The Hug Felt Around The World!

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I wanted to share this beautiful piece which was written by DDF Member AJK, in hopes of spreading inspiration in these trying times. You can order this artwork here.

Hi friends:

Since the unspeakable horrors of October 7, my family and I have been searching for sparks of light, rays of hope, and the possibility of promise – knowing full well that despite the crucible that our nation currently finds itself in, Hashem loves and cares for us in unimaginable ways, some transparent and some less so.

In that vein, one of the most uplifting and inspiring videos I have seen during these trying times was the one below, one which I’m sure many of you have already been fortunate to have seen. Others, too, have shared with me the way it has touched them deeply.

It depicts what I feel is the paradigm of achdut (brotherly love) and ahavat chinam (unconditional love): one Jew simply hugging another. But upon closer inspection, diametric opposites emerge. We see that one man is a soldier, the other perhaps a learner; one man with a kippa and tzitzit, the other without; one man providing, the other receiving; one man preparing for battle, the other preparing him for battle. At this moment, though, none of those differences matter. One child of Hashem is hugging another. A hug that may be the soldier’s last. Those with children can attest that when our children embrace one another like this, it provides the greatest nachat, particularly in view of the differences they may have. I can only imagine – and pray – that a hug like this also provided Hashem with incredible nachat and that gestures like this shake the heavens in profound ways.

However, like most of us, I struggled to find a way to capture and retain that feeling of warmth and inspiration – so often ephemeral, unfortunately. I looked for some manner in which I could employ this brief video to inspire my family and I to continue giving nachat to Hashem by reminding ourselves every day to practice achdus and ahavat chinam. And after a bit of work, this is what I came up with. The Hebrew text translates loosely to “The Hug felt Around the World.”

I sent a canvas of the photo to each of my siblings, but realized that once I had already done the work, perhaps I should share it more broadly, too. So, I am offering it to all of you as well. 100% of profits received will be donated to tefillin for IDF soldiers. Learn more about Tefillin for our Troops here. Am yisrael chai!

Google form for purchasing is here.

It’s so powerful:

DDF Member Ralphie has received his already and loves it:

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Am Israel Chai!

Elana Katyal



This was extremely touching and heartfelt


Beautiful, can another be done whete the soldiers face is seen


Are each canvas hand drawn or are they a copy of an original?

Bernard Kozlovsky

I ordered one and followed the directions paid $180 which is to go 100%to the chayalim. I have received no confirmation nor notice as to when the picture will be shipped. I am beginning to wonder if this is a scam. Can someone claarify my concerns. Shabbat Shalom.


Hi Bernard — thanks for your message. As you might imagine, we received a lot of orders the first couple of days. This isn’t my “business,” so unfortunately there is no order confirmation you would have received. That said, allow me to confirm that your order and payment have been received, and I expect your canvas to ship out next week. I will email you tracking once I have it. I’ll also email you directly. Shabbat shalom.

Bernard Kozlovsky

Thank you for your response. I have been scammed in the past and when I received no confirmation I was concerned. I have always trusted everything on Dans Deals and will continue to do so. I am happy to donate the 180 to the Chayalim.May Hashem protect Kol Bnei Yisrael.
Shabbat Shalom

Bernard Kozlovsky

Just received my canvas with drawing. Beautiful. Thank you for supporting the chayalim with proceeds. May Hashem protect us all.


The page to donate isn’t the same as the one for the canvas. Donated the $180, waiting for the canvas …


It’s a beautiful portrait that will give over a strong message to our children. No matter how different we may be, we’re all G-d’s children. Beautifully written AJK!

Michael Ringelheim

Ajk these are beautiful- are you an artist on the side or just super with computers? Bought one for fam. Thank you