[Ends Today!] Sensing Blood In The Water, Alaska And JetBlue Make Incredibly Generous Status Match Offers To Delta Elites

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Update, 10/31: Both of these incredibly generous matching offers end today! Note that Delta has partially rolled back its elite status changes, though they still plan on implementing the changes over the coming years.

Have you matched your Delta status to Alaska and/or JetBlue?

Update, 10/3: JetBlue’s incredibly generous status match program is now posting! Have you matched Delta status to JetBlue?

Originally posted on 9/26:

Delta shocked its elite members 2 weeks ago by dropping the bombshell that they would need to spend a whole lot more to earn elite status starting in 2024.

In return, Delta offered, well, absolutely nothing.

Instead, Delta passengers are encouraged to fly other airlines, due to the airline limiting the number of times per year they can access Delta’s clubs.

Delta has gone from selling 14% of its domestic first-class seats in 2011 to 74% last month. By lowering the cost to buy or upgrade to first class seats, Delta has made it tougher than ever to score first class upgrades, which is the main perk of elite status. They have also downgraded the value of their global upgrade certificates. At the same time, they have made it harder than ever to earn status.

To make matters worse for Delta, their SkyTeam alliance has the weakest benefits of any airline alliance.

OneWorld status from Alaska and American or Star Alliance status from United is far more valuable than SkyTeam status and those statuses are now much easier to attain.

And now some airlines are targeting Delta elites to jump ship:

  • Alaska Airlines used to partner with Delta, but that ended when Delta decided to open a Seattle hub and compete for traffic in Alaska’s primary hub.
    • They are offering a status challenge up to top-tier MVP Gold 100K.
    • If your Delta status expires in 2023, you can match Silver to MVP, Gold to MVP Gold, and Platinum or Diamond to MVP Gold 75K for 90 days, or until the end of next year if you meet a 5K-15K flight challenge. Or if you have or will open an Alaska Airlines credit card by the end of the year, they will waive the flight challenge requirements and you’ll keep the status until the end of next year!
    • If your Delta status expires in 2024 and you have or will open an Alaska Airlines credit card by the end of the year, you can jump up a level by matching Silver to MVP Gold, Gold to MVP Gold 75K, and Platinum or Diamond to MVP Gold 100K and you’ll keep the status until the end of next year!
    • That’s much more generous than their usual status challenge which caps out at MVP Gold 75K and doesn’t offer the card option for a full match or to go up a level.
    • Offer expires 10/31.
  • JetBlue announced today that they will also offer a status challenge to Delta elites. The name of the offer? Mosaic on the DL. Whether that stands for on the down low or Delta’s IATA abbreviation of DL is the double entendre.
    • Matches status is valid through 12/30/23 or if the 6-30 tile challenge is met, through 12/31/24. Alternatively, if you have or will open a JetBlue Plus card or JetBlue Business card by 12/30/23, you will keep your status through 12/31/24 without needing to meet a tile challenge!
    • Delta Silver will match to Mosaic 1 with 2 free checked bags, EMS seating at check-in, free same day changes, plus Mint Suite Priority
    • Delta Gold will match to Mosaic 2 with EMX seating at booking, plus Mint Suite Priority and pet fee waiver
    • Delta Platinum will match to Mosaic 3, plus Mint Suite Priority, pet fee waiver, 4 mint upgrade certificates, and FoundersCard Blue Membership.
    • Delta and Diamond will match to Mosaic 4, plus Mint Suite Priority, pet fee waiver, FoundersCard Blue Membership, 6 mint upgrade certificates, 4 one-way Blade Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan & JFK or EWR, and 15,000 bonus points.
    • This offer is valid to the first 30K people to request a match, or until 10/31, whichever comes first.
    • You can read more about the JetBlue Mosaic elite program here.

Will you match your Delta status to Alaska and/or JetBlue? Will you keep or drop your Delta status after the announced changes?

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Thanks! Just applied..they (jet blue)asked for screenshot of status for delta with to write specific on how many mqd and mqm I have ? That tells me they’ll maybe factor in for the status? If I’m gold this year shouldn’t I get M2 tier? And if I have a card I’ll get it till December 2024? Unless I misread the post?


Everything is being tied to credit cards these days! Wish they had this last year when I was platinum.


I am likely to try the jet blue challenge and considering the credit card. I miss having my jet blue status from American.


Myself, spouse and child are all delta Diamond. Applied for both JetBlue and Alaska
Goodbye delta loyalty
Jetblue is tough since it’s not part of an alliance but will definitely try it out and now they are also flying to Lon/cdg/ams (competing with VS/AF/KL) so will definitely try it out!
Great move on their part


It sure seems like delta killed the golden goose. It allowed me to make a non emotional decision in regards to Delta status. With the opportunity costs, the depreciation of the club benefits and the global upgrade certs it was an easy decision to make. I am now a free agent and will not be looking back. I have a feeling I am not the only person who feels that Delta looks at me as an ATM instead of a customer/ person.


