[Update: Goodbye To The Tesla Forums] How I Went From Tesla Delivery Hell To Tesla Giving Me Control Of Their Site Forums With Over 1.5 Million Tesla Account Contacts

My Model 3 at delivery, before Tesla managed to have it sent to the body shop.
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Update, 3/6/21: 2.5 years after they gave me a wild ride with admin access to their forums, Tesla announced that they will be killing off the Tesla Forums. You can still discuss Tesla on the DansDeals Forums here.

Update, 1/13/19: Tesla has paid me a $1,000 bounty for reporting the forums issue.  My local store also gave me free lifetime LTE data, 2 full car servicings, and a Tesla home charging wall connector as compensation.

Update, 11/19/18: Tesla has now given ForbesVICE News, and Business Insider, and CNet statements about what happened, see those articles to read Tesla’s statements.

Originally posted on 11/15/18:

My first car was a new 2011 Nissan Altima with leather seats that I negotiated down from $27K to $19K. That came after my wife insisted that we upgrade from the rusted out Chevy Venture hand-me-down that didn’t have a working gas gauge. It’s tough to play the free grocery store gas game while earning miles buying gift cards when you don’t know when your car will run out of gas. After we got stranded without gas for the 3rd time I knew I’d have to take the plunge and buy a car. The Altima was a great car, though it went through some rough times, such as when I loaned it to someone who managed to inflict $12,000 of damage to it.

I’ve been enamored of electric cars for some time and when I first read about the Tesla Model 3 I had a feeling that I’d be hooked.

I plunked down a $1,000 refundable deposit on the Model 3 and waited and waited until Tesla invited me to configure the car.

Tesla had promised that they would make a $35,000 Model 3 and I was hoping to wait until then, but it soon became clear that they would not be selling a $35,000 model before the $7,500 federal tax credit expires by the end of 2018.

I finally was invited to test drive a Model 3 in mid-July. The Tesla employees struck me a bit odd and cult-like. They weren’t particularly helpful and it seemed like they knew they had the best product in the world. But I was completely blown away by the car and the technology. This wasn’t like driving a car, this was like piloting a rocketship! It felt like a game-changer and the future of driving and I knew I’d be hooked. Maybe I’d even join the cult.

Tesla pricing changes nearly as often as Amazon changes prices, so I was playing a waiting game. I was on the fence waiting a cheaper car to come out when the end of Starpoint earnings on the Starwood AMEX finally pushed me into plunking down $2,500 on the card to configure a Model 3 on 7/31.

The next day, the price of the Model 3 I configured jumped by several thousand dollars and I was feeling pretty good about my decision!

Not all early buyers have made out well. Tesla dropped the price of the Performance Plus upgrade package by $5,000 recently. Some people with Performance Plus have been able to get that refunded by forfeiting their grandfathered lifetime free superchaging, but people that paid for the $11,000 Performance package (a software upgrade) and not the $5,000 Plus upgrade (a hardware upgrade) are out of luck.

Early model 3 buyers like myself who didn’t upgrade to the performance package don’t get any free supercharging, despite the fact that people who now buy a Tesla via my referral code will get 6 months of free supercharging.

I didn’t expect to add the enhanced autopilot option, but after trying it out on the test-drive it was a no-brainer. The technology was amazing and thanks to Tesla’s software updates its constantly getting better.

The big question was the full self-driving feature. I could put down $3,000 and be guaranteed to have it once it became available or I could pay $5,000 later on. I emailed the Tesla rep who took me on a test-drive and he assured me that I could wait an decide about that feature at delivery as it was just a software feature.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got an email to schedule my delivery in the beginning of September and I made arrangements to unload my Altima. Then Tesla abruptly cancelled my appointment and rescheduled it for the end of September. Spoiler alert: They cancelled that appointment as well and said they couldn’t tell me when my car would be delivered. There was silence when I asked for updates.

