[Campaign Update!] 2,600+ Tefillin Commitments Made, 1,000+ Pairs Sponsored, Help Us Get 1 Pair Of Tefillin For Every Soul Lost To Terror!

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Update 10/17 8pm: We have made a new goal and with your help we can get there!

We want to get a pair of tefillin for every life that was cut short by the atrocities of Hamas. To commit to putting on tefillin every day, and receive a free pair shipped to you, sign up here. *This is intended for men who do not have tefillin and would not be getting a pair otherwise.

You can also follow this campaign AKA The Tefillin Connection on this brand new Instagram page here, where we will share some pictures of the tefillin being distributed. 

We already have over 2,600 Men committed to start wearing tefillin every day.

Tefillin YOU helped send to the front lines of Gaza, click though them to see more:


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Some updates since we started this campaign one week ago.

  • Over 2,600 Men have committed to start wearing tefillin every day.
  • Over 1,000 pairs have already been sponsored.
  • Over 180 pairs of Tefillin have been delivered to the front lines of Gaza for bases to share with literally 1,000’s of soldiers requesting to wear them daily right now.
  • 220 pairs are being checked for kashrus and delivered to men who commited in Israel.
  • The initial 30 pairs have been shipped in the US.
  • 18 volunteers are working on list verification here in the US and Israel as well as in Argentina.
  • A team has been set up in Israel to handle Tefillin sourcing as well as checking for kashrus.

The original 30 pairs have been shipped:In addition to donating all Amazon commissions earned on the 2-day Prime Sale this week to charities helping Israelis, DansDeals has sponsored 125 pairs of tefillin.

Now we need your help to reach one pair for every life Hamas has brutally taken from us! If you want to partner with us please donate here. One pair of tefillin costs $400. Any amount is so appreciated and gets us closer to our goal! 100% of your donation will go towards sponsoring a new pair of tefillin!

All donors will automatically be entered into a Raffle to win a pair of candle sticks of their choice from Hazorfim, an Israeli based company since 1952.

A base commander on the border with Gaza reached out, he was calling on behalf of 1,200 of his soldiers on base who want to put on tefillin while serving. We are working hard on acquiring enough to offer consignment pairs for war time. Soldiers that develop a love for tefillin and continue to wrap, can opt to commit for life and keep them. This is a work in progress, aside from all those committing to put on every day. Additionally, more bases have reached out since, and we hope to be able to supply as many as we can. The response has been inspiring and uplifting and we need your help to keep it going.

There will G-d willing, with your help, be no limit to the amount of people that can commit to a new pair of tefillin.

I will end off this story we posted to Instagram:


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With your help, we will reach and surpass this goal and show the world that in the face of tragedy, we don’t weaken but rather unite and strengthen each other, reaffirming our belief and trust in G-d that we will come out not just victorious but with open miracles.

Please share this campaign to enable others to be a part of this!

Original post:

In 1967, preceding the Six Day War, the Rebbe introduced the campaign to don tefillin with all Jews. There are some beautiful videos made about this campaign and the war on Chabad.org here and here:

We saw a shliach posted offering a pair to someone who commits to putting on every day and we knew we wanted to the same.

I reached out to a friend Rabbi Yochanon Klein who is a sofer and run the incredible Healing Hearts organization in South Flordia.

He offered 30 pairs he has in stock and ready to ship right now at his cost.

Dan and I immediately agreed to sponsor all of them to the first 30 Jews that commit to putting them on daily.

To sign up fill out this form via Rabbi Super, and once completed, the tefillin will be shipped directly to you for free, of course.

May Hashem protect our soldiers.

DDF has also started a list of injured or missing here to daven/pray for, please say a chapter of Psalms their merit.

You can read more about the war on DDF here.

You can find Tehillim in Hebrew to say for Israel here and Psalms in English here with special chapter chosen to say for peace in Israel.

We have also had many requests to share donation links, while we can’t verify each campaign personally, these are ones I’ve seen recommended with people that have first hand knowledge of each organization with funds going directly to helping soldiers and citizens on the ground.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. May the merit of tefilin protect the Jewish people, may G-d avenge their blood, and may Israel quickly rescue the hostages and destroy Hamas.

If you’d like to donate to this campaign you can do so here. 100% of everything donated will go directly to shipping out pairs of tefillin.

Once the first 30 are claimed, we will imyh try to source more to ship out immediately!

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You guys are amazing!


Kol Hakavod.


