El Al Delaying Launch Of Chicago And Tokyo Flights, Expands Flight Change Waiver, Extends Elite Status

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El Al has made several announcements following Israel’s new quarantine requirements.

  • The launch of service to Chicago will be delayed until 6/28
  • The launch of service to Dusseldorf will be delayed until 7/3
  • The launch of service to Tokyo will be delayed until 8/29
  • El Al plans to continue flying United States, Canada, Europe and Africa, but flights will be based on demand. Flight reductions will be determined in the near future.
  • Matmid elite members whose status expires between now and 8/31 will automatically receive an extra 6 months of status.
  • All flights for travel through 3/31 can be changed without penalty until 2/28/21, regardless of when they were booked. The difference in fare will still apply.
  • As noted previously, travel to/from North America purchased between 3/3-3/31 can be changed without penalty for use within 1 year.  The difference in fare will still apply.

Are you rebooking your Israel travel?

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29 Comments On "El Al Delaying Launch Of Chicago And Tokyo Flights, Expands Flight Change Waiver, Extends Elite Status"

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Charles Gershbaum

Just got off the phone 5 min ago and was told i had to book and travel by Nov, 10.
Now that I think about it, I booked my flight originally on Nov 10 2019 so maybe that is why they said Nov. 10th

Harley Kesselman

Aren’t they going to cancel all flights now since the quarantine announcement ? Who in their right mind will be going to Israel now?


Oy, Harley. There are persons whose home and families are in Israel.

A flyer

Source? I was booked to ord and need to prove to change it!

Dan the man

Does this mean if you go tomorrow night you don’t have to quarantine at all or your Quarentine just doesn’t start before Thursday?


Booked end of April direct ORD to tlv… Now what?


I have flight with elal March 24 to JFK let’s see what happens


What about elal flights booked with Qantas miles? Can they be canceled for full refund of miles with no cancellation fees? Or changed for no fee?


I have the same issue. I have elal flights booked using qantas miles. If you hear any info about it please let me know.


This is a bummer, I had great flights booked under the old mileage rates which I will never be able to replicate on a future booking. I think this is total over reaction. Yes, vigilance and precaution is definitely in place but these overly severe restrictions are overkill.


elal still selling tickets on chicago flights in march


I just canceled lax-tlv march 15th. Paid with capital one miles. They charged me $270 per ticket to cancel and refund miles….


Where can I find an official posting from Elal about the cancellation of all the Chicago flights until June?

Stu Erdfarb

What about flights leaving EWR on Apr 1?


What about if I booked a ticket with chase ultimate rewards? Should I try chase first or not point?


Happened to me.
Call Chase as Elal wont consider you since you booked via a 3rd party


Makes no sense. Checked my mom’s reservation and it is still fine…


i just dont understand this. this information is nowhere else. still selling tickets on line. reservation says its fine. they are cancelling our chicago flights but not telling us?


And I’m making Aliyah from Chicago in April. “Eretz Yisrael nikneh b’yisurin” Oy.


chicago is cancelled as reported changed my flight. people should call them and change.


they are going to decide by tomorrow if they are going to give a full refund or not if you don’t want to change but want to cancel.