In the meantime I learned that people that ordered a Model 3 by 6/30 would get lifetime free LTE internet connectivity in their cars, while others would need to pay for the LTE. I asked for lifetime free LTE on my car given that I had placed an early deposit and now had multiple delivery cancellations and the rep said they should be able to work that out for me and to finalize it at delivery.

Finally in late October I was told that my car was available for pickup. I went in at my scheduled appointment time, only to find a room full of people waiting who had appointments hours before mine.

I knew it would be a long day.

After waiting for some time it was my turn. I was handed papers to sign and let them know that I had decided to go ahead and add the full self driving option.

The rep looked at me like I had a few loose screws. “That had to be done before delivery.”

No, I insisted. I was told that it could be added at delivery. The rep said that was impossible.

So I pulled up the email and showed it to the rep to prove my point and also asked about the lifetime connectivity. He spoke to his manager who also shrugged. There’s nobody here today that can do that. But they said they would work on it and call me back tomorrow. And they said I could return the car tomorrow if they couldn’t work it out.

I was surprised that my car wasn’t fully charged, but was thrilled when I got into the car and drove it home. Forget about having to go to Cedar Point to ride a roller coaster, I was driving one! The Tesla grin is a real thing. And I didn’t even have to splurge for the $11,000 performance version upsell to get it.

I got home and noticed another issue. There was a flaw in the lamination on the stunning all-glass roof that gives the car an amazing open feel. I called Tesla the next morning and was told they would honor the full self-driving price and that I should bring the car in to see the roof issue.

But when I came in they had no idea how to actually add the full self driving option without charging the $5,000 post-delivery price. But they promised to get back to me within 24 hours. They also agreed to order a new glass roof for the car and said they would be in touch within 48 hours to schedule an appointment.

I called back the next day and this time they took a credit card number for the full self driving option at the pre-delivery price. But my card was never actually charged.

The next 2 weeks consisted of me calling Tesla, asking for managers, and not getting any real answers or callbacks. I finally reached a regional director who promised to get the ball rolling and I had an appointment for the roof replacement this past Wednesday.

I dropped off the car and was told it would be ready within 24 hours. And they were looking into the full self driving and lifetime connectivity promises.

Then on Thursday I got a text message. My car had been scratched during the roof replacement and would be in the body shop for a day to be repaired.

Excuse me? My brand new car that came with a defect was now having body work?

I LOVE the car. I love the navigate on autopilot option that was added just last week. My friends LOVE trying it out, seeing the Tesla grin on their faces as they floor it is amazing. It’s a real joy to drive and all of the sudden I like to run errands just to drive the car more. I love the brake regeneration that means you almost never need to touch the brake. I love how it knows when to open and close my garage as I leave and return. I love how it stays in place without having to hold the brake at a light. I love the stunning HD screen and camera. I love taking highways even when surface streets would be faster just to be thrown back in my seat as the car accelerates to 80MPH in no time before the car takes over all of the driving itself. Tesla built a truly magnificent machine. And does anything get cooler than this to avoid parking tickets?

But this service was horrific and reading through the Tesla’s forums on forums.tesla.com I was hardly the only person with major service issues. There were thousands of threads from people who had delivery and service issues, but the company didn’t have anyone online to respond to issues and take care of problems. Instead the threads were mostly answered by people acknowledging that Tesla has major service issues, but once all is said and done, the product is amazing. And then there are the cult followers on the forums who are convinced that everyone who posts something negative is just trying to make Tesla’s stock price drop. Some of them need to lay off the kool-aid. It is an amazing car, but that doesn’t mean the company is without flaws.

It’s pretty much impossible to reach anyone at Tesla on Twitter or via email and their call center is worthless. Calling the local store is always a painful process. They know they can sell all of the cars they can manufacture and don’t feel the need to win anyone’s business. They’re doing you a favor by allowing you to buy a Tesla…

Talk about an amazing hard product and horrific soft product! Tesla makes the Singapore Airlines First Class of cars, but they back it with the Spirit Airlines of service.