I’d love to support this tefilin campaign


Same here!
Kol Hakavod

Diana S


Chaya Mushka

Amazing!! Kol hakavod lachem!!


Can I donate one pair to help. Please reach out.


I’ll be very glad to have Tfilin mine were damaged in a car accident.

May the war be over soon and Hamas gone

Beautiful!! Thank you


How can I get Tfilin⁉️


This is so so special. Thank you for using your platform for constructive and positive ways to help amid this craziness.


Yasherkoach Dan.
Always a source of inspiration.


Please post a link for people to donate. This is one of the best reactions and responses to the current situation. Thanks Dan and JJ, you guys are doing it right!


Gd bless you. Tisku lmitzvot


Amazing! #MashiachNow


yidtoyid.com an organization under the direction of Reb Ahorn Lopianski shlit’a. Normally used to get funds directly to poor families in Israel during yom tov season now being utilized for funds for israeli soldiers. Reb Ahron is personally involved and 100% of donations go to the cause, as is the case during their yt campaigns


My daughter in Israel is familiar with this organization. They are raising funds to provide protective armor for reservists who are allotted older equipment by the army.

Jack out of the Box

Maybe for those who are unaware, you should point out the average cost of a pair of kosher tefillin. I think it would add a bit more encouragement for people to sign up.

Amit Gazit Bernstein

My name Amit Gazit Bernstein I live in rockaway Nj 07866 I drive every morning when I can to my Rabi to put tfilin. Please help me to get tfilin that I can take with me everywhere. My number is 8626215441


Can you send me information on how to donate a pair?

Amit Gazit Bernstein

Help me get Tfilin

El Capitan

This is the best deal this website has posted.

GD bless you all, wonderful eleff’s

C Menela

Way to go! Way to use your platform for a higher purpose – continued hatzlacha


How are Tefillin only $400?


WOWOWWOWOW for the update!
Keep it up!


If someone signs up now, will he still get a free pair? I know people who may sign up, but not sure if I should forward to them if the offer is no longer available.


Just Gave 72 dollars for teffilin . Tizku l’mitzvos. Thank you for allowing me to partner with you.

Efrat, Israel

Amazing! Kol Hakavod Dan and JJ – constructive way to help from afar. Mi k’amcha Yisrael!


Just donated a pair, thank you for the zechus!!


Thank you for doing this! Made me cry.


Chabad Sderot, they are helping people with the essentials food, clothes etc. Especially people that can not leave their houses, older people, people with little children etc.


Chaim J.

If anyone can help I would be most grateful
My 14 year old son is learning in Israel without his family there, during this war time in Israel. Unfortunately he has lost his tefillin and I cannot afford to buy him a new pair . He is definitely committed to putting in tefillin every day and now he is having to borrow every day a pair wherever he can find one, which is difficult now with the current war situation
If someone can help get him tefillin it would be a great mitzvah that I’m sure H’ will bless your efforts


Fill in the above form.


Can I sign up for Rabbenu tam tefillin?


I honestly envy the incredible influence that you have on a tremendous amount of jews and the fact that you are using it for such a positive cause if amazing! Keep it up! I would love to be part of this cause and I hope to part of future ones as well!


Donated. Thank you for this beautiful opportunity. And please gd watch over our brothers and sisters in Israel.


Thank you so much for the sensitivity you are showing towards our plight here in EY.

Although we can’t ask you not to post prime deals, being that it is your Parnassa, it’s much appreciated that you posted this page on the top to remind people that we are in Tzar here.

Tizku L’Mitzvos and may Hashem end the pain ASAP.


Tizku l’mitzvot. I would add MDA to the list and specifically with the Bloomberg matching: https://secure.afmda.org/site/Donation2?df_id=2000&2000.donation=form1&mfc_pref=T&s_src=OperationSwordofIron&FURL=UR&s_subsrc=bloomberg


Chanda sderot


same guy that praises Tesla who is one of the biggest antisemitics there is


Just donated a pair of teffilin. Thank you for this great opportunity.


so beautiful, inspiring and generous! Dan you are a very special person!


My UPS driver is a jew and never wanted to talk about putting tefllin now with the war i started to talk to him about it and he said if i get one ill do it evry day so i sent him this link and he got very happy, you never know if you know someone that never want to talk about being a jew now s the time


225 strong!!! Thank you for this initiative


Charidy.com/chabad.il this goes to all chabad centers and organizations on the front lines whereever it’s needed in israel


How many were donated vs how many commitments?


