Uber And Lyft Will Require Riders And Drivers To Wear A Mask, Riders Must Sit In The Back

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Effective 5/18, drivers and riders will need to wear a mask in order to use Uber.

Lyft already requires rides and drivers to wear a mask.

Drivers will need to take a selfie with a mask to accept a ride and that picture will be sent to the rider.

Riders will need to confirm that they have washed their hands and are wearing a mask or face cover.

Additionally, riders must agree to sit in the back seat with the windows open. The maximum suggested passengers for UberX will change from 4 to 3.

Drivers and riders will be able to cancel without penalty if the other party isn’t wearing a mask.

The new policies will be place until at least 6/30.

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I love kleenex

When I go to the airport, having the windows open when the driver is cruising at 75MPH is brutal.


Sounds like a disaster in the making for the already cash flow negative San Fran giant. This may look “good” in the headlines but how exactly will this actually work/be enforced?


With front-facing dash camera live streaming to Uber headquarters…


What if you order uber for someone else who doesn’t have smartphone? Just take selfie of yourself? 🙂


Only the driver is taking selfies. But what if the driver has only a kosher phone??lol!


You can’t be a driver or rider without using the app. Kosher phones= no Uber app.

Liam K. Nuj

Seems like this can lead to people being able to cancel without penalty. Just claim that the driver wasn’t properly wearing a mask.


That might be tough to prove if the driver has dozens of successfully completed trips that day


I wonder if they consider someone wearing a mask if they have their nose uncovered. I see so many people “wearing” them this way.


I wonder if 4 riders show up what’s the chances the driver will not accept the trip