WOW! Israel Will Require Mandatory Quarantine For Everyone Arriving From Abroad, Tourists And Students Will Be Denied Entry Without Method Of Home Quarantine

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Update: The Times of Israel is reporting that home quarantine rules for all Israelis returning from abroad are in effect immediately, but that non-Israelis will receive a 72 hour grace period from now to enter the country without the need to home quarantine.

Starting on Thursday at 8pm, foreigners will be denied entry if they can’t prove that they will be able to home quarantine in Israel for 2 weeks.

Many airlines will likely start cancelling flights soon, so you will want to call your airline to expedite your flight to or from Israel if you want to ensure that you make it back home before flight cancellations begin.

Israel has been home to the harshest coronavirus bans on the planet.

They’re now doubling down on those by requiring everyone arriving from abroad to enter home quarantine for 2 weeks.

Announcement from PM Netanyahu:


Rough translation:

“After very complicated deliberations, we’ve reached a decision. Whoever arrives from abroad will enter an isolation of 14 days. This is a difficult decision, but is essential for preserving the health of the public, and public health comes before everything. This decision will be in effect for two weeks, and in parallel, we are also adopting decisions to protect the economy of Israel.”

It seems to me that Israel is doing this in order to avoid the political fallout of specifically adding the US to the quarantine list. This way Israel can just say they’re doing it worldwide.

Non-Israelis need to prove that they can quarantine in a home (not a hotel or dorm) for 2 weeks in order to enter the country or else they will be denied entry.

It’s very likely that we’ll see flights cut between most countries and Israel. This news is surely devastating for El Al and the Israeli hotel industry.

For now this is said to be in effect for the next 2 weeks, but I think it’s extremely likely that it will be extended. That would be bad news for people planning on visiting Israel for Pesach and for students who were hoping to return to Israel after Pesach. If they return to the US for Pesach they won’t be allowed back in again without a method of home quarantine for 2 weeks.

What do you make of Israel’s quarantine policies? Will the country manage to avoid widespread community coronavirus? How will these new rules affect your travel plans?

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do you realize what this will do to so many people in EY. this is economic and political suicide.


Would’ve happened sooner or later, so why keep the world on shpilkes?


What’s the alternative? Letting people come that are infected and spread it around the country? It’s economic suicide regardless. Keeping open borders isn’t exactly helping Europe. And but the world indeces, it’s not helping economically.

Having your health system collapse due to lack of ICU beds and respirators is on a whole other level. They are trying to avoid becoming the next Italy.

What percent of the already infected Israeli’s just returned from out of country? A large percentage.


He announced that its just for 2 weeks. Things can change but at this point yeshivas and seminary’s aren’t an issue


Why wouldn’t seminary and yeshiva be an issue?


This shouldn’t be an issue for those returning after pesach, as the rule is in affect only for two weeks.


For now


For now


You stole my line

Fran Rabinowitz

For 2 weeks after they return to israel.


I think this announcement is really targeted Israelis and not foreigners…at least as of now


Not very surprising, the Israeli Health Ministry wanted to quarentine arrivals from the US be an outbreak there is inevitable, especially based on how the Federal government is (not) reacting. The Americans couldn’t afford the optics of Israel doing that, Yadda yadda yadda, all countries are now in the list.


I’m a little confused about when this new policy goes into effect?


72hrs from the announcement

Dan R



Can you please find out if Aeroflot will be cancelling flights due to this craziness. I have a flight leaving Tel Aviv on March 24.


Why o’ why are you flying a Russian Airline?

Dan\'s the Man

Dan, canceled his boycot so it’s ok to fly them. 🙂


Aeroflot doesn’t deal with situations. And if they do have a policy in place, it is so obtuse as to be irrelevant. Like you must come down to our main office in Moscow Airport to fill out paperwork to request special accommodation, with a notarized letter authenticating your concern, a receipt of your ticket with an official raised stamp and seal on it, and certified parental permission to travel if under 18. Plus original documentation verifying your bank account info, in case they decide to reimburse you. You will receive an answer within 90 days.
Says someone who lives in Russia and flies Aeroflot regularly


You forgot – a notarized translation and an appostile with a notarized translation of the apostille.


Will all the thousands of bochrim and girls be able to get flights home for pesach?

