Capital One Venture X Will Kill Off Priority Pass Restaurant And Spa Credits

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Capital One Venture X‘s value proposition may have been a bit too generous.

The card offers a $300 annual travel credit and a 10,000 point anniversary bonus, which serve to more than wipe out the card’s $395 annual fee.

On top of that, primary and free secondary cardholders get Priority Pass lounge access, Plaza Premium lounge access, Capital One lounge access, and Hertz President’s Club status. Global Entry/PreCheck is also covered for the primary cardholder.

But just over a year after the cards launch, the Priority Pass benefit will be devalued.

Effective 1/1/23, you will no longer be able to use the card for access to Priority Pass non-airport lounges, such as restaurants and spas in airports.

That matches the AMEX policy in disallowing those niceties.

Cards still allowing those benefits include the Chase Sapphire Reserve®, JPMorgan Reserve, JPMorgan Ritz Carlton (discontinued, but available via product change), and Citi Prestige (discontinued).

I always love picking up free stuff to go at Priority Pass restaurants. Hopefully the remaining cards that offer the benefit don’t wind up killing it off as well.

Will this factor in your decision on whether to renew the card?


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The PP from VentureX also allows unlimited guests, correct?
For me this aspect is more valuable than the Sapphire Reserve PP which limits guests but has the Restaurant/Spa.

El Capitan

I think it’s a little disputed. It’s either unlimited or 2 guests, dp’s are conflicting here.


Doesn’t the amex hilton aspire include restaurants?

El Capitan

For me any card which pays for itself is a keeper. This one continues to do that with ease.
I haven’t yet managed to get either amex plat or the CSR to do the same for me.

Jim S

it does pay for itself but the $300 travel benefit is only thru the cap one portal, unlike the CSR. Additionally, not really seeing the other benefits over and above the CSR. Am thinking of getting amex platinum which would completely rule out the need to renew this card.


Schmoozy bar still exists under PP?

Was just in TLV and was not an option….


It closed down


No, it closed. That’s an old picture in the post. But wow that was incredible while it was around.


Mine is renewing in Jan.
Will definitely keep still has so much value!


still worth it by a long shot but will be sad to see restaurant and spa credits go 🙁


Is there a directory that lists the restaurants or food establishments in each airport that participate in PP?


Which side of thins is MinuteSuites on?


Not sure why these cc’s have a right to downgrade when I paid 395 for a full year of spa access.


May downgrade if they continue chipping away at benefits, or if af goes up— a bit of bait and switch. I’ve used at sfo and elsewhere. This perk adds up if you travel even a few times a year.


No mention of spark travel elite? Is PP restaurants gone there too? Or should it still be listed with csr, Ritz, etc?


What about Minute Suites?


For many of us frum passengers, priority pass in general and pp restaurant are not easy to use. So many PPs have restrictive hours, are a schlep, require transiting onerous checkpoints on european stopover, have a a paucity of kosher food, or have restricted access (looking at you KLM-AF lounge at IAD). When you do get in, a free apple or orange (in Ch’L) and/or crowded lounges are a real buzzkill. Not to mention the cost of tipping when everyone else is; you don’t want to be the visible Yid being a noticeable cheapskate. Finding a semi-comfortable place to sit in the terminal is often a good tradeoff for avoiding lines and long treks.
As long as your are realistic about their value proposition, they can be helpful, occasionally.
For those frequent business travelers, many have per-diems anyway.
At some point, getting a bunch of free liquid on a stopover that you cant drink enough of before mandatory discarding, and that is heavy to boot, is not worth the effort.
Maybe I’ve been doing it wrong.
VentureX still a keeper for me. Presidential status at Hertz is a real gamechanger especially as Hertz is usually competitive pricewise.


Wish there was a list of airports and their corresponding kiosks etc that offered restaurant/spa credits


Still a keeper as its a net $5 winner the travel credits are easy enough to use.

We used PP on 18 visits this year for 2ppl.

Sad to loose the benefit – live in a sweet spot of PP hubs PDX/SFO/SEA with 12 experiences and 4 lounges.

I think that Cap1 is hemorrhaging from PP visits this year with launch at the start of Post Covid revenge travel. Also the 4 free AU PP probably didn’t help either.

Other Premium cards with PP $28 visits had two years of linted hours and PP redemptions but still collected AF.

So the other cards may hold off 12-18 months on dropping PP experiences.

We’re both qualified for another Sapphire bonus so a CSR maybe in the cards next year


Just wanted to chime in and mention that the Barclays Emirates Premium card also still offers PP restaurants and unlimited guests (including for the free AU cards). But probably not very relevant to most of us, especially with the $499 AF.


My VentureX card expires in March 2023. Any tips for specific places (hotel prepayments or hotel restaurants etc.) I could use the $200 vacation rental credit before then? What if I’m not traveling within the next few months?

Jim S

See if you can book on airbnb and then cancel. It does take ages to get the credit tho – took us about 3 or 4 months.


Is the $300 airline credit per calendar or cardholder year?