El Al Will Give IDF Soldiers A Free Flight To Europe

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The hits keep coming from El Al these days.

I wrote about their tear-jerker of an ad earlier today.

The airline is offering a free round-trip flight to Europe to all IDF soldiers who have spent 30 days in active service since October 7th. That includes soldiers in regular and reserve service.

The free flight, which will include a free checked bag, can be used between May 5, 2024 and February 17, 2025 between Tel Aviv and Athens, Bucharest, Budapest, Larnaca, Paphos, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Vienna, or Zurich.

Kudos to El Al for this promo and everything they have done for Israel since the start of the war!

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what happens if thousands sign up?
must be limited available


There are a limited amount of “slots” made available daily

Fan Feels

Go for Kerstir, troops!


I don’t understand why elal doesn’t add a lot more flights around pesach time.
The demand is really high.
A one way TLV – EWR in early April is averaging $1500!!
It’s insane!


Can it be used FROM Europe? If a Chayal is back in America already can they fly to Europe then to Israel and back to Europe and america?


I’m wondering how they selected the routes.


How do soldiers sign up for this

Very Frustrated

why isn’t anybody talking about the fact that one way tickets on elal cost 1900 a pop for pesach????!!!!! this is a monopoly! they know that there aren’t any other flights going back to america, they know people need to go home, and yet they raise the Prices?????!!!!!


B/c tickets are always expensive Pesach time. People don’t NEED to go home, they have the luxury of doing so and because of external factors this year that is a more expensive luxury. At the beginnig of the war when things were still a lot more uncertain El Al capped their prices to help stranded people get home. They were under no obligation to do that then and they are certainly under no obligation to do it now when people have had months to make plans.


It’s a company and they have the right to charge whatever the costumer is willing to pay. They are not a charity organization.

I’m grateful for everything they do beyond the expectation from a company. You can rely that El Al will fly in any condition and I’ll pick you up if something goes wrong.


Most people that I sent this to, responded with:
…sounds wonderful.. but I’m not sure how much I want to leave the land (especially to Europe) anytime soon


Some people need a vacation, especially if they were in the trenches for 4 months straight…


It might be important to understand that European see women and children of both Israel and Palestine as equal, innocent and with equal rights.


this seems to be part of the Voucher donation program