[Program Now Live] JetBlue Revamps Mosaic Program With A Devaluation, More Benefits For All Members, And More Ways To Earn Status

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Update, 5/10: The new program is now live and you can now select your new benefits and perks. Personally I think that if you’re going to spend for status, it’s much more rewarding on American than on JetBlue and you will then also have some status benefits for JetBlue, Alaska, and OneWorld travel.

However there are certainly cases where spending on JetBlue might make sense for JetBlue loyalists, though they’ll now need to spend $100K/year for free EMS seating in advance, double what it previously required.

What do you think of the new program?

Update, 4/17: JetBlue shares with DansDeals that their new program will go live in May 10th.

Originally posted on 12/7/22:

JetBlue seems to revamp Mosaic elite status annually and they are now announcing a new Mosaic program starting on 1/1/23.

Similar to El Al, where points will be for redemption and Diamonds will be for earning status, or American’s miles and Loyalty points, JetBlue will have points for redemption and (mosaic) tiles for earning status.

  • You will earn 1 tile (in addition to regular points) for every $100 (excluding taxes and fees) spent on:
    • JetBlue flights
    • JetBlue Vacations
    • Paisly by JetBlue
    • Many extras and fees
    • American Airlines flights when points are credited to JetBlue.
  • You will earn 1 tile (in addition to regular points) for every $1,000 spent on:
    • All JetBlue cards

While in the past you either had to choose to earn Mosaic from credit card spending or flight spending, thanks to tiles you can now earn status from a combination of card and flight spending.

Points from partner airlines and all other sources will not earn tiles.

  • JetBlue will have 4 Mosaic tiers in 2023:
    • Mosaic 1 requires 50 tiles.
    • Mosaic 2 requires 100 tiles.
    • Mosaic 3 requires 150 tiles.
    • Mosaic 4 requires 250 tiles.
  • For 2022 only, you will earn 2023 status based on doing the following in 2022:
    • Mosaic 1: 15,000 MQPs or $50,000 spent on card
    • Mosaic 2: 30,000 MQPs or $100,000 spent on card
    • Mosaic 3: 45,000 MQPs or $150,000 spent on card
    • Mosaic 4: 75,000 MQPs or $250,000 spent on card
  • Mosaic 1 benefits include:
    • 2 bags free for you and companions (existing Mosaic benefit)
    • Free inflight alcoholic drinks (existing Mosaic benefit)
    • Even More Space at Check-In for you and companions (downgrade from existing Mosaic benefit of free EMS seat at booking).
    • Free same day flight changes for you and companions (existing Mosaic benefit)
    • Mosaic check-in, security, and boarding for you and companions (existing Mosaic benefit)
    • Dedicated Support Line (existing Mosaic benefit)
    • Complimentary upgrade to Business First on the Heathrow Express train (existing Mosaic benefit)
  • Mosaic 2 benefits include the above and:
    • Even More Space at booking for you and companions (existing Mosaic benefit, now requires tier 2 status)
  • Mosaic 3 benefits include the above and:
    • 4 one-segment space available MINT upgrade certificates (existing Mosaic+ benefit)
  • Mosaic 4 benefits include the above and:
    • 2 additional one-segment space available MINT upgrade certificates
    • 4 one-way BLADE Airport helicopter transfers between Manhattan and JFK or EWR

In an interesting twist, JetBlue will also allow non-Mosaics to select benefits after they reach every 10 tile thresholds.

  • They can choose from the following perks (limit 1 of each perk for year) at every 10 tiles collected:
    • Group B boarding on every flight you take for you and companions
    • Priority security on every flight you take for you and companions
    • 1 free drink in-flight on every flight you take
    • 5,000 bonus points
    • 2X points bonus on a JetBlue Vacations package (one-time use)

Mosaic members will also be able to select Signature perks (limit 1 of each perk for year) at every Mosaic tier that they qualify for, starting with Mosaic 1 qualification.

  •  Signature perks include:
    • FoundersCard Blue Membership
    • Pet Fee Waiver ($125 value) on every flight you take
    • $99 one-time statement credit for JetBlue Plus or Business Card, valid once per year.
    • Get or gift a 20-tile boost to get to the next level—and more perks—faster.
    • Boost your TrueBlue balance with 15,000 bonus points.
    • Mint Suite® Priority for you and companions

Perks earned are valid until the end of the following calendar year, regardless of when you select which perk you want. However perks earned for earning Mosaic in 2022 will expire on 12/31/23. You can’t change your perk once you select it. Perks aren’t transferrable, except for the Mosaic 20 tile gift.

If you qualified for Mosaic in order to get free EMS seats at booking, you’ll definitely see this program as a downgrade. For example if you spend $50K/year for EMS seating at booking, you’ll now have to spend $100K/year. While Mosaic 1 receives EMS seating at check-in, you are then left to pick from leftover scattered seats and have to compete with American elites that also get that benefit on JetBlue.

However, JetBlue deserves credit for being creative with the perks that will benefit both non-Mosaic and Mosaic members. It’s a creative way to get casual travelers onto the elite status hamster wheel.

What do you think of these changes? Will they affect whether you aim for JetBlue Mosaic status?

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I really like the flight dollars and credit card mix here. Each $100 flight reduced need to spend $1K on the credit card.


Right now if you are a mosaic member you can book even more space for 100 points each and they were refunded after you fly. This is a massive devaluation. We got free even more space seats for our entire family on a rt to England.


