[More Details Announced] Canada Will Require All Air, Train, And Cruise Passengers To Be Vaccinated

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Update: Canada will require proof of full vaccination from all domestic travelers ages 12 and up, effective October 30th. There will be a grace period from October 30th-November 30th if you have a negative PCR test from within the past 72 hours.

With the US following Canada’s lead by requiring foreign visitors to be vaccinated starting next month, will the US also copy Canada’s requirement for domestic travelers to be vaccinated?

Originally posted on 8/13:

Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced today that all commercial air travelers, inter-provincial train passengers, and cruise ship passengers in Canada will need to be vaccinated. The mandate will go into effect no later than October and potentially earlier. It’s unclear if kids will be exempted, though I’d assume they will be if they’re traveling with vaccinated adults and there is no vaccinate approved for their age.

While many countries require proof of vaccination for foreigners to enter, I haven’t seen any other countries require vaccination in order for their own citizens to travel.

Canada currently requires that Americans 12 and older be vaccinated in order to visit the country, but their own citizens do not currently need to be vaccinated.

The AP reports that while the Biden administration has talked about a vaccine mandate for interstate travel in the US, that isn’t under consideration at the moment. Of course in the US things are more complicated as there is no federal database of vaccinations. It’s also unlikely that many states would willingly hand over their vaccination data to the federal government for the purpose of a nationwide database of fly or no-fly lists.

What do you think of Canada’s new rule and do you think the US will try to emulate the policy?

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No federal database of vaccinations..

I’m actually curious where do they punch it into? and is it even in any system?

Chaim Montreal

Crazy!! Totally controlling our lives, don’t get me wrong i took one shot of the vaccine but I think the government can’t have a rule that you have to be vaccinated!!


The Canadian government isn’t forcing the population to get vaccinated.


no, just using good old fashioned coercion/blackmail trying to make living without it more and more miserable.


Well, by not getting vaccinated you’re making life more miserable for the rest of us.


How are the non-vaccinated making life for miserable for you if you’re vaacinated? You’re not in danger from the disease anymore. What are they doing to you exactly?


We continue to have lockdowns because of the unvaccinated. We continue to see mutations of the virus because of the unvaccinated. We continue to see vaccinated people quarantining after getting sick because the unvaccinated have allowed these mutations to proliferate. But if you can’t see past yourself, I don’t expect any of that to matter to you.


What country do you live in?



Hawai’i had some of the strictest measures, with enforced lockdowns and quarantines until they sorta really opened for tourist back in what March-April.

There has been various levels of commercial shutdowns bars, movies, gyms, places of worship, and small commercial entities.

But no lockdowns or mandatory quarantines like the UK, NZ, EU, ZA, AU, HK, Philippines, China etc. I know Canada closed the border.


The truth is that mutations are happening in the vaccinated NOT the unvaccinated. This is exactly why it was suggested not to mass vaccinate during a pandemic. When you understand this you wouldn’t call the unvaccinated selfish. Lockdowns are not because of the unvaccinated. its for control.


My body, my choice. If you can kill babies using this slogan than surely you shouldn’t be restricted from travel…

living in Israel

Hope you don’t mind…I’ll be using your line. Well said!!!


That is true.


Why? If you have the vaccine, than you should be safe from catching the virus from unvaxxed people.
(And if there’s a chance that you can still catch it if your vaxxed… than you’re not safe in any event).


We continue to have lockdowns because of the unvaccinated. We continue to see mutations of the virus because of the unvaccinated. We continue to see vaccinated people quarantining after getting sick because the unvaccinated have allowed these mutations to proliferate. But if you can’t see past yourself, I don’t expect any of that to matter to you.



I know like really, it’s not like we have 5 Billion unvaccinated persons living in emerging countries (and its pretty much only the Vaxxed travelers/tourist who can visit most of these devloping countries).

It’s also not like 385K myopic people attended Lollapalooza in Chicago, and many other potential spreaders events because they were vaccinated and safe..

If I recall the data I read is that most of the variants viable enough to be noticed and are around still- mainly hail from 2020, before a vaccine was widely available.

Hmmm…Vaccinated privilege who woulda thunk it?


Brian, vaccinated individuals are traveling in and out of events and countries spreading the virus since the unvaxxed can’t travel freely. They are also allowing the countries to be more and more controlling by showing them they allow the governments to control their personal lives. So remind me again how the 5% who are unvaxxed are ruining your life?


