Priority Pass Adds A New “Lounge” Offering In Tel Aviv!

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Priority Pass has been adding all kinds of non-traditional lounges such as bars and restaurants to their airport lounge network.

JJ flew out of Cleveland last month and was able to order $84 of KIND bars for free from Bar Symon, as he, his wife, and his son were each given a $28 credit thanks to his Priority Pass membership.

Priority Pass has long included access to the Dan lounges in Tel Aviv, but now they will also offer a 100 shekel (About $27.09 currently) credit per person at Terminal 3’s Schmoozy Bar.


Like the Priority Pass lounge, the bar only has a Rabanut hechsher, but they have beer, wine, and possibly other items that would be OK for those who only eat mehadrin. (Cue the Israel hashgocha comment fest…).

Schmoozy Bar is open 24 hours a day except when they are closed on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

AMEX Platinum cardholders also get Priority Pass and can bring in 2 free guests. Additional Platinum cardholders (which cost $175 for 3 additional cardholders annually) can also bring in 2 free guests each.

Each guest that you bring in is entitled to 100 shekels of free items, so if you bring in 5 free guests before the Sapphire unlimited guest benefit ends on 8/25, you would get 600 shekels taken off your bill.

If you’re flying to Israel from Newark, don’t forget that you can also access the Art & Lounge in Newark Terminal B before security with Priority Pass. They brought us tons of kosher meals and snacks when we asked for some and they had kosher wine in the lounge as it’s used by El Al in Newark for their premium passengers. The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse is after security in Terminal B and is also available for Priority Pass cardholders, though the Clubhouse hours in Newark are restricted to just 2-6pm.

If you are flying through Ben Gurion let us know what you find to buy at Schmoozy Bar!

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does the ritz-carlton cc have a limit on how many guest may enter?


Just a reminder about the EWR Art & Lounge… They only have kosher food around El Al flight times. I was there Monday afternoon and they had no kosher food out at all. I asked if they had any they could provide, and they gave me a little container with 2 chocolate cookies. Nothing more. There were 3 in my party so that didn’t go very far…


I was there yesterday, and their machine wasn’t working so they weren’t able to accept priority pass members.


Any lounges that offer kosher food in jfk ?


IME, the Delta lounges in JFK usually have a nice amount of kosher food.


How do I get the credit? Do i need to charge it first to my CC then call for a refund ?


Go to your online account for the card that has the PP benefit, go to card benefits and activate priority pass. They will send you your PP card within a few days.


i dont see such an option, i have the ritz carlton cc


You can call Chase to ask them to help you get a card.


I’m flying to Israel next week via JFK (AA) terminal 8 – YUL – TLV(Air Transat) and then back the same way what are the lounges I should check out


Anyone have a copy of their menu?


Posted on DDF


Anyone else but me have an issue with the PP card that when they swipe it doesnt work? They have to manually type in the number and leave out the last digit for it to work…


That’s weird, I’ve never had that problem.


Flew out of Cleveland last month stopped by Simon bar got two bottles of apple juice bottles of water potato chips and kind added up to like $27


I’m flying next week elal from JFK regular class. What lounge has kosher food for PP members?


I can’t believe that everyone is taking the 2 guest limit so guests limit so lightly – especially when the Saphire, which only costs $75 a year, has the same offer. We should get some advantage for paying $450.

What\'s good for the goose, is good for the Gander

I have Sapphire Reserve and Amex Platinum. Would I be eligible for 2 Priority Pass memberships?
And would I be allowed to bring in guests on both cards?

Mr. CC




Why can’t you bring in 2 guests, leave, and bring in 2 more?


Can i use both passes from Chase and Amex?


was there on the 5th and didnt go because i figured i dont eat rabanut and i can get bear and booze at the dan lounge.


Just got delayed 8 hours and so perhaps we’ll have some fun with both lounges. Any of them have showers or a place to sleep?


Is there any access to the lounge or use of priority pass once u arrive in tlv? I only see lounges by departures after security


being in tlv airport soon anyone know what they have with a good hechser?