Ends Today! Get Another Free Line For T-Mobile Plans With 2+ Lines!

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Update: This offer ends today!

DDF Legend AsherO, reports that he has taken advantage of this offer every time we post it, and he currently has 4 free lines for a total of 6 lines on his 2 paid line plan!

Originally posted 6/28/20.

T-Mobile is offering a free line for new or existing account with at least 2 lines on the account.

You will need a SIM Card to activate the plan.

You can call T-Mobile or Chat with them online to get this promotion added to your account.

Some reps may not be familiar with this promotion, so try HUCA (Hang Up Call Again) if a rep isn’t familiar.

The new phone line will have unlimited calls and texts and a limited data plan.

Related post: Existing Sprint Customers: Receive A Free Unlimited Line.

Free new line for accounts with 2 to 11 voice lines; plus taxes & fees for accounts currently paying for a T-Mobile wireless line with additional taxes & fees. Qualifying credit and Magenta, Essentials, ONE, Business Unlimited, or Simple Choice plan required. Credits may take up to 2 bill cycles; credits will stop if you cancel any lines. Limit 1 offer per account.

Are you eligible for this promotion?

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Not all plans with 2 lines qualify.


Only if you don’t have a promotional plan already. they said im not eligible


Don’t think you need a sim card to activate it.


What is a “promotional” plan?


TMobile one with autopay as far as I understand


Just got the free line

Jardena Kushnar

U still need to buy/bring your own phone, though!


i got a free pixel 5g to go with it!

A. S.

Did you really? How’d you manage that?
They told me I need a new paid line for the free phone promotion.

A. S.

I got it! The iphone deals won’t stack with this, but Google pixel did!


Yupppp same 🙂 thnx for this! @jj @dan this guy deserves a huge ht


More details please!


what if I already got a free line on a past promotion?


Ut works I just get my third free line


I have 5 lines, now 6 with the promotion. There is a $10 Sim card fee and then $20 activation. I already have one free line from one of the early T-Mobile Tuesday promotions


I have 4 lines already and was told I don’t qualify. Why would that be


I have 6 lines and they told me that I am not eligible.

“Simple Choice Family Match plan you have is not eligible for that promotion because it is already it’s own promotional plan.”


When does this promo end?
Today only?


Thank you, it worked for me. I have 4 unlimited lines and now have 5.


I’m assuming it does not include Metro PCS, which is by T-Mobile?


Would it work for Sprint (now T-Mobile)?


Never mind, just saw the link for Sprint was included.


Any one not going to use their extra line I would love to make a deal. Dm me on the forums.


Worked for me.. 6th line


Thanks for letting us know…
Truly interesting that you found out about it and I as a T-Mobile customer had no idea…
I am hooked up with the app and they have not notified us in any way…


nformed by the T-Mobile rep that you only get the free line if you add an extra. So like a BOGO offer. I have two lines and would only get a free if I added a paid third line. Anybody know any different?


False. HUCA.

B. R.

Signed up for 7th line through the chat (2nd free line) I pay $23 a line with North American roaming and data. I think the people that don’t qualify might be because of hardware upgrades on their account. I always buy my phones outright and have been offered other amazing deals.


Rep said my Simple Choice plan does qualify. Thanks.


I see that you wrote this free line has unlimited talk n text but limited data…
The tmobile rep said it will have wtvr the other lines on the plan have…
Since you’re usually more knowledgeable than any customer service representative of any company and I mean that seriously, where do you see that information so I can ask T-Mobile about it?

Sholey Klein

I was told the same thing. The same data as my other four lined!


Meanwhile, if your 15% Advantage Discount was just removed from the legacy 4+ line 2.5GB Simple Choice plan, here’s the solution to get it back: https://www.reddit.com/r/tmobile/comments/h0gq3b/corporate_volume_discount_removed_from_promo/fw8i1bc/ . (This is a PSA for those who three weeks ago received a text from T-Mobile saying “Important notice: We recently determined you are receiving a monthly discount of approximately $15 on your T-Mobile bill that you aren’t eligible for. This discount will be removed starting 7/10/2020. We’re sorry about this mix-up; you wont be charged for any previously received discounts. For details: http://www.t-mo.com/FAQAVD


Anyone knows if simple mobile thru T-mobile works?


I have a legacy simple choice family plan 2 lines. My coworker told me that his cousin works at a retail T-Mobile and I could sign up. I called him and he wanted me to come in to the store. I called customer service, and they did it over phone. No code or anything. Paid $30 via CC for Sim card, but he credited it back to my account. I will get activated card in 7 days.

Dan\'s the Man

Does this work for Sprint?

I have the unlimited “kickstart” Sprint plan for $25. A few months they offered free additional line so I now have 2 unlimited lines for $25. I assume I won’t be able to get a 3rd line now for free?


Anyone know how tmobile compares to att? I have att and would switch to tmobile as its cheaper, but not at the cost of worse service. Im in lakewood.


Still wondering….


Is this a new offer or the same offer?


if you have promotional plan in your current plan, the free line won”t qualify. instead you can switch to one the qualified plan and get a free line


Do I need to do this? they told me my plan can only hold 8 lines and I have 8 , so I would need to get a diff plan should I do it?


