1 Hour Left! Apply For The Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card Now Before The Annual Fee Increases And Get The New Benefits!

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Update: DEAD!

Update 2: Chase has pushed off the deadline to apply with a $450 annual fee until tomorrow at about 8:30am ET! As long as the application shows a $450 annual fee then you can apply for the card with the lower fee!

Update: The annual fee on this application link is still $450, but will be changing to $550 shortly. You can still apply now with the 50K bonus and pay the $450 fee, plus you’ll get $300 in travel reimbursement and $120 in DoorDash reimbursement before your next annual fee is due!

Should you choose not to renew for $550 next year you can always downgrade the card to a no-fee Freedom or Freedom Unlimited card.

The fee for new applicants next week will be $550 and the bonus will remain at 50K points. 

Originally posted on 1/7:

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® card represents the best value in hybrid cards today. It costs $450/year, but its $300 annual travel credit credit is very easy to attain, making its effective annual fee just $150.

Per my Chase banking source, things will be changing shortly.

On the heels of AMEX and Citi raising the annual fees on their cards, Chase will hike the Sapphire Reserve annual fee to $550 effective 1/12/20.

If you apply for a Sapphire Reserve card before 1/12 you’ll pay a $450 annual fee for your first year.

Note that you can only get the bonus if you haven’t received a bonus on a Sapphire card in the past 48 months and that Chase has 5/24 restrictions.

You can’t change another Chase card to Sapphire Reserve until 1/12.

Existing cardholders will be billed $450 if their card renews before April and $550 when their card renews as of 4/1/20.

Chase is adding benefits to make up for that:

There’s certainly value to be had in those items. I doubt I would pay $100 for them, but some people will certainly come out ahead. I’m just hoping to break even on the changes.

The good thing is that unlike Citi, Chase is maintaining card benefits. Citi recently nuked nearly all of their card benefits, even on their ultra-premium cards. Luckily, Chase does not appear to be joining them down that path.

Those benefits include:

  1. 50,000 point signup bonus.
  2. $300 in annual refunds that post automatically whenever you charge something that is categorized as travel, which includes airfare, Airbnb, car rentals, cruises, hotels, Lyft, subways, taxis, tolls, trains, Uber, UberEats, etc. It’s pretty easy to spend $300 over the course of a year given the wide range of eligible categories.
  3. 3 points per dollar on all travel or dining spend.
  4. All of your Chase points (and household member points) can be used for a minimum value of 1.5 cents each towards airfare, hotels, car rentals, and other travel redemptions. You can also transfer points into airline miles and hotel points where you can get even more value out of your points. When you redeem your points you can check which will be cheaper, giving you the best of both worlds via hybrid points.
  5. Priority Pass lounge membership that allows you to bring 2 guests with you into over 1,000 airport lounge. There are now many airports with restaurants that have $28 credit per person with Priority Pass membership. I’ve used that to get free granola bars, potato chips, and drinks to go!
  6. You’ll get a full rebate every 4 years when you buy Global Entry/Pre-Check membership. That means you can skip the lines and forms when flying back from abroad and you can leave your shoes on, laptops in their bags, and go through metal detectors when flying from the US. It makes flying so much easier!
  7. Free roadside assistance, including free battery boost, flat tire service, 2 gallons of fuel delivery, towing, or lockout assistance.
  8. Primary car rental CDW coverage worldwide.
  9. Extended warranty coverage on purchases.
  10. Purchase protection on items up to $10,000 that are damaged or stolen within 120 days.
  11. Return protection up to $500 per item.
  12. Lost luggage insurance of $3,000 per person per trip.
  13. Baggage delay reimbursement of $100 per day per person (max of 5 days) for essential items needed (Clothing, toiletries, charger, etc) for delays more than 6 hours.
  14. Trip delay reimbursement of $500 per person for reasonable expenses (Hotel, food, toiletries, medicine, etc) required for delays more than 6 hours.
  15. Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance of $10,000 per trip or $20,000 per trip with multiple travelers.
  16. Emergency medical and dental insurance when traveling more than 100 miles from home.
  17. $100,000 in emergency evacuation insurance when traveling more than 100 miles from home.
  18. $1,000,000 in travel accident insurance.
  19. Repatriation of remains insurance.
  20. No foreign transaction fees.

