Get A Free Flu Vaccine Or Flu Kit From Uber Until 3PM In Manhattan, Boston, And Washington DC

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Get a free flu vaccine or flu kit from Uber today in Boston, Manhattan, and Washington DC from 10 am until 3 pm EDT. Here’s how to request for Boston, Manhattan and DC.

Upon arrival, users will receive a flu prevention pack and the option to request a flu shot from a registered nurse for up to 10 people – all at no cost.

How it works:
If you don’t have an Uber account first sign up here
1. Open up the Uber app
2. Apply promo code: HEALTH
3. Select ‘UberHEALTH’ and request
4. Driver arrives to your location with a registered nurse from Pager. Pro Tip: If you are choosing to request a flu shot, please select a suitable indoor location prior to UberHEALTH arriving
5. Once UberHEALTH arrives, you’ll have the option to request a flu prevention pack or flu shot.
6. If you request a shot, the nurse will handle all paperwork and consent forms

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Midtown Office

“No Cars Available” – very cool idea though. Going to try back the next 2 hours. Anyone have any luck in NYC?


how do I Select ‘UberHEALTH’ and request ?


no cars available in manhatan


Contents include:

small bottle of water
emergen-c single use
travel tissues
travel hand sanitizer
a lollypop
a bag with UBERHEATH on it


Just got the flu shot in Manhattan and got few of my neighbors to do so as well thanks Dan,


They came to my office. 7 of us got shots.


Same here 3 shots thanks Dan


I just signed up for Uber and Lift and it’s changed me $1 + $1.56 + $25 + $1.
what is going on?

uber de nacht fun pesach

@Shimon: the $1 charges are just a pending charge to make sure your card is good. dont know what the $1.56 is..


It’s extra important to get a flu vaccination this year, because if you develop the flu you may have “Ebola symptoms” and get quarantined with a lot more medical testing and treatment than you want or need.

Flu Shot

This shot is bad and full of bad stuff such heavy metals among others, why take a shot which is for sure bad for your body to *help* prevent something if you *happen* to contract the same strain that you vaccinated against ..

Achas Ve'achas

@Flu Shot: You forgot to mention the autism Hashem Yishmor…


@Flu Shot: I heard the flu shot is also the reason for the shidduch crisis.