Dan\'s the Man

They can just stay in Israel for Pesach.


WOW. First time i ever tried to go away for Pesach….to Israel (through Rome!)
I’ll be cleaning after all.
Its very unbelievable and I hope it works. I also worry that quarantine is getting to the point there where it will be impossible to enforce.

Dan\'s the Man

Maybe the homewack still has a room available


As Dan mentioned, devastating for ElAl and the hotel industry, which unfortunately is the truth. To add, I also believe this will be rough on restaurants, museums and touristy sites, taxis and so many other industries.


And airport workers. How many airlines and/or flights will be arriving in TLV after the ban. How many workers will they need there? They’re protecting the economy?


Since it is not a ban but a quarantine, what are my options with travel protection?

I am supposed to go in a week. Will it be covered?

Dan\'s the Man

Many flights will prob be cancelled. Even if yours isn’t airlines will most likely let you switch to a future dates. Just wait for now…
Travel insurance doesn’t cover pandemics by the way anyway. Unless you buy the expensive cancel for any reason trip insurance in which case you can cancel for any reason


Will yeshiva students that didn’t leave yet have a problem? I’m guessing flights will be canceled in both directions.

Morah A

What does this actually mean? Being in solitary confinement in one room if others reside in that home? Is anyone else allowed to enter and leave ?


Good question


Question is if flights won’t be flying in to Israel will there still be flights leaving Israel . Will el all fly half or quarter full flights to Israel if the return flights are going to be full of ppl leaving .


My son is set to fly home on ELAL this thursday March. TLV-YYZ. Do you think this will be cancelled? Thoughts please?

Sam k

I was wondering same generally about flights out of Israel


Sounds like he is leaving Israel. If he is planning on returning in the coming month or so then perhaps he should strongly consider whether he wants to get on that plane. Otherwise, I feel he should be prepared to be home (USA) for a while. If it’s a yeshiva, then the year will be over


We don’t need the Arabs to destroy Israel. These measures will do it. How many industries can you kill with one decision? Hotel, restaurants, taxi and tourism. The cost is going to be staggering over something that’s weaker than the flu.


Nobody knows yet if it is weaker than the flu, all we know is we don’t know what we don’t know that we don’t know, and even israel doesn’t know that they don’t know what they don’t know. That is why they are doing things that they don’t know they are doing, all they know is they are doing it but they don’t know why.

Think think think

Why would you say it’s weaker then the flu? Where did you get this from? Because it killed less people SO FAR??? At most you can say you don’t know how it’ll compare to the flu. But looking at the numbers, that’s a very hard position to be sure on.
Some comments


It’s almost certainly more dangerous than the typical seasonal flu. First, it has a longer incubation period, meaning that people with no symptoms can be spreading it longer. Second, the mortality rate is higher. I base this on South Korea’s numbers, since that’s the only country that’s doing enough testing to give any confidence in the mortality rate. There, it’s about 0.7%, compared to 0.1% for seasonal flu


if its for 2 weeks then the after pesach part doesnt apply. when is this starting?


Are outgoing flight from Israel going to be cancelled to the USA?


How can they fly out if they don’t fly in?


I was supposed to arrive there next week Thursday and be there for a week. I had booked my flight mostly with chase points and the remainder with my reserve card.. With this news now I have to cancel it.. Will they now credit me the points and refund me the money?


If this gets extended will we get refunded for the Air Serbia tickets? (booked through Chase)


Exactly my question.. do we get refunded from chase or airserbia? And will this go for flights in june?


Will united waive fees on flights going to TLV in May?


Thanks for not posted this update until it got real…
The reckless news sites all trying to grab headlines and be the first to report it and have been reporting this for days as fact… And they had it majorly wrong.

Also.. LY… They will suffer… And the travel industry will unfortunately not feel too bad for them…
This is an airline that made no friends and built their business on manipulation of a monopoly on non-stop flights to TLV disregarding customers and travel agents.

They thought they would never need help from anyone.
Now when they need help, more than ever before, the elal shareholders will feel the sting of greediness biting back.

Their company would have had a very robust tool to survive this if they had taken the time and spent the money to develop travel agency relationships and advance customer service.

Not celebrating anyone’s loss, but sharing the message of collaboration getting everyone through hard times better.


So true!


