Existing Sprint Customers: Receive A Free Unlimited Line

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Existing Sprint Customers: Receive A Free Unlimited Line

Existing Sprint customers can login via the link above to see if they are eligible for this promotion.

You can keep the line for the lifetime of the account for free as long as you keep all lines with no changes though 6/30/21.

You must be an existing Sprint customer as of 6/17/20.

The free line includes unlimited data, talk, and text.

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But you need to pay fres, taxes


Is this a Corona or a Floyd Promotion?


very insensitive comment and one of the reasons Jews have a bad reputation. shame on you for making us look bad. any goyim who read this know jewish trash like shmuel do not represent the majority.


Relax any normal person wouldent care jew or non jew


yep, and in August Sprint is going to run their annual Yankel Rosenbaum promotion.


Chaim, there is a huge difference there; by Yankel Rosenbaum HY”D us Jews didn’t protest by busting into stores such as Sprint to steal phones.

However now, it has unfortunately become the norm to ‘acquire free stuff’ and Sprint is simply catering to the new market and providing it in a legal manner.

Got it?

Nate the Great

Where cna we have a conversation on whether to leave Verizon and join Sprint? Or the other guy….
Verizon is expensive. Limited Hotspot.


So far sites say not working
Pls you will need to keep a $60 other line
For a year
Any better cost arrangement?

Dan\'s the Man

I currently have 1 line for $25 (plus tax) kickstarter plan. I called up and they said I am eligible and I can keep this plan and just add a new line for free. I assume I’d have $4 or so for taxes/reg fees for the new line.


Not working seems to still be charring me monthly for $40 line fee?

True caller

Nor working for me as well, maybe because I am signed in with my business account.

David R

Are business accounts eligible?

Some jew

i took advantage of the amazing sprint promotion offered a while back to cut your bill in half. i had documentation of the agreement where they applied special discount codes and everything to cut my bill. a few months later they started charging full price on the plan which was MORE than i had been paying on verizon. when i called they said they could not reapply my original discounts as that promotion was no longer running. after months of fighting they abruptly terminated our service with a REALLY rude letter.

yeah. sprint is NOT WORTH IT.

p.s. my story is not unusual, sprint routinely “accidentally” charges customers for things they are supposed to be offering discounts for on their account. why anyone still has them is a mystery

True caller

After dealing with sprint the past few years, I can agree to the frustration dealing with sprint, but I did find that when I walk into a local sprint store I pay regular price instead of online deals but there’s someone to talk too…

The reason I still use sprint is because they have the best connection in Brooklyn & they have unlimited data with a generous amount of hot spot as well.


I have been with sprint’s Kickstart plan for several years without ever having calling or chatting with them air about issues. 2 lines approx $60 a month and now this one for $5 a month.

Lkwd girl

Sprints taxes and fees can be more than a new line on tello!

Dan\'s the Man

The fees when I had a free line of service with Sprint for a year was less than $5 a month. While I think Tello is $6 for their basic plan that includes just like 100 minutes and no high speed data!!!


I have been on the unlimited talk text and data sprint free plan for 2 years. I paid $4.88 per line. Never was I overcharged

Sprint Cheapy

$4.88?! And I thought that my $12.50 Basic Business Plan was the cheapest Sprint has to offer.


Same here. My 3rd year of free service with Sprint 5 lines for $20. The promo on the plan ends 6/30/20. Although the network is not good. Only reason I still have Sprint is because it is free. If I had to regular price I would switch in a heart beat.


1. Could this be used for a dumb phone line?
2. Could this be used for a hotspot device (alternatively, could the phone be used as a hotspot)?


1.try entering the imei of the particular phone, however you will probably get it cheaper by using tello ($9) 2. Check the imei but usually not as those are considered data first devices…


no hotspot


Never got any hidden fees with Sprint after about 7 years.


Sorry, Dan, but Sprint chat and Sprint phone representative both have no idea that this promotion exists. Strange.


Not working. Spent 20 minutes filling out all the info and it comes up as $35 a month.


Sprint rep said you need to be on a targeted plan to get this to work. My older ED1500 plan did not work. I could only get $35 per month.


I already have 3 lines this would be a 4th one. Once I add this line can I remove another line thereby getting credit to my account back for the other line?


I have been chatting with Sprint for th last hour. They have no idea what this is. Very frustrating.


I have been chatting with Sprint for the past hour. I am a longtime customer. Thy have no idea what this is about. Very frustrating.


I got it Dan
0$ now and 0$ monthly

Thanks much!


Could you please tell us all details about the process?
It shows $0.00 plan description but gives choices of paid plans only


It gave me a choice of a plan of $0.00 I chose it and yala, done.


What plan do you have for your other lines? I have 2 $25 lines maybe it’s why I don’t get another one for $0.00


seems like they charge 35/month for adding the line then give you 35$ monthly credit


This is the deal, You must bring a device (BYOD) or purchase a new phone full price (at SRP.) This offer is NOT combinable with a lease or IB offer. $30 activation fee required. I just tried adding a phone with the pay in full option and when it came to the choose a plan it was 0$. No lease options will work for the free line


Also you cannot ever change the phone active on the plan, if you do you lose the promotion. So no lease, no changing the phone on the line, no changing anything on the account for a year. Basically $20 off as long as you keep to these things. Most of my other accounts get that off of leases for new phones..


It’s only for unlimited, basic plus and premium plans

Dan\'s the Man

I have a $25 a month unlimited kickstart plan (from when they had that promotion in 2019) and I called Tele Sales and they set it up for me. So I now I’ll be paying $25 for unlimited service for 2 lines (taxes/fees will go up about $4 a month for the additional line).


worked for me simple no issues

Sprint Cheapy

Will this work for Samsung tablets?

Loren Pechtel

I was able to reserve a line without actually assigning it to anything. It appears to be $35/mo with a $35/mo credit.


When i click on reserve a line it automatically goes to BYOD page, anyone??




why am i getting a 404 error?


Thanks, had 3 lines before & got the 4th line free


You need to be targeted for this promotion and I was not. However, I spoke to a sales manager who was able to add it to my account. 1 time activation $30 and Sim Card $3 charge.


Worked for me, just reserved a free line and I didn’t see anything about taxes or fees for just a reservation! Thanks!