The real question is will these benefits provide enough of a reason to keep the Sapphire Reserve card, which will now have an effective $250 annual fee after the $300 in travel credits (or $190 if you also include the Doordash credits) instead of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card , which costs just $95/year?

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card provides a minimum value of 1.25 cents per Chase point, 2 points per dollar on dining/travel and doesn’t have all of the protections found on Sapphire Reserve. However it’s a very solid card offering that allows you to transfer all of your Chase points into miles and it starts to look very attractive compared to Sapphire Reserve with a higher annual fee.

You can convert cards between Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, Freedom, and Freedom Unlimited should you decide to make a change.

Or if you want to maintain triple Chase points on travel without Sapphire Reserve, you can still get the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, which has a $95 annual fee and comes with 80,000 signup bonus points.

But the killer Sapphire Reserve benefits, especially the 1.5 cents per point value, but also other the plethora of other benefits like roadside assistance and travel protections, is what will likely keep many people on the Sapphire Reserve gravy train.

Will you stick with Sapphire Reserve with these changes?

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What about the Preferred?


With the increase in fees is the travel credit 300 or 325 ?


This stinks – I have CSP and was about to upgrade to CSR, but not for these “benefits” I only use DoorDash when there are really good coupons as it’s overpriced. And people really pay $20/month for a Lyft coupon, plus a few other things? Seems like a small niche will be able to max out the new benefits for $100 extra.


Don’t think its worth it.


Which points are best? Amex gold, capital one, or sapphire reserve?

New York Jets

On the travel insurance and medical dental and emergency evacuation – do you have to have booked the trip with the sapphire card?


I always wondered how this works. I live abroad but maintain a mailing address in the States. When is the emergency insurance in effect – when I travel round trip to the States for a week or two, or when I am abroad for months at a time, but my address is NY??
All trips are paid for on CSR.


You can call Chase and ask, but keep in mind that the trip by Chase benefits definition is something which is limited by (I think) 60 days, so you being away from NY for longer may disqualify you for the trip protection in both places 🙁

If an incident occurs within 60 days of you leaving NY you may have a chance, but if your return ticket has a date past 60 could be a problem.


Did you get clarification on this??

Also, what if you buy a round trip ticket not originating from your city of residence (for example: you live in NYC and go round trip from London to Tel Aviv) ?


I got approved for this card in the end of November. What a bummer that the annual fee increased. I don’t consider any of the added benefits beneficial…


Any changes coming to the Preferred?


Lyft membership is nothing. But overall still might be a better value than Amex Platinum


Is there a chance of am increased signup bonus after 01/12?


Another $100 for roadside assistance?
you can get AAA for half that price or Geico roadside insurance on your vehicle for under ten bucks for the year.
As they say all good things come to an end..


These new benefits are worthless to me & i only keep this card based on the previous pluses and minuses Do they have the right to raise it? I hate closing cards, but this just isnt worth it anymore.. #ChaseChutzpah#


why close? downgrade

Mo K

If only they added a return protection as good as Amex … That would be worth the increase


Does the Sapphire Reserve car rental insurance cover car rentals in Israel?


Yes. But it works differently in Israel. In the US if something happens they go strait to the cc company for $. In Israel they charge you, and then you have to get the money back from cc co. Those who have had this say it takes months and it’s a gruesome process.


you get 3* points on that i had a 7k claim ,got 21k chase points still not worth the hassle



Disagree, they billed me for some minor scratches (something that would never happen with any major car rental in america) and received the check in two weeks.


Posted this on DDF will share again.