This is simply amazing, thank you for all that you do!!


Donated a pair as promised earlier


Donated a Tefillin
Say also how more you still needed?


The more the better!
Would be amazing to find enough Jewish men to commit to putting on tefilin daily (and the funds) to match the number of Jews killed by Hamas!


Thanks for giving the opportunity



Yehuda Lorber

Please add to the list
Chabad of Shilo
This is a friend of mine who is the Shliach in one of the toughest areas in Israel, helping IDF soldiers with physical and spiritual needs


nachum l katlowitz

Dan thanks fur arranging this, maybthecRSO reward you in kind


Just donated in honor of Dan and JJ! Thank you for the opportunity to join this beautiful campaign.


I donated for this cause. I hope the rebbe’s neshama in Gan Eden is pleading to Hashem to help all the captives, protect our soldiers and civilians and bring nachama to those who are bereaved. Ty Dan & team for making this possible.

Elazar Gottlieb

I am Elazar Gottlieb, the son of a rov in Har Nof and together with a group of people I go to the front lines and distribute tzitzis and care packages to the brave soldiers that are putting their lives on the line to keep klal yisroel safe. The soldiers need the moral support and appreciate the tzitzis. Since I started doing this I have given out over 35,000 pairs of tzitzis. In the past 24 hours we gave out all 1000 pairs of tzitzis that someone donated earlier this week and there are still many more soldiers that want!


Contact me if you want to see photos/videos of what they do.


I wrapped tefilin for the first time in who knows how long yesterday. Not sure I’m comfortable committing to doing it daily but I still think this is an amazing thing you’re doing. Thank you.


Thank you on behalf of Jews worldwide. Each mitzva adds protection. Keep it up. We need you.


Thank you Mark for taking an actionable step as a zechus for Israel


Thank Mark, we need more people like you! Every effort counts.


Wow, you are so inspiring Mark! Thank you!

Nina Sapir

The Gush Etzion Foundation is supplying the first response teams from all 22 communities in Gush Etzion with essential supplies. This includes the distribution of over 250 tactical helmets, 130 high powered flashlights, 80 ceramic vests, 70 headlamps, and night vision apparatus.
We are also providing essentials like soap, shampoo, blankets, and vital equipment such as headlamps and first aid kits to the soldiers who quickly left their homes to answer the call of duty to protect Gush Etzion.
In partnership with the Jewish National Fund – USA we are hosting 60 families from the South and we are also sponsoring special programming for children to help them cope with the challenging situation.
We need your help more than ever. All contributions are tax deductible: http://bit.ly/3tue4cl

Am Israel Chai!

Kol hakavod! Also, how can we pressure the US to rescind all landing rights for QR in the USA until Doha hands over the hamas leadership to Israel?


Unbelievable. Keep up the great work!


My parents gave me a nice pair a tefillin for my bar mitzvah. 22 years later, I have not used them since. This post inspired me to take them out for the first time today and commit to use them daily until the conflict subsides at least. Thank you for this idea of how to better channel my energies during this difficult time.


Amazing! I admire your effort and dedication and hope that it will continue for your entire lifetime! Hopefully in more happy times.


Thank you so much, we need more people like you! Every effort counts.


Wow, I respect you for your love and care of your fellow brothers


Dan, that is amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


In for $400


@jj I cant open the donation page on the site, I’m assuming it has to do with my Techloq filter.
Any Ideas how to get money over?


Request them to open the website. They’ll do it gladly

Help Wrapp a Yid

I’d like to suggest that those that have Tefillin with them whether at work, home or while traveling, to get the App at https://www.tefillinwrapp.com/ which allows other Yidden to request your help in putting them on. They can track a near by Tefillin and you can communicate with that man too.

Spread the word and install the Wrapp App today!


Wow! Wow! Wow!
What an incredible initiative!


I know someone who has 4 pairs of Sefardi Teffilin that he wants to donate to this amazing campaign, how can he do that?
The Teffilin are in the holy land.


If you’re on DDF, contact JJ. If not, I don’t know. In the morning they’ll respond with a possible alternative.


Chazak U’Baruch!

Keshiras Tefillin tries to help everyone wear their Tefillin correctly. No fees ever.
Can we be of any help? Like by making a video [in Hebrew] for the soldiers on how to properly place them, and how to adjust them if needed?