Lots of straw men here. Yes, we should be putting a LOT more effort into vaccinating the rest of the world, and the fact that we’re letting vaccines go to waste here while they’re unvaccinated is shameful both for the people rejecting those vaccines and this country.

Yes, Lollapalooza shouldn’t have happened (it wasn’t 385k people, though, it was 96k per day). No arguments there, and I say that as a big music festival fan.

But you’re wrong on the spread of variants: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/unvaccinated-people-are-increasing-the-chances-for-more-coronavirus-variants-heres-how

Nice tries, though. My points all still stand fully.


CDC states that vaccines do not stop transmission so please explain to me what it’s anyone’s business if I take the vaccine or not. If I’m stupid enough to reject it, that’s my business. The argument that I’m affecting others doesn’t make sense now that the CDC confirmed that transmission is equal with our without the vaccine


Vaccinated people may spread the virus (once they are infected) at the same rate as unvaccinated people, but unvaccinated people get it more. That’s an important difference.
I don’t know the exact numbers but here’s an example. If you have 50 vaccinated people and 50 unvaccinated , maybe 5 unvaccinated people get the virus but 20 unvaccinated people do. If you had 100 people who are all vaccinated, 10 people get it. If there are 100 unvaccinated people, 40 get it. This is just my example.
So you can have as little as 10 people who can spread it or as much as 40 people. Which situation is more likely to make more people sick?


Brian, I don’t know where you live but as far as I’m concerned covid was long over in the NY/NJ area. No one gives a hoot about covid anymore and you barely see a mask anywhere. It’s history just get over it.


unsubstantiated unscientific lies and more lies. just keep repeating and they become true. sickening. just like the blood libels. dehumanize those selfish anti vaxxers and legitimize the tyranny or eventually i suspect, righteous violence against them. those evil jews i mean “unvaccinated”.


They actually can, and was already ruled I’m the 50’s by smallpox that the state can force vaccinations. In the same way the government can stop you from speeding or other dangers to socciety. U’ve brainwashed yourself into thinking that in free society everyone can do whatever they want and there are no consequences and anything else is facisim or communism, well guess what even in a free society, you are still living in a society where each person has an impact on others and your “right not to vaccinate” doesn’t trump societies right for you not to spread diseases.


Bacterial vs Viral, there is no such thing as a Viral Vaccine that is 100% effective.


When are we going to start force sterilizing welfare recipients?

boy george

Maybe check out Buck V Bell which essentially legalized exactly that. You may want to cover up, Chris, your ignorance is showing


*ruled in 1905


Firstly the vaccine isn’t 100% effective, secondly there are those who the vaccine doesn’t work due to real medical conditions, and as can plainly be seen the more people who aren’t vaccinated the more the disease mutates and spreads and renders the vaccine less effective, anyone with a brain and eyes can see how this has gradually occured over the last few months


hey anyone with a brain and eyes can see. he proved it right there. case closed. why don’t we just expedite things and round up those jews er I mean unvaxxed disease spreaders endangering us all.


I think it’s crap – so people that have legitimate medical reasons/issues can never travel again? Or the 20 year old that has a 99.99% survival rate can’t travel because they might give a vaxed person a cold? (Even though more and more vaxed are becoming spreaders)


The CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases now they only track breakthrough cases if you died or were hospitalized.

I guess the optics of a large number of breakthrough case might deter people from getting the jab.


I’m not a huge fan of ALIJAZEERA, but they raise the question: is the Herd immunity narrative becoming a myth



This article from the New York Magazine is a good interview with Hardvard epidemologists about how the CDC is downplaying breakthrough cases, and how herd immunity is very likely just not going to happen:


incredible how we now have to resort to Al Jazeera to get the truth!?!?!?

Harley Kesselman

Trudeau is a fascist.


Sounds like talk from a Trump supporter, closeted or otherwise.


Would probably be an unconstitutional burden on interstate commerce. Get ready for trucker shortages for one.


What about land border crossings?


Probably will be for inter-provincial air travel only, which is useless and only a way to punish unvaccinated people. I can’t imagine them not letting dual-citizens leave the country, or not letting Canadian citizens that are abroad come back home. It is scary for people with a single citizenship, and even scarier if it applies to everyone.

Dan\'s the man

October? Delta will probably be over by then!


It’s great. Not a mandate but removes the cost to society of these people not getting vaccines. If you don’t wish to get vaccinated you can’t be a cost on the system, go live under a rock


That’s a slippery slope – so if they can’t use public services should they stop paying taxes? What about people that drink, use drugs or are obese – obesity is a much larger cost to the system.