El Al has a monopoly on non-stop flights? What about United, Delta, and Air Canada, not to mention a bunch of European carriers?


The Israeli government should promote Israelis traveling locally next week. Cheap prices and they can help the local tourist industry – especially if they cancel schools.
Also, Really interesting that Eilat hasn’t had a huge advertising push targeted at Israelis to come South via elal’s local carrier


Attention all Israelis: everyone go to the Kosel, and pay Egged 7 nis per ride. It will boost the economy.


its actual 5.90, and really 4.70 bec you get a bonus when you fill your RavKav


Given the fear of the virus, I expect a lot of local travel will also suffer.


I’m flying to USA Thursday morning I hope I won’t have a problem


This must fun….


I heard from Israelis that they see quarantined people walking around the street… so it’s not strict at all

Dan\'s the Man

But there have also been reports that the Police will try to crack down more on this. Although it would be hard to enforce if you do get caught it will be very bad not to mention that there is a reason why want you to self quarantine. Don’t risk getting other people sick!


Yes and theres a hotline to report them, it’s a 5000 shekel fine, and I’ve even heard about jail time. They’re trying to crack down on this


Putting people who potentially have the virus in jail would be boneheaded. A jail is a lot like a cruise ship. That’s not saying the Israeli authorities wouldn’t do it. Iran released 50,000+ prisoners because they were afraid of transmission of the virus in close quarters.


That means if I go the last day of the 2 weeks I still have to be in quarantine but if I go a day after I’m safe (in a state where there’s no economy I guess math iyh their issue)

Think think think

Obviously they will extend it if they feel it’s working.


ISRAEL: MORE: Israelis arriving in Israel from this moment forward must enter a 14-day quarantine, foreigners get 72 hours before it takes effect.


ונהפוך הוא

Me again

Because they are trying to help the tourist who didn’t know about this. Israelis are going home regardless. Plus it’s probably a lot lot simpler for an Israeli to do, who has a home. Additionally, a tourist came to tour, plus they may only be there for 2 weeks or less


Any chance of Air Serbia cancelling those cheap flights?


Juds, game is probably over. It would be wise to begin planning Pesach plans at home in the US.


Any chance air Serbia knew corona is coming, so they sold these crazy cheap flights to get the whole heimishe oilem to know that they exsist?




Please carify, when does it start? What about people that land today or yesterday or tomorrow?

Dan\'s the Man

Dan, do you think an airbnb would qualify?


An Airbnb is fine. Their are actually many hosts who are looking to host such guests to make up for cancellations.


is there a way to bring forward my united flight from TLV to SFO from sunday 15th to thursday 12th and is there a way to do this online as the wait line to call united is very long


I believe there are free changes but a fare difference may apply

Stam a guy

I had called them yesterday & recording said wait time was 50-110 mins. Selected the option to have their system call back when my turn. Got that call less than 40 mins later. So, whatever the wait time is, just select the call back option and go about your day. Side note: Caller ID did not say United. So, if you typically don’t answer calls you don’t recognize, this call should be an exception.


Can i cancel my ticket for trip to Israel with Air Serbia and get a refund?

Dan\'s the Man

Just wait for now…
If the situation continues closer to when your flight it they will prob allow free changes and/or cancellations


So the Israeli economy will survive on selling chumus & tehina to the people in the meanwhile.

Dan\'s the Man

Good thing the Israeli economy sells a bit more than that…


To foreigners, who are not there


Don’t forget the Rotev Pizza!

Dan\'s the Man

I assume this doesn’t apply to flight attendants of foreign airlines who will be flying out a day later?


One would hope that they have provisions for that, or 100% of flights more than 3 hours away will have to be cancelled. They’ll be down to Jordan Cyprus and Turkey.


What effect will this have on couples/students living there trying to get home for Pesach?


The decision will apply immediately to all Israelis who returned from abroad. However, it will apply to foreigners who have arrived in Israel at any point over the last two weeks only after 72 hours from the announcement.

Can people who are in quarantine leave the country?
Who can stay with them in quarantine?


“ Can people who are in quarantine leave the country?”
I know someone who did already, and is on the way the the USA


that’s awful.


Another question is, will other countries start banning people that are in Isreal, from coming to their countries. If they do that soon, how will all the students get home for Pesach?