I took to the Tesla Forums and posted my experience. One reader responded to my experience by saying to hang in there as it will be worth it. Afterwards I went to make an edit to my post and when I saved it, the thread was gone.

I didn’t think Tesla intentionally deleted it as they have practically zero presence on their own forums. But I was perplexed. I tried reposting my thread and it said that non-owners can only make one thread a day and to call customer service to lift that restriction.

So I called Tesla and asked the agent to please list me as an owner on the Tesla Forums. The agent had no idea what “forums” meant. I explained that they were on Tesla.com, but sure enough, there is no link on Tesla’s site to the forums. I said to type in forums.tesla.com and the agent said she would pass on my request to her IT department.

For a company that is manufacturing the car of the future, the Tesla forums seem like they’re stuck in the stone-age. There is no search functionality. There is no private messaging option. There is no way to upload images. There is no way to edit posts after they’re made. There is no way to tell who is actually a Tesla owner and who is just browsing for info. There are no visible moderators or company support to address issues as there should be on such a valuable platform.

I checked back on the forums after an hour and noticed something was weird. Suddenly I had the ability to edit and delete everyone’s posts! Then I looked at the top of the page and noticed the admin bar. Something very strange was going on here.

This was how the forum looked to the public:


But I now had a admin control bar on top of the forum:


I had options such as the ability to create a new forum topic. I could have a created a Tesla Model DD if I wanted to. Plus I had access to several hidden boards:


But this was much bigger than that.

I clicked on the People option and was able to view the contact information of over 1.5 million account holders:


I could view Employee profiles:


I could view Editor profiles:


And many other profiles:



I could search for people. I found relatives and neighbors with Tesla accounts.

There are lots of Elon impersonators:


But I did find the real Elon Musk account and learned that Elon had last accessed the forum 3.5 years ago. Clearly he prefers Twitter.


Rather than make me an owner, I was now a customer service agent:


Now the scary thing is, I was not the only non @Tesla.com customer service agent. Seemingly this wasn’t the first time Tesla granted random people access to this power. Perhaps they just held onto it.

There were Yahoo and Gmail addresses in profiles like Information Security. How’s that for irony?


Incredibly, the website allows Customer Service agents to assign any roles they want anyone to take on. That is an incredibly bad security flaw.

I’m an administrator on the DansDeals Forums at forums.dansdeals.com and those forums are dated and are far from perfect, but random users can’t just access everyone’s profile and grant themselves different profiles.


I could assign permissions for every role:


I could change the site name, email address, logo, and new account welcome information:




I could create a new car reservation:


And I could edit a whole lot more than that:


Maybe I should have set up a supercharger on my street?




I emailed Tesla about my account being able to do all of this and see everyone’s contact info and got no response.

I reached out on Twitter as well:


And then I found my deleted thread. So I clicked to republish it and it rose from the dead and came back to life:


That’s when people started noticing that something was off. There was a Tesla logo next to my name that indicated that I was an employee!

The conspiracy theories started flying in:


Clearly this was going in a direction I hadn’t anticipated, so I unpublished and then deleted the thread again. Except the flaming pile of garbage forum software decided to unpublish every thread that was older than my post. No normal forum software would do anything like that.

The forums went from tens of thousands of threads:


To dozens of threads:


Once again I emailed Tesla about the issue and what happened, but didn’t get a response. I could see from my account that it had been 19 hours since a forum admin (aside from myself!) had logged onto the site.

I was relieved that from my account I could still see the old threads, but regular accounts could not see any posts that were older than my deleted thread.

The view from my account:


Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists were having a field day figuring out who this disgruntled employee “Dan” was and what he did to the forums.

Here are some of the threads:

And here are some screenshots of the fun in case those threads get deleted:



Finally Tesla got back to me and fixed the issue, at least for my account. But from seeing the members I have no doubt that they have other unauthorized accounts hiding in the forum profiles that have access to everyone’s data. They too were probably given access by Tesla themselves thanks to the atrocious forum software.


