WOW! United Eliminates Domestic Change Fees For Good, Plus Free Cancellation On All Awards With 30 Days Notice!

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United announced that they will eliminate change fees on all domestic flights for good! Previously there was a $200 change fee for domestic paid flight changes. This is valid for paid and award tickets, but basic economy flights will still not be eligible for changes.

That’s an incredibly customer friendly move from United and matches Southwest’s long standing free change policy. However United won’t give a credit if your fare drops or is lower on your new flight. Both airlines still charge the difference in fare for changes to a more expensive flight.

Additionally, United will waive standby fees on all domestic and international travel starting in 2021 for travel on any other flight on the same day of departure regardless of class of service. This will apply to basic economy and award tickets. This previously had a $75 fee and was not possible with basic economy tickets.

All premier members will also be able to confirm same day flight changes at checkin with no charge if there is availability in the same class of service, however you won’t be able to make confirmed same day changes on a basic economy ticket.

United will also remove all award redeposit fees on domestic and international flights as long as you cancel your award more than 30 days before departure. Plus you will be able to confirm a change to alternate flights on the day of departure for free. Premier members can change dates without charge at any time if they keep the same origin and destination.

United is also extending their change fee waiver for all tickets, including basic economy and international tickets that are purchased through 12/31/20!

Do you think other airlines will match these policies?

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I am glad to hear this and will make me fly United more but also upset that it took this long for this to occur.

lkwd girl

Hmmmm…. guess Scott Kirby isn’t all that bad after all huh??


Wow, I am totally in shock. Surprised at this excellent move. Next up, removing the ridiculous lap infant ticketing rules!


You should be buying the infant their own seat. It is much safer and wise to do such


I have been enjoying this freedom on United the past few months to Toronto and back (I’m married to a Canadian) and finding myself becoming loyal to them for the first time. I also like their app so thank you United if your reading this! Way to go..


Can we get rid of the checked baggage fees and overweight baggage next?


Phew this is huge!


Can you clarify – if I book by 12/30 in basic economy , I can change my flight without a fee even if I’m flying after 12/30?


Says above that this does not apply to basic economy fares


Still 50000 miles for domestic one way coach and 200000 miles for Asia one way coach is not good! Saver awards rarely exist! I wish they released more save awards on all flights


Jim, regarding United award ticket redemptions for US to Asia, I constantly am checking the availability and often making a redemption. Your post suggested that United was charging 200,000 for a one-way economy; I just have never seen any requirement like you describe. Perhaps, you once found the requirement you wrote and/or you are going to some very unusual place; but your comment is way out of line with normal US to Asia redemptions. Did you mean to write First Class or Business Class


How can they run a business like that, when they don’t know how many people are on a flight until the last minute? I’ll bet they will overbook more which will just cause even more problems.


Thanks for tracking this and letting us know, great work! You know the airlines know that we all know because of you posting these things and commenting on it. You know?

Matt B


Craig Brown

I really hope this means they’re going to enhance benefits for platinum and 1k members. They have made a couple of the really useful higher end benefits available to all premier members now.


Once business travel comes back this will be really huge…or eliminated.


If I want to use my amex $200 travel credit for renewing plat card, book and cancel for a voucher, do i still need to do that before 8/31 ?


WOW this is amazing..good job UNited..
I do have a question..We have tickets for ISrael in November, we want to cancel due to the pandemic. We called United and they wont give money back, only credit..Is United giving back money for canceled tickets or only of UNited cancels the flight>?


Am I smelling right is this because of JetBlue flying out of EWR


Please visit an ENT immediately


free changes means theyll give etc like now ?


I personally am not happy with the change on award tickets, this means that the people waiting on website at 2am when inventory loads will snatch up all hard to find seats… I’d suggest United finding a different way maybe only able to hold 1 itinerary on particular route or some other mechanisms to prevent the unnecessary holding awards and provide more options to travelers


What if we book the United flight through chase?


That’s great, but why are they doing this?


This is a brilliant way to up sell from basic econ. I’m curious of the other show will be a much higher premium.


Can you change origin-destination, or just the dates?


A new chart with fee details?


Our MileagePlus® Premier® members will have even more flexibility and can confirm a seat on an earlier flight for no cost at all.2

2. If the same fare class is available. If the same fare class is closed, a fare differential will apply. New flight must be less than 24 hours from originally scheduled flight.

I wonder if they will change ticket classes within 24 hours


WOW is right. IF other airlines follow and this sticks beyond the pandemic, it would be the biggest change in airline pricing policies in many years.


This is great but the new flight you’re booking will almost always be more expensive though. For ex, you want to stay another day or 2, you’ll have to book a new return flight. So although it’s free changes, will still be more costly


@Dan is Permanent = Lifetime?

IIRC didn’t you have Lifetime United Club access untill…..


So to be clear. If I use mileage to purchase a ticket for 10/12 and then have to cancel a day before what will the cost be to me?
I should still be able to redeposit the mileage but there would be a fee? If I am a Gold member.


Does this apply to Priceline tickets also?

United award

Help! I booked flight with points for beginning of march 3 weeks ago, now its available fro less miles but when i go to cancel it says there is $450 redeposit fee (6 passengers)! What am I missing?