Nobody is banning anyone


All flights until Rosh Chodesh back to USA are booked solid I don’t see a problem with cancellations in that direction.


Correct, but as the route from TLV to NYC is not a pipe, rather it requires a vehicle namely an aircraft to fly one way, and return all the wayyy back in order to bring more people, it creates sort of an issue when you are empty on the return. No rocket science here (just “plane” economics)


Is there a link to where one can see the exact rules of what self quarantine entails?


It should be ready within the next 2 weeks


When you find one can you post it here, please?


if you want to come back after pesach, you are probably better off not leaving in the first place


If flights are cancelled, will those people booked already be consolidated into other flights(for elal) my son and his family just arrived yesterday in NY from nisrael and has an elal flight back to IL March 23. If his flight is cancelled so they generally move them to a differemt flight?


It’s an insane and stupid idea. Attempted containment will not work at this point – the horse is already out of the barn. People who have not traveled anywhere are getting it. Considering the fact that individuals can spread the virus while showing no symptoms, and that it’s simply impossible to test everybody, all we/Israel is doing is causing more problems to an already taxed economy. It’s likely that many more Israelis (as well as americans, europeans, etc..) have it than we know – so what’s the point of keeping foreigners out and losing tourist income?


They aren’t trying to stop the fact that it will spread, they are trying to slow the spread so as to keep hospital utilization at a manageable level so that the hospital systems aren’t overwhelmed like is happening in Italy.


Esther, there are people that spend their careers and have knowledge and expertise in this field. Are you one of these experts with a degree in public Health, perchance?
If you don’t have the expertise you can whine but understand your limitations.




@Dan, I’m wondering how, if at all, this might affect delivery flights (FedEx, UPS, etc.) from Israel. Somebody was supposed to bring home parshiyos for my son’s tefillin but they canceled their trip. I’d like the sofer to ship them instead. Any thoughts on this?


Were you planning to go in a box?


Look for someone else to bring them: there should be lots of people and students leaving tonight, tomorrow, to make sure they have flights to the usa

Dan\'s the Man

Shouldn’t be a problem to mail them. Although I’m sure some packages will get delayed. I’d just allow more time for shipment to arrive.


The grace period makes zero sense.

Dan\'s the Man

Except for practical purposes. Airplanes are full of non israelis as we speak. The planes have to land, don’t they?


No, they can circle in the air for 2 weeks

Dan\'s the Man

Stop watching that weird show “Manifest”


But it doesn’t take 72 hours for all the planes in the air to make it to Israel. And there are plenty of Israelis on them too

Dan\'s the Man

YEs but airlines are slow and it takes them time to cancel and or change flights.

Binyomin Yakovlevich

The simple reason is that for Israelis, they have a place to go, so quarantine. But visitors – if they can’t prove they have a place, are sent back. Based on that, need to give them a bit more time. Also that means that ideally even visitors coming tomorrow should self-quarantine, just not being forced to.


US Vice President Mike Pence asked Netanyahu in their telephone conversation yesterday that Israel’s new home-isolation policy not only focus on the US and several other European countries but that it would include all countries of the world,” Israeli reporter Barak Ravid tweeted shortly after the announcement was made Monday.

Dan\'s the Man

It might be true it might not be. It’s irrelevant though if you are only converned about US/Israel travel.


united canceled flights from Wednesday


where did you get this information from?


72 “hour” grace period
I suppose


72 hours to give everyone from Israel who came to the US to collect time to collect on Purim and get home without being quarantined.


If they’re Israeli that doesn’t help them at all.


“The decision will apply immediately to all Israelis who returned from abroad. However, it will apply to foreigners who have arrived in Israel at any point over the last two weeks only after 72 hours from the announcement.” from israelnationalnews if so you should switch the post because it will be retroactive for foreigners after 72 hours


For those who are worried about the Israeli economy —
While it will not be easy, I will just remind you that contrary to what many American Jews think, Israel has one of the strongest economies jn the world.
A few facts
Our GDP passed this year the GDP of the UK and France and was on track to pass Germany this year!
Israel is in the top 10 richest nations as far as the number of millionaires per capita.
The Shekel has strengthened over 30% vs. the ISD since 2003. Then your dollar would buy you 5 shekels today you will only get 3.5 sheks.
Our foreign currency reserves have gone up in 40 years from 4 billion USD to over 100 billion USD.
There are many more
So, yes, it won’t be easy, but we will definitely survive.