You actually could use any service you wish- as long as you get vaccinated. I would want to see private business doing it first but if the situation gets much worse then this is the right step for the Gov, short of mandates.
And all those things you mentioned doesn’t effect others while vaccinations do by giving the virus more chances to mutate which affects those vaccinated. See Delta variant where vaccinated people suddenly have a higher risk of catching the virus due to mutations


You’ll never vas everyone in the world so I guess according to your logic the vaccinated will always be vulnerable? Stupid reason to try to force experimental medicine that doesn’t even work. My body my choice.


With a big enough population vaccinated there hopefully won’t be more variants. Vaccine is not “experimental”. It doesn’t work ??
Your choice to live under a rock



Considering that all the vaccine manufacturer state in the ” fact sheets” that you you can still catch COVID even if fully vaxxed. From Moderna fact sheet.

“5.4 Limitations of Vaccine Effectiveness
The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine may not protect all vaccine recipients.” [8.12.2021]

Since the vaccine “may” keep you from becoming hospitalized and dying from COVID-19. It may lower your odds of dying if your in a high risk group (geratic, obese, HBP, diabetes, other comorbidities).

The viral load of those testing postive for COVID-19 is the same for Vaxxed/Unvaxxed…the “herd immunity” narrative borders on fantasy– -simply because both those that have recovered and also those who are fully vaxxed can still get COVID. As long as the vaccine and natural immunity doesn’t prevent infection or transmission – we’ll have variants just like the cold/flu every winter.

CBSs David Begnaud this morning – “…median age of those fully vaxxed dying from breakthrough cases was 74 with comorbidities…”. Which is basically the same core demographic of Unvaxxed dying from COVID-19.


The various Vaccine manufacturews clinical trial groups efficacay in geratic (65+) ranges from 62%~86%.

But Efficacay in the Clincal trials for those 12~64> is 95% +/-

20% of those under 12 in Israel have the antibodies for COVID despite not being vaxxed or getting sick

Yes we have had outliers in those under 50 as well as those under 18 – in the US we have had less than 400 pediatric deaths from COVID- an infitesmal number out of 335M Americans of all ages.

The issue is we don’t have long term knowledge of side effects of the vaccines – not everything manifest within weeks or months from exposure. i.e. asbestos, Roundup, agent orange, etc.


actually its the Vaxxed people who are spreading it… is it a coincidence that the new wave came after all of the aggressive VAX campaigns?


Sickening, so many think this way today. So much of the world is brainwashed and lost to this evil mindset. I will be quite happy to live among those in this new society of people who you tell to go live under a rock. Thank God (God, not to be confused with Pfizer ScienceTM or Fauci) we are quite a plentiful minority.


By October at the rate the numbers are going the effectiveness of the vaccine will probably be in the teens. But I’m sure they’ll still keep the mandate. After all it’s a religion – you gotta believe. Can I show my antibody results? Anyone??


how does this work i got my vaccination in some lakewood place i just show the border my flimsy vaccine card with 2 stickers on it,


Well, a plane is only a couple hundred people for an hour or 2 (NYC- montreal/toronto). Imagine a big baseball stadium like Madison Square Garden, where you have 30,000 people breathing the same air for a few hours, and all they check for, is that flimsy paper from some place. Imagine if some anti-vaxxer sneaks in, he can infect 30,000 regular people in one shot!!!


I guess I’m not going to Canada!!


Note that since Canadians are not allowed to enter the US by land, that effectively traps Canadians who choose not to get vaccinated from travelling anywhere. I wonder about allowing unvaccinated Canadians to return?


There are private boats for purchase or rent/hire that allow people to sail the ocean blue.


Canada’s approach seems to be one that will be of having to meet a timely test requirement to fly unless having acceptable proof of vaccination when flying on Canadian flights subject to Canadian federal law.

About 6 million vaccine-eligible Canadians have not yet gotten a single COVID-19 vaccine jab. To fly between Canadian provinces/territories or internationally, Canada seems on course to require them to meet a timely test requirement.


Canada is hardly alone. France and Italy have put in place restrictions of this sort on intra-country travel by plane and train with either proof of vaccinations or recent antigen test. You should expect other countries to move in that direction as well, though probably not the US given a whole raft of reasons.

