An El Al Plane Is About To Land On Shabbos In Tel Aviv For The First Time In Over 4 Decades; Pray For Israel This Shabbos!

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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El Al hasn’t flown on Shabbos since 1982, but we are living in times that Israel hasn’t seen in the past half century.

Israel’s flag carrier has served as a lifeline this week for IDF reservists returning to their home land and for Jews returning home after the Sukkos holiday when other airlines suspended flights to Israel. To their credit, they didn’t gouge on pricing either, affordable flights were made available even on the last seats of the plane, when airlines typically charge a small fortune.

The airline is operating flights from JFK and Bangkok on Shabbos, with Rabbinic approval, to bring reservists to Israel to help with the war effort. El Al won’t fly on Shabbos to make more money, but it has a Rabbinic obligation to do so if it will save even one life.

Flight 3014 from JFK will land in Tel Aviv within the next half hour:

The horrific slaughter of Jews this past Shabbos had shocking scenes that haven’t been seen since the holocaust.

Let us all pray this Shabbos that with G-ds help, Israel will fulfill its sovereign obligation to eradicate the evil forces that perpetrated this terror so that they can never kill or harm again. May we experience true peace in the holy land and around the world very soon!

You can also find excellent causes to give charity to before Shabbos in this post.

Shabbat Shalom to all!

-The DansDeals Team (Dan, JJ, and Mimi Eleff)

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When and why did they fly on Shabbos in 1982?

A mirrer

Until 1982 elal flew on shabbos as a matter of course


Dan, we need much more flights on Shabbat. Pls send message to new owner. There is huge anger in Israel from not increasing number of flights on Shabbat now during war

Was thinking

Why davka Shabbos? You have Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday & Friday to increase flights.


This was for reservists to get back here to help fight in the war.


we do NOT need more flights on shabbat! we need people to be shomer shabbat to give more zechusim to klal yisrael!



Huge anger is how we got into this mess

Kol hakavod to not proce gauging. After this mess, people will remember which airlines gauged them.


You want them to fly on Shabbat becuese of peoples anger???


It’s only for approved pax. Not all reservists are allowed.


Since when is Mimi on the team?


They Could have flown on Thursday, they just didn’t want to cancel a passenger flight.


only with shmiras shabos will be hatzlocha in war noting agance the toro will help us .
hashem is doing what shlomo hamelech says in shir hashurim ”’ IF YOU WILL TAKE A LAND OR FIGHTING WITH THE GOYIM BEFOR MOSHIACH IS COMING YOU WILL BE HAFKER LIKE GOATS ETC. all comment’s is poor to this statement ………… just lets woke up