My AF renews in May I will still utilize the $60 in 2020 and $60 in 2021 (Jan-May) will definitely keep it another year since $120 in DD credit can justify the AF increase for this year. The following year I will have to reevaluate.

Nick L

I’m sorry if I’m missing this in the post, but when do we have to downgrade by?


I have had preferred for a few years now and was looking to apply for the Ink Preferred for my new LLC. Can I apply for both Ink for business and Reserve at the same week or would I get denied for the second application?


Are the added benefits next week included for current cardholders, or only once you pay a $550 AF?


So if i got the preferred 60k bonus less than 2 years ago, i cant get this bonus?


I’m probably going to downgrade my amex platinum as the benefits to me are still better with the reserve. 100.00 increase is excessive, but maybe I can make the lyft benefit useful. It’s going to take some number crunching though.


See what the retention offer is before getting rid of amex’s…. theres been DP’s of them offering 50k to keep the plat open


This change will make the US Bank Premium card the best value around.


The DoorDash and the Lyft thing put me over the edge to actually make me break even on the annual fee. This is great added value. $550 is just a ****load of money though…


Dan – When I go on the Lyft app I should let it charge my card? Then chase will give me my money back?


seems that the price of gold keeps on moving same to silver and now our precious stones “sapphire”are volatile too!!


Bad bad move to increase the fee of a winning card for benefits that not everyone have use of. They will start copy AMEX with their bad platinum strategy and they will loose a lot of business. I already switched my AMEX plat to blue and I know many who did. I may downgrade the reserve if the $100 increase is true and the only benefits are stupid like Lyft and door dash that are useless for me.


I 2nd this, worthless Lyft and Doordash credit, which majority won’t use. Downgraded my Amex platinum already.


I don’t think you quite understand how this works…the bank is not in business to benefit you. They were bleeding money from this card; this was a very wise move on their part to get rid of the cardholders that are draining them and to cover the wound. This change doesn’t represent a good value for most cardholders, but it will have the desired effect of reducing losses for Chase in 2020.


I’m not one if those who drain them. Actually the people that do, probably will keep the card because it will still be worthy for them.


Fingers crossed, hoping Amex just forgot about the juicy aspire card…


Not sure how much of the extra $100 I’ll get back in the new benefits, but I’m sticking with the card for now. Chase gets most of my spend for business and personal and that extra .25 cents on redemptions is worth much more than $100 to me.


10x points for Lyft for 2 years seems incredible, no? That alone can be worth the $100 increase!


Hi Dan, I was wondering if you could help me out with a bit of a unique situation.
I am heading to Israel in just a few days, and had planned to call TODAY to upgrade a Freedom to a Reserve so I can have the car rental insurance, as well as Priority Pass for the lounge access (I waited until now so I could max out the Freedom Q1 category before upgrading). According to what you said in your post- it has suddenly become impossible to upgrade to Reserve? Do you know when this happened? This could really be a problem for me. Do you see any way around this?
It would be nice to also beat the fee increase, but that’s secondary at this point. Any way I can get my hands on a Reserve? I got the Preferred and the bonus in Aug.2017 so I’m not eligible to apply straight out due to the 4 year rule. Thanks!


Chase and AMEX make Capital One offers seem more attractive. The SavorOne has no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee, 3% cashback on dining and entertainment and 2% on groceries. Doing the math it’s a saving of $150/year. Once every 4 years I will pay the $100 renewal for Global Entry and I’ll probably have to say goodbye to the PriorityPass benefit but the annual saving Of fees will be more than enough to compensate drinks and snacks while at the airport.

eitan cooper

Can’t you think about it like this:

With the preferred: spend $3,800 on travel + dining, earn back your $95 at 1.25 cents per point

With the reserve: spend $5555 on travel + dining, earn back your $250 at 1.5 cents per point

So if you don’t plan on spending $5,555 on travel + dining with the reserve it’s better to have the preferred (or triple that on general expenses… though who would use reserve for general expenses?)