After I lost my admin status I started chiming back in with references that Elon Musk fans would enjoy, like “42” and zombie memes:



Here’s the link I posted, having some fun about what happened:



People joked about how easy it now was to read every topic on the forum:


And people joked about how great it was to not have to see all of the delivery horror stories:


Tesla eventually did restore the forum back to normal.

But there are random people and ex-employees who can hijack Tesla’s website and view the contact information of all of their customers. It seems crazy to me that a technologically advanced company like Tesla can have such a gaping security hole.

I still don’t have my Model 3 back. I’d probably ask for them to give me a new one if I didn’t think it would affect my tax credit.

After driving a Tesla, driving a gas powered vehicle feels like stepping back in time. It’s hard to see myself going back, that’s how good the Tesla product is.

But overall, I just think it’s a shame that a company that makes such an incredible product can have such poor service and nobody who is able to rectify things.


I finally did get my car back on Tuesday. I was able to speak with the branch manager and was able to get the full self-driving option added for $3,000 and the lifetime LTE data added for free. Additionally the manager gave me 2 free full car servicings and a Tesla home charging wall connector as compensation for my issues. That seems fair enough given that there is no recognizable scratch.

Interestingly enough, the NY Times ran a story today about Tesla Delivery Logistics Hell.

Tesla also responded about the privacy issue as follows,

Hi Daniel,

We take any reported security vulnerability very seriously so thanks very much for reaching out to us about this.

We investigated your report and found that when you called our customer support line, you were inadvertently granted a higher level of access to the Tesla forum by mistake. As you may be aware, the Tesla forums are a separate portion of Tesla’s online presence and not connected to our main website or digital channels. This inadvertent access gave you visibility into the email addresses associated with user profiles, but you did not have access to any other personally identifiable information of individuals on the forums. As soon as we realized this, we immediately revoked your elevated level of access and confirmed that no other customers were inadvertently granted this type of access.

As you pointed out, a very small number of former employees who had left Tesla could still access the forum with their prior privileges. Based on our investigation, we have no reason to believe that these stale accounts resulted in any kind of abuse. The permissions of these accounts have now been downgraded appropriately following a full audit, and we have taken steps to ensure that this will not happen again. Again, this only involved access to our forum, and did not in any way affect customer vehicles or other digital accounts or channels.

In order for us to provide you with a bounty reward for your report, we ask that you report this officially through our Bug Crowd page at https://bugcrowd.com/tesla. Upon doing so, please feel free to reference this issue and email thread.

If you have any other questions please let us know. Thanks again for your help.

The Tesla Team

I did submit the bug report and it was graded as a level 2 priority out of 5, with 1 being critical and 2 being high. The bounty level for self-reporting the bug to Tesla and will be determined within 30 days.

Tesla addressed the issue of ex-employees, but not about the Gmail and Yahoo addresses that also had access to everyone’s profiles. Hopefully they fixed the profiles on those accounts as well, though I no longer have any way of verifying that.

Would I go through all of this again if I were still buying a new car?

I thought about that while my car was in the body shop. Tesla’s loaner car was a Mustang and while I’ve always enjoyed the pony car in the past, after driving a Tesla it felt like I was on a horse and buggy. I guess that means I am part of the Tesla cult?

Still want to own what will very likely be the most incredible car you have ever driven and roll the dice on the service? Here’s my referral code that will get you 6 months of free supercharging with your new Tesla.

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A called Tesla to get “Tesla Owner” status in their forum, they set his status accidentally to administrator of the forum.
He then had access to all registered accounts data.
He then tried to undelete a thread of his which deleted almost everything on the forum.


Good luck with your new car. Hopefully Tesla will still be in business 5 years from now!


Fascinating! Thanks Dan! If I come to Cleveland can I test drive your Tesla?



Yechiel Z

Didn’t read yet, but I’d love to see Elon Musk tweet about this


Casual flex


Power thread.


