Here Is One Solution To Receive Free SMS Alerts Of DansDeals Posts!

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Last Thursday, Twitter turned off SMS notifications without warning. Thousands of DansDeals readers received SMS alerts, so I’ve been looking for options since then.

It’s tricky because the cost of sending out hundreds of messages a month to tens of thousands of readers is astronomical. Free services aren’t tailored to do that and paid services would cost tens of thousands of dollars a month.

For people with smartphones, there are several good options for push notifications, including Twitter, Telegram, and browser push notifications.

However for the thousands of DansDeals followers who don’t have a smartphone, but still want to get deal updates, I’ve been looking for solutions.

DansDeals commenter Lcm suggested using Groupme, Twitter, and IFTTT to get SMS alerts to your phone.

I tried it and it seems to work good enough.

This will require a 10 step process and I’ll walk you through it below. You’ll need to go online for 5-10 minutes to setup the connection for the first time, but after that you’ll get SMS notifications to your phone without needing to be online. You will need to be able to access IFTTT, Twitter, and GroupMe.

There is a delay that seems to vary between 1 and 10 minutes until you get the SMS, so you’ll probably want to look into these options for instant alerts if you have a smartphone.

Step 1: Signup for a GroupMe account and enter the cell phone number on which you want to receive deal alerts:


Step 2: Verify your number with GroupMe via a PIN and click start chatting. You can click “text me the pin” if you don’t receive it:


Step 3: Click on the new chat icon, then on start group, and name the group DansDeals:

Step 4: Click on skip instead of adding members:


Step 5: Click on the settings icon and then check to enable “Receive messages via SMS” and then click on “Always use SMS”


Step 6: Signup or login to your Twitter account and click to follow DansDeals on Twitter:


Step 7: Signup for an IFTTT account:

Step 8: Click on this applet to have Twitter post to your GroupMe group and click connect, then click on authorize app on the next page:

Step 9: You’ll be forwarded to your GroupMe account. Login to the account, verify your number again, and click to allow IFTTT to access your groups:

Step 10: You’ll be forwarded to this page. Change the username to watch to DansDeals and change the message to just {{Text}} and click save.


That’s it, you should now get SMS alerts of all DansDeals posts!

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Sounds like a decent solution. Thanks to all those on DDF for your hard work!
Just a thought that this mainly helps who dont want a twitter app but younger bochrim may have difficulties finding an opportunity to set this up…


Ok $20 for each set up I do!
The debate; is it worth it or not!

But of course if I can help out another who has no access to the internet, I’ll gladly help them set this up!
Kodus to LCM! And of course Dan/JJ for your amazing work!

Sounds like a good idea, will run through all these options and see what it brings me!
Assuming I can do the same for all my previous followed Twitter accounts? I guess I need to play around or set each one up separately!


It took me less than 3 minutes to set up (granted I already had both accounts minus needing to reset IFTTT password;) but not difficult to add new chat on your groupme and add the customer to it.


Would be cool if someone wrote a program to automate it…

ah giten