It\'s getting a little frightening

I am fearful all of this won’t end well. 🙁


Amen. Had we all had some more backbone and said NO to ALL of the covid theatre and nonsense after the 14 days to slow the spread and not overwhelm the hospitals thing, we would not be in this position. no lives were saved by all this BS response. No, the Covid 19 virus is not BS, but the government response across the board is and has only inflicted harm on society. It has not saved countless lives as they claim, certainly not any lives that could not have been saved with common sense and self-determination without our overlords, without the evil measures cloaked as safety that have harmed and yes killed so many. Many like myself still going about their business snagging amazon subscribe and save deals, but we are already at war.


I’m American.
I got the vaccine (2 doses) in israel as a student.

Can my green passport be used as proof of vaccination out of Israel?
Can’t find details on line…


If you drive through the border, will Canada require you to be vaccinated?



boy george

I drove across the border last Sunday. They required proof of vaccination.


To clarify – non-vaccinated non-Canadians can enter if they are directly related to a Canadian, or fall into a few other categories. If not, then yes, you need to be fully vaccinated to enter (by land or by air). Non-vaccinated need to test upon arrival, and on day 8, as well as quarantine for 14 days. https://travel.gc.ca/travel-covid/travel-restrictions/exemptions


All these people who are complaining about being coerced — where we they back in the 60s when young American men were being coerced to join the 50,000 who died in Asia?

They’re probably the same ones who resisted service to their country by claiming bone spurs.


that was to prevent the spread of communism and the death and enslavement of 100’s of millions or even billions of people, not the death of 5 million elderly (however sad it is)


And how did that turn out? Last time I was in Saigon its official name was Ho Chi Minh City, and his portrait was on all the currency. Sort of like the Taliban, with 80,000 poorly-equipped troops, defeating the U.S.-puppet Afghan army with 300,000. But at least no Americans were coerced to join that fight.

boy george

Wait Bob!!! Lets make sure no one on this thread is familiar with J. Marion Sims, Jacobson v Massachusetts, Buck v Bell, the Tuskegee experiment, smallpox, polio, Korematsu v United States, science, history or law. Do not let facts get in the way of your political opinions. Bottom line is, if there is a criminal who poses a danger to society we remove them from the community at large to protect the community. Spreading a fatal disease is no different. Unlike a pregnancy, a carrier of SARS-Cov-2 has the very real potential of causing the death of another. Your body your choice, so do not get vaccinated, and stay out of the public. That is your choice. At no point does anybody else need to suffer because of anyone else’s health and safety choices. If you do not like vaccine mandates go and get some polio, smallpox and yellow fever.

boy george

So to stop the spread of communism people should die but not to stop the spread of a deadly virus. I fail to follow the logic. Your comments about the enslavement and death about “100’s of millions or even billions” is entirely speculative and entirely not supported by any historical record or evidence. As a historian I have spent plenty of time studying that era in American politics. As Bob points out the US lost that war and your fear mongering sensationalism of what will happen in the United States if the communists win never panned out. While historical fiction is among my most favourite literary genre, revisionist history, presented as truth that has no basis in historical fact, on the other hand is quite dangerous.


What are you talking about? Probably not born yet? Ridiculous analogy


remember the days when lockdowns were only to “slow” the spread of the virus, so that the healthcare system shouldn’t become overwhelmed?
remember the days that Dr. Fauci said “we can’t stop this virus?

I think its abt time for the government to do what they are suppose to do (like strengthening the healthcare system), and not take care of their citizens like a scared mother for little kids, that’s not the job of the government.
if your scared then take a vaccine, and if your still scared then wear a mask, and if your still scared wear 2 masks, and if your still watching TV (instead of asking your doctors…) and your still scared stay at home & live on UberEat. don’t just lockdown other people.

the job of the government is to help its citizens (not tell them what to do, only to give them the opportunity to be able to do what’s right/good) by giving them the opportunity to take a vaccine, by reinforcing the healthcare infrastructure, by trying to find a cure to people sick (did you realize that the government never told us what to do once a person gets sick? except that you should stay home).

so my opinion is that the government should not impose any Mandates, and instead spend their money on other solutions,


Great Comments. Thanks!!

boy george

So much of this is just nonsense political hyperbole.

Of course your first goal is to try to discredit Fauci. Ironic since you also suggest speaking to a medical professional rather than parroting back whats on tv. I guess that only applies if you do not get your news from OAN or Newsmax. What is even more telling is that you quote Fauci as saying we cannot stop the spread of the virus. If you knew somethin about stopping the spread of the virus, you should have said so back in March of 2020 when Fauci made that comment. At that time there was no agreed upon treatment and no vaccine. Accusing Fauci of being wishy washy after over a year of research shows that your motive here is purely political.