CSR is not a horrible card for general expenses for those of us who live overseas.


Is the freedom unlimited better for general spending? My house has the freedom unlimited, reserve and preferred. Which should I be using for groceries etc.

eitan cooper

Also worth considering the hit you take to the points you have banked if you switch.

I have 240k UR points. If I switch to preferred I lose $600. Unless I burn all of the points before the annual fee goes up it’s not worth it to switch as the difference in the cards is $155


It’s never a good idea to horde points. This post is exactly why. Use them steadily to maintain value. These systems are constantly devaluing.


Lyft is always offering me 15-20% whenever I’m comparing between Lyft and Uber. Having the subscription won’t effectively save me anything, not to mention I expense Rides from my company so nothing to gain for me.


Is there a post that compares this card’s benefits to the amex plat? Also how is chase with return protection?

Ramen n Green Tea

Can I product change CSP to CSR now for $450 AF?


Once a Lyft account is registered for a pink membership courtesy of this credit card, does the payment need to be made with this credit card in order to receive the benefits? Or can I pay with a different credit card and still receive the 15% discount and waived cancellation fees?


How to get dash membership?
Just use it for billing ?
Or need to sign up somehow?


The DoorDash membership offer appears in the Chase app, under the “Benefits” tab for each qualifying card (i.e., CSP, CSR, Freedom cards, Slate). Clicking on “Enroll” takes you to the signup page.


I personally used CSR protection many times and rightfully use all its benefits. As an example, last year I received $400 for delayed baggage and year prior $750 for rental damage, and many many more. It will be tempting to cancel but might just be worth keeping.


If I downgrade to preferred from reserve is the annual fee prorated?


So if I currently have the reserve with the $450 annual fee I will still get the added benefits with my card when they come into affect next week?


Just upgraded to the CSR I hope it will pay


The reserve 300 travel credit can also go towards ez pass


My experience is only when making a single payment not when added to your account on auto refill.


Works on my auto refill. No problem.


If the added benefits aren’t worth the extra 100$ for me, and I have a ink preferred, any point in downgrading to CSP as opposed to cancelling and keeping the ink?


Do you believe the sign up bonus will be going up higher then 50K? I haven’t yet signed up for the card, but I would like to, I just want to know if I should wait for a higher sign up bomus


For the roadside assistance, it is good up to 4 times a year and max of 5 miles is that correct?And for travel insurance, does it apply to 1 way award flight?


did I miss something? What spend bonus?


I was about to post the same question


If I upgrade my preferred on 1/13 to the reserve, will I pay $450 or $550?


This is a huge game changer. I’ve already been on the fence about whether or is worth keeping my CSR. It looks like this will be enough to get me to finally cancel the card.


If you apply before 1/12, will you get charged the $450 or $550 annual fee?


Link in creditrating not working, getting error message.


2 quick questions, I fly southwest fairly often and is my go to airline, do you know if their current sign up bonuses are considered good? Or does it usually go higher?

Secondly, if I do sign up for the southwest card today, I also want to sign up for the chase reserve card. Should I have them filled out on two separate computers and submit at the same time so it’s one credit pull? Is that needed? Is that how it works?


Does the lyft pink membership continue even after you shut down the card till the end of the year?


How would anyone possibly know that yet..


Does it make sense to switch reserve to freedom after getting the yearly credits, and switch back if you want to use the 1.5 points benefit?


Renewed the CSR in sept, do I get a prorated refund of the AF if I downgrade it to a freedom or unlimited?


Do I have to enroll in anything to get the $60 Doordash statement credits? I don’t want to sign up for DashPass since my local eateries aren’t that category, but I’d happily take the $60 statement credit if it’s automatic.


Wow! Toughie for me as I use my chase points and enjoy the 1.5 value. Will probably downgrade to a freedom in Dec 2020 and upgrade or apply for a new one if need be. Glad I just had my yearly fee, free added benefits for two years as I can double dip and downgrade in Jan 2020.

