[Update: Domestic Flights Added] Delta Adds Coronavirus Waiver On International Flights, Suspends Flights To Milan And Venice

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Update: Under pressure from United, Delta has updated their waiver to include all domestic and international flights booked from March 1-31. Only one free change will be allowed and travel must be completed by 2/28/21.

Originally posted on 3/2:

Another day, another airline change fee waiver. JetBlue, Alaska, and American previously announced free change policies due to coronavirus.

This time Delta has released a waiver, but they are limiting it to international flights only.

International flights that are booked between March 1-31 are eligible for one free change.

If you do make a change, the change fee will be waived, but the difference in fare will still apply.

While it’s too bad that Delta’s waiver is limited to international flights, it’s still far more useful than American’s nearly useless waiver that restricts changes to 14 days in advance. Unlike American’s waiver, Delta’s will work on award tickets as well.

Delta is also suspending flights to Milan at least through May 1 and is delaying the launch of flights to Venice from April 1 to May 1 as well.

Well United, what are you waiting for?

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I cancelled a Delta award ticket tlv to jfk motzei shabbos within 24 hours of travel without any fee


So the ones allowing free cancellation are JetBlue and Alaska…


The only airlines…


O well, there goes my plans to be at GamGam for pesach!
I have milage tkt bood on delta and they wont reaccomodate me on AF or KLM.


To support the “useless AA waiver” comment, AA clarified it to exclude award tickets.


If I book a flight from BKK-PVG-ORD for December on miles, would I be able to cancel for free at anytime before the flight?


This March 1st booking is a load crap. I dnt understand. Bc I booked in February I can’t cancel?! What difference does it make when I booked it. The bottom line is, it’s not safe to travel whether you booked it in February or March. It should go by when the travel da date is. I’m so mad Bc I have a trip planned in two weeks and no ones Letting me out of it without penalty


what airline did you book on?


Iran Air

Mom in nj

I was just thinking that. We also booked for summer in Jan, and now I’m wondering how safe it is to fly. They make no sense. If anything – the guy booking on March 1 knows there’s a coranovirus threat when he’s paying for a flight. On Jan 1, I certainly didnt! If anything I should be the one allowed to cancel.


Your mistake is in thinking that their cancellation policy has any connection to safety. It’s all about the Benjamins.
They already have your money, they don’t care to placate you. It’s the people who are scared to part with their money going forward that they’re concerned with.


exactly! They just want pple to book today. they need your cash to survive. if they go under, they at least have your money!


British just added a waiver for new bookings. I wonder what I can do with a flight this week booked previously?


Hi Dan. We booked a Tel Aviv to Atlanta (JFK stopover) round trip ticket yesterday. We will be in the States for the good part of the summer. Will this fee waiver work for us at the end of the summer, regardless of coronavirus status? We meet the criteria listed here, but our itinerary is just longer than usual (for us at least). Thank you.


How does this affect skymiles flights? Free change to the same location? Or can you cancel and deposit the miles back into your account? Thanks!


Booked with skymiles account before March 1st – can I get a refund?


Yes, if you are PM or DM you can deposit miles for free.


What about for an international flight booked with points thru Delta.com but assigned to Alitalia airline?


I booked domestic flights on Jan 21st…
Now I’m going to be driving instead.
Anything I can do to mitigate the loss, or nada?


Just to explain, the flights are for April.


I had a united tickets with points for EWR- TLV and they just refunded it to me fully with no $125 redepositing fee.


Delta’s updated waiver does include International flights booked before March but not Domestic.


What about people who booked flights before March and are traveling in the next couple weeks and have 2nd thoughts?


I had a flight booked with delta miles from TLV-JFK via time on Alitalia and they changed my flight to the direct delta flight from TLV-JFK free of charge.




So if I booked the ticket last month I have no options ?! So dumb. Who would book in March – seems like they didn’t have enough pressure.