Your comment about personal responsibility is equally persuasive. Aside from businesses putting up no masks allowed signs, the protests and online commenting about who should be doing what shows quite clearly that you are not interested in having your personal opinion but attempting to convince others that you are correct.

You want to talk about mandates? Have you had polio? Mumps? Smallpox? Are you aware that Korematsu v United States held that for the public good any citizen can be indefinitely detained with no trial and no criminal suspicions, is still good law?

mark nissel

Anyone who thinks that there won’t be variants that will emerge from all over the world that will be more and ultimately entirely vaccine resistant is a naive fool. Pfizers resistance rate according to Israel is down to 36 percent .. 2 more variants and it’ll be 0… 2 more variants and it won’t prevent hospitalizations and death. The goal posts keep moving … no one talks herd immunity anymore anywhere (even Israel)… within 2 years every person on earth will either have had coronavirus and survived it or die from it… just like the flu… it may sound sad and morbid but time to be a LOT smarter …


time to work on curing the virus (instead of preventing it), and time to work on healthcare infrastructure.




The cure was given over 3k years ago, by nine other than the malach hamaves himself! He told Moshe Rabeinu that ketores stops a magaifa! Yup, it’s a well kept secret, but those who say ketores every day are living their lives just fine…

boy george

If you like I can share the lists of names my Shul sent out, including the people who were there every morning saying ketores. Let me introduce you to a brilliant new concept in Jewish thought, its called hishtadlus. Whatever segula you think you have you may still not tempt death and while following the stricture of uneshmartin es nafshoseicham, which you should be saying multiple times a day, you have an affirmative biblical obligation to take whatever steps you can to honur and respect g-d’s creations, especially humankind, who was made in his image.

I would farther like to state that if you remember that the Israelites were subject to a plague of snakes when traversing the desert. G-d told Moses to make a copper snake so that the people may gaze upon it and be saved (Numbers 21/ Bamidbar). Do you remember what happened to that snake? If not, read Kings/Malachim. Hezekiah/Chizkiyahu destroyed the bronze serpent Moses/Moshe created because the Children if Israel began to worship the snake rather than worshipping G-d. I warn you not to place too much emphasis on a particular rite or ritual when the only entity that can protect you is g-d himself. G-d has commanded you to guard thy sole and to take precautionary measures. Saying ketores is a precautionary measure, but when you confuse that ritual with actual service of G-d and following his commandments you run a grave risk.


We all just need to trust the science and trust our health institutions. its for our own good.


Great news!


for who? im all for people who are in danger of dying getting a vaccine. but…
the whole idea of needing vaccinations to travel is absurd. vaccines don’t prevent getting covid and they dont prevent spreading covid. if so, whats the connection to traveling?

boy george

Did you get your medical degree from OAN? How about your PhD from Newsmaxx? Posting nonsense online doesnt make your statements true


Dan, do you think the airlines will lobby against this rule? This will be a severe blow to their business.

We\'re living in a scary world

You voted Trudeau, now eat it.


And California (supposedly) revoted Newsome and now have to deal with today’s news from Los Angeles – cannot enter any public malls/gyms etc unless you’re vaxxed


What about if we drive?


Driving is fine. So is a private plane. Private boat. As long as you are not on public transportation endangering others. No one is forcing people to get vaccinated. They are just not allowing them to use travel methods that can affect hundreds of other people.


guess once I’m over the border in Canada I’m free to infect everyone:)


Yes, but not on confined public transportation.


Yes but Canadians can’t drive in to US. And most people can’t afford a private plane or boat. Not to mention wanting to travel somewhere besides USA. So yes non-vaxxed Canadians will be stuck here.


Good for them!!!!!!!


Real world questions. Anyone know? Cant find the answers:
1. Will this apply to international flights from Canada to the US?
2. Will this apply to international travel from the US to Canada?
3. Will this apply to US citizens travelling to/from Canada too? Or just CA citizens?
4. Will this apply to minors between ages 12 and 18 studying in Canada?


1. Yes. All flights originating in Canada, whether domestic, transborder or international.
2. The current rules will still apply. Non-Canadians can enter if related to a Canadian, or some other reasons, or are vaccinated. Everyone 5+ needs a PCR test to enter, by land or by air even so.
3. Applies to anyone who wants to get on a flight in Canada.
4. Applies to anyone 12+ (since they are eligible for a vaccine).