Thanks Dan for very informative post!


My card renewal date is in May, looks like I’ll be using the $300 travel credit and then downgrade to the preferred. They want to charge $100 more in fee for door dash and lyft discount? Count me out.


I recently called chase to convert my sapphire to a reserve, but they mistakenly converted it to slate…. They just called me now and told me that cant convert it to reserve until after Jan 12 “b/c their systems are updating”
now i suspect it’s b/c they want an additional $100 annual fee…
(Wow 135 comments already.)


I was thinking they might finally match Citi Prestige and Amex Plat with 5X UR on travel.


If someone is still in the first year of card membership (applied late summer 2019), would the first renewal fee in summer 2020 be grandfathered at $450, then the $550 hitting in 2021?

It’s my understanding that a credit card company cannot by law raise the annual fee within the first year. I’ve had several experiences where an AmEx card had a fee increase, but since I was within the first year, the first renewal fee posted at the lower amount.


I upgraded to CSR in March, but the AF posted in August. Will I be charged 450 or 550 for next year?


what is door dash dash pass?


Doordash: it might be useful, not sure yet. Depends on the Kosher establishments. If there are restaurants and the $60 credit goes towards the food, then it is an easy $60.
Lyft: I spend several hundred dollars a year on Lyft/Uber at 15% off a ride plus 10pts per dollar, there is definitely value. Do the math. If you have a normal $100 Lyft charge, it will be $85. Already a $15 savings. Plus you will earn 850 UR points. When used for basic travel at $.015 it is worth another $12.75. Bringing your total savings on a $100 Lyft charge to $27.75. If you are savvy with transferring UR points to partners, it could be worth even more.


Will they be raising the fee for additional users above $75? According to your source


Having both Unlimited cards and the Freedom redeem at 1.5 will still make the CSR worthwhile for me – But definitely still hurts as I don’t think I will gain too much from the DD and Lyft benefits, but will certainly try…


Is the $60 DoorDash credit on the final bill or only the food?
Meaning, if I order something worth $50 but pay $60 due to taxes, fees, service charge, etc. what will my statement credit be – $50 or $60?


Everyone tweet to Chase how unsatisfied you are and that you will most likely drop the card when your annual fee comes due since these benefits are mostly meaningless to you. I tweeted to Chase and if many people do hopefully it will make them reconsider or at least start offering regular retention offers on the account. These new “benefits” suck!!!!!


Retention would be nice


I have no need for the new benefits and the $150 af was already tough for me.

I received the $300 credit at the end of December.
In your opinion, when would be the most opportune time to cancel this card. Looks like the next annual fee for me will be on the Feb. statement? Turns out, I Really wasn’t going to be using this card so much this year anyway, so I’m trying to save the AF going Fwrd as well.


Any word on an increased bonus when the new AF goes into effect?


What will be the AF for authorized user for the reserve ?
I use 400$ in Uber a month so it’s prob worth it to upgrade ? From CSP to CSR ?


Is the travel credit includes train and subway?


For all those downgrading – I assume the best time to do that is within 30 days of the annual fee and after you use the 300.00 credit?


The Lyft 10X benefit will need to be carefully watched in December and January each year. Because if you use Lyft in January (or anytime early in the year before the $300 travel credit is finished), and it gets refunded out of the $300 travel credit, you won’t get 10X.

So every December, you load up your Lyft credit by what you will need early in the next year, and get 10X. Then early in the year, you wait for other travel expenses to use up the $300 credit, and then you can start using Lyft via CSR again and get the 10X.

Great. More end of year stuff to remember! 🙂

Looking to rent car in Israel

Re car rentals in Israel, someone told me that I should be careful about the insurance and liability coverage. Does using Sapphire Preferred or business ink preferred card cover every thing I would need? Meaning, do I have to buy additional coverage from the car rental company?

Also, any recommendations about which car rental to use if I will mostly be in Yerushalayim (and Ra’naana for a day or two)?