@Moshe, don’t worry, nobody is worried about you


United States (GDP: 20.49 trillion)
China (GDP: 13.4 trillion)
Japan: (GDP: 4.97 trillion)
Germany: (GDP: 4.00 trillion)
United Kingdom: (GDP: 2.83 trillion)
France: (GDP: 2.78 trillion)
India: (GDP: 2.72 trillion)
Italy: (GDP: 2.07 trillion)
Brazil: (GDP: 1.87 trillion)
Canada: (GDP: 1.71 trillion)

33 Israel 403.96 billion


Excuse me, I was talking “per capita” for 2019.


I guess Monaco, San Marino, Qatar, and Luxembourg have the strongest economies in the world…


You are funny!


Reported on a few hours prior to this announcement:
4:48 P.M. Trump says ‘nothing is shut down, life and the economy go on’
U.S. President Donald Trump dismissed worries over coronavirus, tweeting: “So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!”


The experts beg to differ. I trust Dr. Fauci more than Dr. Trump.


Does this mean if you go tomorrow night you don’t have to quarantine at all or your Quarentine just doesn’t start before Thursday?


LOT is playing games. There pretending all is fine and there flights will continue…

Dan\'s the Man

It’s not “games”. As Dan wrote it will take airlines time to come up with policies. The customer service rep you’re talking with has no idea about it. As Dan says wait…


LOT’s home page has a big banner “Flexible rebooking options.” Clicking takes you here:


will delta refund on flights to tlv?

Eran Vaknin

anyone have the exact source of where it says that this law expires after 14 days (assuming it doesn’t get extended)


i’m still tryin to figure out if the 72 hour grace period means all non-israeli’s that landed w/in the past 2 weeks will start their quarantine in 72 hours from now, or if they wont require any quarantine?


dan any updates on united flight cancelation
thanks alot

Chase travel

Will Chase cover the cancellation fees for a ticket booked with a reserve card? in their Travel protection insurance I see covered
“Quarantine of You or Your Traveling Companion imposed by a Physician or by a competent governmental authority having jurisdiction, due to health reasons”
Does the Israeli imposed quarantine fall under this category?


I’m afraid not. Spoke to Chase benefits department today. They cover if you’re already in the country and are forced into quarantine. They won’t cover if you won’t travel to Israel because gvnt imposed quarantine :(.


i just spoke to united they dont have any available flights for this week thu fri sat for some reason from 1 min to the next it just went off there site.
any idea what there plan is?
and if they are planning on doing that to all flights next week

Dan the man

Does this mean if you go tomorrow night you don’t have to quarantine at all or your Quarentine just doesn’t start before Thursday?


All United flights are done


where is that info from

Sanity please

I’m waiting on hold for 2 hours and counting with Chase travel try to change my ticket.
Anyone have luck getting through to Chase travel today?


no. its been a nightmare 🙁 I was on hold for over 5 hours last Thursday night trying to get through to them. And today 1.5 hours only to be cut off 15 minutes into the call. They said they would call me back if I get cut off, but they didn’t!

Sanity please

I’m still waiting for a rep…
This is awful….


Same hear. i wish i could just dispute it.


Did you get through at the end? I keeping losing the call after waiting hours!

Sanity please

I listened to music for 4 hours, and then….


Your pain is my pain!
I was on the phone for hours too, only to have the same sad ending!


Still didnt get through either 🙁
I have now booked yet another flight for my son to get home from yeshiva. Desperately hoping that I can get refunded my airmiles for the first 2 canceled flights…


So a little trick that I have used in the past. Instead of calling Ultimate Travel, I call the number on the back of my chase card. Explain to the rep that you have been on hold and have been unable to connect. Usually they can connect you to someone fairly quickly over at Chase travel. Good luck and hopefully this quarantine will be lifted soon.


thank you for the hint. will try that after Purim!


Have you heared anything regarding the upcoming(2 Weeks)elal flights from tlv to jfk or newark?


ticket booked on March 6 on TLV to EWR and United site is not honoring their waiver… charging $240 change fee. Dan, any ideas?


