Roundup Of Airlines That Require Masks For Travel: AA, Alaska, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Hawaiian, Lufthansa, Southwest, Spirit, United, And More

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As evidence mounts that wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of coronavirus, airlines are starting to require that flight attendants and passengers wear one.

Airlines will also attempt to socially distance passengers on a plane, though they don’t guarantee it. You can always buy an extra seat if you want to guarantee an empty seat next to you by making the first name of the ticket EXTRASEAT with your last name. You’ll also get double your baggage allowance.

A mask can be anything from a homemade cloth covering, to amenity kit eyeshades, to a cloth mask, or N95 respirator.

How long the new restrictions will last is anyone’s guess, though Lufthansa Group says the requirement will preliminarily remain in effect until at least 8/31/20.

Here’s a roundup of airlines requiring masks

  • All flights to/from Canada (Includes all Air Canada and WestJet flights) :
    • Masks are currently required in all Canadaian airports and on all flights to, from, or within Canada.
    • Masks are not provided.
    • Children under two and passengers with breathing difficulties unrelated to COVID-19 don’t need to wear a mask.
    • During a flight, passengers don’t need to wear a mask while eating, drinking, taking medications or when their safety could be endangered.
  • Alaska:
    • Effective 5/11, throughout the airport and flight.
    • Guests will be expected to bring their own mask and will be required to wear it throughout the airport and flight experience. Additional supplies will be available for those who forget their face masks.
  • American:
    • Effective 5/11, while onboard.
    • Very young passengers and those with conditions that prevent them from wearing a face covering will be exempt from the requirement.
    • American will begin the process of distributing sanitizing wipes and face coverings to customers. This offering will expand to all flights as supplies and operational conditions allow.
  • Delta:
    • Effective 5/4, in check-in lobby, airport clubs, gate area, jet-bridge, and while onboard, with the exception of meal service.
    • People unable to keep a face covering in place, including children, are exempt.
    • While we continue to encourage customers to bring their own face covering when traveling with us, supplies will be available for customers who need them.
  • Frontier:
    • Effective 5/8, at ticket counter, gate area, and while onboard.
    • Very young children, for whom a face covering is inadvisable, will be exempt from the policy.
  • Hawaiian:
    • Effective 5/8, from check-in at the airport to deplaning at the destination.
    • Young children who are unable to keep a face covering on or guests with a medical condition or disability preventing its use are exempt.
    • Face masks will be available at our check-in counters and gates for guests who may not have a face covering.
  • JetBlue:
    • Effective 5/4, at check-in, boarding, while in-flight, and while deplaning.
    • Small children who are not able to maintain a face covering are exempt from this requirement.
  • Lufthansa Group (Austrian, Brussels, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Swiss) :
    • Effective 5/4, while onboard flights.
    • The obligation to wear the mask will preliminarily apply until 8/31/20.
    • Small children who are not able to maintain a face covering are exempt from this requirement.
    • All passengers are requested to bring their own mouth and nose cover.
  • Southwest:
    • Effective 5/11, while traveling.
    • “It is highly encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizer and mask, and to wear your mask while traveling. If you forget your mask at home, one will be available for you.”
  • Spirit
    • Effective 5/11
  • United:
    • Effective 5/4, while traveling.
    • “We encourage you to bring your own face covering, but our customer service agents will be able to provide them if you don’t have one when you board our aircraft.”
    • Certain customers – such as those who have a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering, those who cannot put on or remove a face covering themselves and small children – will not be required to wear one on board
    • Not required when eating or drinking.
  • WizzAir:
    • Effective 5/1, while onboard flights.
    • Passengers who do not bring their own face masks will initially be provided with them free of charge.

I’d expect most airlines to match these requirements over the coming days.

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Will face mask requirements cause you to delay your return to the air?

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We’ll figure out the masks, let them start flying already!!!!


Anyone planning a mask run?




So, only Air Canada allows you to take off mask for eating.
I guess all others need to either fast (make them realize what it means to fly coast to coast on chol hamoed sukkos) or bring an IV or something


To each their own, but I certainly have shehakol food items on a plane during chol hamoed sukkos. The mitzvah d’Oryssa is kiddush and hamotzei first 2 nights.


Yup! To each their own…
Was scared to post that example, just that it is so common for all Lubavitchers from CA going to NY every year. Also from Europe to NY. It’s hard but we definitely survive


What about parents of hearing impaired children? How do you explain to the gate agent-steward-passenger glaring at you that your child cant hear you when you wear a mask? Wear a sign?

Aryeh H

Tell them. They aren’t hard of hearing


Keep a notarized note from your doctor with you at all times. Alternatively, wear a clear plastic (see thru) face shield (so your child can read your lips). They are available on Amazon as well as in many construction related stores. Safe travels.


Yes….very hard to breathe for some

Liam K. Nuj

I’m just astounded that masks weren’t required on airplanes until now.
And how is an airplane different than a movie theater (showing a REALLY long movie!)?


why would they?
were you ever negatively affected after a long flight?

Liam K. Nuj

I was asking why masks we’re required for the past 6 weeks or so. Why did they finally wake up now? Why aren’t they subjected to the same rules as other businesses?


A good effective mask to wear would be a N95 mask. If you are going to bother wearing a mask why not wear one that is effective, they are available now.

Also, when you are someplace where you believe you need to wear a mask, you should also be wearing gloves. Period. washing your hands in the airplane bathroom is probably going to be a net negative. We all need to up our game. Take care people, now is not the time to take unnecessary risks

I was a sanitarian in a public health department for a while; those people don’t joke around. If you really want to do something you can control, that can make a big difference, don’t touch you face, or your hair (someone behind you may have coughed on it.) good luck to all.


these are masks designed to prevent the spread – not to prevent the wearer catching anything.


Gloves are useless- they help spread coronavirus more. How often do you use hand sanitizer on bare hands? Many times a day. Once you put gloves on, every single surface you touch can now be contaminated- you reduce the amount of times per day your hands are ACTUALLY clean.


Effective 5/1, while onboard flights.
Passengers who do not bring their own face masks will initially be provided with them free of charge.

Unbelievable! Wizzair not charging for masks….


How are you supposed to eat or drink without removing the mask?

David R

Are there special provisions for the transport of elderly passengers in their 80’s? Can you pay extra to insure your safety on board the plane? Is business class safer than coach?

David R

Can you buy your extra ticket using your own name? Do you earn miles for the extra seat?


When JetBlue announces how they’re treating Mosaics, I’ll think about sticking a mask on my face and getting on a plane. Shameful that they have said nothing since the email indicating they’d do something or another.


Dan, your thoughts on airline bankruptcy?