Delta Launches Basic Economy Fares On Nonstop Flights From North America To Israel, Will Other Airlines Match?

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In 2019, Delta launched basic economy fares on some connecting flights between North America and Israel.

I expected other airlines to copy them, but for the most part that didn’t happen.

American offers a basic plus bag fare from Tel Aviv to JFK, which basically just means that you can’t make free changes as you’ll still get a free carry-on and checked bag. American allows elites to select seats and get upgraded on all basic fares.

But now Delta has introduced the first true basic economy fares on nonstop flights from North America to Tel Aviv.

They haven’t lowered prices, they simply made their current fares into basic economy fares. That means no assigned seats, no checked bags, last to board, no upgrades, no miles earned, no status miles earned, and changes will cost $199 plus the difference in fare.

Delta credit cardholders do get priority boarding and a free checked bag.


Delta was charging $846 as their lowest JFK-Tel Aviv fare. Now that’s a basic economy fare and it’ll cost $170 to upgrade to main cabin.


Other airlines are still selling the $846 fare in main cabin.



Delta’s $1,070 JFK-Tel Aviv fare is now basic economy and it’ll cost $170 to buy out of it:


Delta’s $1,320 JFK-Tel Aviv fare is now basic economy and it’ll cost $112 to buy out of it:


Delta’s $1,572 JFK-Tel Aviv fare is now basic economy and it’ll cost $85 to buy out of it:


Delta’s $1,405 Boston-Tel Aviv fare is now basic economy and it’ll cost $170 to buy out of it:



Delta’s $1,470 Atlanta-Tel Aviv fare is now basic economy and it’ll cost $170 to buy out of it:


Do you think American, El Al, or United will match? Will Delta be forced to retreat if they don’t or will they stick to this new fare scheme to Israel?

Be sure to let Delta know your thoughts:

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Is it for a seat inside the plane? Or on the wing? How much is the fee to use the bathroom?


I can’t imagine how they can justify the introduction of basic economy fares on a 12 hour flight without even pretending to lower prices.

This is definition of Chutzpah.


Dan, just went through this, for the same price you can book comfort + vs upgrade/assign seat/ choosing the 2 (2-4-2) configuration


It is basically a fare hike but presented in a nice frame.


100% basically a way of upselling the same economy seats they had to previously market as the lowest fare.


It’s also a way for them to start with change fees again without breaking their commitment of free changes “forever”…


I was loyal to delta and have status with them for years, I just cancelled my credit card that offered a useless companion pass. Wasn’t ever able to use it during any holidays or peak time. Basic economy at main cabin prices just adds more insult to buyers.


I think BE wont work international as people need bags for longer trips, worked well in the US were people didn’t need to check bags

Snorro Park

Europeans traveling to the USA love basic economy.


Anti semites!


Thanks for the post.
I just booked a Delta flight yesterday and was forced to add $170 to buy out of BE. On Friday the same price was for regular economy.

Dan\'s the man

Why didn’t u book American, United, or El Al?


Cuz they were more expensive, even after the upsell


Gotta wonder if some of these policies making flying increasingly more unbearable are leading to some of the assaults on planes. Not excusing it at all, but by the time ppl are in their seats, the level of frustration reaches a boiling point. Flying has become a miserable experience and somehow keeps deteriorating

Snorro Park

Because people don’t want to pay for tickets. They like to refer how great airline travel was in the “golden age of flying”, but tickets cost at least 10x as much. Flying has never been safer, more reliable and cheaper than now.


This is a very good point. I remember the in the 90’s paying $1250 with a stop over


I’m so angry at this news that I just threw my remote at the TV, and glass is shattered all over the place. The kids are crying, the wife is upset, and this ruined our week. Shame on Delta!


I hope you find a way to fix your anger issues soon


seems like more of an anger management issue than a basic economy issue. just sayin’.


The good thing is that now you don’t have a TV anymore.
In a week or 2 you’ll thank Delta for this!


Noticing that millage redemption is higher as well. Was looking at flights for the last week or so and my dates for 49k. Now they are 60k


And what did we get from our billions of dollars poured into the bail out?

Snorro Park

Existing airlines. They might have gone bankrupt without.


Now they are just going to have people bringing more stuff onto the flight. Will cause problems with not enough space for carryons and the sort. Ridiculous for a long haul flight to not let luggage. What are they trying to gain?


Used to be my favorite airline to ey. Will now have them on bottom of list( I go 4/5x a year) United/Elal from now on.


Text book Inflation. And yes, all will (have to) follow. And if we all don’t earn more, then this activity – flying – will again be reserved for the privileged and upper middle class.
I grew up when not everyone could afford to fly, however, over the last decade everyone could afford it. We might be heading backwards for a moment.
Hopefully innovation will again open it up. Who knows. Maybe Elon will solve commercial flight so that its utility isn’t so costly. Maybe cheaper aircraft’s. Cheaper fuel. Cheaper logical man power. And boom! Where all in fist class for a meager $10k, which is most people’s UBI so it’s easy peasy


American used to have basic economy on their TLV flight.


Read the post?


We need to submit our feedback to them about this change.

The Righteous

Delta cardholders do get priority boarding and a free checked bag.

How do you become a delta cardholder?


I bought a ticket on United direct for 823$ this week, for a flight in 2 weeks. Why bother with other airlines and their nonsense

Jack out of the Box

I believe that although initially other airlines may put on a front of “Don’t fly Delta. We don’t do Basic Economy.”, ultimately, within a year or so, they’ll all be doing it.

Ken L

@Dan, I think that posts like this should have a new tag. Maybe something like #InverseDeal or #DealBreaker is more appropriate.

It’s been sad to see how the airlines have been shifting pieces on the chessboard thinking that the consumer doesn’t realize the difference. Even all these new ‘cheap’ flights come with the catch that there are uplifts everywhere for things that used to be standard. Soon there will be a fee for bringing your personal item.

tom bradley

deltaused to have 2x JFK then dropped to one.
This will bring back the second flight