Was scheduled to go to Israel and Jordan on 3/19 with Friends of Israel tour. Tour organizer still scrambling and non-committal. No notice from United Airlines yet. This has to crush their economy, much like northern Italy, where my wife is scheduled to go (Milan) in May. This makes a strong case for getting “cancel for any reason” trip insurance!


Here’s my idea: Test everyone who gets on plane in US. Results will be ready by the time the flight lands in Israel. If no one tests positive then you let the passengers in without requiring then to quarantine. In two weeks time the test may become widespread enough and cheap enough to do this.


I was thinking the same! But when I asked in another post if you test negative in Israel by Israeli testers if you would be free to go, Dan’s response was you still have to wait out the 2 weeks even if negative. Not sure why though.

I also read somewhere that they are working on a test that people will be able to take like a home pregnancy test and get fast results. I hope they get that and Israel can require that in place of this severely restrictive quarantine.


So far Moscow not on quarantine list so Aeroflot is a good stopover

Binyomin Yakovlevich

No, it is from ANY country now. But in general – yes, Moscow and Aeroflot are awesome, with two caveats, don’t miss your outbound flight. They close the gate 15 minutes before flight and many times I saw that ppl came to the gate too late. Also, make sure to have nothing remotely questionable in your carry-on or suitcase, like a used bullet, a few milligrams of substances…


I thought the group agreed never to fly through Russia again.


Any idea how they will enforce this?


Everyone here is all busy how Israel is ruining their economy. Maybe. But you have to think through the other possibilities as well. There is a real possibility that this will spread out of control in countries that aren’t doing enough. Like the United States, amongst others. And then what will happen? People are afraid to go to work, people don’t go out to restaurants and malls, people work less and businesses make less, so people go out less. And tourism from other countries? It’s at zero. Even China was hit hard, with all their containment. How is Israel? Their doing ok. Tourism is at zero, but that’s by all countries. But besides that their moving along.


We’ve still not heard from the health ministry regarding quarantine in dorms. The letter circulating recently in the name of an MK wasn’t authorized by the משרד הבריאות. Dan where do you get it from about students, what I read says tourists…? Thanks


has there been any clarification regarding non-Israeli citizens who entered the country prior to March 9th? will they be required to self-quarantine on March 12 until 14 days from arrival? children arrived in israel from the US on March 5th, do they need to leave before March 12? I called the embassy and reading which is unclear


I’m looking for the answer to that too


Israel is Smart. Fyi and on a different note – Did u know the USA only has, at this pt, 75000 test kits for corona????


Well Israel is overreacting that’s because it will spread anyways as we see daily it won’t and can’t be contained might as well go on in life and not kill a world economy as for Israel’s economy without tourism there done just think of the thousands of yeshivah seminary students young couples tourists who won’t return there the ones feeding Israel’s economy so bibi litzman decide lets kill the economy to. Its non containable its to late i believe in 2 weeks when its wide spread globally people will move on in life .


This post makes no sense.

The worry in Israel is global recession therefor affecting their outsourcing sectors. I don’t think yeshiva and seminaries is high on the priority list, especially when a majority of the current infected in Israel came from abroad.

And if they don’t return here in the future due to a common sense and potential life-saving measure for its own population, good riddance.

They don’t need more vectors here.


“thousands of yeshivah seminary students young couples tourists who won’t return there the ones feeding Israel’s economy”

Sorry, Israels economy now based on Hi-tech and natural gas. True, the people that serve the tourist market will be hurt, but thats a small segment of the economy. Israel no longer needs tourist for the forigen curency they bring.

On the other hand the Chareidi population here is going to get hurt quite badly – especialy here in Yerusalayim. A large percentage of the micro economy is based on assumptions that money from Chut la’aretz provides liquidy, and provides upward pressure on prices. The overpriced stores in Geula, Romema and Ramat Eshkol will be hurt, and the out of control, superoverheated dira prices are based on young couples willing to pay $1500 to live in a underground closet will go down. (people here buy houses on the assumtion that they can make an illegal dira in it, and use the rent to pay the mortgage). And thats aside from all the staff at the yeshivos and sems that provide for Chutznekim.

Stu Erdfarb

What kind of proof of a place to stay?


For a tourist, probably some form of evidence like a lease or AirBnB reservation.


I have a flight for April on Swiss air. Any idea if I can cancel now and get a refund? I really don’t want to wait 2 more weeks to find out I cant come for Pesach. I have matzah to buy if I am staying home.