For people with a business with crazy spending and who love delta they’re probably loving this. Except the devaluation of global certificates and now the fact that FC seat purchases and paid upgrades are on the rise although I don’t see we’re it’s getting cheaper.


Mosaic on the DL. LOL


The jetblue link to apply for status match on their website is no longer available… I’m guessing 30k applicants have been reached?


The link still working just tried it


I applied for the match a few hours ago but haven’t received any email confirmation (not that I was supposed to) is that normal?


Same for me


Dan, can you please post a link to the best offer on the JetBlue credit card as part of this post or in the comments? I am sure many people will be applying between now and the end of the year to keep the status through 2024.

I don’t know abt Jetblue

I had such a miserable experience last year with them and it took days and numerous texting and calls to sort. None of them are grabbing me right now.

David Waren

It’s been a number of days since I applied for Jetblue status match. No response. Are others experiencing similarly slow response?


Yes I am

bryan m

Sadly still haven’t gotten mine yet- applied first day they offered. Diamond here


My account is now reflecting Mosaic 3 (from Delta Plat)
No email what so ever though…


They finally responded and said that I have mosaic until the end of the year and to keep it for another year I need to have a credit card AND receive 24 tiles by the end of the year


My account is reflecting mosaic 4!
Thanks Dan!


Thanks Dan. I heard nothing from JetBlue but checked and my status upgrade must have just posted. You wrote: “Alternatively, if you have or will open a JetBlue card by 12/30/23, you will keep your status through 12/31/24 without needing to meet a tile challenge!” I have the no-fee JetBlue credit card. Do you know if that will work or if I need to upgrade the credit card?


Have the JB plus card and after matching my status still ends December 2023.
I’m not sure where you get until 2024?


Would JB match to higher if I am already mosaic?


Rookie here, but JetBlue told me I’d “lose” my delta diamond status if I matched to Mosaic.” I’m not sure, lol, how that could be but welcome confirmation that JB rep is wrong. Thanks


Do any airlines match to jet blue mosaic?


Got it yesterday. Mosaic 2 got 5k miles have gold delta


It says that the Mint Certificates expire 12/31, do you know if you have the credit card if you can extend them for the next year?


What about UA 1K’s?


Thanks Dan, do I need to have the card when I do the status match or as long as I get the card before the end of this year the status will go till the end of 2024?

Karen in Florida

I am Delta Platinum and got matched to Mosaic 3. Just in time for booking a JetBlue flight today.


Did anyone get matched to Alaska yet? Or only jb posting?


if i get the card, will the blade and mint upgrade certs extend until 2024 as well?


Just got the call from them even though I got the email last week and the rep claimed that while I was matched to mosaic 3, even though I have a JetBlue plus card I would still have only be mosaic 1 starting January 24. Sounds like a load of garbage to me. Any thoughts?


Thanks Dan.

I matched from Delta Diamond to Mosaic 4. Do you know if the perks such as the 6 Mint Upgrades and 4 Blade flights reset for 2024 (assuming I qualify and complete the match)? In other words, can I use all 6 upgrades and then in 2024 have an additional 6 or will these 6 simply roll over for 2024 if they haven’t been used yet?


matched from Delta Gold to Mosaic 2 (by the time I applied)
But I’m now Platinum but JetBlue will not let me re-apply or manually upgrade to mosaic3


Alaska match posted
didn’t get an email just noticed it by logging in
Elite status: MVP Gold 75K | oneworld® EMERALD


Just used the blade helicopter round trip,
JFK to Manhattan.
Thanks Dan


is the Jetblue challenge definitely over today? I did not see an end date on their site, only on Alaskas.
I’m waiting for my platinum to kickin in the next few days for spend update.
Only have silver for now and want to match at the higher tier.
If I match now, can I resubmit or call Jetblue to update once I get my platinum?

a w

Has anyone received a response from Alaska yet?


I did not yet.


Honestly I can’t believe that jet blue didn’t get 30k applications a while ago ..was an absolute no brainer for any delta medallion member and they made it so simple! Hope they honor their match for next year if you got a plus card or do the requirements. One person reported that they are giving him the extension for next year but lowering his mosaic rank down a level.


only matched to JB,
Any point matching to alaska ? don’t plan on flying alaska in next 90 days..


For status that works on American and OW, yes.


I just got Alaska MVP Gold 75K match

sam l

just got approved, for alaska mvp 75k,
my delta status was gifted, im not sure why theye approved me

FL Yid

I got the Jet Blue status match to M2 and i want to apply or the JB Plus card today to extend the status to the end of 2024. Is the extension offer still valid?


Apparently I lost my mosaic status even though I have a credit card open. Will call and update. Anyone else have this issue?


any1 saying if Alaska actually pulled thru with the status match
never heard back from them since i applied