Avelo Airlines Launches Service Next Week With $19 Intro Fares

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Avelo Airlines is launching service next Wednesday with a hub in Burbank, CA. They’ll serve similar secondary airports in the western US with 737-800s, which you may find convenient or inconvenient depending on how far you are from the airport and how much you value flying out of a smaller airport.

They charge just $10 for your first checked bag or $20 for your second checked bag, though a full size carry-on will set you back $35. Priority boarding is $10.

Standard seats have a tight 29″ pitch and cost $4-$18 to reserve in advance. Seats with 31″ pitch cost $20-$24 to reserve, seats with 34″ pitch cost $24-$48 to reserve, and exit row seats cost $23-$36 to reserve.

Their initial route map focuses on short-haul flights from Burbank:


You can use their low-fare calendar to find cheap seats:


Next up for new US airlines will be JetBlue founder David Neeleman’s Breeze Airways, which should launch soon.

Will you fly Avelo?

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25 Comments On "Avelo Airlines Launches Service Next Week With $19 Intro Fares"

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Can we add some discussion about the legacy airlines launching new routes/upgauging their planes to stifle out the new competitor?


why does their map have phoenix in new mexico?


Why wouldn’t they fly to Las Vegas?


who is flying these places. who lives in Redding, CA? Wikipedia says, “The 2010 population was 90,322”. Why is there a flight going there? Isn’t there a railroad named after them?


LOL, that’s Reading, in PA. 🙂


Obviously he doesn’t play Monopoly


Famous for its dock of the bay. Oops, that’s Otis.


I very much hope this airline gets a chance to succeed, it’s business model can be highly successful and offer a good customer experience. Unfortunately Gov is in the pocket of legacy carriers with slot restrictions etc


Coming from BUR, is there any place they fly besides PHX that would have kosher restaurant? I don’t see any.

Sonoma is beautiful, but I’m not aware of any kosher wineries to visit there, and no restaurants.


AZA and STS would be the closest to Kosher. STS is not too far from SF which has a few kosher places.


I have BZN to BUR booked in May to give this airline a try.


Will they be worse than Frontier and Spirit?


Any idea if they will appear on flight searches, or will they need to be looked up separately like Southwest, Allegiant, Sun Country, etc.?

Mr. Knowitall

Booked three for BUR to TLV. Thanks Dan!


I was going to actually reply to this and then I remembered that I know who you were

In all seriousness this is actually good stuff if you want to go to places that are usually off the map for the big carriers (Do you think it’s time to go back to Bozeman?)


You did reply.


Burbank airport is so easy and convenient (compared to LAX). I hope someone will post reviews of Avelo soon. I don’t care much for other budget airlines like Frontier but hopefully Avelo will be more like Southwest. I would love to take my family on a trip to Eureka to see the Redwoods or Bozeman to visit Yellowstone.


For the summer, they should at least add a flight to the Sullivan County NY airport so families or campers can go straight to the Catskills.


Originating from Burbank to Sullivan County NY? That’s quite a niche’ market


Website is under maintenance?


do they fly from Phoenix to burbank?
I can’t get a phoenix departure to burbank on the web site