Donated a pair.
Thank you Dan and JJ for being Mezake us in taking part of this incredible initiative!

Michael Ringelheim

Dan and JJ, kal ha Kavod this is amazing. I want to request if possible to include a note with tefilin letting people know we don’t put them on for Shabbat. I feel a newcomer may not know those basics and assume otherwise.

Different jew

If they are not shomer shabbos they might very well have to wear them in shabbos. Ask your LOR


Can you add an option to pay by donors fund? I want to donate 1 pair


Every single person that does anything to come closer to God is helping klal yisrael! Every mitzvah is giving zchusim Klal yisrael and fighting the war against Israel. I’m proud to be part of such a beautiful nation.


I have a tallit and very kosher tefillin to donate. Please contact me.


As a religious person I’m beyond inspired by all the irreligious people doing things to come closer to God in the face of tragedy. Thank you for the inspiration. We must do all we can to continue doing our part to fight the war through all means available to us including mitvos and donations


I believe the preferred Chabad pronoun is not irreligious, but not-yet-religious. 🙂


Besides the obvious, this campaign is an inspiration for those of us who were zoche to always put on tefillin.
To do so with a greater shleimus; more kavanah, less meluma.

Thank You.


Can you provide a tax ID number that can be used to donate via Donors Fund or other Advised Funds platform.

thank you


I’m moved almost to tears following this thread. Mi Keamcha Yisroel. Building our nation stronger in spite of the hit to us. Not getting broken down. This is how we move forward- Build Onwards!!!


Additionally wanting to buy a pair for myself. Any recommendations on where to find a kosher Sefardi pair? Have seen good feedback for “Tefillin Beit El” and “HaSofer”.


HaSofer is a very reliable and good option! Chazaq v’amatz!


Just donated a pair who’s next let’s reach the goal!


In for 1 pair


An Arm for an Arm


Is the link not working? I tried donating a few times but the Captcha arrow keeps circling and doesn’t finalize.


Working for me, try another device or browser?



Please advise. Did not notice a receipt for donation.


Should be automaticcally emailed. Checked your email for possible spam?


Came thru on Amex and is tagged to an address in beachwood heights Ohio. No other receipt.

Eli Homnick

Are kosher tefilin really available for $400 even if in bulk? I have committed to one pair, but at $400 it seems to be a good bargain and hard to pass up a second pair


It’s a real bargain. I’ve purchased Teffilin in the past for a similar initiative and those were $800 at the cheapest price I could get. $400 is a real steal for a pair of Kosher teffilin. That’s why I’m in for two pairs.


Wow, quitting your job and going on Shlichus!!!


Gave a pair last week and just gave another. What a beautiful cause and opportunity.


Joined in as well in donating a pair. Tizku l’mitsvos


I wish you could make this into some sort of jpeg screenshot for WhatsApp status something to be proud of and show off about

joey ba

What a great zi-chut to be able to make this donation. Glad I heard about the wonderful drive Dan’s Deals is working on from my wife today.


Another soldier in the tenches…. Rabbi Hirschy Zarchi – Chabad at Harvard



Sorry Mr/Ms Moderator that might not be Rabbi Zarchi. Oops. Please check with OP. And I misspelled trenches

Rich C

Dan this is wonderful. I donated and also had a student place an order when you first announced this. How long until he receives his tefillin?


Any married ladies that commit to covering their hair will receive a free wig. (donations welcome)


Amazing initiative! This deserves more recognition and needs to get promoted


A great mitzvah you are doing. Thank you for that, and for giving us the opportunity to take part in this mitzvah.
If i can make a suggestion, add a zelle or cash app to the donation page so that more money actually goes towards the tefillin instead of credit card processing fees.


Thanks for this amazing Deal
Subject line should read “Best Deal Ever”
I donated through the link, thanks for the opputrunity.


thanks for the zchus

Fellow Rabbi

To put this in perspective, this is already over 1 million dollars committed!
That’s insane, tizku lmitzvos, no reason this campaign should stop until “every yid a set of 2”




Any way to donate using the donors fund?


What amazes me is many organizations like to see their org receive credit due when they achieve success in helping others. Totally understandable! Here, Dan is bypassing his own imitative in order to help the soldiers directly! Very hatzneiah leches

Y & B

First of all thanks for the amazing work that you are doing!
I’m just wondering [I already donated 1 pair to this campaign] how it only cost $400 a pair while an average pair by the Sofer cost close to 2K?