And Canadians are not allowed to drive into the US. So if you want to go anywhere, you’ll need to be vaxxed.

I have no idea (and no one else really does either) where all the infections are and will come from. However, those living in NY/NJ should be aware that many many other people did not end Covid restrictions in June 2020. Toronto for one has had several lockdowns, including 2 months of “Stay at home orders” April-May 2021. We are still in Stage 3 actually, 100 people outdoors and 25 indoors, masks in all indoor places (that was just extended till at least Jan 2022!). Vaccine passport rules went into effect 2 weeks ago… restrictions still very much a part of life here. Not to mention the 14 day quarantine whenever entering Canada. We have no idea if schools will actually stay open all year, last year they only had 5 months in total, broken up through the year. So ya, we’d love this to be over but it’s not.

and FYI – I did NOT vote for Trudeau, not this year and not last time.


Thanks for the replies.
From the link you sent:
“For travellers who are in the process of being vaccinated, there will be a short transition period where they will be able to travel if they can show a valid COVID-19 molecular test within 72 hours of travel. By November 30, all travellers must be fully vaccinated”

What does “in the process if being vaccinated” mean?

E.g. For someone who has not been vaccinated at all yet, if they have a flight from Canada to the US in the beginning of November, if they have a negative PCR, will they still be able to fly?


Seems so from the wording.


Usually “in process” means one vaccination out of two. So not totally unvaccinated but also not fully vaccinated.
It sounds like you need one jab plus a PCR test, not just one or the other.


Then people will schedule and then cancel.
I doubt they are leaving that kind of loophole, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see


It doesn’t say that you need to show proof of “in process” – and yes, it’s only for a month anyways – but note that unvaccinated travellers will need to pay for a PCR test instead – they are not free here (for travel), it’s about $200.


I was wondering the same thing

The Royal Mounted

God Save The Queen….

sarah lagnado

I can already see what is coming on the horizon!
No renewal of passports/drivers’ licenses etc. if not vaccinated, forget about travel abroad.
Then comes no public transportation and last but not least
They are all making sure that food supplies and all other necessities will be destroyed, not given up etc. The whole country will come down to the ground, as will other countries.
It is just a way of a few madmen/women wanting to rule the world with their “New World Order” and the new “reset”. Why do you all think they are allowing the madness of transgender etc to rear its ugly head? It is all done for depopulation and the few to get our finances/housing and all assets.
It’s now done in China where they have face recognition and nobody gets a paycheck there now. You just go to the shops and if you are electronically “recognized” you can “buy” things without cash, as the government already has all your cash, your wages all going into their accounts straight from their place of work!
Look it all up.
The New World Order.


yes, scary scary. can’t believe how many ran to go get vaxxed… 🙁


I’m always wondering when conspiracy theorists keep on referencing “they” “they” who are “they” because “they” are working together extremely good with no big leaks or errors for the past couple of decades!? Who gets part of “they”, can a first term senator or a mayor become part of “they” when they push a policy that “they” also push?

boy george

“They” do not exist. Its a classic tactic of not giving enough information to allow a fact checker to actually confirm any of the “facts” purported. “They” cannot be named because that would allow you to prove the falsity of the statements. You cannot do that now because “they” are a changing goal post and once you prove one person didnt say it “they” shifts and becomes someone else. Anyone who cannot provide a source or independently verifiable information is just regurgitating someone else’s garbage.


Having the right to make a decision does not excuse you from facing the results of your decision…….

Welcome to democracy.


Evil. Where is the line? when do we wake up and say enough?!

boy george

I could not agree more!!!! Anyone still refusing to get the vaccine is evil. We need to wake up and say “Enough” to those selfish enough to continue spreading a deadly virus with no regard to anyone else’s health and safety.


Very interesting – there are a lot of positives about the vaccines that are out there for COVID, although they are far from perfect. A close relative of mine was hospitalized shortly after taking the Pfizer vaccine. BH, after a day in the hospital, he recovered. Although he is certainly in the minority, because we are genetically similar, (also because I already BH have antibodies, I check monthly) I’d hesitate to take a covid vaccine until they are perfected or at least they can say if you have A, B, C attributes, the vaccine is not recommended. He is certainly not going to take his second shot. With these rules, neither of us would be able to travel by air. How much sense does that make?


Good thing most of u weren’t around when polio, MMR etc vaccines were initially introduced.


Does anyone know if Canada by land border have access to New York vaccination database?