Publish or not if you want, but congrats on the Model 3, Dan! I got mine in May (San Diego) and will never look back – I’m also a longtime fan here. I’ve been vocal about everything you said here -great car, but company going through serious growing pains. As far as loaners, I’ve gotten Model S loaners on two occasions which has been great. Hang in there and enjoy the car. My personalized plate: “NODELEK”!


Guess which meaning


I like it! But what state give you 10 letters on a license plate?

Fuel Free

WOWOW!!! Absolutely incredible, shocking and intriguing read!


Wow. Great post and can’t wait to hear the follow up for your bounty


Wow, after reading the title and then the post, I was slightly disappointed! I thought you had somehow become a real Tesla employee and was hired to run their forums!! Turns out you were just a fake Tesla employee 🙂 Either way great story!

Deals dealer

Wow. What a story….


after this post you should really hope you are getting your car back


Cool story!


Wow! What a story! @Dan surprised Tesla didn’t beg you not to publish this… doesn’t look like good pr, for the company, if something funny ch”v happens to you while driving a Tesla, (especially on autopilot) I’ll be the first one to investigate! Be well dan, keep up the kiddish hashem!!!


Dan, are you worried about a lawsuit from Tesla from hacking? (Albeit without malicious intent of course) Enjoy the car!


I just took delivery last night of my stunning blue model 3. 2 weeks ago on my grey model 3 for my son. And 18 months ago on model x. This after 3 years in model s. And bought the stock at 100 and sold at 290. Wall street and Obama paid for everything.


Wow. Does the self drive option really drive itself ?

Dan jr

Still working on figuring out how to make my name blue on this site. Not giving up


What a great read to keep me busy while waiting in a waiting room. I literally laughed all the way through. I have no opinion on whether it’s worth it or not – sounds like you love this car- but you come away with this awesome story! That has to be worth something…

Mitzvah Yingel

Crazy story….. but for some reason things like this (becoming an admin) only happen to people like you


How does this always only happen to Dan?


First Google and now Tesla?
What’s next Dan?


Wow that is some crazy stuff but the fact that it happened to you is unsurprising. Lol
I’m glad you’re enjoying your Tesla. I would love to get one.


Hi, I’m the owner of Dan’s Deals. Please list me as owner. Thx.


Username checks out.


Dan is like F this -“To make a short story longer”


in all seriousness, i think its a mistake to publicize you had access to million of peoples private info even if it wasn’t your wrongdoing.
Opening up an unnecessary can of worms in case someone from that list does get hacked or if anything suspicious happens.


Elun Musk was born on June 28, 1971, wich gives him a cancer sunsign.
People born with a cancer sunsign, tend to be very creative but at the same time very unorganized.
Looking on his company you’ll see both, Tesla has amazing technology’s built in their cars but the company (starting from production all the way until delivery) is very unorganized.
Read online about the cancer sunsign and you’ll understand the whole Tesla situation.


is this true?? omg im also cancer and its exactly me!


I’m sure you’ll find th signs if you are looking for it. You could probably find signs that he is half-goat half-martian, too.


Should’ve kept it to yourself and just replaced all the other links on the forum with your referral link. Could’ve had a free Roadster or two in a few days.

Keef Wivaneff

The forum went whompy.
But, what else did you expect?


wow man great story. not a shock this happened to someone like you but still amazing. testament to tesla that after this you are still a fan. I am too.


Omg this story was amazing. Screenshots and all!
Best were the conspiracy theories. Hilarious!
I saw the post as did probably everyone to Elon musk about the security breach. Nice to know finally what that was all about!


Crazy stuff! Amazing how they could be so inept in some areas.
Enjoy your rocketship 🙂


You seem like a smart guy. Why the obsession with full self driving vaporwear? The information did an in depth piece on the state of auto pilot and they where hoping to get to right turns next year. Right turns! Waymo had that down 7 years ago. Current autopilot can’t even drive safely without my intervention on a freeway, the simplest challenge. Meanwhile waymo has 36 cars driving around California unmaned. Lidar prices are dropping through the floor and provide a clear huge edge over the hardware you’re paying 3k for.


