[Credits Are Posting!] WOW! Customers Are Saving $120/Line On Their Verizon Wireless Plans!

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Update: As expected, this was a customer loyalty retention promo and credits are already posting on some readers’ bills, remember to reenable the Number Lock:

There are numerous reports on DDF of Verizon Wireless customers saving $120/line by doing the steps below.

1. Open the Verizon App and select Account and then Edit profile & settings:

2. Scroll down until you see Number Lock and click on it:

3. Turn off number lock for each line on your account, this account has 3 lines and wound up earning $360 from this deal.

4. Go one page back to account settings and select Number Transfer Pin

5. Generate a Transfer Pin.

And that’s it. Most reports are that the discount information is sent within 2-3 days of doing this.

Be sure to look out for an email or SMS:


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Don’t you want the line locked??


Does this work on buisness plans?


6 lines. Done and waiting. Fingers crossed….


My line was not locked to begin with. Will it still work?


I received the discount even though my lines were unlocked. Just generated a PIN and it worked.


They sent it right away?




Wow! Is this only for contract (vs prepaid) accounts?

Arye Fasten

what are you loosing by removing number lock? does that mean that you don’t own the number?


I didnt have those options when I opened the app for number lock


can this be done on Verizon business plan?


Does this mean that our phone number can be changed by Verizon?


My lines were already unlocked. Will I receive it for generating a pin?


probably worth discussing that disabling your number lock makes it easier for a scammer/etc to port your number…right?


Works on a prepaid account also?


What exactly is being done with these steps? Isn’t turning off number lock putting you at risk of scammers?


I believe it’s basically threatening verizon that you are deleting your account and instead of version just letting yoy go they offer a discount


is there any risk here? There is that info posted there under, “protect your mobile number”


If number lock is off AND someone has the transfer PIN then they could port your number to a different service, but in general this should be pretty safe. Plus it sounds like you can just turn the lock back on after getting the discount.


Does it work for Verizon Business accounts as well


i did it and got a text right awaybut it didnt mention anything about money.


Same same


I was already getting $10 off per month per account as I opted to pay our monthly charge from our checking account instead of CC.
We’ll see if I will get any additional discount but this generated a code like I intended to switch provider. The only issue is that I just signed a new contract after receiving $830 for my iPhone 12 trade in.
We’ll see what happens.

Pat S

Yeah interesting to see if new customers this would work for? Seems doubtful but you never know


I got this in addition to the checking account discount.

My bill looks great!


I believe this is only for consumer accounts not for business


Not working on by business acct.


So essentially you’re telling verizon that you’re planning on switching service and their computer is sending you this discount to retain you?




Biz account 🙁


When I click number lock does that mean o cannot use my phone line anymore ?


Just did it we shall see if we get the message in 2-3 days


Just got the email! $10 off a month for a year on the phone lines! That’s $600!


There is no option for number lock by me.


Didn’t work


7 lines done and waiting 🙂 I wonder if I will be targeted as I already have a $20 overall discount on m y account…


I think $120 is clickbait, it’s $10 a month for 12 months…

Pat S

Its literally spelled out for you in the post


Has this worked for anyone with a grandfathered unlimited data plan from 2017? And should I still be on that plan? (Here’s a refresher: https://www.dansdeals.com/shopping-deals/electronics/cell-phones/today-final-day-get-verizon-unlimited-plan-downgraded-become-significantly-expensive/) Dan, are you still on that plan?


I have the grandfathered plan and it worked for me. I’ll have to wait and see if I get 1 discount or for every line.


How much money are you wasting by having a plan with Verizon. It’s mind boggling how much people waste when you can get the same service for a fraction of the price prepaid.


Agreed, I just got 12 months of unlimited calling and texting + 3GB of data with redpocket mobile for $120.


Ihave similar for 15 bucks a month with t mobile. The american consuumer loves their safety


Business accounts usually don’t qualify for many offers.


Number lock was off. Generated pin. I have 10 lines. Does it automatically give for all lines or do I need to do something more?


Do you need to generate a PIN for every line once unlocked, or only one?


I only had to do it once for our 7 lines.


It doesn’t seem to work on the Buisness accounts, anyone with luck with a business account?


I would think this is a tactic to keep customer that would be switching (hence they are generating a PIN, which is used by the new carried to take over the phone number) from leaving Verizon, by offering a discount when they initiate the first step of porting to a different carrier.


Does this have to be done via the app or will it work through the website as well?


just did it on the website will keep you posted if I get discount


got email and text thanks dan!
12 Lines let’s hope will get $120 per month


Just to follow up – I did it through the website last night and just got the text now. Turnaround time 14 hours.


And discounts just posted – $20/month for two lines. Thanks!


Does this work for post paid?


Keep in mind this can cause issues I am not exactly sure on the details but we did it and because it made each line lower by $10 my next bill was hundreds more than I should’ve been because certain benefits were removed being that our plan was lowered in price.


How long ago did you do this ?


Did it and got an email few hours later with $10 discount per line for a year




Just got the email about $120


same here just got the email few hours later


Thank you, Dan. Got the email an hour ago, after doing this a minute right after your post went up. Saving $30 per month now.


