? Would appreciate alot! Thanks!


Can someone share elite status with me?


Can someone share Elite status with me?


I’ll assume that the person your giving it to can’t share it cuz this Probably ends 1/31/21 which is when your President circle status starts, so they made it that was you can’t keep on passing it on


I have this offer and don’t have anyone to gift it to, anyone interested?


We’re sorry!
This offer ended on January 20th, 2021