Not directly related to post but would appreciate any suggestions…
As of now i have both the reserve and the amex platinum.

1 – if i keep both cards is there any reason to activate priority pass lounge through both? I havent activated the priority pass through amex yet bc i have it with the csr.
2 – im in my first year of the platinum (got 100,00 through card match tool) but i dont want to continue paying the steep fee (mainly bc its hard to utilize the $200 airline credit), can i lose my existing points if i close it after 1 year? what if i use the points first? and, can i downgrade it to a different amex card that doesnt have a annuel fee?



1. there would be if you did amex first but once you have csr you are good to go
2. if you have any amex card that earns mr you are good


You can call AMEX and say you want to close the card… I know someone who did that and received 50k points.

Noam Franklin

I just called Chase to upgrade from my Preferred to Reserve and they said even if I apply today I will be charged $550 not $450 as the system is getting upgraded and your application will not be approved until next week. Not sure if I can do anyhing else to get the lower annual fee? I was going to cancel my Amex Platinum and move to the Reserve card with the $450 annual fee.


I heard that the travel credit will go up to $350 a year


Correct me if I’m wrong, Roadside assistance is limited to $50, so in many instances it won’t help all that much. That has been my experience.

dave s

helped me with a dead battery then ended up towing the vehicle. all covered. not so much the case with their travel insurance but that is a different story.


How good does your credit need to be in order to approved for this?


Does the Primary car rental CDW coverage worldwide, include Israel too?


I applied for this wednesday morning and didnt get approved right away, is that normal? Can i do something? I have an 803 credit rating and im at 2/24 with no recent signups


Me too

Still waiting

Mo K

Do you think retention will waive some of the annual fee for existing cardholders?


If I were to apply for this card, I’d like to apply for a second one simultaneously.

A. What in your opinion are currently the 2 best Chase sign up bonuses for a CONSUMER card (aside for the Reserve)?

B. Is there any non-Chase out of the ordinary high-value SUBs currently being offered (that may be worthwhile to apply for same day as well)?



Is the 1/12 date set in stone or it’s an approximate date ?
Originally you wrote 1/12 but today you wrote shortly.


“And Spend Bonus Will Be Added” I read the post twice..whats the spend bonus?


I heard from chase that the travel credit is going up to $350


My renewal happens to be on 4/1, so unfortunately it looks like I may be getting hit with increase.


If I have this card would you recommend the Chase Ink Business Preferred or the JetBlue CC?


So if I got the bonus for the preferred then I’m not eligible for the reserve bonus?

Deal Guy

I currently have the preferred for 7 years.
Haven’t gotten the bonus obviously since then.
Can I apply and get approved for the reserve today, while I still have the preferred?


Are you not allowed to apply if you have any other Sapphire card currently?




My renewal date is April 1. When I called Chase, they told me I’d be charged $450, and that would be payable on my May bill.


Still has 450 fee


CSP gets free lyft membership? How
Do i enroll? The site is saying to put in your cc but does chase reimburse you?

Edward Parver

My wife has a Sapphire preferred card. Would she be allowed to transfer this card to a Sapphire reserve card and get the sign up benefits.


No, transfers are not allowed now, and transfers dont get a sign up bonus


I tried upgrading from Pref to reserve yesterday and was told there going through a system update, so even though I made it before the cutoff of the annual fee raise, they refused to give it to give me $450 rate.
I told them the update problem is yours, not mine, but they refused to honor it.

don\'t have a way to spend $4000

anyone knows of a easy way to make the $4000 minimum? i don’t have any big purchases planned in the near future…


Was just charged my annual fee on Feb 1st for $450. Are they not upping it?
Believe me, i’m not complaining..


If someone has the freedom or preffered, can you upgrade to the reserve and then downgrade within the month ?


Why not?


I just got billed my annual fee in my October statement and it remained $450. Was this proposed annual fee increase to $550 canceled or reversed due to COVID?