Such Haters…. Drive a Tesla and you’ll understand.

Yitz Weiss

Wow, that’s a crazy story Dan!


Crazy story- You always have such Mazal!!
Enjoy the new car!

I’ll continue dreaming about it…. maybe one day


sounds like el al customer service

Ahmad Ali

Dan, you’re awesome! I can’t wait to see you fill up the hood of that Tesla with used $200 staples gift cards ☺️


Mazel Tov on your Tesla! We expect monthly updates on how it’s treating you


You rascal




Wow a bug bounty on top of all that! You’re gonna end up with a free car!


Dan you made my day with your story.


Great stuff Dan! Hope they hook you up with something nice for helping em with that bug…


Just another symptom of Dan, lucky you!


It seems obvious that the Japanese cybersecurity minister was moonlighting as Tesla’s cyber security chief to make ends meet.


If only you had used your power for the dark side, young Jedi.

David Reich

42 indeed


Amazing story dan! Mazal tov on the Tesla.

Wish you would have scheduled car deliveries to all of us while you were in the internal website but nunu. LoL


This is nuts. Should’ve gone with the Chevy Bolt. No super fancy options but WAY less hassle.



Mazal tov to your new toy/rocketship (does it serve as a car too? lol)


Good PR!


Elon Musk currently working on hacking into dans forums.


So are you going to close any cards that gives 5% back on gas?


That kind of hassle reminds me of a time long ago when I used to own a Ford. Hours of waiting and frustrating phone calls. I don’t think I would put up with it even for a Tesla- I’ll stick with the Camry that I don’t have to thing about for a minute. It just drives. Period. Then again I never enjoyed spending hours figuring out every trick on the iPhone. Just the basics and forget about it. If you enjoy the car so much it’s worth spending the time and hassle good for you. Maybe you are counting on smooth sailing going forward. How about an update in a year. If it’s still a thrill to go to the grocery for milk, and you arent spending hours with Tesla support at that point I might be tempted to go for one. Meanwhile tischadesh and use it well.


What a wacky story.
To bad you didn’t boot all the admins and take over the site.

What you did get was some free advertising on Tesla forums, I’m sure you had a lot more views on the website{dd} in the past few days after this story, and perfect timing for the holiday season, really funny to see how god sends someone his parnassah, the most extreme and far fetched ways.
I guess it was well deserved and it was meant for Tesla to be your helper in your business by doing some free advertising for you after all the zhoros they caused you.
Over all i wish you much healthy and happy years with that car and should enjoy in good health.

lastly you can finally get to NY or was it elsewhere don’t remember off hand to your grandpa’s 100 Birthday faster by car now with the autopilot vs waiting on a delayed AA plane. (I guess it wasn’t a coincident that you used the expression AAsume in the post of the Tesla forum. 🙂

Will be waiting for the papers to publish the breach in the Tesla forums and granted access to this deal guy on dansdeals.com LoL This time around its a #DanBreachesTessla


Whats with those tires? they make a 360 to park sideways? or come out in case of an accident to protect the car?

Larry Lefkowitz

Who’s on first?


btw the forum “who is dan?” https://forums.tesla.com/forum/forums/who-dan is no longer avail


whoah! You deserve a major bounty for that one! Hope they come through on that.


What a mess of a company!
I would never trust it. Imagine the security holes in the car itself. Anyone can take over your car remotely!

Aaron Y.