I had the exact situation last time. The plan i was on was up to 8 lines, but they moved me to an identical plan with 9+ lines. Just confirm all details of the plan stay the same. I believe its just the way the plan is categorized in their system.


Do business plans qualify?
A salesperson told me that I’m not eligible because I have a business plan


I chatted a few times on twitter and confirmed that even though I got the free line a few months ago, I can get the free line promo again.


In a nutshell, Magenta will give (almost) everyone a free voice line with no strings attached or hoops to jump through. All you need is to already have two paid lines of wireless service on a “qualifying rate plan” or be willing to activate them now in order to get a third one at no extra cost.

If that happens to sound familiar, it’s probably because T-Mo offered similar deals several times in the recent (and not-so-recent) past. And yes, you can score a complimentary third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight, ninth, tenth, eleventh, or twelfth voice line no matter how many times you’ve previously claimed identical freebies.

Even better, the killer new promotion will apparently be stackable with a number of other top T-Mobile Black Friday deals, including that gratis Pixel 4a 5G with a trade-in. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for several of Magenta’s latest iPhone offers, so you won’t be able to get a free iPhone 12 or $950 off a 12 Pro or 12 Pro Max with a free line of service.

Before doing your pre-holiday celebration dance, you may also want to keep in mind not all plans and existing customers will actually be eligible for this crazy “holideal”, although the full list of exclusions and exceptions is not yet available


Port a number in (ebay) for the new line and get the $100 BYOD promotion.

Not all plans qualify for the free line but most standard plans do I believe. You don’t even need to request anything special, open a new line and it right away you will see the line on us promotion on your account.


Can u explain this?


what’s the code to tell the rep? They aren’t seeing anything, on the phone with them now


The Offer
New and existing T-Mobile customers will be able to get a free voice line in store or via T-Force (T-Force is T-Mobile’s social media team. You can also text 611 and reference ‘Doc 20Q23‘).
New customers must activate 2 voice lines and the third line will be free
Existing customers must have at least two paid voice lines


this worked perfectly ty.


If anyone want to join an unlimited t mobile account pm on the forums


Does this work on T-Mobile prepaid plans? I have two lines.


Got my 6th free line! Thanks myi 🙂


To bad I have 8 paid lines and 0 free!

That’s what happens when you added on a family plan and don’t pay the bill!


A rep told me if you do cancel or cancelled previously a line within 3 months you don’t qualify.

Is that true? Would love to switch a paid line for a free one




I would like to bring My dad into my plan I currently have 2 lines, would it be possible he currently with tmobile? But pays over $120 for only his line?


You should be able to bring him into your plan.
But first get a 3rd free line and then port his number over and cancel his line…


BZ, sorry I want to make sure I understand.

But if I get a third line will be a random number? How to I make that third line his current phone #?


Once you have the 3rd line in place you port over his number and change the number to his old number
Call 611 they will help you
Dan’s Deals just informs you about various deals as a free service but this site is not affiliated with t-mobile…

Ed Travel

It worked for me. First it asked me, where did you hear about it? But then she went ahead and did it. I had gotten a free sim card from the T-mobile dealer and I used it. Last time that I added one it was free this time they charged me 20 dollars. Not so bad for an extra line…


Besides getting new cell service for someone, what are some other creative ideas for an extra, not very necessary, line?


Get a sim-capable tablet and use it as a data line


I was able to get my 3rd free line and they let me get a phone deal to boot!


What phone deal if I may ask?


Will this work with the Magenta over 55 (or 60) – the 2 lines for seniors program


Activate the extra line at Costco (in store) for free – no activation charge – and also get a Costco $200 card. No new phone needed.. Just bring your own device. Ask for the BYOD promotion


Do I need to have a phone to get the free line? Can i buy a sim card?


You can use your existing phone’s IMEI for the free line. You would need a phone, since this is a line added to your existing Tmobile acct. (If you think this is a free line without an existing Tmobile acct, read the post again) If you activate (in store) in Costco, they give you a free sim + free activation ($35 savings) + $200 Costco gift card


Re p says this promotion only works for postpaid plans, not prepaid. I wonder if she knows what she’s talking about? Anyone here know?


Qualifying credit and Magenta, Essentials, ONE, Business Unlimited, or Simple Choice plan required


Not all Simple Choice plans qualify. Mine doesn’t. 🙁

A. S.

Got a free line! Thank you!
Btw, the T-Mobile representative told me today is the last day for this promo


Just got the free line with a free iPhone se(paid 35 bucks for taxes)
Thanks Dan


On the promo page it says adding a line gets 50% off that phone and that’s when you PAY for the line….


Not all plans qualify. My family choice unlimited plan doesn’t qualify. There is a list with plan codes that confirms which ones qualify


Do u have link to the list? Thank you!


I have 8 lines, now 4 with the of them are free and now i added a 5th. There is a $10 Sim card fee and then $20 activation. But i told the rep that i never pay this so she removed the the fee .


Is costco still having the Costco promotion for adding another T-Mobile line?


I imagine if you can make it to a Costco tonight


Got mine.

Moshe a

Can you cancel a line if you have 5 and add this one for free.?