Get A Free Line For T-Mobile Plans With 2+ Lines!

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T-Mobile is offering a free line for new or existing account with at least 2 lines on the account.

You will need a SIM Card to activate the plan.

You can call T-Mobile or Chat with them online, be sure to reference document 20Q23, for them to look up the promotion in their internal records system.

Some reps may not be familiar with this promotion, so try HUCA (Hang Up Call Again) if a rep isn’t familiar.

The new phone line will have unlimited calls and texts and a limited data plan.

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Are you eligible for this promotion?

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Not all plans with 2 lines qualify.


Only if you don’t have a promotional plan already. they said im not eligible


Don’t think you need a sim card to activate it.


What is a “promotional” plan?


Just got the free line

Jardena Kushnar

U still need to buy/bring your own phone, though!


what if I already got a free line on a past promotion?


Ut works I just get my third free line


I have 5 lines, now 6 with the promotion. There is a $10 Sim card fee and then $20 activation. I already have one free line from one of the early T-Mobile Tuesday promotions


I have 4 lines already and was told I don’t qualify. Why would that be


I have 6 lines and they told me that I am not eligible.

“Simple Choice Family Match plan you have is not eligible for that promotion because it is already it’s own promotional plan.”


When does this promo end?
Today only?


Thank you, it worked for me. I have 4 unlimited lines and now have 5.


I’m assuming it does not include Metro PCS, which is by T-Mobile?


Would it work for Sprint (now T-Mobile)?


Never mind, just saw the link for Sprint was included.


Any one not going to use their extra line I would love to make a deal. Dm me on the forums.


Worked for me.. 6th line


Thanks for letting us know…
Truly interesting that you found out about it and I as a T-Mobile customer had no idea…
I am hooked up with the app and they have not notified us in any way…


nformed by the T-Mobile rep that you only get the free line if you add an extra. So like a BOGO offer. I have two lines and would only get a free if I added a paid third line. Anybody know any different?


False. HUCA.

B. R.

Signed up for 7th line through the chat (2nd free line) I pay $23 a line with North American roaming and data. I think the people that don’t qualify might be because of hardware upgrades on their account. I always buy my phones outright and have been offered other amazing deals.


Rep said my Simple Choice plan does qualify. Thanks.


I see that you wrote this free line has unlimited talk n text but limited data…
The tmobile rep said it will have wtvr the other lines on the plan have…
Since you’re usually more knowledgeable than any customer service representative of any company and I mean that seriously, where do you see that information so I can ask T-Mobile about it?


Meanwhile, if your 15% Advantage Discount was just removed from the legacy 4+ line 2.5GB Simple Choice plan, here’s the solution to get it back: . (This is a PSA for those who three weeks ago received a text from T-Mobile saying “Important notice: We recently determined you are receiving a monthly discount of approximately $15 on your T-Mobile bill that you aren’t eligible for. This discount will be removed starting 7/10/2020. We’re sorry about this mix-up; you wont be charged for any previously received discounts. For details:


Anyone knows if simple mobile thru T-mobile works?


I have a legacy simple choice family plan 2 lines. My coworker told me that his cousin works at a retail T-Mobile and I could sign up. I called him and he wanted me to come in to the store. I called customer service, and they did it over phone. No code or anything. Paid $30 via CC for Sim card, but he credited it back to my account. I will get activated card in 7 days.