I guess i should be happy… my first delivery date was Rosh Hashana – so i pushed it to tzom gidalya… motzai yom tov – i listened to a vm… “your car is in chicago… call to reschedule”… new day.. Shmini Atzeres… so I push it to Isru Chag… (i figure this is a good sign…always on yom tov 🙂 ) … of course i get a vm motzai yom tov.,.. car is disappeared – we’ll call you…
I call – they say…”oh it’s a placeholder vin – the car never existed” – I ask, “so what was in chicago?”…. they clamor – finally get back — “oh it was probably damaged”

Finally get a new vin and a delivery oct. 29.
also – car wasn’t charged… so we moved it to a supercharger while we got the intro to the car… didn’t fully charge but got some miles on it.
then as i was driving i get the psi warning on the tires… turn around… they top them off – but they notice there were no valve covers (really???) – got them put on and now good to go.
Then I rash my rims pulling into my driveway — first scratch out of the way.
One minor issue with the mirror – still have not gotten a reply from the delivery guy (it’s pulling away from the car)

Love the car – although when i drive my wife’s car i turn on the windshield wipers to change gears. 🙂

I was promised a referral code (i didn’t qualify when i purchased – but from the delays we were into the $100 or 6 months) – but they reneged on that. never mind about getting a free charger or anything else – but then again, i didn’t get admin access to their forums 🙂

But i did find a die-cast model in the storage area 🙂


how much did you manage to get for your 2011 ALTIMA ?


The same thing happened to me on DansDeals forum 😉


I wonder how much of their treatment of you changed once they found out you were a big blogger and you were telling them you were going to publish dirt on them. My bet would be you would probably still be dealing with the drama today and would still be waiting on your car (like a lot of the people still on those forums) had that not been the case.

Also FWIW what you “discovered” was not a security vulnerability. The system is working exactly as intended, you were just granted a level of access you shouldn’t have been. That’s just called a mistake, not a security vulnerability. The bug bounty BS is just them trying to save face knowing you were going to publish this. There is no BUG that you discovered and they most certainly would not be granting you anything had you not to them about your blog.

Jamie Sutton

love this…Dan… only u.. imagine it was anyone else who had access…. BH you’re an honest Jew.. Shabbat Shalom.. I love TESLA. the drive is awesome… enjoy it!

Dan fan

Hey Dan is it actually possible to get a model 3 for $35k? If you dont mind can you sum up the package you got?


OK. If I want a Model 3 how should I get it equipped? Also is the model S worth the extra $? Thanks,


Is the Model S worth the extra $. Appreciate input from S owners. Thanks






LOL. This is great reading! I post occasionally on there since we own a model 3 and powerwall. more on the Tesla Motor Club forum, so totally missed this when it went down.

Not shocked on the slow responses or gaffs. We’ve seen cars randomly pop up on our app assigned and then disappear hours later.

Tesla is moving too fast at times and siloed to recognize its deficiencies Hope the bug booty is worthy!


All told, this calls for my best Ronald Regan impersonation:



Are you able to leverage this to direct some traffic and attention to your wesbite?


Hi, Big tesla fan here & former dan fan, Very intresting read, Elon dodged a bullet by avoiding dan sit on free supercharging.


Since Consumer Reports has dropped Tesla to being unreliable, from being a highly rated, recommended vehicle, this does not surprise me. I’ll give Tesla another 10 years….

Aaron Y.

Just got the annual book… the 3 is well rated. Regardless… CR is not what it used to be. I know someone who worked there, there testing standards have fallen, they outsource many of their tests and their internal expertise has fallen considerably.


Frankly, this is terrifying. A company that is going to be given the right to control self-driving cars doesn’t even know how to control a 1990’s-era user forum!


Clearly a sign from Hashem not to drive a Tesla


Nice story!


you’re lucky tesla is nice, people have been thrown in jail for similar things: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weev#AT&T_data_breach


This may be bigger then throwing out the first pitch at Game 7!!! #Priceless

Madly curious

Great post!
On a practical level can you tell us what a drive from Cleveland to NY would entail? How many charging stops and for how long ?


Tesla forums DO?


Some body should have used the wayback machine.


Do you have a referral code we can use? We purchased a model 3 last week that should be delivered in 2 weeks and want to see if we can get the 6 free months of supercharger