The Tesla Forums Saga Finale: How I Got Paid For Being Given Control Of Over 1.5 Million Tesla Forum Accounts

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Back in November, I wrote about how Tesla made me the owner of their official forums when I had requested car owner status. I was able to do pretty much anything I wanted on their forums, including adding new forums, seeing everyone’s (even Elon’s!) account details, moderate posts, and much more.

The story was reported by ForbesVICE News, and Business Insider, among other publications.

In the end, my local store took care of my car issues and gave me lifetime LTE data added for free, 2 free full car servicings, and a Tesla home charging wall connector as compensation. That seemed fair to me.

Tesla also directed me to report about my experience on BugCrowd.

Last week they paid me a $1,000 bug bounty:


That works for me!

If you own a Tesla and try calling them to be made an owner. You’ll never believe what happens next 😀

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What are your opinions of the car? I’m in the market


@Dan Coming from a Nissan Altima to a tesla of course there’s a huge difference but there are so many other cars around which offer much better value, quality and all around performance not just 0-60 stats, so before you say such statements about light years I would highly recommend you do more research and test drive’s.


Until you drive the car and experience the difference, not sure you’re offering much insight. I have driven 2018 Audi q5, Volvo xc60, and several others for 1 week each thru Carvana and none of them compare to this car and the fact it continuously improves thru over the air updates. This car is a game changer and 6 months later, every Tesla owner I meet is still gitty about the drive of this car. IF you can afford it, it is definitely worth it.


I totally agree. My friends own Benz AMG G-wagons, BMW M3s, and I owned a Cadillac CTS-V. Nothing can even come close to the Tesla in terms of how far advanced they are. At this point, I wouldn’t consider any other car. I now own two model 3s in my household.

Prof. Perowitz

Unless you’re going to live in your car, the concept of a luxury vehicle is nothing more than sick Americanism. When the car was invented, its idea was to get you from place A to B more quickly. Every car will do that today. Nobody really needs the ridiculous features that are continuously being added to newer models. It’s just a car. Like virtually every product marketed today, people are simply brainwashed by the advertising engineers who know how to manipulate your brain.


I drive 400 miles each way to manage properties every other week. This is not even close to any other car. I’ve used my wife’s 2018 Audi q7 with lane assist and adaptive cruise control for the trip once and the tech is not close to Tesla. Friends use it in stop and go traffic and say it’s a game changer. Speak to other Tesla owners and let me know if you find any other car owners still excited to drive their car several months after purchase. I as well go out for a drive at times just to use the car. It’s that much fun to drive!


+10000 not to mention all the debt most people are in for a car to get you from place A to place B!

Engineer Fred

Prof Perowitz why don’t university professors know how to manipulate your brain better than advertising engineers?


Spirit customer service is much better than tesla’s.


$1,000 is a cheapskate handout for this type of security issue.

Paul Goldstein

Professor P., you’re entitled to your opinion that “the concept of a luxury vehicle is nothing more than sick Americanism.” But of course I’m entitled to mine also. I’d posit that most people, like you, drive cars only to get from points A to B. I drive because I enjoy driving, and it gets me from A to B. I have had some totally irrational vehicles, but I get many grins per mile. I don’t consider my Tesla Model 3 a luxury vehicle. It’s my fun car. And I sometimes make up an excuse to just drive somewhere. I prefer that to gambling, drinking, and other vices. I hope you’re OK with that.


Paul, most people criticizing Tesla have never driven one. It’s a totally different experience. Loving my Model 3!


who paid you the bug bounty? tesla themselves ? or this company bugcrowd? or is bugcrowed part of tesle


Dan, apparently you never drove a bmw 7 series or a s550 or Porsche 911 maybe you have to upgrade your rental status


I don’t know if Dan has driven those or not, but are you are comparing cars that are easily double to triple the price of a model 3.

Pop quiz

So he hasn’t driven luxury vehicles


Sorry I missed that. Where, when I said I don’t know if Dan has driven those or not, did I say he has not?


Drive the Tesla yourself for a couple of days and let me know your opinion then. The tech in the Tesla is light yrs ahead of BMW and Porsche. The car rides like a sherman tank on rails. Even gear heads are blown away. See Youtube video of Sandy Munro, who work for other car companies breaking down the vehicle.


I’m thinking of starting a crowdfunding for another $1K to Dan for him to finish the Antarctica trip report. We are dying here….


speaking of cars does israel honor rental car statues and award points? what was the nicest car you got when you were in israel?


Dan, you gonna hack twitter now?