Did it yesterday when you posted and got a email at midnight. Thanks Dan & JJ


Is this a glitch or is this meant to happen?


Meant to happen
Customer retention
Last resort credit before entire account goes to a competitor


Worked great – Thanks!

From Verizon:
“We’re glad to have you as part of the Verizon family. To show our appreciation we’re applying a $10/mo discount to each active phone line on your account for the next 12 months. That’s a savings of $120 per line for the year!
There’s nothing you need to do, and you should see it reflected in the next 1-2 billing cycles. It’s our way of saying thanks for being a loyal customer.
Thank you again for choosing Verizon”


How quickly did this come? STill nothign for me


I’m still waiting for the text or email with $10 retention from VZ


Thank you very much! I followed the instructions last night and received notification this morning at 5:02 am of $120 per line for my ten lines. Incredible! Thank you Dan!

Max B

I did it last night 7:30pm and haven’t received any email or Text, would you recommend cancelling the pin and regenerate a new pin?


It worked!!! My lines were already unlocked so I locked and unlocked and requested the PIN and I got text & email from VZW the next day!


Is there a way to do this without an app on a smartphone or texting? Can it be done from a computer?


Thanks Dan! Thanks JJ! This worked for me Baruch Hashem!


i did it from computer


Prepaid accounts?


Undefined error.


I just got on my plan with 7 lines

Max B

How long did it take until you got the notification?


A few hours


I got a text immediately that a pin was generated and 6.5 hours later an email about the credit


Unlocked my 5 numbers at the EWR United Club Wednesday evening. Landed yesterday at TLV and was greeted by a VZW email announcing 5 lines x $10 x 12 months = $600 savings. Save more by signing up for inexpensive Israel cell service to avoid VZW’s $10/day fee for poor service. I’m pleased with Annatel (annatel.co.il). Thank you, Dan! Chag Sameach to all from the land of one day chag :- )


I have 6 lines altogether – 4 cell phones and 2 cellular watches. Turned off all 6 lines. Wonder if I’ll get credit for 4 or 6 lines? (I also hope that I will not lose any of my other discounts, as one of the previous posters stated.)


Did it days ago .. got nothing 🙁

Max B

Me too. I tried cancelling and regenerating a pin with no luck.


I did it days ago and got my text message today. Redeemed 25 off every month!


Would this work on TracFone which is owned by Verizon?


Does this still work? Can someone tell me?


Hi Dan,

Not related to this but have no idea how to post so you can see it. But Verizon has on their monthly rewards a $3 gift card to Barnes and Noble as well as a $3 AMC Gift card (not super rewards so everyone can do it). Figured to post so others can see and claim!!!!


does it vary by which plan you have with verizon? becouse i did it and they only offered me $20 a month (4 out of 5 lines are on the welcome unlimited plan)


It didn’t work by me

Belmar Boy

I have 2 accounts, only worked on one.


4 lines. That’s a $480 discount for 10 minutes of work. Thanks a lot!


Will this work on business accounts too?


Finally worked!.. I had to do it 3 times!

6 lines!



What did you do, unlock, then lock, then unlock?

Barry D

What happens if I actually want to move one of my lines to a Google voice account so it can be uses in Israel?

Barry D

If I am planning on moving one of my lines to a Google voice line to be keep for my daughter to use while out of the country, what happens if I actually do port it, do I lose the benefit on all of the other lines?


10 lines fingers crossed! Thank you


My experience If helpful for others

1) lines were unlocked to begin with
2) i locked them (didn’t understand the instructions)
3) requested code
4) realized I read instructions wrong
5) cancelled code
6) unlocked lines
7) requested new code
8) nothing happened for 2 days
9) cancelled code
10) requested new code
11) nothing happened again
12) let the code expire after a week
13) requested new code
14) next morning got the email with the $10 discount.


I followed the instructions in this post when it was originally posted on 9/27 and on 9/28 I got an email confirming that a discount of $10 per line per month was being applied to my account. My bill for the period ending 10/14 posted yesterday but I don’t have that $10 loyalty discount per line that is showing in your screenshot :(. I have the $10 auto pay and paper free one which I’ve had since I’m with Verizon, but not the new $10 discount. Very annoying because dealing with Verizon customer service is frustrating and usually futile.


It said it may take 2-3 bill cycles to post, so just be patient. If you have an email or text confirmation for it, then it most likely will work but won’t be instant.


is it known whether or not it works for everyone or not? or even if Verizon caught on and stopped this from working?

Two friends of mine said they never got the text (they are on family plans who have definitely been with Verizon for 10-20 years or more)


what if it wasn’t looked till now?


Thank you! Real savings,.


Ok, I followed the instructions. How long does it take to get an email or text?


I know this post is old news, but I didn’t get any text or email a day after following the instructions. Maybe it’s done.


Did it a week ago and nothing yet


I did this a few weeks ago, and it took 1 billing cycle to hit, and it is a huge saving. I am saving $11 per line and I have 5 lines.