Sponsor A Pair Of Tefillin For Just $250 Thanks To A $150,000 Matcher!

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Sponsor A Pair Of Tefillin For Just $250!

While the new IDF Tefillin for our Troops campaign is going strong!

We just received a sponsorship of $150,000 in matching donations for our original Tefillin campaign.

If we can raise another $150,000 on this campaign we can get another 600 pairs* of tefillin after that matching donation.

Now is your chance to make a difference this shopping season! Let’s get tefillin to yidden around the world who have committed to start wearing them!

Together we have already delivered over 800 pairs of tefillin, let’s keep it going for the protection of Eretz Yisroel!

Sponsor a pair here today!

*The price of tefillin has been increasing since we started this campaign on November 8th. The actual cost per pair is fluid, but we have been able to set up our own sources of sofrim and battim makers etc. to keep prices as low as possible.

All donors will automatically be entered into a Raffle to win a pair of candle sticks of their choice from Hazorfim, an Israeli based company since 1952.

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14 Comments On "Sponsor A Pair Of Tefillin For Just $250 Thanks To A $150,000 Matcher!"

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Abie Levi

Can we get a pair to Jamaica? There is someone I know who doesn’t own a pair.


Is this campaign for soldiers exclusively or for the general public?


We are running 2 tefilin campaigns.

Original campaign for the general public, which is where this new sponsor just pledged matching funds to:

And an IDF campaign: https://causematch.com/tefillin-for-soldiers


Thank you. I would get the campaign which has a deal now for $250!
I would want a confirmation first and then ready to put it through now.

Jacob Tawil

shavua tov, iam in israel, jerusalem, iam going everyday to put tfilin with the soldiers, and we give tfilin to the one that promes to put tfilin everyday, we need alot of pairs of tfilin, maybe someone here can conect me with people that patrocinate this program


Can i be in touch with the receiver? I would donate now the 250 if i can have real confirmation, and know that someone os putting the tfilin daily in my zchus. Sorry for the selfishness


Maybe give then to your local Chabad?


Got one! Thanks @Dan for this inspirational idea.
(This was the only Cyber Monday deal purchased this year… 🙂