[Offer Dead, Companion Pass Now Live!] Fly Southwest By September 30th And Bring Along A Companion For Free For 8 Weeks!

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Update, 1/8: If you took advantage of this offer, your 2 month Companion Pass is now live. If you previously booked Southwest travel, you can now add a free companion onto those reservations!

Update: DEAD!

Update, 8/30: To be eligible for this promotion you must book your flight before 11:59pm CT tonight and travel by 9/30!

Fly Southwest By September 30th And Bring Along A Companion For Free For 8 Weeks!

Login, click on register, and then register now for this promotion:

You can earn a promotional Southwest companion pass valid from 1/8/24-3/8/24 if you:

  • Register your Southwest Rapid Rewards number via the link above.
  • Purchase 2 one-ways or 1 round-trip paid flight after registration and no later than August 30th at 11:59pm CT.
  • Qualifying flights include flights paid entirely with dollars, LUV Vouchers, gift cards or travel funds, and with no portion of the purchase price paid for with Rapid Rewards points.
  • Enter your Southwest Rapid Rewards number at the time of booking.
  • Fly by 9/30.
  • Don’t make any changes after booking your new flight.

If you have an existing booking, you can cancel it and then use the travel funds to make a new booking!

With a companion pass you can bring along a friend for free on both paid and award tickets to anywhere Southwest flies. That includes Hawaii and international destinations! You can transfer points from Chase to Southwest and double their value when you bring a friend for free!

You can search for inexpensive flights using the Southwest Low Fare Calendar. If you need to cancel you can always do so for free and retain a credit for future travel.

Don’t forget that you can always cancel and your funds will never expire. You can also use this trick to transfer flight credits to other people.

You can also purchase Southwest tickets up to $109 per passenger (or higher than $109 when combined with travel credits if the amount charged to the card is up to $109) and get refunded as part of the AMEX airline fee credit!

  • A Promotional Companion Pass earned through this offer is valid from 1/8/24-3/8/24.
  • A Promotional Companion Pass allows you to designate one person to fly with you, free of airline charges (does not include taxes and fees from $5.60 one-way), on all flights purchased and flown from 1/8/24-3/8/24.
  • Once you are qualified for a Promotional Companion Pass you will receive an email from Southwest that includes information on next steps and how to designate and utilize the Promotional Companion Pass. Southwest intends to send this email to all qualifying Members within 10 days after your qualifying flight is flown.
  • You can designate a Companion after the Promotional Companion Pass has been awarded to your account on 1/8/24. You may change your designated Companion up to three times during the Promotional Companion Pass period. If you earn Companion Pass in 2024 by earning 125,000-135,000 Companion Pass qualifying points or flying 100 qualifying flights, any changes to your designated Companion during the time you have a Promotional Companion Pass will reduce the number of changes you can make to your designated Companion in the 2023 calendar year. For example, if you earn a Promotional Companion Pass through this promotion, change your designated Companion twice during the validity period for Promotional Companion Pass, and later in 2023 earn Companion Pass, you would only be able to change your designated Companion one more time in 2023. Companion Pass is not transferable.

You can book travel for the companion pass holder at any time and then add a free companion at any time, as long as a seat is available for sale.

Will you try to get a companion pass with this offer?

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2 one way tickets – Can it be two people flying one way on the same reservation? This would be huge for Succos flying – only the pre-YT flight is before 9/30.




Maybe make a stop on the way. For example, cancel your flight and use the funds to book two one ways, eg. Lga to Mdw, and Mdw to Fll.


Would this work if I no show to a flight




You actually have to fly it correct?




Do you need to fly the full round trip before 09/30 or as long as you started it by then?


Finish before 9/30

Joseph Keil

Just changed my flight to the same flight and received a credit for travel next month on a already planned paid fare. Looking forward to the CP for 2 months!!


You mean canceled and rebooted right?


Thanks! Is this better or worse than the previous offer to go in the same time period and get 50% off?


Could this possibly stack with an existing CP? Here’s what I’m imagining. Let’s say I have the CP and P2 is my companion. Now, imagine P2 does this offer and gets the CP and designates P3 as P2’s companion.

Now, if I fly somewhere, if P2 flies as my companion, would that permit P3 to fly as P2’s companion? in other words, can it stack?


It used to but I heard it doesn’t anymore


If I make a wanna get away plus reservation so I can change my flight the day of travel for free, would changing disqualify me from the promotion?


Yes, any changes will drop the promo.


I made a same day change with my wanna get away plus fare, completed my trip yesterday and got an email this morning from Southwest “Congratulations on earning promotional Companion Pass. Get ready to get away and bring your favorite plus one along for free.** So, where to for the two of you?

You can book travel now, and starting January 8, 2024, you can add your Companion to your existing reservations. You’ll have until March 8, 2024 to enjoy the benefits of this offer. We can’t wait to see you and your Companion onboard soon!”



I was just passing on what they told us.


A CSR just told me that ANY change of ANY kind at ANY time (even within the first 24 hours) will bump the ticket out of the promo. We are welcomed to rebook for new date, time, person, etc, but only at what is currently available at that time. If someone has other info or experience…would love to hear.


Southwest is telling me the same.


How about adding or removing lap child?


Am I risking anything by adding an existing companion to a qualified reservation (i.e. paid flight.) Would that somehow negate qualifying or make it as if a portion of the reservation is using a reward?


Would my wife and I be able to both buy separate roundtrip tickets and both have a free companion pass? And also if I wanted to travel somewhere alone with my wife I’m January or February could I appoint her as my companion if she bought the original qualifying ticket?

abraham Birnbaum

has this been extended?


Not that I see.

abraham Birnbaum

I asked because it was still highlighted on your page. Thank you for responding.


Is adding early-bird checkin considered a change to the reservation?






Hi, I took advantage of this promotion and flew a roundtrip on Sept 6-7 and I haven’t gotten an email from Southwest yet…


Companion pass now live