El Al’s Impressive New Ad Hits Home

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Boy, what a difference a few years can make.

During COVID, El Al shut down, leaving United as the lifeline to the outside world. The airline had been mismanaged for years and was sold off in 2020 for pennies on the dollar. It has certainly improved since then, though that work is far from over.

Most airlines shut down Israel service in the wake of the horrific October 7th massacre, which left El Al as the only carrier continuing to operate global service.

Even more than 4 months later, El Al is still the sole nonstop link between the US and Israel.

The airline released a Hebrew language ad, which is one of the most powerful airline ads that I’ve ever seen.

I highlighted United’s delightful Super Bowl ads last week and always liked this 1990s United ad, this 2000s Continental ad, and this Icelandair ad, but this El Al ad really hits home:


It depicts young Israelis abroad on October 7th who race to fly home, and find that only El Al can actually get them home.

It also highlights how El Al packed their planes, allowing reservists to take jump seats or sit on the floor to return home and help with the war effort.


Have your airline loyalties switched post-October 7th? What do you think of the ad and what is your favorite airline ad?

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Very powerful.
Elal never let me down – that’s why I only fly with them


Wow, tear-jerking ad


I’ve status matched to EL Al from United 1K and have started flying them. Overall it’s a great experience.

There is certainly a great loss of benefits mainly when traveling with companions/family members and their upgrade system isn’t as generous or flexible for Matmid Platinum members but their lounges in TLV and NY are better for Kosher clientele and their flight schedule trumps United.


Which lounge do they use in NY ?


Yeah, the ad brought tears to my eyes. But dealing with El Al also brings tears to my eyes. Very special that they brought home
all the reservists etc, but that doesn’t excuse their price gouging now. As for what they term “free cancellation and refunds on Flex tickets”??? Ha. Don’t know which is harder now; finding a reasonably priced ticket dep TLV or getting a refund from LY. This ad sure
touched me more than Scott Kirby’s twisted liberal ad from last month.


I would argue that they haven’t been price gouging at all. I flew them round trip in November and December and the prices were the regular ~$1000. I have only seen more significant price increases recently and there are now many other options to choose from if you want budget options.


I’m not looking for budget travel (ie easyjet). I travel for work as UA1k and know how much long haul travel should cost. What LY is doing now (check Explore on Google flights for the next two weeks) is taking advantage.


I think the business fares are ridiculous!!!!! Looking forward to United eventually (maybe summer) flying. I am a 1K and feel I get more perks with United. Until then, I have no choice but El Al for direct flight!


Dan- Do you think they will add more flights? There is a crazy shortage atm.


They were patriotic at first but at this point they are being very greedy.


Supply and demand.
The high price makes only those who really need to fly get a seat.
You can always fly with a stopover in Europe if you want cheap.

Dr Cliff

How so?


It’s a beautiful ad. When I first heard about El Al packing in reservists into the aisles and galleys soon after October 7, I cried. For the past few years before October 7, El Al has been on the upswing, with improved service and operations. But now, I am all-in committed to flying El Al to/from Israel. I will gladly pay higher fares (within reason, of course) in recognition of all they have done for Israel.


Powerful…I greatly appreciate the sacrifices of all of our chayalim and their families who are sacrificing so much for Klal Yisrael and appreciate ELAL’s part in that.

Speaking as someone who actually enjoyed an ElAL flight in 2022, If they can capitalize by cornering the market and adding nonstops from additional places, I would be very open to paying something extra for the convenience and heimishness and other supporters of the land would too.
Maybe i’m wrong, but I wonder how much the Frum/Jewish community represents seats on Israel flights; I’d imagine United and Delta still represent so much capacity from the general public when factoring in feeder flights to hubs.

Speaking of the overbooked flights, anyone know where to find pics/videos of people sleeping in galleys, singing, or the achdus on those initial flights? I’ve searched the DDFs but did not find much.


This ad is powerful, They should release the same ad in english version as well, so they can reach a wider audience!


Kenny Rosenberg is a tzadek. Everything he does is in a torah guided erlicha way. Smart businessman but most important great human being. May Hashem continue to guide him and give him mazel in all his endeavours.




Let’s not go nuts. He’s a guy who owns nursing homes, not a Lamed Vavnik. “Rozenberg and Hagler used various illegal and fraudulent schemes to convert the Medicare and Medicaid funds into profits they could use to enrich themselves.”



Mods, please remove motzai shem ra. Scared to think what Avi would comment on Beilus, Dreyfuss etc or any other blood libel in our long history as the “reliable” (read:anti semetic) news media reported


If you want to see tzaddikim at work, visit a Tomchei Shabbos or a Hatzalah station. Rozenberg’s a gvir. Why do people conflate the two? To quote Shlomo Rechnitz’s sardonic comment at the Agudah convention when he mentioned how much money he donates and the room burst into applause “the word money will always do that.”


Wow I’m surprised a bitter person like you can’t find dirt on Tomchei shabbos or Hatzolah!


FYI. Kenny is actually on Hatzalah


Thats why they moved elal HQ from NY to FL same DA in NY thats chasing Trump


Why wasn’t this Lashon Harah/Motsei Shem Ra removed yet?


Darryl Hagler is the silent brains!


Very touching ad.

My wish is that they would add more flights so that there is more availability and then the ticket prices could come down.


I think the idea can be expanded beyond 10/7. They should highlight the fact that they’re the only direct link between North America and Israel, enabling people to travel for school/business/Simchas etc.
They should hit the US market now before any US competitor figures out how to get back in the game.

Have your airline loyalties switched post-October

Yes, no one in family will be flying with Turkish airlines anymore, or going through Istanbul.

no lashon hara

Unless you live in Detroit, where Turkish began flights to IST in November. Once they start flying to TLV again, it will be by far the easiest and most economical way to fly.


Turkish may be a great airline but no way would I want to support an airline that is owned by a country that is pro Hamas!

Anon 2.0

Damn, i didnt expecty an ad to be tearjerker


Did anybody else notice that they were having a cookout and checking their phones on Shabbos?


TBH, it bothered me too.
The secular public has a certain negative attitude towards Elal, because they feel they cater too much to chareidim (even with the previous ownership, much more so now). Maybe this ad is trying to break it?


its a ad its not real life

religious zionist

did anybody else notice that most IDF defenders of the state of Israel are either chilonim or dati leumi and most chareidim refuse to join the IDF to defend the state of Israel?

you are criticizing a dramatization of Israelis returning to defend their homeland with a comment about Shabbat?


There’s nothing wrong with the ad. Point was that this website is geared to a religious audience, and some may feel uncomfortable with it.


Now is the time for unity. Labels are so pre-october


Yeah! Lets just flush Shabbos down the toilet because we have a Jewish State!


So therefore we who actually care about Shabbos should have no sensitivity to Shabbos?


No – Not everyone is as hateful as you


Yes, that was the most beautiful part. Even those that are currently uneducated enough about Yiddishkeit, felt like their family, all the yidden, were on the line and didn’t think twice.


They are much better than united when it comes to upgrads for points

religious zionist

very touching, specifically for those of us with children in miluim
i guess it is the Israeli equivalent of a super bowl commercial

Worthless traveler

That’s all nice and good, but here is a wild crazy idea: How about lowering their prices???!


Offer vs demand.


What is this El Al voucher program? This is the first I’m hearing of it and your tweet doesn’t have links to more info.


They still owe me $6,000. Overseas support comes up with a different story every time. I guess the money went to the marketing agency.


I still believe this Alaska Airlines ad is the best I’ve ever seen.