EMS seat selection for those that already qualified for Mosaic this year should remain the same. That’s really not fair.


Based on what you’re saying, spending $80,000 on the card could theoretically get us to tier 2 (if picking the boost perk, but that means giving up a bonus 15,000 points as a perk)


Agree. Though they should be able to get their 15k points when they reach 80k spend.(second tier bonus), plus 5k points for 10 tile bonus

so to break it down -in comparison to previous program
Need to spend 30k more to get same ems benefit. But on this 30k additional spend, you will be earning an additional .66 point per dollar. (15k bonus plus 5k bonus)


Anyone know, if spending 80K in 2022, can we upgrade to Mosaic 2 using the 20K update for 2023 (when the program becomes available?)


What is mosaic 2 better then 1


Mosaic currently doesn’t give free EMS at booking only the option for 100 points. The perk always was at checkin which remains the same. They are adding for level 2 free at booking which would seem as if they getting rid of 100 points for ems at booking


AA Loyalty points is done better. All points earned besides for interest in the bank count for Loyalty Points.


Mosaics have a choice of cash or points for EMS . No mention of this still being an option. Thanks for the write-up.


Another big benefit is combining spend on 2 different cards


Any benefit in having 2 cards?


If my covid credit expired is there anything I can do or am I stuck?


EMS was nice, but I personally don’t consider it a devaluation on the whole. Being able to spend the 50k to earn Mosaic 1, but then having the 15k bonus points means that the cushion of loss of spending on the JB card vs having spent it on a more lucrative card is not as painful.

To me the main advantage of Mosaic is the same day changes. Being able to switch to sister airports (e.g. LGA, JFK, EWR – MIA, FLL, PBI) itself is the main difference maker. I normally make up for the loss of spend just by being able to book cheaper flights and switching them the 24 hours before flight departure to flights that were far more expensive at the time of booking.

Mordy Nissel

> Free same day flight changes for you and companions (existing Mosaic benefit)
Is the same day going to still be 24 hours in advance?


+100. EMS was wonderful while it lasted, but the generosity of switching to any flight on day of travel (including the last available seat for sale!) And the flexibility in switching to sister airports is unmatched!


I was Mosaic when i cared about JetBlue. Post its AA affiliation i felt it took a serious dive and went from one of my favorite airlines to one i avoid w spirt, frontier and AA. I will stick w status on UA and Delta.


Do u think that I will gain more by spending 75K on an AA card and be gold and get automatic Mosaic benefits from JetBlue?


Can AA elites change to any flight within 24 hours of flight?


I think it is a big downgrade not being able to get upgraded seats when you book the reservation. It’s a ridiculous thing for them to get rid of.


Still a better play to go for AA status, it seems.


If I book a jet blue flight using a jet blue credit card will that count as 2 tiles?


If I spend $100 on my JB card for someone else’s flight, is that considered a qualified spend to earn a tile? Or do I need to be the one flying?


Anyone know the answer to this?


Nope. Has to be you. It does count for JB credit card spending though, at $1000 a tile.

Voice of Reason

If you book in 2022 for flights in 2023 it will let you choose even more space for free at time of purchase.


Anyone know if mosaic will still have the 70lb limit?


how does American gold also get benefit on JetBlue?


@dan can you get mosaic status in 2023 and select the perk of 20 tiles and then only need to spend 30K on credit card to get mosaic for 2024?


Is there a limit to how many 20-tile gifts one can receive?


How about existing Mosaic benefit of free cancellations of any flight?


What about the current benefit of free cancellations for Mosaic customers, will it still be offered? For which Mosaic level?

As gold

Dan how is the same spending on American as it is to spend on JetBlue as American you need 200,000 and I’m Jet Blue you only need 80,000 and give yourself 20 tiles am I missing something?

Texas Totty

“However there are certainly cases where spending on JetBlue might make sense for JetBlue loyalists”
Such as you live near an airport or frequent a destination that has more JB availability than American (not too common, I know).


more like program now dead.

Joe Trainor

I’ve had Mosaic status for probably a decade and like the new program, specifically being able to use spend and travel to earn status. Previously, there was no value of charging on JetBlue branded cards unless you spent more than $50K annually. It was all or nothing. So, at this point in the new program, I’ve earned 99 tiles (including the 20 tile bonus), so should reach tier 2 this month, which is much earlier that I would have using just travel.

The EMS situation is a real bummer, not happy about that. Definitely a devaluation for many of us. Important to remember, however, that free EMS was never a perk at booking. Pre-covid, you could purchase EMS with points (often in the 4K to 7K range) or cash, then with the pandemic, EMS went to 700 or 1,000 points. Then with the new program being developed, EMS were priced at $0. As tier 1 now, it doesn’t look like I’m able to purchase EMS with points. EMS look like cash only. At $75 to $80 on top of the ever increasing fares is not a good deal. I wish that they brought back the 4K to 7K points options for EMS. It’s probably the same, 7K in points is probably equal in cost to $75, but psychologically, I’ve always preferred to using points for seats. Probably moot for me, since I’ll be tier 2 until at least the end of 2024, but I think JetBlue has accomplished exactly what they’d hoped for, I’m not spending 50K plus on their credit card. At 2% cash back, I would have earned $1,000 from Citi for that spend. Now I get something I was getting all along….

sam n

Once you receive the matching Mosaic status, is there a specific link you need to apply for the Trueblue Plus card in order to get the promotion extended to 12/31/24?