JetBlue: No Change Or Cancellation Fees For Bookings Made Over The Next 2 Weeks!

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COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that is spreading across the globe, is hitting airlines harder than any other industry. A global pandemic will likely mean the end of some airlines.

JetBlue just announced that if you make a new booking between February 27-March 11 for travel by June 1st that they will waive all change or cancellation fees for any reason.


If you do cancel they will give you a credit for the money spent into your TravelBank that can be used for flights for anyone within one year of the cancellation.

If you do make a change, the change fee will be waived, but the difference in fare will still apply.

Changes or cancellations must be done before the scheduled departure time.

This policy will apply no matter where you book JetBlue travel, including Priceline, which in general has a much more liberal refund policy than booking directly with JetBlue.

It’s certainly a novel way to ease people’s fears about booking travel during a time of uncertainty and I think we’ll see some airlines copy it. However it may also backfire and starve airlines of change/cancel fees that they count on in order to upsell refundable fares and drive ancillary revenue.

Do you think other airlines will match JetBlue’s policy? Are you more likely to book travel on JetBlue due to the policy?

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How about other international flights ?

Pete Weiss

Fares or fears? Lol


Would this apply if you book with expiring JetBlue Credit?

Dan\'s the Man

I assume it also works for flights booked using JetBlue points?


Yea wondering the same. Would we get travel bank credit for our points?


Wondering the same too.

Dale Mitchell

Marketing Genius!


Any concern presently with visiting Poland (Lizensk) or Hungary or the UK? (mid March)


Wondering the same thing. Plan for Poland in July.


Honestly, Jet Blue is great, and I really don’t have a problem with them. But for domestic flights, we usually start looking with Southwest. We do normally check bags, and their flexibility with canceling and changing just makes them the best. And you get free tv and texting in flight.


Would they charge for difference in fare price?


Yes, if you change your flight, you would pay a fare difference. Or if prices get cheaper, you should be able to get a refund of difference via Travelbank funds


anyone out there know how a refund will work for tickets booked through chase ultimate rewards?


You’ll get a refund in USD to your Jetblue Travelbank account