Hertz: Status Extended, Check Your Email To Extend Your Points Validity

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Hertz points normally expire if you don’t have a rental every 18 months.

If your points expired or were set to expire between 3/13/20-6/30/20, you can check for an email with the subject “Changes to the 2020 Gold Plus Rewards loyalty program” for an opt-in link to extend your points validity until 12/31/20. You must opt in by 6/1/20.

If you didn’t get an email you can also try going to this URL and replace the X at the end of the URL with your Hertz membership number: https://pub.emails.hertz.com/2021-point-extension?gn=xxxxxxxx

Loyalty status is also being extended until 1/31/22, without the need to opt-in.

Hertz is currently working to avoid bankruptcy. They have a history of devaluing points without notice, so hopefully they don’t resort to that again.

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Perfect, mine expired 4/5. Twitter DMed them back then and they said they weren’t able to extend. Better late than never I guess


This is great. I’m president’s circle so extension of my benefits is Key. Would stink if I couldn’t enjoy the zero benefits I get via the president circle!


Status match to national


if they do go bankrupt, what happens to my points?

Points gone

I had the same delama.
Anyone has any thoughts?


Horrible customer service and loyalty. I’ve switched to National. Putting jobs aside and from a pure company perspective, I hope they go bankrupt – even if that means I lose my points.


Can you confirm it’s no longer possible to transfer points out to airlines?


I confirmed with Hertz last month that they took it away without notice. Another reason I dislike and am not longer loyal to them.


Yeah it’s still an option on the drop down menu on their site, but when you try to go there it takes you to nowhere. So basically useless.


anyway to get hertz presidential now?


Interestingly enough, wife’s account had no points got the email, my account with no points didn’t get the email…


Hertz is bogus, left those clowns a while ago. Customer service is nonexistent


Hey Dan, what’s the deal with hetz filing for bankruptcy