All Chase Ultimate Rewards Cards Will Earn Bonus Points On Lyft Rides!

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Yesterday we broke the news that the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card and JPMorgan Reserve card would earn 10 points per dollar spent on Lyft from 1/12/20-3/31/22.

On 1/12 those cards will also provide a free year of Lyft Pink membership, a value of $19.99/month. With that membership you’ll save 15% off all Lyft rides, get priority airport pickup, get waived cancellation fees 3 times per month when you rebook a ride within 15 minutes, get waived lost and found fees, and enjoy 3 free bike or scooter rides per month.

Lyft announced today that all other Chase Ultimate Rewards cards, including Sapphire Preferred, Sapphire, Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, Ink Preferred, Ink Cash, Ink Unlimited, and Ink Plus, will earn 5 points per dollar on Lyft from 1/12/20-3/31/22. Officially the no annual fee cards are marketed as cash back cards, so Lyft says they’ll earn 5% cash back, but in reality they’ll be earning 5 points per dollar that can be used for 5% cash back. Of course you can always get much more value from your points than cashing them out at just 1 cent each.

Note that the 5 or 10 points per dollar are inclusive of regular earnings, it’s not a bonus on top of regular earnings.

The 5 or 10 points earned per dollar will stack on top of earning bonus Hilton points and bonus Delta miles on Lyft.

This benefit may make the decision of whether to keep Sapphire Reserve over Sapphire Preferred or Ink Preferred even harder for some people. Will it influence your decision?


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So if you pay w a chase card and already signed up to link the Hilton account how would you get extra Hilton points as well?


What about the ink buisness cards?


if only they had Lyft Eats!


Pretty much no reason to ever use Uber again if you have a Chase Sapphire Reserve, agree?


Sometimes Uber is cheaper


If you have Amex Platinum personal you get $200.00/year for Uber, after the Amex credits it makes sense to use Lyft.


That’s kind of what I’m thinking. Yesterday the Lyft news didn’t matter much for me since almost all my taxi/rideshare is for business and I wouldn’t put it on the personal CSR, but now…


Disagree, Platinum gives minimum $15/month free rides. Plus with promos and deals it often is cheaper. You need to always compare.


I don’t qualify for Platinum but accept the point. Someone keyed into all the promos will do better than just sticking with one vendor.


SoFi offers 20% back on Lyft, far better than this offer. I will stick with that for Lyft.


Which one is better Hilton honor points or the Delta points?
From Lyft


I have over 900k UR points. These new “benefits” are lame & I’d love to downgrade. However, the .25 decrease from CSR to CSP will cost me way more than $100. So I think I have to keep the card despite the upcoming devaluation.


Any reason to keep both the csr and jpmr at this point?


If you sign up for the Lyft pink offer do you get the 15% discount on all rides regardless? If you travel for work and they reimburse expenses I would prefer to not get the discount so I can earn more points. However on personal rides I would want the discount

mr g



Don’t be such a herb mr g


Do you register and add your reserve card today, or do you have to wait till the 12th not to get charged??


Wait till the 12th to sign up for the Lyft deal. Why take the chance of getting charged.


Would this apply to gc purchased through the lyft app?


But all my chase cards are Visa? MC has a Lyft offer get $10 for 5 rides which is often 10% or more back.

I don’t have the csr but I imagine the Lyft pink has some value?


I don’t have Lyft
Where is price estimate tool that works ?
Found some that do not work
Any incentives for new accounts ?

Barry D

I price Uber and Lyft before every ride. I find lyft to be better priced generally. I thought it would be a no brainer to utilize the free Lyft pink that comes with the sapphire card. As strange as it sounds I have found Lyft to be consistently higher priced now even after the 15% discount. Anybody has similar experience?