Goodbye To Priceline “Name Your Own Price” For Car Rentals

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Priceline is no longer offering “Name Your Own Price” bidding for rental cars.

They stopped offering the bidding for flights a couple of years ago. Back in my single days I got some great deals via flight bidding, though I also wound up flying from Cleveland to NYC via Cincinnati. Most people didn’t want to bid for a flight with non-ideal flight times and connections, so it’s no surprise that it was shuttered.

The rental car bidding option was one that could be quite lucrative though. I’ve been able to rent cars for as little as $5/day through the Priceline bidding strategies that I talked about at DansDeals Seminars (Incognito browsers, rebid zones, virtual card numbers or used gift cards, etc). Priceline will still offer discounts on Express Deals where you can get a discount without knowing the rental car company.

Priceline will still allow “Name Your Own Price” for bidding on hotels. I’ve stayed in 4 star hotels for as little $30 with that option. But we’ll see how long that lasts…

What bargains have you received from Priceline?


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Who remembers the Paper Towel at Path Mark with name your own price?


Baby wipes? Pampers?


Dov77, would love to hear more details- i don’t remember this!


I remember this from when i was in college – they had name your own groceries, in NY they worked with D’Agastino’s, if i remember correctly – i ended up getting lots of food for near nothing…


Why is it ending?


Why are they taking this away?


because it’s a stupid useless feature


Dan, any seminars coming up? I’ve gained much knowledge since I’ve been to your last one in Jerusalem. I’m currently back in NY – I’m sure people here would be interested.
Let us know.


I rarely used it anymore. As long as you know how to use car rental discount codes, it was difficult to find a lower price through Priceline


I use Priceline through Autoslash and get great deals.


$100 a night for Marriott in Aruba years ago.


Was useless for the ordinary person anyway.


Most recently Sheraton Gateway LAX $80 during LA Marathon weekend- $140 outright. Worth giving up platinum benefits at that price point & business AMEX still gave me lounge access.

Charles Kuttner

My own hint…I’ve found cheap deals on rentals via AARP, but the lower-cost companies they deal with have horrible reviews. On the other hand, using Costco Travel, I’ve gotten deals with Enterprise (which I’m happy with) at considerably better price than by any other means.


I second the Costco option. My last handful have been with them because they have consistently been cheaper. A good amount cheaper too!!

nsx at FlyerTalk

In summer 2010 I scored 5 nights at the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice for less than $1000 all-in. It was fabulous. With this being the only 5-star in town, repeated bidding was easy.

Liam K. Nuj

I just used Priceline to rent a car for a week in Ft. Lauderdale the traditional way. I paid for $50 for the week, including all taxes & fees (but not including “insurance”).
The day before and the day after I made my reservation I was quoted $200-$250 for the same itinerary on Priceline and many other sites.
Can’t explain it.


I have gotten very cheap rates with name your price but didn’t include free spouse as additional driver. That cost $10-12 a day and you need to do for the entire contract length. Ended up way more then renting with companies that offer free spouse. Unless you want to be the only driver the whole time…..


dan can we please please have another seminar??? your getting to into stocks and finance related stuff and it feels your starting to move a little bit away from the points game. your not a financial analyst and your not going to do well in this field (bli ayin hara)my opinion please for your sake stick to what your good at good yom tov


Dan, just read through the whole Seminar thread and I can’t help but feel angry for those that abused the knowledge you provided. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to attend one of these seminars as I only learned about this blog 3 years ago. The seminars sound really informative and helpful, I could only wish that I had the chance to listen to some of the golden nuggets you dropped there. Is there anything you can suggest, in terms of learning/identifying tricks? I am sure there is a lot you have learned through experience but maybe there is something, anything you can share. Please consider running an informative session again and always thank you for all the knowledge you share and all the work you do!


is there any other company that does the bid on a rental car anymore?