My advice….. buy matzah


Buy matzah. You’re staying home.

Leah Lesserson

Question. Every time sensitive. We have a kiruv student set to fly tomorrow to Israel to go to neve. We have been watching this closely. As of today looks like she really lucked out and avoided it as she arrives a day early. But r edelstein must said he hear snow the 72 hours applied to foreigners already there. I assume its foreigners cominf in (altho it makes no sense). Can u reliable people reassure me if she arives tuesday she will be ok??

Leah Lesserson

Excuse my typos. He thinks it’s ok but just in case . As people talking about all different variations of what Israel meant


If every country would copy Israel and do the same thing for the next month or so in a coordinated global effort we just may be able to eradicate this from the face of the Earth.
Realistically if only Israel does this, it’s going to resurface at some point… If only there could be a global strategic effort for a few weeks

Chantal Modes

So if i have a flight scheduled for march 15 – aeroflot – do we wait for it to cancel? I can’t get anyone to answer at ovago. The airlines said i have to deal w them!


Dan I’m supposed to go to Israel for pesach with my family. What do u sugg ppl do in our situation ? Do we wait ? Or find a different opt


Had a friends daughter on UA 84 yesterday.was delayed as pilots refused to fly until they were guaranteed not to be put in quarantine upon landing today. Now I see all future EWR flights cancelled. Guess she got on the last one out.


is ukrane iternational canseling flights


do foreigners arriving before Thursday need to go into quarantine


Not all citizens live there and have a permanent address in Israel. So I couldn’t go back now also without having a home to go to! It’s not only tourists! Right now kind of stuck at Zurich, where the EU is still allowing people to come and go, and the weather is cold and bad so that I am still cooped up in my hotel.


please answer ASAP


Just want to say i have a flight on Thursday from tlv to ewr and there is no word on cancellation


Does anyone know if someone with a student visa arrives today will they be able to leave next week?


Does anyone know how this quarantine is going to work? Meaning I get off the plane with proof of my own apartment, then what? Is a car service possible? How do you get from airport to home?


How can I figure out if a flight is going to be cancelled? My husband was supposed to fly next week, March 18 on UA 91 to Newark and then continue on to Columbus. My travel agent says to just pay the cancellation fee because if we use the “free change the date”, we have to put in the date by March 18 which we obviously can’t now although he does fly back and forth about 20x a year. I would rather just wait to see if the flight is cancelled, it seems like a waste of money to pay. He is also a platinum member, does that help?
In terms of ELAL, we were all supposed to fly for pesach on March 29, but we’re not leaving the country knowing there is a possibility we will all be put in quarantine upon return. Not an option. Will ELAL let us cancel or just freeze the tickets? We are 9 people, I’m not interested in paying such a hefty cancellation fee. If anyone can direct me in the right direction of how to find this out, that would be amazing. Thank you!

lazer g

are the arab borders open? they can also spread it…

Neville D Newman

If flying into Israel (tourist, for Pesch in Jerusalem) for a stay of LESS than 14 days, does that mean that leaving the quarantine location to travel to the TLV airport will constitute a violation of the quarantine?

This is my son’s situation, flying in to IL on 4/07 and back out on 4/17.

My situation is a little different. i am ticketed to fly to IL on 3/29 and return (with my son) on 4/17. If I go and self-quarantine, and then he joins me 9 days later, it seems like it would obviously “reset” my quarantine and i would end up quarantined for 3 weeks.

Lastly, a German friend who lives in IL (and is quarantined because his wife just returned from Germany) says that some German bureau announced that Airbnb rentals would not qualify as “home quarantine”.

It is really crazy. My friend had given his house over to another quarantined family and taken his own family to camp in the desert for 2 weeks away from everybody. The authorities just came and made him move back into his own house, which means that the other family had to move to a different quarantine location with little or no notice.

Neville D Newman

If Airbnb turns out to be an allowable quarantine option, then are Airbnb hosts expecting to do grocery shopping and delivery for their clients? Or is it likely that Airbnb guests will need to stop on the way from the airport and purchase 2 weeks of food to take the quarantine?

Brocha Rosenthal

how will Israel enforce the quarantine will the post guard at everyone’s door
how will they know if i go across the street to shul for 30min